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Vielen Herzlichen ❤ Dank für die Einladung zur CDU-Akademie in Hannover, Niedersachsen. 🇩🇪🇪🇺 Das Thema heute war die Vor...

Vielen Herzlichen ❤ Dank für die Einladung zur CDU-Akademie in Hannover, Niedersachsen. 🇩🇪🇪🇺 Das Thema heute war die Vorbereitung für die Kommunalwahlen 2021 in Hannover. Ich wünsche allen Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten viel Erfolg und Gottes Segen. "Adrian Simon" CDU in Niedersachsen 🐎

#cdu #adriansimon #hannover #berlin #niedersachsen #kommunalwahl2021 #politik #politics #vote2021 #blackocean #nyc #justice #laws #democracy #freedom #peace #angelamerkel #teamgermany #future #germany #europe #godfirst #infinity

Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

🇩🇪 Herzlichen ❤🙏🏼 Dank für die netten und liebevollen Worte, für die zahlreichen Glückwünsche zu meinem Geburtstag 🎂🥳🤠, möge euch das Glück für ewig begleiten und euch die Liebe für immer erfüllen. Erfolg ist kein Glück!🍀 Stellt auch sicher, dass Ihr im wirklichen Leben glücklich seid, nicht nur in den sozialen Medien. Denn das schönste und beste Leben ist und bleibt ein privates Leben.

Herzliche Grüße
Adrian C. Simon

🇺🇲 Thank you very much for the nice and loving words, for the numerous congratulations on my birthday 🎂🥳🤠, may happiness accompany you forever and love forever fill you. Success is not luck!🍀 Make sure you are happy in real life, not just on social media. Because the most beautiful and best life is and remains a private life.

Kind regards
Adrian C. Simon

🇷🇴 Vă mulțumesc foarte mult pentru cuvintele drăguțe și iubitoare, pentru numeroasele felicitări de ziua mea 🎂🥳🤠 birthday, fericirea vă poate însoți pentru totdeauna și iubirea vă va umple pentru totdeauna. Succesul nu este noroc!🍀 Asigurați-vă că sunteți fericiți în viața reală, nu doar pe social media. Pentru că cea mai frumoasă și mai bună viață este și rămâne o viață privată.

Salutări calde
Adrian C. Simon



🎂🇩🇪 Wir gratulieren Ihnen sehr herzlich zum Geburtstag, liebe Bundeskanzlerin. Wir danken Ihnen, dass Sie unser Land in diesen schwierigen Zeiten mit Verantwortung und Umsicht durch die Krise führen. Für die Zukunft wünschen wir Ihnen viel Kraft für die vor uns liegenden Herausforderungen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

🇺🇲 It was an honor for me to be able to take a seat in the Lower Saxony state parliament yesterday.

I thank God, the city of Hanover and the state of Lower Saxony for this strong trust, power and respect.

Yesterday we discussed clan crime, the corona virus, security and the future in Germany's schools, as well as business and society.

On behalf of the Black Ocean Group N.Y.C., the Federal Government of Germany and the Bundestag, also the CDU Berlin and Hanover, I would like to sincerely thank you for your loyalty and sovereignty and I wish all people worldwide justice, freedom and peace for the future.

With respect and sincerity
Adrian Simon (CDU) 🇩🇪🇪🇺

🇩🇪 Es war mir eine Ehre, gestern im niedersächsischen Landtag Platz nehmen zu dürfen.

Ich danke Gott, der Stadt Hannover und dem Land Niedersachsen für dieses starke Vertrauen, diese Macht und diesen Respekt.

Gestern haben wir über Clan-Kriminalität, das Corona-Virus, Sicherheit und Zukunft in den deutschen Schulen sowie in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft gesprochen.

Im Namen der Black Ocean Group N.Y.C., der Bundesregierung und des Bundestages sowie der CDU Berlin und Hannover möchte ich Ihnen aufrichtig für Ihre Treue und Souveränität danken und wünsche allen Menschen weltweit Gerechtigkeit, Freiheit und Frieden für die Zukunft.

Mit Respekt und Aufrichtigkeit
Adrian Simon (CDU) 🇩🇪🇪🇺

🇹🇩 A fost o onoare pentru mine să fiu ieri în Parlamentul de stat din Saxonia Inferioară.

Mulțumesc lui Dumnezeu, orașului Hanovra și statului Saxonia Inferioară pentru această puternică încredere, putere și respect.

