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Nel Shelby Productions Fully equipped for single & multiple camera video services, our team of dance videographers offers everything from brainstorming what your video should include to prepping the final edit for sharing online.

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2022 DEL Movement Sentence Choir - We are the JOY!

Leonardo Sandoval, Co-Director of Music from the Sole, and Sumi Clements, Co-Founder of Summation Dance and DEL Facilitator join forces to lead the 8th annual DEL Movement Sentence Choir. Based on the theme, We are the JOY! and the movement sentence (Stomp Clap Shake Scatter) the artists and dancers have created a dynamic performance celebrating joy. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for a dance film version by Nel Shelby Productions coming soon!

PS DANCE: THE NEXT GENERATION (Official Documentary Trailer)

After *so much* planning, filming, and collaboration behind-the-scenes, the word is finally out...

...our sequel to PS DANCE NYC will air this Friday, June 3rd!!! (With more air dates to come!)

Together with dance advocate and @danceedlab founder Jody Gottfried Arnhold, we've been working on the follow-up to the well-loved PS DANCE! film released in 2015.

I'm thrilled to share the film trailer with you.

Head here for more details so you can mark your calendars →

I hope you'll watch on ALL ARTS TV & Thirteen WNET me!!!

Film Credits 🎥
Produced & Directed by Nel Shelby
Executive Producer Jody Gottfried Arnhold
Edited by Ashli Bickford
Supervising Editor Nel Shelby
Music composed by Punchandice (Alba S. Torremocha & Lillie R. McDonough)
Cinematographers Ashli Bickford, Nate Reininga & Nel Shelby
Drone Operator Nate Reininga
On-location sound Jim Petty
Audio Mixer Donovan Dorrance
Color Grading Cody Buesing
Graphic Design Nate Reininga
Copywriting Amy Jacobus
Photos by Shana Sureck

#PSDANCENEXTGEN #DanceForEveryChild #DanceEducation

At NSP, we create quality-video about Dance and Dance Education!! As Jody Gottfried Arnhold says, "There is no dance wit...

At NSP, we create quality-video about Dance and Dance Education!!

As Jody Gottfried Arnhold says, "There is no dance without dance education!"

It's been a tough two years for dance educators, and our team is honored to have documented their pivot to digital learning, to film new course materials with DEL, and to celebrate inspiring stories in dance education as we continued to edit our newest PS DANCE! documentary film...

Next, we get to celebrate IN-PERSON with the #DELCommunity, coming together for the first time in over a year for a Movement Sentence Choir this weekend.

This year's DEL Movement Sentence Choir is led by Leonardo Sandoval and his co-collaborator Gregory Richardson of Music From The Sole.

So excited to film this celebration with dance educators on the roof at the 92NY on Saturday. See you there?! →

📸 Nel Shelby filming at DEL's 2019 Movement Sentence Choir; photo Cherylynn Tsushima

#DELMSC2022 #MusicFromTheSole #MovementSentenceChoir

Inside the Pillow Lab: Yve Laris Cohen

MoMA The Museum of Modern Art has an upcoming installation that will be presented this fall by Yve Laris Cohen titled "Studio/Theater," which was developed during a recent Pillow Lab residency at Jacob's Pillow.

Collaborating with Yve on the story he wanted to tell for this Inside the Pillow Lab film was really special to our team because the work repurposes the remains of the Doris Duke Theatre, which was destroyed by a fire in 2020.

Caroline Haidet on my team who edited this film reflects:

"It's felt really rewarding to edit this film – it shares insight into Yve's creative process, highlights the importance of the Jacob's Pillow Archives, and commemorates the Doris Duke Theatre. As Norton Owen (Director of Preservation at Jacob's Pillow) says so beautifully in the film, 'out of adversity, comes inspiration, and out of destruction, comes growth.'"

🔗 Watch more Inside the Pillow Lab films (featuring @Kayla Hamilton, Gesel Mason, Ladies of Hip-Hop Festival, and more)! →

🎥 Inside the Pillow Lab with Yve Laris Cohen; video Nel Shelby Productions

#PillowLab2022 #ArtistResidency #DanceArchives #DanceResidency

Dorrance Dance at Jacob's Pillow (2021)

This was our first shoot at Jacob's Pillow in over a year. 🤯

It was a really rich experience, and I’m so glad our summer started with the incredible artists of Dorrance Dance.

On the day of the shoot, we began filming at 1:30pm and filmed for five hours!

