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Marlins and Derek Jeter have off-season meltdown
Marlins and Derek Jeter have off-season meltdown

Marlins and Derek Jeter have off-season meltdown

Marlins and Derek Jeter have off-season meltdown January 8, 2018 AAA - Featured, AAA - News, AAA - Slide, MLB 0 Marlins manager Don Mattingly is all-in on Miami’s rebuild, and he hopes fans will give it a shot too. But he understands why there is hesitation in embracing — to put it lightly — t...

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The Daily National's cover photo


Two great articles posted on the recent Oak Creek shootings. The horrors of these events will not be forgotten. Heartfelt sorrows to those lost in the tragedy from the Daily National family

Newest Installment of DIY Journal!
We be jammin’ | Daily National

Newest Installment of DIY Journal!

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Saints Bounty Program

Mike Bako returns to Fox News about farther details on the New Orleans Saints bounty program

The Daily National's cover photo

The Daily National's cover photo

December 5, 2011Cynthia l. BauerlyChair, Federal Election Commission999 E Street, NWWashington, DC 20463Dear Madame Baue...

December 5, 2011
Cynthia l. Bauerly
Chair, Federal Election Commission
999 E Street, NW
Washington, DC 20463
Dear Madame Bauerly:
I respectfully request that you begin an immediate fraud investigation in the Friends of Herman Cain, Inc political action committee on the grounds that it is a fraudulent operation that has not operated within the parameters of its articles of incorporation with your office.
I contend that this committee was set up for the sole purposes of defrauding the United States taxpayers through the use of seeking matching funds. I request that you do two things:
1. Investigate the activities of Friends of Herman Cain, Inc to determine possible violations of its stated goal, i.e. advancing the Presidential candidacy of Herman Cain.
2. Cease any and all processes that could result in Friends of Herman Cain, Inc, receiving any U.S. taxpayer matching funds in 2012 until it can be established that the Committee was in fact, an actual presidential committee and not a fraudulent ruse established for the sole reason of promoting Herman Cain’s books and personal business ventures.
Please consider the following as prima facie evidence that the Friends of Herman Cain, Inc was never honest in its stated intentions of advancing the candidacy of Mr. Cain and was, instead, a thinly cloaked vehicle for advancing the economic interests of one person: Herman Cain.
1. “Candidate” Cain made no effort to build traditional campaign organizations in early key states, like Iowa or New Hampshire.
2. “Candidate” Cain displayed no interest in demonstrating knowledge, expertise or even interest in 50% of the U.S. President’s job responsibility, i.e. foreign policy.
3. “Candidate” Cain had lengthy stretches of his campaign where he in fact did no actual campaigning. Instead, he used the “hook” of his candidacy to go on television to sell his books.
4. “Candidate” Cain has insisted on mocking the entire process of a presidential campaign by proclaiming he is “anti-abortion” and “pro-life” because the decision to abort a child should be solely “between a woman and her doctor.”

Madame Bauerly, I humbly request that you investigate this matter thoroughly and quickly. If con games such as the one perpetrated by Mr. Cain are allowed to continue unpunished, we can expect to see hundreds if not thousands of con artists, aspiring motivational speakers, Ann Coulter wannabes, authors and other charlatans exploiting the US taxpayers in future campaign cycles, corrupting the U.S. election process as they do so.

Thank you for your serious attention to this matter.


TJ Walker
The Daily National

TJ Walker congratulates Cenk Uygur on his show premiere on Current TV. But is there room for more programming with a liberal focus? Do democrats even...

Newt Gingrich for President! – The Liberal Democratic PerspectiveImagine you are a longtime Republican Party activist ju...

Newt Gingrich for President! – The Liberal Democratic Perspective

Imagine you are a longtime Republican Party activist just returning to the United States after a year-long vacation abroad. At home you turn on your computer and go to the Drudge Report and see that the Democrats somehow managed to change the constitution and nominated Fidel Castro for President. First, you’d rub your eyes to make sure you hadn’t misread. Second, you‘d jump up and down with glee, as visions of 50 state victory romps dance in your head.
This is how I feel at the prospect of Newt being the GOP nominee in 2012. If you could take every sin, hypocrisy, and evil put out by conservatives during the last 35 years, then add a layer of caricature, a pinch of hyperbole and then finally wrap it in a thick layer of bacon-flavored cookie dough before deep frying it, you would come up with a Newt Gingrich, even if he didn’t already exist.
As an embodiment of everything wrong with Conservatism, Newt is stunningly perfect. That is why I am urging all Democrats and independents in Iowa, New Hampshire and early primary states to quickly register as Republicans so we can “help” the GOP nominate a candidate of historic proportion.
Consider Newt’s Hall of Fame credentials:

1. Attacks Washington Lobbyists and proclaims Barney Frank should go to jail for taking Fannie and Freddie contributions. Meanwhile, Gingrich takes $1.8 million for lobbying on behalf of Fannie/ Freddie.

