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Stryker Network Media - SNM Multimedia company involved with all media across the board. Multimedia and production company involved with all media across the board!

Operating as usual


On Friday Joey Valeriano and I as the execs of Stryker Network Media - SNM will be making an official statement regarding our company’s brand extension of Project Code X and the Gay Adult Entertainment Industry on Facebook Live.

#AdultEntertainment #GayAdultEntertainment #P**nIndustry #MassMedia #PrinceOfSocialMedia #SexyGeekPig #AristocraticGeek

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Stryker Network Media - SNM's cover photo

Charles' AIDSiversary

Charles Sanchez besides being an amazing friend I have in NYC is the star of the web series known as Merce which has 6 nominations at this year's upcoming WebFest in New York which is actually next week. Now if that wasn't enough, Merce is also up for an award for POZ Magazine's "Best Web Series". And OUTtv Europe is showing all our episodes as part of their World AIDS Day programming

Charles himself has won Best Actor in a Webisode at the Official Latino Short Film Festival. Tomorrow marks his 13 anniversary of being diagnosed HIV Poz and he is still going strong.

In light of this amazing accomplishment, Charles and Merce is hoping to raise $1000 tomorrow for Charles to keep Merce going and spreading HIV and AIDS awareness and the social construct behind it.

Donations are tax deductible and the first 10 donations of any amount, will get an original song serenade from me on social media!

Congratulations to Charles Sanchez and to the show Merce!

This video is about Charles' AIDSiversary


The season finale taping of The StrykeZone was a success with my guest and personal trainer Nick Nuzzolo from Intoxx Fitness - Rockville Centre.

Furthermore Stryker Network Media & Intoxx Fitness is giving away a 6 month membership for anybody who enters the contest.

For details watching the Season Finale of The Strykezone which airs this Thursday on Vimeo.

Folks, it's with a great smile that for the first time in years I have finally achieved my personal goal of $1000.  But ...
Team Stryker - 1929 - AIDS Walk New York

Folks, it's with a great smile that for the first time in years I have finally achieved my personal goal of $1000. But it doesn't end there. I know that many friends of mine are also participating this weekend and people are donating multiple times and I thank you all for doing so.

Team Stryker still is looking to collect some final donations before this weekend's walk and your contribution will be completely appreciated.

Team Styrker has 1,675.00. Let's bring it up to $2000.00!



First Official New York LLC Announcement:

Joey Valeriano and I have the great pleasure to announce that on April 13th, 2016 by the power invested in The State of New York and State Division of Corporations, Stryker Network Media is now officially incorporated as an LLC in the State of New York.

Stryker Network Media was established in March of 2009 along with Timothy Fleck. The idea of Stryker Network Media was planted in me and conceived by the late Michael Joseph Lehosit who advised me that I had potential to do something great and I just had to find what that was.

Today I am one step closer to harnessing the true power and potential of what Joey and I will be able to accomplish in the media world.

While we are fully committed to turn our ideas into reality at this point, we are still figuring out what this new New York modern day media company is going to produce but I promise you one thing, we will not be doing media as usual. We will not be like every other media company in our country who answers to the rich, to the powerful, to the government. We will bring authenticity back to the media and let the public decide how to think.

Stay tuned folks, for this is the neo genesis era of media.


It is with great pleasure to announce that Stryker Network Media now has a satellite office here in Orlando, Florida

What that also means, starting in June of this year I will start shaking things up by broadcasting The StrykeZone from not just New York and Long Island, but from Orlando, Florida as well, allowing talent that live in this sector of the country to be guests on my show without having to make their way to New York.

Team StrykeZone and I are also in the kitchen so to speak cooking up even newer concepts on what else we can do with The StrykeZone so stay tuned.


Stryker Network Media and Team StrykeZone would love to welcome Matthew Quinn to Team StrykeZone as Special Creative Consultant.

We are looking forward to great things from him as far helping out in the development of The StrykeZone.


Press Release Regarding The Raid on HQ in New York:

We at Stryker Network Media are outraged by the fact that Rent CEO Jeffrey Hurant and his associates are under scrutiny by the Federal Government. Homeland Security's sole purpose is to combat terrorism and instead they are coming after our own.

This is a witch hunt, nothing more. And I ask President Barak Obama at this time to please do what's right for the American People and it's working class.


The StrykeZone update.

My good friend and artist Ian Crawford will not be appearing on Episode 34 due to a scheduling conflict. However, he will be appearing on Episode 35 which airs on Thursday September 17.

Therefore I have an open guest slot for Episode 34 which will tape THIS FRIDAY from 6 PM - 9 PM at The Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 537 West 59th Street, New York, New York, 10019.

If you are an artist, entertainer, or just somebody very fascinating that wants to come on my show I need to know by NO LATER THAN THURSDAY MORNING!



Please e-mail me at [email protected] ASAP telling me who you are, what you do, and a brief bio about you and your CONTACT NUMBER.

Again this is for a spot on this coming Episode of The StrykeZone.


