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BlueCore Inside BlueCore Inside is a news and media web network who focuses on how to be awesome including; curiosit

BlueCore Inside is a news and media web network who focuses on how to be awesome including; curiosity, deals, food, health, inspiration, money system, tips and positive life quotes. It contains two major sub-domains; Happiness Research Lab and Community.

10 Secrets of the INFJ World Rarest Personality Type

10 Secrets of the INFJ World Rarest Personality Type

1. INFJs feel profoundly misunderstood, 2. INFJs absorb other people’s emotions, 3. INFJs have amazing long-range forecasting abilities, 4. Though they are Feelers, INFJs can easily access their Thinking ability, 5. One of their greatest strengths is their ability to create intimacy, 6. INFJs are ...

10 Reasons Empaths Are Great Leaders

10 Reasons Empaths Are Great Leaders

Empaths can show empathy and share a feeling of understanding of another person’s experience. Sometimes this is the most important skill that can guarantee success and turn one into a great leader. How does it affect your chances of being a great leader? Empathy is important in business and life.....

15 Signs You Will Create Wealth and Be Successful — BLUECORE INSIDE

15 Signs You Will Create Wealth and Be Successful — BLUECORE INSIDE

Although the economy has had its ups and downs, there is still so much wealth to be attained. In United States alone, the percentage of millionaires increased by 3 percent from 10.1 million people. There are just so many possibilities. It is up to you to show the desire and will to become successful...

Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship

Challenges of Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship, a term first used in literature in 1953 by H. Bowen in his book "Social Responsibilities of the Businessman", is an altruistic form of entrepreneurship that focuses on effecting positive social change by using resources available to society. Unlike charities, individuals and...

Mastering The Art of Happiness

Mastering The Art of Happiness

As we get older, we begin to understand that a fulfilling life is one in which we are unapologetically happy. However, finding and maintaining that happiness can be evasive for some; even though the potential for happiness is all around us! If you’ve always thought of the potential of mastering th...

You Could Face Jail Time For Leaving Your Dog Out In The Cold, Per New Law

You Could Face Jail Time For Leaving Your Dog Out In The Cold, Per New Law

Just 30 minutes in the cold for any dog could land its owner in jail for up to a year. Leaving your dog chained up outside in the cold isn’t just inhumane, it’s now — at least in Pennsylvania — illegal. Just before this winter set in, lawmakers in Pennsylvania decided that dog owners who lea...

How To Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Goals

How To Celebrate Small Wins To Achieve Big Goals

We all want to be successful in our goals and it’s these goals that put meaning into our lives – give us something to strive for and help better ourselves. But have you ever tried to reach a big goal with giving up as the end? Have you started working towards your goal but over time felt that it...


We all know the distinction between positive and negative. It’s like white and black, good and bad, and right and wrong. Therefore, the desire to live a good and positive life comes natural to us. A positive life is different from a specific goal or want. If you want a specific thing like money, a...


We’ve all got our enemies; people who take pleasure in causing us pain and misery. Sometimes, the development of an enemy is due to certain differences in your characters and events have led to that. Other times, some people end up hating you for apparently no reason at all. Regardless of how you ...

How to Change Your Mindset for a Happy And Successful Life

How to Change Your Mindset for a Happy And Successful Life

Being happy and successful is something we all aspire to. It’s very likely that when asked “What’s your aim in life?” most of us would answer – to be happy. But on some days, this “small and modest” goal just seems light years away. The good and bad news is this – it’s all in our h...


Highly sensitive people are “different” but different in the way that businesses need. The highly sensitive see things in ways others cannot and are the world’s greatest innovators. These are the people you want running your businesses. You want them on your creative teams to help push your bu...

7 Point Formula For Financial Freedom, Happiness, And Wealth

7 Point Formula For Financial Freedom, Happiness, And Wealth

One goal that we all have in common is that we all want to make more money. However, only a small percentage of us actually achieve the financial freedom we long for… We all want to have enough money so that we never have to worry about money again. The only question is, “Are you ready to do it ...


JosephCampbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, found that all stories consist of a common structural element found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams, and movies. They are collectively known as The Hero’s Journey. 1 It demonstrates that every story has a different lesson; and in ...


Sometimes what helps us to be successful in our professional lives is not such a great idea in our personal lives — competition is a quality that comes to mind. At the same time, we all have a limited amount of time each day to do the things that we want to do. So for the sake of saving time and e...


