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Too many people these days are staring down at their phones rather than taking in the community that they live in. Society is beginning to center more around the individual and less about the collaborative effort. This is prevalent in not only today’s products but also the art being produced. We are all on this earth together, and collaboration is a thing of beauty. Collaboration is about bringing

Too many people these days are staring down at their phones rather than taking in the community that they live in. Society is beginning to center more around the individual and less about the collaborative effort. This is prevalent in not only today’s products but also the art being produced. We are all on this earth together, and collaboration is a thing of beauty. Collaboration is about bringing

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rBeatz's cover photo

rBeatz's cover photo

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🌏OUi R BaK W➡️YOU♥️🥂💎🙏🏽

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

☑️ ⭕️UT Prime Sinister On 🔥🚒#NEWMusicALERT 🚨https://streamdb7web.securenetsystems.net/cirrusencore/OUI Thank you for Sharing👄

Prime Sinister, is a 23-year-old British-Pakistani Londoner and full-blown musical revolutionary. As the creator of his own rhyme style, “Syllablism”, Prime Sinister has crafted songs in which every word, line and verse are not only interconnected but for the first time, symmetrical. Prime Sinister’s rhyme style can probably be more simply defined as the consecutive use of rhyming syllable patterns. But, on listening to it in action, it’s clearly more complex. The words arrange themselves into sequence – syllable families, reunited to tell stories of a dystopia, expanding themselves naturally into verses. They play out in their natural state, unpolluted, forming elaborate stories almost independent of interference from the writer. It is the act of relinquishing ego and letting the words play themselves out, however disorienting – it is as if the writer does not exist, and we are listening to language unadulterated from the manipulations of man. The very act of making an album in a singular style is a unique experiment in hip-hop – and Prime Sinister has done it with flair in abundance.

Growing up in London in the 2000’s, Prime Sinister was exposed to music that would change the course of his life. Consuming albums from Nas’ Illmatic to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner, and encountering the music of the UK underground, Prime Sinister studied the greatest albums in hip hop and stumbled across the true hidden potential of the genre.

Wendy Kahn

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

🎶 💯☑️ #KatrinaStuart 🚨#NewMusicAlert 🔥🧯
November 2019 - Los Angeles, CA – Musicash recording artist Katrina Stuart released her very first album “Under My Skin” worldwide on November 14th. Katrina has already released her first single that was favorited by fans around the world.

“Under My Skin” is about all the experiences Katrina has been through the past few years compiled into one album. The meaning of the title of the album, Katrina explains, “I feel like all the songs are created from all these different emotions that are in my heart and ‘under my skin’.” The cover artwork shows both the emotionally dark and the happy side of Katrina which reflects her recent life experiences. The album is produced by many top producers such as Trevor Muzzy, Cboe, Niklas Carson, Yei Gonzalez, Sebastian Lestapier, and Andrelli.

Jeff Marino, CEO & Owner of Musicash Records on the album, “Katrina is the hardest working artist I know and this album is proof of that!! She is a quadruple threat; she can sing, dance, play instruments, and perform at the highest level!! We are so proud of her and excited for the release of her first album ‘Under My Skin’.”

The new album can be streamed on all major music platforms. November Katrina released alongside her two singles, “Gone” and “Dinner”.

Katrina Stuart is a musician and performer originally from Toronto, Canada currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Starting at age 4, she began developing her skills by creating her own music and performing at a variety of events and venues such as schools, talent contests, and her local church. Katrina is also an actor, dancer, and model who has appeared in television commercials, magazine advertisements and short films.

Starting as a contestant in the second Elimination Round for Musicash’s show, Katrina won the round proceeding as a finalist by winning the Most Voted. Shortly after, Katrina signed with Musicash Records. As a finalist, Katrina will compete against 10 other finalists to win a part of $80,000 in the Musicash Grand Finale.

With over 480K Instagram followers, Katrina uses her platform to inspire her listeners and fans to pursue their own dreams. Follow Katrina on Instagram for updates or you can watch her show sponsored by Musicash on THEmctv.com.

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com

#NewMusicAlert 🚨 #PM
✔️OUt Phi and Meisha | PM 🎶
Thank you for Sharing👄

Individually they are Phi and Meisha, Columbus Ohio natives and best friends. But together they are known as PM, the first letter of their names combined together; an inseparable force not to be reckoned with. A perfect blend, a dynamic duo. Music has always been an interest for PM but with Phi residing in Los Angeles and Meisha in Jersey it was hard for them to produce their music together efficiently at times. They’ve faced many challenges through this journey but they never gave up. The friendship, love and drive that they have kept each other going, finding any way possible to make music and flourish in the industry. Their new single “Get It” is a summer anthem and club banger. With a loud bass, clever bars and a bossy delivery, you’ll have it on repeat and wanting to hear more from PM. They’ve been in the studio non-stop and will be dropping more music soon. PM’s goal is to provide a sound that will curate a language that will radiate universally and to put more boss women on the map in the industry. Keep an eye out for them, they’re not just rising artists; they are THRIVING female artists.

Listen to PM on 🔻🥂🔽⬇️⬇️⬇️🔻🛑 🅿️♏️💎
Thank you for listening👄
[email protected]

rBeatz Celebrates #Universal Humanity and #BadAss #GlobalHairdressersVid Sason  Mazella&Palmer Tim Hartley Tina Haukjaer...

rBeatz Celebrates #Universal Humanity and
#BadAss #GlobalHairdressers
Vid Sason Mazella&Palmer Tim Hartley
Tina Haukjaer Andersen & Melvyn Ainger
For YOUR👈NEXT🌏Global Dusting✂✂

Please help our ocean...

