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A lawsuit against one of the top names in grading video games, and a top auction house as well.

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This from May 14th 2022


finds its way back onto the App store, with a little help from , and and is getting into the Game.

From May 8th.


Some gift ideas for Father's Day 2022!


Activision Blizzard catching some good PR for the first time, in a long time.


Warner Bros. Games will allow Batman to fight Shaggy in their upcoming game... and Norman Reedus spills the beans on an upcoming sequel to Hideo Kojima's baby.

From May


Twitch maybe looking for a new pay rate, and it may not go over well with the top streamers and Overwatch releases a beta for the PVP portion of it's sequel... and so far, reviews are mixed.



The BBC will host a classical music series, and this year... it will featuring the sounds of gaming!


Dwayne The Rock Johnson getting behind the 's adaptation of , and offering it's employees a new benefit.



While one lawsuit against has been settled, another faces some issues, as it's being reported that Gavin Newsom is interfering with it.


Disney issuing a takedown of a fan made re-creation of and reportedly arrested 3 in the UK. |


Disney and Square Enix are collaborating again for the newest in the Kingdom Hearts saga.


Ms. Pac-Man is getting a name change, at least for now, due to some legal issues... and Epicgames and LEGO are teaming up to make a kid safe


A classic point and click adventure makes it's triumphant return! #


One of the most influential get togethers in gaming is taking a year off,


The biggest corporate contribution to coming Epic Games and Fortnite


Fortnite looks to be keeping both the building mode, and non-building mode of it's monster battle royale gamer.



A new entry into the Ghostbusters world, will pit 4 Ghostbusters, against one ghost in a PVP dream for fans of the films. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed releases somewhere towards the end of 2022


Loses a big player in the fighting game tournament, but gains one that you haven't heard of in a while.


An update, and an apology for the quiet development on Overwatch from the game's director about the current live service game, and the sequel. With the sequel starts a beta in April. Sign up here.


The reviews are in for ELDEN RING and more gaming companies are pulling out of Russia.


Major game makers are pulling their wares from Russia, in order to stand with


companies, and orgs... are backing in this international conflict.


Capcom USA releasing a teaser for the next installment of the Street Fighter series, and PlayStation with it's latest innovations in VR


Angela Bernhard Thomas spoke to me about EsportsU, a group trying to make sure college get their due... both for education, and a possible career in video games.

Full Interview


Angela Bernhard Thomas spoke to me about EsportsU Collegiate Sports Management Group
, a group trying to make sure college get their due... both for education, and a possible career in video games.

Full Interview Available on Wednesday2/23


is letting the and online store go away, and one group isn't so happy with it.


with some big news, both on the legal front... and the fitness release front.


A new survey by safety group Internet Matters and EA - Electronic Arts shows caretakers are ready to help fight and teach online etiquette and safety


One of the most successful games of the modern age is getting a follow up.


making a big purchase... but it doesn't rival 's latest spending spree... and the New York Times gets into a viral game.


Quit your job... is paying! And It isn't over in the Vs. trial, now the is getting involved.


Amid problems and the likely buyout of , the Blizzard portion announces a new IP, while one of their top competitors announces 3 new Games.


What does the sale of to mean for and players?

For now, and from past actions.. not much actually... but in the futures, it seems like they'll be more and Microsoft exclusives.


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