Ieri am discutat despre criminalitatea clanului, virusul coronei, securitatea și viitorul în școlile Germaniei, precum și în afaceri și societate.

În numele Black Ocean Group N.Y.C., Guvernul Federal al Germaniei și Bundestag, de asemenea CDU Berlin și Hanovra, aș dori să vă mulțumesc sincer pentru loialitatea și suveranitatea dvs. și doresc tuturor oamenilor din toată lumea dreptate, libertate și pace pentru viitor.

Cu respect și sinceritate
Adrian Simon (CDU) 🇩🇪🇪🇺

#adriansimon #blackoceangroup #cdu #hannover #niedersachsen #berlin #deutschland #europa #nyc #usa



120 Sekunden für die CDU zum 75. Geburtstag 🎂. Wir erinnern an 75 Jahre Verantwortung, 50 Jahre Regierung, 5 Bundeskanzler und eine Partei. Und wir wollen gemeinsam – auch mit Ihnen – weiter an einer guten Zukunft arbeiten. Sehen Sie hier den Film zu unserem Geburtstag 👇

SAINt JHN - ROSES (Imanbek Remix) (Bass Boosted) / Car Night Cruise

🔺️Change the plan, not the goal.💯

"If you want to be successful in this life, you have to be able to take more than you can distribute. Most people in this world waste their time on drugs, alcohol or sex, criminal business, breaking the law, chasing money, copy other people and to get to the point: They belong to the 99.9%.

Our dream was "since 1985" to belong to the top leaders of the world and to change the planet with just 0,01% into a better place. 🌍

A maker is not talking about himself but about his vision, a global team and five continents."

This is the truth behind the scenes about us: a secret organization created by a secret man, chasing just one mission. #eliteblack

Written by: Adrian Simon, C.E.O. of the Black Ocean Group U.S.A. a company of the world's largest industries, histories and services in human history.

Our mission is every day 24h: #topsecret🔺️🌍💯 #americafirst🇺🇲

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⚜D.R.™ - Black Ocean™ N.Y.C.-U.S.A.⚜ - "Heute New York, Morgen Paris"🗽🗼"INFINTY"♾🇺🇲 #westcoast 🇩🇪🇪🇺🇷🇴

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Never make yourself dependent on people, material objects or money. If you can't fight for yourself alone and you don't value yourself, then nothing will help you to find yourself. ⚜D.R.⚜Black Ocean NYC⚜

#dr #captain #blackocean #nyc #usa 🇺🇲

The White House

The White House

Happy birthday, President Trump!

Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

🇺🇸 Happy Birthday Mister President🇺🇸 "Donald J. Trump" #godblessamerica #americafirst #blackoceangroup #nyc #usa 🌍🌹❤



What I'm looking at? Only on myself, not out of arrogance but out of discipline. I was always a man behind the scenes and a manager, producer, entrepreneur etc.

I'm very thankful for the great work, love and trust in my name, to be the first musician who represents legends and the city Compton, Tupac, Eazy-E, Michael Jackson or West Coast Music in Germany, Europe, it's crazy and new.

I was born to be a leader not a follower, to create something big for people and not for myself, I don't care about money and success, I care about my reputation and business worldwide. #blackocean

Responsibility is my second name and my greatest love is Black Ocean, my baby, my everything. I will share it with you in the future! To be continued...♾ #infinity

🔺️D.R.🔺️ - Black Ocean NYC🗽🍒🌊



🔺️D.R.🇺🇲🇷🇴🇩🇪 to the top of the world, builds bridges worldwide🌍 as long as you drive german cars and listen to west coast music you're on the right way and I can be your friend. 😎🍒💯 #realtalk

#dr #blackocean #nyc #bucharest #berlin #musicbusiness #entertainment #management #westcoast #germany #mercedesbenz #audi #bmw #usa

Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

🔺️Black🌍cean™🗽🇺🇲 in cooperation with: @cdu 🇩🇪🇪🇺 #newyork #berlin #bucharest 🇷🇴 #blackoceangroup #usa

#blackocean #government #secretservice #bnd #cia #fbi #speznaz #mossad #eliteblack #security #politics #worldwide #entertainment #management #consulting #vision #digital #technology #investment #sponsor #justice #law #freedom #rights #humanity #infinty 🍒🌈🍀

⚜ Black Ocean ™ N.Y.C. ⚜ presents: D.R.™😎 a rapper, musician, producer, philanthropist, songwriter, politician, entrepre...

