N.Y. HED Studio

N.Y. HED Studio NY HED studio is a boutique, analog and digital recording studio with the finest in tubes, tape and vintage gear. A New York City classic!


Space Monkey

We love the Spanish band Go Cactus! Released on BURGER RECORDS
Produced at NYHed by Matt and Rocío Verta-Ray.
Featuring Roxy Verta-Ray on organ.
More soon! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Provided to YouTube by Redeye Worldwide Space Monkey · Go Cactus Pulaski Street ℗ Burger Records Released on: 2020-02-28 Artist: Go Cactus Auto-generated by ...

Mandinga Records

Mandinga Records

we didn't give up !!!
The Subsonics tribute LP will come out this year
Oubliettes confirmed
Kid Congo Powers, The Black Lips, Bang Bang Babies, Ugly Sounds, Wallacy Williams, Reptilians From Andromeda, Disturbios, Black Mekon, Electric Sh*t, The Mings are also confirmed !!!



#jonbatiste #omnichord #vintagegear #analogrecording #nyhedstudio

Pop Catastrophe

RIP José Mojica Marins / Coffin Joe

Heavy Trash w/ Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) - You Can't Win live on MTV, São Paulo, Brazil (21 April 2009)

Heavy Trash w/ Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) - You Can't Win live on MTV, São Paulo, Brazil on 21 April 2009

Heavy Trash – Christmas in Königstein

Heavy Trash – Christmas in Königstein

Heavy Trash – Christmas in Königstein Writers: Jon Spener & Matt Verta-Ray Published: Patricia Ann Music, BMI & Marsupial Parlay Vous, BMI Performed/Recorded...


@women_of_the_night mixing Jordan petting the adorable studio pet Chet Baker #noplugins #analogrecording #vintagegear


@jonbatiste recording @nyhed_studio @russelevado #hammond #hammondorgan #b3 #jonbatiste #nyhedstudio #analogrecording #vintagegear #nycrecordingstudio #mattvertaray #rociovertaray

The amazing @jonbatiste recording @nyhed_studio #analogrecording #vintagegear #jonbatiste #mattvertaray #rociovertaray @...

The amazing @jonbatiste recording @nyhed_studio #analogrecording #vintagegear #jonbatiste #mattvertaray #rociovertaray @russelevado

#omnichord #analogrecording #selfcare #nyhedstudio #nycstudio #vintagegear

#omnichord #analogrecording #selfcare #nyhedstudio #nycstudio #vintagegear

We love Women Of The Night

We love Women Of The Night

@women_of_the_night amazing songs by the very talented @jordstv

@women_of_the_night amazing songs by the very talented @jordstv

@women_of_the_night #protopunk

@women_of_the_night #protopunk

@women_of_the_night #protopunk

@women_of_the_night #protopunk

Bad Juice


STACK-O-LEE est le deuxième album de Bad Juice et il sort le 29 novembre 2019!
Enregistré au Studio 7 #'s par Alessandro Franzi, produit par Rocio et Matt Verta-Ray, c'est la première sortie du label Little Sister que vous pouvez d'ores et déjà précommander sur le site de son distributeur, Kuroneko.
Trois titres peuvent être écoutés en avant-première!

Bad Juice sera en concert le 26 novembre au Point Ephémère à Paris avec Dirty Deep!

(Vidéo: Tristan Thil)

Women Of The Night second day of recording their first LP. Great songs and great guys.

Women Of The Night second day of recording their first LP. Great songs and great guys.

Surf Gnossienne

Disturbios are Rocío and Matt Verta-Ray. Video by Roxy Verta-Ray & Richard Walsh

Surf Gnossienne by the Disturbios. Disturbios are Matt and Rocio Verta-Ray. Recorded at NYHed Studio, NYC.



We’ll live happily ever after.


In the list of our favorite recordings at NYHedstudio ❤️⚡️

It's the weekend... time to put your ear rings in.

the 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (1966)

the 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (1966)

return of my reworked version of this Austin Texas band "the 13th Floor Elevators" classic performed in 1966. Added extra visuals here and there and remaster...


New Orleans, The Subsonics are coming! ⚡️⚡️💫

This Saturday, we gnaw our way down to New Orleans and the world famous Circle Bar.... with our pals, Chicken Snake. As real as it gets. Pushin it in till it comes out the other side.

This was a nice, post-album (Bait And Switch) session at NYHed. It was for a single on Norton Records and Andre was at h...