🚀MARS🐱‍🚀SPACE👽 0 GRAVITYTimmy Trumpet The #Legend is "MAkN SPACE ANd TakN Names"#FIRSTEVERLIVEPerformance from #SPACE"👄L...
WIN The Trumpet Played in space by Timmy Trumpet

Timmy Trumpet The #Legend is
"MAkN SPACE ANd TakN Names"
#FIRSTEVERLIVEPerformance from #SPACE"
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FROM "Out of SPACE"🛸🌈🛸

Register now for your chance to win Timmy Trumpet's historic custom series Trumpet after he becomes the first live instrumentalist to DJ and perform in space.

#NewMusicAlert🌏Ui❦ ₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ  ¥ǾƲ  Ƒ◉Ɍ  🎼ℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄‼️

🌏Ui❦ ₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ ¥ǾƲ Ƒ◉Ɍ 🎼ℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄‼️

Zedd #UltraMiami2019

Zedd #UltraMiami2019

Zedd, Category: Artist, Albums: True Colors, Clarity, Clarity (Deluxe), Singles: Good Thing (with Kehlani), Good Thing (with Kehlani), 365 (Remixes), 365, Lost In Japan (Remix), Top Tracks: Good Thing (with Kehlani), The Middle, Happy Now, Stay, 365, Biography: Multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning a...

Unconditional - Magic Feet (Nari & Milani 2006 Remix)

Dionne Carmicheal-DellOrfano 🙌👉🤷‍♂️💁‍♂️🙆‍♂️🧘‍♂️🖐👋👉👐🤙

Release Date: 2019-02-26 Label: Smilax Productions Catalog: SPMOL025 Release: Magic Feet 2006 Unconditional 01. Magic Feet - Nari & Milani 2006 Rmx (6:10) el...


🚨🔥❣️🚒#NewMusicAlert 25❢🎱❢366‼️
✪❣️🎶🌏Ui❦ 🌈₮.¥ǾƲ𝟜Ƨℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄✪
Tommy Boy Entertainment

RETROMODERN (Pre-order): http://smarturl.it/INDICA_RETROMODERN Tommy Boy Music is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1...

KANYE WEST with a crazy live preformance!

OMG 🚨@KanyeWest is 🔥🚒

KANYE WEST live on the keys with a gospel choir going wild! SUBSRIBE NOW FOR MORE! #Kanyewest Timbaland Scott Storch #Drake Travis Scott

Life Stories

🙏🏻𝑻ry till YOU Ɗie🙏🏻 Thank you for Sharing🇺🇸 Michael Kahn
OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com Group

They told him he was too shy, too different looking and couldn't sing. They called him the "hillbilly who howls" and insulted him for being poor. Yet, Elvis proved them wrong time and time again. This is his story.


Armin van Buuren 🌎T🅾️UR DATES
℞ ₷ELLING 🛸UT #LiftingYouHigher
Oui ❣️ you ASOT 💯🤙🏼
🚨⤀NewMUSICALert⤁🚨☞☞ Bonnie McKee and #ArminvanBuuren 🚨#LONELYForYOU☞🔥🚒 #SMOKNHOT🔥🧯
⇩⇓⬇︎⤓🌎T🅾️UR DATES ⇩ ⥿⤓ ⤽⟱⇓

💯FUNKY💯Techno Deep Funky Disco House#178💯 | Mixed By JAYC

This is LIVE NOW⟱⬇︎⇓🚨#NewMusicALERT💪🏼💯
OUi GLOBal Rbeatzradio.com Group
Ova Muhammad Shofa #Enjoy Liza Caminiti Renee O'Brien

☑️"Sharing with the audience what I think are the greatest records of the moment or what I think are timeless and personal classics is something that has mot...

Listen Live
Listen Live

Listen Live

I'm listening to Borrowed Love by Metro Boomin feat. Swae Lee

Sony "FlyGuy2Stackz" Michel || Best All Around RB in the Country || Official 16-17 UGA Highlights

@SonyMichel #FLyGuy2Stackz
✪25❢🎱❢366‼️ @FlyGuy2Stackz @Quavo
₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ ¥ǾƲ Ƒ◉Ɍ 🎼ℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄 #NewEnglandPatriots

Welcome to my highlight channel, LaManna Highlights! (Sony Michel Social Media) Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flyguy2stackz Instagram: https://www.instagram.c...

Tragedy Can Strike at Anytime, To Anyone.  Please check out Skrillex and TrollPhace for more details on how YOU Can lend...
Click here to support Rally for Trollphace organized by Mike Puliz

Tragedy Can Strike at Anytime, To Anyone.
Please check out Skrillex and TrollPhace for more details on how
YOU Can lend a Hand UP to one of ours in the Community!!!!
25❢🎱❢366‼️🌏₮.¥ǾƲ𝟜Ƨℏ🅰️℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄CARING!!! Mike Puliz & #Skrillex

As you may know our very close friend Damon’s house burnt down last night and he lost everything, including his life’s works as a producer/DJ, all of his pets and all of his belongings. We are very lucky that Damon and his Family managed to get out safe but understand that losing pretty much eve...

1-26-19 The Y iZ the Road 💋 ☑️THIS 👄UT🎶   §₥º₭₪ 🚬🔥 #NewMUSICALERT #BestoftheBest‼️🌏₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ  ¥ǾƲ 👄℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄
1-26-19 The Y iZ the Road 💋 - YouTube

1-26-19 The Y iZ the Road 💋
☑️THIS 👄UT🎶 §₥º₭₪ 🚬🔥
#NewMUSICALERT #BestoftheBest‼️
🌏₮ℏ🅰️ȠƘ ¥ǾƲ 👄℞ℹ︎₪Ǥ👄


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