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Elvis Duran Show We're the most-listened-to Top 40 syndicated radio morning show in the USA! 6:00 am - 10:00 am ET: Monday - Friday Call us: 1-800-242-0100 Text us: 55100

Broadcasting live from New York's Z100, Elvis Duran and his on-air crew entertain listeners with up-to-the-minute entertainment and pop culture news, celebrity guests, hit songs, and regular features such as the Hollywood gossip, news headlines, phone taps, 'What's Trending' and more!


New York, NY


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Your phone tap is hilarious! 😆 Best thing about the morning!
Elvis Duran Show, small question for elvis, my heading to 4th grade 9 yr old is really into animals and tginks she wants to be a Marine Biologist, my question is what is Alex? She was thinking she may want to qork in a Zoo, but I was unsure which degree would lead her that way..
Today's lesson in humanity....if someone pays it forward and happens to have 10 bucks in his pocket and says I'll by the next the next 10 .99 cent coffees...and your number 11... dont call the person who paid for the 10 a cheap ass who could have bought 11. NUMBER 11, I WISH EXPLOSIVE DIAHRIAA UPON YOU WHILE SITTING IN TRAFFIC AND YOU HAVE TO SNEEZING FIT YOU UNGRATEFUL PRICK!
I Highly recommend you feature a WHTZ throwback Quarintine weekend playing HiTZ from 1996 to 2017 called Studio Z Throwback Weekend until the official end of quarentine
Where can I get the horoscope from today?
Poor Max may be on this list when Elvis is done with him 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Listen every day...heard about this today...please look at this teacher as she is an inspiration not only to the children she teaches but to every life she touches https://www.facebook.com/881130516/posts/10163313207115517/?substory_index=0
Elvis, I listen everyday from Cape Coral Florida. My Fire Chief is retiring after 30 years, his admin created a power point and wrote words to the music of Old Town Road, is there anyone you have that can sing the words she wrote to that music? I can send the powerpoint if you can do it Thank you
FYI Coronavirus did not “stop goin’ on”.
I think the reason everyone is thanking y’all, including myself..so thank you! You guys are just kind of keeping us in our routine for the nonessential and essential workers who are going back to work or still working, it’s been really great to just hear you guys and laugh at what you’re laughing at and it’s just been a relief to hear that you guys stayed on for us so thank you. It’s really very enlightening to have you guys on the radio and to be able to listen to you every morning that I go into work I’m in the medical field and y’all are my radio choice every morning and I’m in nursing school and it’s been hard but y’all are my norm and it’s been just amazing y’all have stayed on the air and I love you guys