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The Karmic Press We Came To Drop KNOWLEDGE The Karmic Press is a platform that seeks to serve the spiritual and inquisitive mind. Our goal is to provide insight and entertainment via mind bending, stimulating videos and content.

The intention is to start a dialogue regarding topics that affect society as a whole. We believe that it is our humanity that connects us, and spirituality is an avenue in which to explore this.

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One Year After My Best Friend Dumped Me

Friends may come and go but the question is, how does one cope with it? Faith in one self is definitely a good start. As a follow up to last year's video, I decided to post an updated video :) Let me know your thoughts and feel free to share your own experiences.

There is hope after friends come and go. And most importantly, there is always yourself. One year later and still a reality of disappointment and disbelief b...

HOLY S**T!!! I have very exciting news! An article that I wrote a few years back on our official website thekarmicpress....
Hypnosis Dressed in A Clever Disguise: Review of The Landmark Forum

HOLY S**T!!! I have very exciting news! An article that I wrote a few years back on our official website is THE FIRST ARTICLE listed on Google when you type in "Landmark hypnosis" into Google search. It addresses my negative experience when I took a chance with the program for the first time. Go google it and see for yourself! That is WILD. WOW, THIS IS A VERY EXCITING MOMENT for me as a journalist :) I am thrilled to have such outstanding results on Google and very happy with the feedback and comments from those who have read it. (And I do urge you to read it, as I offer a very in-depth analysis of both the pros and cons that I found with the program.) This is a major success for the brand, even though the website has not been updated for quite some time, but that will be changing very soon as I am in the process of rebranding.

As a side note: I DO know people who have had positive experiences with Landmark and I am not judging anyone if they have found benefit from it. Please do not take this personally or feel that I am against you or judging you for finding it helpful. I sincerely hope you understand that this was just my personal experience and I felt the need to share it.

Enlightenment or Imprisonment? The Landmark Forum offers a truly tempting invitation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.. Who doesn’t want to “experience a positive and permanent shift in the quality of their li…

While I've had a few ayahausca trips here and there, I've never taken ibogaine and nothing is said to compare. Known to be the most intense of all hallucinogens in the world, ibogaine can do more than take your mind to another planet, it can solve addiction in ways people have never imagined.


What is a topic that you'd like to hear about next? What might you be struggling with currently that you'd like my reflections on? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Dave Chappelle - Talks about sick Hollywood environment

Dave Chappelle really knows how to drop some knowledge. How many times have you called someone crazy? How many times has someone called you?

What is Dave talking about? Something in Hollywood he knows about but cant say or his life would be in danger. You do what we say or you could be replaced.

The Karmic Press's cover photo

The Karmic Press's cover photo

Stop Working & Learn Fun Again

When it comes to work, I dive in and never get out. Being a workaholic is fun when you love what you do, but your biology can only allow for so much. When I begin to lose focus and get bored or feel uninspired, I forget that it's okay to disengage for a while, take a break, get some rest or perhaps even... HAVE FUN???

I missed you, you little fu***rs. :) Now go have some fun, or else! ^_^

The Karmic Press

Part three completes the NYC Rooftop Interview w/ Heth and Jed. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already

Part three of this awesome series! Be sure to check it out, these guys are not only insightful, they will make you crack up! :)

Rooftop Interview w/ Heth & Jed l PART 3 l The Tradition of CBGB

Part three of this awesome series! Be sure to check it out, these guys are not only insightful, they will make you crack up! :)

In Part Three, Heth & Jed, famous NYC buskers, discuss the intense process of writing a memoir, as well as their memories of playing at CBGB.

Rooftop Interview w/ Heth & Jed l PART 1 l The Memoir Writing Process

Live and direct from The Karmic Press! I am proud to present the long anticipated NYC Rooftop Interview with Heth and Jed, two of my absolute favorite people of New York. They're famous for busking in the New York City subways and they have so much to share about their lives, their memoir and living the rock & roll lifestyle

In Part 1 of the NYC Rooftop Interview with Heth & Jed, I sit down with two of my favorite musicians, NYC buskers Heth & Jed. They discuss what it's like to ...

Flying dog does a 360 mid-air

This was probably one of the most fun videos to film and edit. Check it out and please like, share and subscribe if it makes you smile :)

Ziggy the Flying Dog, who is a dachshund/feist mix, can do all sorts of wild things, including running really fast and jumping higher than I ever thought a d...

Oh, the madness has had me for a while!

Oh, the madness has had me for a while!

I am happy to announce the launch of CTENIDIUM: The Official SoulDoctors Blog! I would like to thank and congratulate all of the incredible writers that have joined us on this journey. This is the only the start! :)

How to Fill The Void

Ever find yourself feeling empty? Boy, isn't that fun! If you're ready to end your own self-perpetuated torment, here's how!

How do you fill the emptiness that plagues your very existence?

Why not both?

Why not both?

Yes, one or the other.

Even if you're on the right track you'll just get run over if you just sit there. #willrogers #progress #moveon #moveforward #keepgoing

Yoooooooooooooooo lol #craycray #crazy #locito #happy #silly #lifeisshort

Yoooooooooooooooo lol #craycray #crazy #locito #happy #silly #lifeisshort

What Grinds My Gears: You Don't Know S**t

Ohhh snap, son! It's this week's video. The video with the dress. The video where I tell you why you don't know s**t :)

You know what really grinds my gears? There comes a time where we think we know. We think we know a lot of s**t. We judge quickly, we assume we've got the ri...


So much can happen when you stop being distracted.

I'm missing #venicebeach and all the incredible and artistic people I met out there

I'm missing #venicebeach and all the incredible and artistic people I met out there


Sometimes #life can bring severe overwhelm so here's a reminder: Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. #babysteps

Our Ideas Are Powerful

Holy smokes! This week's video is up :) It's a nice and quick one under 4 minutes and today I discuss the power of ideas! Is it possible you're underestimating yourself?.. Only YOU can decide!

Our minds are constantly buzzing with thoughts and ideas, so how do you know when you've had an idea that you should seriously consider? Perhaps you're not l...

The Karmic Press's cover photo

The Karmic Press's cover photo

If you're looking for magic and can't find it, Create it.

If you're looking for magic and can't find it, Create it.

Explore Benny Armias' photos on Flickr. Benny Armias has uploaded 453 photos to Flickr.

Happy to be me.

Happy to be me.

Get Out of Your Own Way, Dude.

Part of creating your own your YouTube channel involves finding your own style and means of expression and I think I'm finally getting there. Do you have a tendency to create your own set backs? Are you standing in your own way of total and absolute GREATNESS? Well then, my dear, this video is for you!

You know how we tend to... stand in our own way of being fantastic at being ourselves and achieving so much? Here is some advice to help you along your journ...


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