This was a nice, post-album (Bait And Switch) session at NYHed. It was for a single on Norton Records and Andre was at his best: relaxed, funny, clear eyed and typically brilliant. We’ll miss his rare talent and charisma. RIP Andre
Norton Records Heavy Trash The Sadies

Andre Williams - Soul Brother in Heaven and Hell

Andre Williams. What a great and complex man. The brilliant poetry, stage presence, energy and inventiveness housed in the wiry, dynamic frame of a unique star. A consummate showman, Andre was always “on”. As hilariously biting and quick-witted as Dolemite and Mark Twain, Andre was a brilliant, one-of-a-kind musician, songwriter, producer and human being. We will miss him. 💔


Bait and Switch (2001) 1. Detroit Michigan 2. Get This Love Off Of My Mind 3. I Ain't Guilty 4. Bait And Switch 5. Put That Skillet Away 6. Sling It Bang It ...

Johnny Left Hand


Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Johnny Left Hand · Subsonics Flesh Colored Paint ℗ 2018 Slovenly Recordings Released on: 2018-04-20 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Matt Verta-Ray Heavy Trash Speedball baby Madder Rose

Matt Verta-Ray Heavy Trash Speedball baby Madder Rose

Joan, from the teen heart throbs Go Cactus

Joan, from the teen heart throbs Go Cactus

Joan de Go Cactus. Steady, minimal southpaw with great taste!

Joan de Go Cactus. Steady, minimal southpaw with great taste!