2. Attacks Washington Pork. Yet Gingrich’s district received more pork than all but one congressional district according to the Washington Monthly.

3. Attacks liberal morality and defends marriage. And yet it has been well-documented that Newt has cheated numerous, numerous times on numerous wives, and this includes having other people’s wives giving him oral sex in cars as his own children walked by.

4. Attacks corrupt Washington where politicians get rich feeding off the system. Yet, Newt came to Washington 35 years ago completely broke and now has an 8-figure net worth. And no, he didn’t invent the Internet either.

5. Attacks corrupt Leadership in DC. Gingrich spent years attacking Speaker Jim Wright and finally had him removed for taking roughly $1500 in a questionable book deal. What was Newt’s first action before being sworn in as the replacement speaker? Striking a $1.5 million questionable book deal for himself.

6. Attacks Democrats for being weak on defense and anti-military. And, of course, Newt was a draft dodger.

7. Attacks limousine liberals for being out of touch with the economic realities facing the middle class. And yet runs up his $500,000 line of credit at Tiffany’s.
8. Tells whoppers of epic proportion. Newt claimed that Susan Smith killed her kids because “liberal Democrats had controlled congress for 40 years.” And of course, who can forget Newt’s explanation for having an affair with a young aide while impeaching the President of the United States for having an affair with a young aid? Newt did it because he was working too hard because he loved his country so much.

9. All of the above might be softened a bit if Gingrich were charming, charismatic and likeable, a la Ronald Reagan. Fortunately, Newt has the sort of detestable personality that alienates even those who agree with him. Newt has a way of implying he is the only smart person in the room and that everyone else is a complete idiot.

. Is Newt at least rakishly good-looking or attractive? No, other than having a helmet head full of hair he is utterly repulsive in every physical way. Especially his obesity which seems to be growing at a daily 10 pound clip.
Simply put, short of The GOP bringing back to life and nominating serial murderer/cannibal/sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer, Democrats, liberals and progressives are never ever going to have a fatter target than Newt Gingrich, literally or figuratively. We must do everything in our power to help him get nominated in 2012.

If Gingrich can be destroyed in a landslide in the 2012 general election, it could set back the conservative movement for a generation. If young people, independents and the non-aligned can be trained to associate conservative policies and candidates with the venal, hypocritical and corrupt Newt Gingrich, Progressive candidates will start out with an edge in every campaign.
2012 is unlikely to see a serious Democratic opponent to Barack Obama, so there is no need for Democrats to worry about losing a voice or abandoning their party during a primary. Democrats and independents can register Republican, vote in the GOP primaries, and then switch back immediately after the primary in their state.

I beg the progressive community from the bottom of my heart: we cannot let this opportunity slip though our fingers! It could be 1000 years before our ideological enemies nominate someone who is so obviously and egregiously corrupt, hypocritical and despicable. If you want to advance the cause of progressive politics in America there is nothing you could do that would be more helpful or useful than voting for Newt Gingrich in the primaries.

And let’s face it, if we can’t beat Newt Gingrich, we really can’t beat anyone. And if Newt were to win, then we really should move to Canada.

From The Daily National

Imagine you are a longtime Republican Party activist just returning to the United States after a year-long vacation abroad. At home you turn on...

Economist Paul Krugman writes today in the NY Times that there is no reason that tax rates on the super wealthy shouldn’...
What should be the top Marginal Tax Rates on the Wealthy? | Daily National

Economist Paul Krugman writes today in the NY Times that there is no reason that tax rates on the super wealthy shouldn’t go higher than they were during the Clinton era—39%. Certainly, nobody has been wiser or more correct regarding the economy and taxation than Krugman has during the last 4 years.
But let’s assume for a minute that the Occupy Wall Street movement swells into a genuine progressive movement, conservatives are tossed out of control of the House and Senate and Obama stays in the White House. What should we, as progressives, set as our ideal income tax rate on the wealthy? Krugman says it should be higher than 39%.
I suspect most of us here in the Liberal/Progressive blogosphere would like it much higher, perhaps double for those making more than a million dollars a year. But would this really help raise more money or create a fairer society in the long run?
I have my doubts.
Here’ the problem I see with raising taxes beyond 39%: it creates a backlash and permanently aligns the wealthy with the reactionary right, thus funding our enemies.
Read the rest of this article at

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