Have you ever thought about how amazing your life would be if you live your passion every day? It seems like just last week when you were that kid who was going to be an astronaut, pilot, or inventor. It probably seems like yesterday when you finished school, got your first job, and charted out your...


The allure of being your own boss, along with the no-ceiling income that comes along with it is hard for most people to resist. However, more often than not, the odds will be stacked against you and that’s why 9 out of 10 startups fail, according to Fortune. But what about the 1 out of 10 that hav...

How to go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

How to go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

It’s really not that difficult to live an extraordinary life. Most people look at those who are having success around them, and desire the same thing, but end up tossing their dreams in the too-hard-basket. They don’t understand that going from ordinary to extraordinary involves doing just a lit...

10/31/2018 E-commerce & Marketplace E-commerce & Marketplace E-commerce & Marketplace is an online retail service made up of small businesses over worldwide. It is owned by Sec-Source Technologies. Sec – Source Technologies is a private independent company who works on a group of sites as own departments includes; e-commerce: sec – source,...


Have you ever had one of those days where from the moment you rolled out of bed, nothing seemed to go your way? You then immediately thought, “Its going to be a crappy day!” Since you get exactly what you wish for, you face one setback after another, and it all takes on a snowball effect as one ...


You’re here because you want to be successful. But why aren’t you there yet? What is stopping you? I’m here to tell you. Success is not by accident, far from it. But there are some proven ways to achieve it. In this article, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you of finding out the 11 actionabl...


It's morning. The alarm goes off. You open your eyes and you're met with another pair of them as well as a wet nose. You can tell from the way his head is swaying that he's wagging his tail. You smile and he takes that as a note of permission to start licking your face. You giggle, give him a cuddle...


Each and every day as a therapist, I talk to couples who are having issues. Issues serious enough that they have reached out for help. My job is to help them come to a decision about whether to move forward together or separately, which can be difficult. Sometimes, I have found, love and communicati...


The brain-training is big business. For companies like BrainHQ, Luminosity, and Cogmed, it's actually a multimillion dollar business that is expected to surpass $3 billion by 2020. But, do the actually benefit your brain? Research doesn't believe so. In fact, the the University of Illinois determine...

Meet Bennie the Golden Retriever along his adventures in New England. Credit: puffinandbennie

Meet Bennie the Golden Retriever along his adventures in New England. Credit: puffinandbennie


The World Health Organisation declared April 7th, 2017 as World Health Day focussing on mental health specifically. The year-long campaign aims to educate, raise awareness and help people suffering from mental illness. We at Pet Gear Lab support this cause and we know how mental health could be a ba...


How do you motivate yourself? We all want to maximize our time and do more of the things we love to do but sometimes we get stuck in the ‘getting ready’ process. We want to live every day with a clear intention to get closer to achieving our goals and living a happy, successful life. We want to ...


Soul Mates. Soul Reminders. Soul Connections; How many people believe in true love or soulmate? Are you believe in soulmate? When you start to believe something miracle means you have a special sign already for a chance to get those miracles. Ok, let's remind that; "Be yourself and love each other :...


Are you one of those people who can hardly wait to get off work so you can go home and pursue your passion? If you are, have you started to also wonder how you could make your passion into full-time work? Whether you believe it or not, it can be done. All it takes is some dedication to your craft an...


In a study at the Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota patients were given a personality test that assessed their levels of optimism and pessimism. The progress of the patients was measured over 30 years, and it was found that the optimists lived longer than average for their age and gender while the...

Credit:   Music

Credit: Music


Recently I had an incident with a service provider who simply did not want to create a report in the format I requested. I had been challenged trying to explain what I wanted from this person, even going so far as to write what to change and add on a sample report, but to no avail. I couldn’t get ...


Self-talk is the act of talking to yourself either aloud or mentally. These are the messages that you are telling yourself all day long about yourself. Are your messages to yourself positive and uplifting, or are you constantly beating yourself down? Would you want to be around a friend who constant...


I have always been a proponent for music education, and thus am happy to see that more and more people are learning an instrument these days. I myself became a drummer at around the age of 11, and have played ever since. I am no savant, but I can play just about anything (except perhaps the closing....


Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of brainstorming and homework. You need to have a business idea that stands out and then create a marketing strategy which offers visibility to the business and make it a success. The Internet has provided an excellent platform to start any....


Payday should be a happy occasion, but it sometimes seems that the money is spent before it even hits the bank. Living paycheck to paycheck becomes the norm, and you can never get ahead because you have nothing left after the monthly “bill collectors” get their share. It may seem like it takes l...


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