We want to thank The Manhattan Neighborhood Network for forming an alliance with Stryker Network Media and putting our project The StrykeZone on their airwaves.

Wish us luck tonight as we tape the Season 4 Premiere of The StrykeZone!


Are you an artist, entertainer, actor, entrepreneur or just a very interesting person with a very interesting point of view on life?

If you are you are you can be a guest on The StrykeZone. If you are interested please e-mail [email protected] with the following:

1. Your Full Name (Actual Legit Name)
2. Your Public Name (If Applicable)
3. Where you are from
4. Organization you are affiliated with (If Applicable)
5. Your occupation
6. Briefly describe yourself


Ladies and Gentlemen I have some spoilers and announcements regarding The StrykeZone.

The StrykeZone Episode 33 (Season 4 Premiere) will air Thursday August 20, 2015 on Vimeo. Start watching out for commercials very soon!

It is with great pleasure to announce that Actor, Filmmaker and Cookbook Author Joe Zaso will be my guest on the Season Premiere of StrykeZone.

The Manhattan Neighborhood Network air date is still unknown but yes Season 4 will air on MNN in the fall. I will be broadcasting from MNN. It's just a matter of co-insiding everything and that's going to take a while. And this is provided I don't start airing the shows from Season 1 on MNN.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I have decided that I once again am going to take a leave of absence from Social Media.

The StrykeZone Season Premiere will still air as scheduled (August 6) and the only time I am going to post is to promote the upcoming season of The StrykeZone provided I don't have other people do this for me.

Any press releases regarding myself, Stryker Network Media (SNM) or The StrykeZone will be done through Communications Director Michael Stark and Chief Executive Advisor Joey Valeriano.

If anybody needs to reach me regarding all matters of Stryker Network Media or The StyrkeZone please contact Michael Stark at [email protected].


Looks like I found my IT guy to handle round the clock situations including the issue of handling the Stryker Network Media domain.

Gabriel Basso is the CEO/CTO of Dessert Computer Resources based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. And now I would like to him to Stryker Network Media as my Chief Technical Officer. He will be in charge of pretty much handling all technical issues within Stryker Network Media.

Together with Michael Stark they will be running all West Coast Operations of Stryker Network Media.

However Gabriel is not the only IT guy working on this team. I would like to also become Jesse Buck who will be Director of Technical Operations and he will be based here at home on the East Coast.


Ladies and Gentlemen. I said I was going to have some major announcements regarding Stryker Network Media (SNM) & The StrykeZone.

I finally will have a foot hole in the West Coast. I would like to welcome Michael Stark to Stryker Network Media as will assume the position of Director of West Coast Operations.

Also in the interim Michael will also serve as my personal Communications Liaison. What does that mean? It means anybody who has any questions regarding The StrykeZone, Stryker Network Media, or about me should be directed to Michael Stark. Michael will also be in charge of outreach in matters of getting guests and talent on StrykeZone. So if you have any questions please direct all matters to Michael Stark ([email protected])

However, I am looking for someone to become my official Publicist/Communications Director. This individual should have excellent writing and communication skills. This person needs to reside in NYC. Long Island resident is ok but must be able to commute into NYC on a needed basis.

I also would to announce that Movie Actor and Television Personality Joe Zaso will be on my show this Season on The StrykeZone. Also since he is a close personal friend of Joey's and myself, he has agreed to join Team StrykeZone as well.

If you are a resident of the borough of Manhattan and you want to help out with Team StrykeZone, please e-mail me directly ([email protected]) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I need people do Basic Production Training at The Manhattan Neighborhood Network so they are also to Assist Directors Joey Valeriano & Julio Gomez in production. THE TRAINING IS FREE! YOU DON'T SHELL OUT A SINGLE DOLLAR.

Also if you are interested in being a Production Assistant please e-mail me directly as well. Training at The Manhattan Neighborhood Network is not required for this and I am looking for THREE Production Assistants.

All this can go on your resume and it can count as either an internship or work experience. ONE MORE THING...THESE ARE NON-PAID POSITIONS!

Once again I want to welcome Mike and Joe aboard and watch for Joe Zaso this Season on The StrykeZone.


Later tonight I have a major announcement to making regarding Stryker Network Media (SNM) and The StrykeZone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the days where people contact me directly are coming to an end. For all media and business matters I will now be putting somebody in charge of handling this and this person will be in charge of out reach.

Also I would like to announce a guest who will be on my show this Season. More on this later.

So I decided to revamp my Linkedin profile!  So anybody who wants to look it up.  Click
CJ Stryker | LinkedIn

So I decided to revamp my Linkedin profile! So anybody who wants to look it up. Click below.

View CJ Stryker's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like CJ Stryker discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners.

The StrykeZone - 30th Annual AIDS Walk - May 17, 2015

It's that time of the year again when my fellow brethren and I start raising money for the AIDS Walk New York. So guys if anybody would like to donate to the cause please click on the link. I am aiming for $1000. Maybe I will reach it, maybe I won't. But it's worth a try!

