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Former Black special agents say FBI's culture is "not conducive to minorities"

Over the last several months, CBS News spoke with more than two dozen current and former Black FBI agents, all of whom described some sort of racial discrimination while in the agency. They describe long-standing problems at every level: the FBI's failed attempts to recruit more Black agents, the disproportionate weeding out of Black applicants during the training process, and how White managers tend to only promote individuals who look like themselves.

Agents say there's a new sense of urgency to solve the FBI's diversity problem after a summer of protests about racial justice and alleged police misconduct.

Scammers find weak spot in unemployment benefits during pandemic: "It's a perfect storm"

A hastily-enacted government program designed to help unemployed Americans through the pandemic is facing a growing problem with fraud, potentially tying up millions of dollars and keeping it from people who need it most. CBS News investigates.

The PUA program is a lifeline for millions, but according to Pennsylvania's attorney general, also "open season" for "fraudsters."

Factory worker's death highlights debate over GOP-backed coronavirus liability shield

Senate Republicans say they won't pass a COVID-19 relief bill without legal liability protections for businesses. It comes at a time when essential workers across the country are accusing employers of failing to keep them safe. A CBS News investigation found one company where workers say the consequences were fatal.

Mike Jackson was working a mandatory overtime shift at a Wisconsin engine plant in May when a co-worker saw him slumped over at his station.

Decorated combat vet who died highlights pandemic's effect on mental health

Rory Hamill was a father of three and a decorated combat veteran in the Marines. Hamill lost his life not at war — but in a growing mental health crisis that's being made worse by the deadliest public health crisis in a century.

Marine Corporal Rory Hamill lost his life not at war — but in a growing mental health crisis that's being made worse by the deadliest public health crisis​ in a century.

Trump administration's overhaul of police reform initiative was "a punch in the gut" to North Charleston, S.C.

The 2015 fatal shooting of Walter Scott was a breaking point for the people of North Charleston and prompted a voluntary review of the town’s police department. Now, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund is suing for the results of that review. CBS News investigates.

After the fatal shooting of Walter Scott, North Charleston officials and the DOJ launched a collaborative review of the police.

Fountain of Youth: Hidden dangers of hormone therapy craze

Clinics across the country are advertising hormone therapy as a fountain of youth, but a six-month CBS News investigation uncovered hidden dangers associated with the treatment centers. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins CBSN to discuss his findings.

Clinics across the country are advertising hormone therapy as a fountain of youth, but a six-month CBS News investigation uncovered hidden dangers associated with the treatment centers. Chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins CBSN to discuss his findings.

Reputation management companies are faking court orders to suppress Google results

CBS NEWS INVESTIGATES: Reputation management companies are faking court orders to suppress Google results

Googling yourself may be easy, but changing what Google says about you is nearly impossible. It's so difficult, that many small businesses pay tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of negative comments. The companies that do this are known as reputation management companies. Jim....

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2017 military crash that killed 16 could have been prevented, probe finds


2017 military crash that killed 16 could have been prevented, probe finds

The Marine Corps acknowledges a maintenance issue that caused a deadly military plane crash should have been detected. Fifteen Marines and a sailor died when a KC-130 aircraft broke apart and crashed in Mississippi last year. The Marine Forces Reserve investigation determined the plane was deemed un...

TSA finds 4,000+ guns in carry-on bags so far this year, a record

TSA finds 4,000+ guns in carry-on bags so far this year, a record

The TSA has topped last year's record number of guns found at airport checkpoints. Screeners spotted more than 4,000 firearms in carry-on bags so far this year – nearly 300 in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport alone. Last year, the TSA saw the numbers jump 17 percent. Kris Van Cleav...

Texas jury finds "gross negligence" by Toyota in seatback case

Texas jury finds "gross negligence" by Toyota in seatback case

On Friday a civil jury in Texas found "clear and convincing evidence" of "gross negligence" by Toyota, the parent company of Lexus. It ruled the automaker failed to warn consumers that front seats can collapse backward during certain types of rear end collisions and propel people into the back seat....

Why are food recalls on the rise?

A growing number of people are concerned about food safety after a series of recalls over food contamination.

A growing number of people are concerned about food safety after a series of recalls over food contamination. Pepperidge Farm voluntarily recalled more than three million packages of Goldfish crackers Tuesday over possible salmonella contamination. Mondelez International also issued a voluntary reca...


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