164 Orchard St
New York, NY

General information

EQUIPMENT TAPE MACHINES AND RECORDING SONY APR24 2" 24 TRACK PRO TOOLS mix (24 I/O) STUDER A-80 1/2" CONSOLE Trident 65 Series  32 channel X 8 bus channel mixing console (recapped 2011) MIXDOWN STUDER A-80 1/2" 1/2-TRACK AMPEX 351 1/4" TUBE 1/2-TRACK ALESIS MASTERLINK ML 9600 MONITORS DYNAUDIO BM-15P YAMAHA NS-10M AVANTONE MIX CUBES MONITOR SWITCHING AND AMPS COLEMAN AUDIO M3PH MONITOR CONTROLLER/SWITCHER BRYSTON 4BSSt (300Wpc) HAFLER PRO 2400 YAMAHA P2 150 COMPRESSION MANLEY VARI-MU TUBE STEREO MASTERING COMPRESSOR UA LA-2A TUBE COMPRESSOR 1 UREI 1176 LN COMPRESSOR LIMITER 1 UNIVERSAL AUDIO 1176 LN COMPRESSOR LIMITER SUMMIT AUDIO TUBE LEVELLING AMPLIFIER ALTEC 436C TUBE COMPRESSOR 2 TELFUNKEN COMPRESSORS 2 EMPIRICAL LABS DISTRESSORS 3 'LUMPSTAR' OPTO TUBE COMPRESSORS (LA2A clone) This is a hand-crafted tube compressor based on Bill Putnam's classic LA 2A design. Ivan Julian has employed tireless sleuth work to source parts from secret caches of "new old stock" electronics, including matched and fully tested vacuum tubes, glowing bakelite meters, capacitors, resistors and the ultimate kicker, enormous iron transformers that predate what was current material when the original LA2As were being manufactured. Clients still love the feel and sound of a signal path that includes our Teletronix LA2A. They come to joyful attention when we engage the magical better-than-retro Lumpstar! (Troy, a link to this perhaps?) 1 VALLEY PEOPLE DYNA-MITE COMPRESSOR 2 DBX 160X COMPRESSOR/LIMITERS 1 DBX 166A COMPRESSOR/LIMITERS 2 DBX 162 STEREO COMPRESSOR/LIMITERS (VU) APHEX STUDIO DOMINATOR STEREO PEAK LIMITER 1 APHEX GAIN REDUCTION EXPRESSOR DRAWMER DL241 DUAL AUTO COMPRESSOR MICROPHONES Condenser: NEUMANN U87 WUNDER AUDIO CM7-GT/M7 (NEUMANN U47 CLONE) 2 SCHOEPS CM 60 Tube Condensor Mics 2 AKG 414 GROOVE TUBES AM-62 Tube Mic AUDIO TECHNICA 4033 2 AUDIO TECHNICA 4031 BELL Tube Mic (custom built by Don Bell) ELECTROVOICE PL 76 2 OKTAVA MK-319 2 SHURE SM-81 2 SHURE KSM141 2 AUDIO TECHNICA 4031 Ribbon: COLES 4038 Ribbon Mic ROYER R-121 Ribbon Mic BEYER DYNAMICS M-500 Ribbon Mic SHURE KSM353 Roswellite Ribbon Microphone (Crowley & Tripp Design) SHURE KSM313 Roswellite Ribbon Microphone (Crowley & Tripp Design) RESLO RV Ribbon Microphone CADENZA Ribbon Microphone (UK) NADY RSM-2 RIBBON MICROPHONE Dynamic: 2 ELECTROVOICE RE 20 1 ELECTROVOICE PL 20 1 AKG D112 3 AKG D120E 2 SHURE SM-7 Multiple SHURE SM57'S & 58'S Additional vintage dynamic, bullet & crystal mics available MICROPHONE PREAMPLIFIERS 2 TELEFUNKEN V-76 Tube Mic Preamps 4 AMPEX TUBE 350 (ONE FROM CAPITOL RECORDS STUDIOS) 4 AMPEX TUBE 351 1 AMPEX TUBE 499 Brent Averill chassis, 550 series format 1 PURPLE AUDIO 4 CUSTOM EISEN 2 AMPEX PR-10 1 AMPEX MX-10 5 CHANNELS  ART MPA DUAL TUBE 1 FLICKINGER DESIGN PRE, (built by Bill Skibbe) 1 GATES TUBE PRE REVERB and DELAY YAMAHA REV 7 (digital) 2 LEXICON PCM41 DELAY (digital) FURMAN RV-1 SPRING REVERB ORBAN STEREO SPRING REVERB TAPCO 4400a STEREO SPRING REVERB ECHOPLEX TAPE DELAY AMPEX 2-TRK TUBE (for tape delay) EQ and FILTERING MANLEY MASSIVE PASSIVE TUBE STEREO EQ 2 PULTEC HLF-3C FILTER 2 TELEFUNKEN 3 band sweepable EQ'S ORBAN PARAMETRIC EQ UTC MODEL 4C EQ DRUM MACHINES and SAMPLERS AKAI MPC 2000XL UNIVOX SR-95 DRUM MACHINE (Martin Rev Model) ENSONIQ EPS SAMPLER ROLAND R-8 DRUM MACHINE ROLAND TR-606 DRUMATIX DRUM MACHINE CASIO SK-1 SAMPLING KEYBOARD AMPLIFIERS AMPEG B-15 FLIPTOP Bass Amp AMPEG REVERBEROCKET 2 FENDER TWEED DELUXE (early 50s) FENDER VIBROVERB (reissue) FENDER DELUXE (blackface) (1965) FENDER PRINCETON AMP (blackface) (1964) FENDER PRINCETON REVERB (blackface) (1965) KUSTOM 200 (mid '60s) LECTROLAB R600C (early '60s) MAGNATONE M-15 stereo 50w w/true tremolo (1960s) MAGNATONE M-10 38w w/true tremolo (Bo Diddley, Ike Turner, Mickey Baker) MARSHALL JCM 900 100w PREMIER 50 (1956) PEAVEY 65 BANDIT (w/ 12" SRO Speaker) SILVERTONE 1472 20w (1960-61) DAN ELECTRO SPECIAL (1950) SILVERTONE 1482 20w (1964) SILVERTONE TWIN TWELVE 35w (Sterling Morrison model) HARMONY MODEL H-400 (1965) SOVTEK MIG-50 VOX AC30 top boost 1969 VOX AC30 reissue (1990s) VOX CAMBRIDGE 30 REVERB TWIN VOX AC4TV ELK STAGEKING (Japan Tube) (1964) INSTRUMENTS WURLITZER ELECTIC PIANO ACETONE TOP 5 Organ HAMMOND L-111 w/ Leslie  Cabinet HAMMOND X 2 Electric organ FARFISA COMPACT DELUXE (1968) KORG CX-3 ORGAN SAITO VIBRAPHONE (with working motor) EARLY '60s ROGERS 5-piece drum kit (original) MANY ASSORTED VINTAGE BASSES & GUITARS available upon request MANY ASSORTED EFFECTS PEDALS (new and vintage)


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Hola Rocio and g'day Matt , thanks for having us visit your great space! Hope to see you soon. Johnny and Mayra
Hey Guys! como va! Check our new compilation! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r13qFdO7pUw Best!