I am raising money for this year's AIDS Walk that I plan to walk for the first time ever. Please go to to donate. This is for an awesome…

SCOTUS is taking up Marriage Equality this Spring, so we may be in the final stages of securing this right for all Ameri...
Tell the Supreme Court Justices That You Support Marriage Equality

SCOTUS is taking up Marriage Equality this Spring, so we may be in the final stages of securing this right for all Americans.

Friends: Please "like", then read & sign the official court brief. Once circulated, it will be sent to the Supreme Court to show the breadth of support of Marriage Equality for all Americans.

Sign onto 'The People's Brief' that will be submitted to the High Court. Stand on the right side of history - love can't wait!


I think it's time for StrykeZone to somewhat return to YouTube. While Vimeo will remain the flagship channel for The StrykeZone with all the full episodes (except for Season 1), YouTube will have clips of all Episodes of StrykeZone with the link to go to Vimeo to watch the rest.

On the Public Television end, The StrykeZone is in negotiations with all Public Television Stations in NYC and Long Island to begin syndication throughout the Metropolitan Area.


Ladies and Gentlemen. I would like to welcome Julio Gomez to Team StrykeZone as the new Assistant Director and Assistant Editor.

We look forward to having him help in taking The StrykeZone to new heights.


Today I am interviewing a possible new Assistant Director and Assistant Editor for Team StrykeZone.

He seems awesomely promising!

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the entire time I have done The StrykeZone, I have never released an official promo for the sho...
The StrykeZone Coming to The Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the entire time I have done The StrykeZone, I have never released an official promo for the show itself. I have released the seasonal commercials but not one to describe the show since it's creation in 2010.

Ladies and Gentlemen here is the show promo!

Manhattan Neighborhood Network, get ready because it's coming to the network!

The time has come to bring The StrykeZone to the main airwaves known as Television. His name is CJ Stryker and he is coming to shake things up and bring the world…


With the formation of the alliance between Stryker Network Media (SNM) and The Manhattan Neighborhood Network, The StrykeZone can now be taken to new heights in it's look and content.

This also means that now Team StrykeZone will need a technical team. I am happy to announce that Joey Valeriano aka Joey Quest will now become the new Associate Producer and Director of The StrykeZone. This sadly also means that he will no longer be an on air talent (but watch me pull him in from time to time somehow).

Which also now means that I need a new color commentator for The StrykeZone. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great honor and pleasure to introduce to you, my new color commentator to The StrykeZone, female entertainer Mimi Carey. I am looking forward to having her make constant fun of me and everybody for that matter on The StrykeZone.

Everybody look to Season 4 of The StrykeZone to be the coolest and possibly funniest Season ever. Season 4 starts in June of 2015.


The StrykeZone will return next month (March 2015) and this will be Special Edition 3.2. My guests will be members of The Imperial Court of New York and we will be talking about their upcoming flagship event "Night of a Thousand Gowns". Look for Special Edition 3.2 to air on Thursday March 12, 2015 on The Vimeo Network.

Stryker Network Media - SNM

Stryker Network Media - SNM

Stryker Network Media - SNM

Stryker Network Media - SNM


Ladies and Gentlemen:

As I announced yesterday, I finally have a new Board of Directors for Stryker Network Media (SNM) as well the reformation of Team StrykeZone, and the new Dreamer Team for Stryker Network Media.

I will now announce the names of the people who are on my Board of Directors for Stryker Network Media. The Board of Directors will help oversee all products under Stryker Network Media which includes The StrykeZone. And I promise new products are coming!

The names are as follows:

Joey Valeriano - Chief Executive Advisor
Maicol Osario Garcia - Executive Product Advisor
Alain Alexander Mesa - Executive Branding Officer
Jamel Liverman - Board Member
Gloria Jean Roberts - Board Member
MaryAnn Rosino-Vasquez - Board Member

The Dreamer Team is responsible specifically for helping me with the creative aspect of the flagship product The StrykeZone and will assist me in the development of new products that will soon be unveiled.

The names are as follows:

Joey Valeriano
Maicol Osario Garcia
Alain Alexander Mesa
Mary Ann Rosino-Vasquez
Mimi Carey
Marc Rosen

Team StrykeZone are the support talent and staff in front and behind the camera.

The names are as follows:

Joey "The Geek" Valeriano - Part Time Co-Host/Color Commentator
Alain Alexander Mesa - Guest Host/Talent
Gloria Jean Roberts - Guest Host
Jamel "Cuntii McSnatchcake" Liverman - Talent
Mimi Carey - Talent
Marc "The Buddha" Rosen - Talent
Maicol Osario Garcia - Visual Technician/Photographer/Ghost Commentator

With this assemblage of amazing people, I hope to not just take The StrykeZone Brand to new heights, I hope to finally legitimize Stryker Network Media as the progressive media company of the new generation and finally take it to new heights and hopefully become the company that can impact social change!

-CJ Stryker
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Stryker Network Media

The StrykeZone


522 West 174 Street
New York, NY


(347) 450-9784


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