⚜ Black Ocean ™ N.Y.C. ⚜ presents: D.R.™😎 a rapper, musician, producer, philanthropist, songwriter, politician, entrepreneur, manager, businessman, pilot, racedriver, world traveler, fighter, security services, philosopher, consultant and human rights activist from New York City. Germany let's kick it! It's our time to change the world. 🌍❤🍒🌈🍀 To be continued...💯

written by: "Adrian Simon" All rights reserved and copyrighted by: B.O.R. & B.O.G. - U.S.A.

#dr 🇺🇲🇩🇪🇷🇴 #blackocean 🗽 #nyc #usa #rapper #musician #music #producer #philantropist #songwriter #poltician #entrepreneur #manager #business #businessman #pilot #racedriver #racing #worldwide #entertainment #security #secretservice #philosophy #consultant #humanrights #humanity #hannover #germany #europe 🇪🇺



Liebe Freunde, 🙋🏼‍♂️

hier schon mal ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf mein Album ⚜INFINTY⚜ geschrieben und produziert von: "Adrian Simon" 🇺🇲🇩🇪🇷🇴

Hör dir "Du warst es nicht" von D.R.™ an auf #SoundCloud

#dr #blackocean #infinty 💯🍒🍀🌈



🍒 If you want to change something, first you have to change yourself. D.R.🇺🇲

🌈 Wenn du etwas verändern möchtest, musst Du als erstes Dich verändern. #dr🇩🇪

🍀 Dacă vrei să schimbi ceva, trebuie să te schimbi întâi pă tine. #dr🇷🇴



⚜ BLACK OCEAN N.Y.C. ⚜ presents:
#2pac #eminem #techn9ne #blackocean

"God's plan is better than your dreams." D.R.™😎 - Black Ocean NYC™ 🗽🇺🇲 #dr #blackocean #blackoceanrecords #music #songwr...

"God's plan is better than your dreams." D.R.™😎 - Black Ocean NYC™ 🗽🇺🇲

#dr #blackocean #blackoceanrecords #music #songwriter #producer #artist #hannover #germany #hatersgonnahate #nyc #usa #musicbusiness #rap #hiphop #latin #latinmusic #westcoast #eastcoast #brooklyn #berlin #miami #london #bucharest #africa #dubai #moscow #worldwide #americafirst #infinity ⚜



🔴 Wir suchen Verstärkung‼️

➡️ Teamleitung Online-Kommunikation & Digitale Strategie (m/w/d)
➡️ Referent (m/w/d) Strategische Analyse & Planung
➡️ Referent (w/m/d) Datenanalyse
➡️ Personalsachbearbeiter (m/w/d)
➡️ Werkstudenten (m/w/d) CRM-Team

Ganz bequem online via bewerben und natürlich liken, teilen und weitersagen 📣

Adrian Simon
Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

🇩🇪 Werde ein Teil von uns und lasst uns gemeinsam die Welt verändern. 🌍❤

🇺🇲 Become part of us and let's change the world together. 🌍❤

🇷🇴 Deveniți parte a noastră și haideți să schimbăm lumea împreună. 🌍❤

#adriansimon #cdu #deutschland 🇩🇪🇪🇺



"Loyalty First" - written by: D.R.😎🗽🍒

There is nothing more beautiful and important in this world than loyalty. Loyalty grows into true love, real passion, beautiful moments, friendship, business relationships, family and harmony.

Since I can remember I have been a traveling businessman and as an entrepreneur have always believed in myself and in my friends and partners worldwide. #loyaltyfirst 🇺🇲

Furthermore, I have never lost sight of my goals and I have also remained loyal to the CDU, Germany since 2016 and thank you very much for your trust and mutual respect. #cdu 🇩🇪🇪🇺

In Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Canada, Turkey, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, U.S.A., Africa, Sydney and many other countries, I have grown to be the person who can be today.

I've met so many people in my life and I've always been a behind the scenes man, who will change, not because I want to but because I have to. That is the difference between me and the mass of today. I don't want to be famous or climb the top of the mountain at any cost. But if you have a vision and pursue your dream, success is part of it.

That's why I don't trust anyone in this world, only 1% of humanity and 99% I only want to help through my talents to believe in yourself and to live your dreams, I hope that you understand my messages and every post, because it is always connected to my own thoughts.

I ❤ You 🌍 everyone of you. To be continued... #dr #blackocean #nyc #usa #infinity #musicbusiness #politics #songwriter #producer #poetic #musicproduction #label #trademark #worldwide #entertainment #management #blackoceangroup #americafirst #godblessamerica 💯



📺 Einschalten! Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel im Interview mit Das Erste und ZDF Interview zu den Ergebnissen des Koalitionsausschusses. #kraftpaket 🇩🇪

Adrian Simon

Adrian Simon

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

we have eight billion people in this beautiful world. We've the most beautiful planet in the universe because nobody else can replace this beautiful place here. It's our job to protect it because it's our home.

It is a shame to see that we have learned nothing from our history and we are about to lose our humanity again. As a politician, it is an honor to represent the proximity and responsibility of many people.

We live in a world full of greed and hatred, which is characterized by envy and jealousy. Nowadays people forget that it can go downhill very quickly, even if you are one of the richest people in the world of today, tomorrow you can become one of the poorest in the world again.

Money is only a powerful weapon, but success cannot be paid with money, friendship cannot be bought with money, true love cannot be paid with money and respect can only be achieved through true deeds, not with words.

I will never forget where I come from and how far I could go in life, I never wanted to be a politician because I'm far too honest for this job, but it would be too easy to close my eyes and see the injustice, the poverty on the street and let the others win. Ignoring crime, not fighting criminals, just looking in the mirror and continuing to eat well. I cannot and do not want to accept that, because God has a plan, this plan is written by God and not one of eight billion people.

We've a very big problem right now and nobody can change this injustice because there is nobody like President John F. Kennedy, nobody like Michael Jackson, nobody like Martin Luther King, nobody like Tupac Shakur, nobody like Steve Jobs, nobody like Helmut Schmidt, nobody like Helmut Kohl, nobody like Konrad Adenauer, nobody like Marcus Aurelius, nobody like the prophets, nobody like Mahtma Ghandi, nobody like Angela Merkel, nobody like Albert Einstein, nobody like all the people who changed this world into a better place.

I am officially ashamed of all people who work in high positions and only represent their own interests or those of other countries and do not have their own opinions, do not have a pre-muddy character and look in the mirror at night without a bad conscience. This is very easy to copy just somebody and get paid for it.

Only true fighters, free thinkers, chosen people of God who risk their lives every day and are not afraid of death can fight and form something new in this world, love and honor, peace and faith, glory to out Lord in heaven. Amen! ❤🙏🏼 #godfirst

I have only one request to all of you who support me worldwide and who are still willing to follow me in the future, let's fight together for a better world.

Human rights and human dignity are inviolable, God will fight and punish all people and ensure that all people who want to stop us are punished by justice and in court, not the system is bad, but the person who has forgotten for the system to work hard and wisely.

I believe in a good future and in good people because every time has just a process of an end. Nobody is a king in this world and whoever thinks like a boss so he or she will fall, guaranteed.

Let's fight the evil together and stick together, help poor people and offer children a better future, that's what my name means.

With respect and sincerity
Adrian C. Simon (CDU) 🇺🇲🇩🇪🇪🇺

#adriansimon #blackoceangroup #nyc #projectblackocean #justice #laws #politics #cia #fbi #bnd #speznas #mossad #secretservice #cdu #berlin #germany #europe #usa #jerusalem #israel #africa #asia #australia

CDU-Fraktion des Sächsischen Landtages

CDU-Fraktion des Sächsischen Landtages

Wir wünschen Euch ein gesegnetes Pfingsfest!

✅ Pfingsten ist neben Weihnachten und Ostern das wichtigste Fest des Christentums. Seine Ursprünge finden sich in der Apostelgeschichte der Bibel.

💡Pfingsten ist abgeleitet vom griechischen Wort "pentekoste" und bedeutet so viel wie "der fünfzigste Tag". Denn 50 Tage nach Ostern trafen sich Jesus Jünger in Jerusalem. In der Stadt wurde gerade ein Fest gefeiert, doch die Jünger gingen nicht hin. Zu groß war ihre Angst vor den Männern, die Jesus gekreuzigt hatten. Da kam der Heilige Geist wie ein "Brausen" vom Himmel herab, gab ihnen Mut und verlieh den Jüngern die Gabe, alle Sprachen zu sprechen.


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Just because you experienced nothing but fake love in the past, doesn't mean you won't experience real love in the future. D.R.™ 😎✌🏼🎱 Sarah Connor & Enrique Iglesias ❤ #enriqueiglesias #sarahconnor #takinbackmylove #loyalityfirst #infinity
Thanks for inviting me. Kind regards from Paris