Every moment was high-energy – there were a few points where we only had 40 minutes in a particular location, so we had to get the shot and quickly leave.

We had anywhere between 2–5 cameras at each location, and we really relied on each other to keep things organized and collaborative.

Michelle Dorrance literally picked up a camera to show us what her vision was!!! And dancer Luke Hickey was on the gimbal for a few of the location shots!

This film was a fun, exciting, energetic collaboration with my team and Dorrance Dance.

I thrive in collaboration, like really thrive. I'm excited for a full, in-person experience at Jacob's Pillow this summer!!!

🎥 Dorrance Dance at Jacob's Pillow (2021); video Nel Shelby Productions

#Pillow90Years #JacobsPillow #DorranceDance

We've been filming Dance Against Cancer for many years now, and we're honored to work with Erin Fogarty, Daniel Ulbricht...

We've been filming Dance Against Cancer for many years now, and we're honored to work with Erin Fogarty, Daniel Ulbricht, and the rest of DAC's team.

Caroline Haidet, who has now had a few DAC projects under her belt reflects:
"Working with Dance Against Cancer had me thinking about all of the many lives that cancer has affected. It also reminded me not to take the health of my loved ones for granted. These reflections feel especially important as the world continues to battle the pandemic. I'm happy to have a small part in spreading the importance of this cause and organization."


Shout-out to Caroline Haidet, Mason Chapello, and Amber Schmiesing on my team. Rockstars!!

#DanceAgainstCancer #LincolnCenter #AmericanCancerSociety #BeatCancer

The Dalton School's Dance Theater Workshop Promo Video (2017)

It was wonderful working with The Dalton School over the weekend!!

We've been filming their student's performances for years. 🤗 Here's a promo video we made for the school back in 2017... how time flies!!!

No parent wants to share a fuzzy, faraway video of their child’s dance recital. At least I know I don't!!

🎥 The Dalton School's Dance Theater Workshop Promo Video (2017); video Nel Shelby Productions

#DanceSchool #DanceTraining #DanceVideos #DaltonSchoolNYC

Helen Simoneau Danse - In Process

Helen Simoneau / Helen Simoneau Danse came to NSP saying she wanted to make a film with us.

It was the first time Christopher Duggan Photography had the opportunity to film on my new gear. An extra bonus for us to work together. With two kids and full lives, it kind of felt like a date for us! LOL.

Helen’s main objective was to show her creative process for her new work, "Delicate Power."

She wanted to speak to both the concept behind the work and the way she was working with dancers in building the piece.

As Helen explains in the video, “Because of the nature of the uncertainty of this moment, I’ve been working in these research labs, and so rather than having an audition and deciding who I want to work with I wanted to open the doors to new dancers … people I’ve worked with for a long time or several people I haven’t worked with but I’m curious about…”

More on my blog →

#CreativeProcess #FilmDance #HelenSimoneauDanse #NewYorkCityCenter

We're live-streaming The Juilliard School's 2022 commencement! 🎓We have always believed video can help promote your work...

We're live-streaming The Juilliard School's 2022 commencement! 🎓

We have always believed video can help promote your work, book touring engagements, land commissions and grants, and raise money during fundraising efforts…

But we’ve also realized more and more that video can provide greater access:

👉Access to new audiences around the world, and
👉Access for audience members with disabilities

Juilliard has been so thoughtful about creating this convocation for their graduates and their family members. Our whole team is so touched by all their efforts! It's always an honor to be filming and live-streaming with Juilliard.

A HUGE thank you to Mason Chapello, Cherylynn Tsushima, Amber Schmiesing, Caroline Haidet, Nate Reninga, Austin Bening, Christopher Marc, and Laura Brauner for all of your help with this project!!

Congrats, grads!! 🎓

📸: from #JuilliardDance's 'New Dances' 2021; photos Christopher Duggan Photography

#Juilliard2022 #VirtualCommencement #VirtualGraduation #LivestreamTech

Quiiiiick camera check before we film @abbyzandthenewutility at @nylivearts 💪 So grateful for this team of mine!!!📱: @ct...

Quiiiiick camera check before we film @abbyzandthenewutility at @nylivearts 💪 So grateful for this team of mine!!!

📱: @ctsushima // #NYLiveArts #NewYorkLiveArts #FilmDance

Abby Z and the New Utility at New York Live Arts (2020)

We’re filming Abby Z and the New Utility at New York Live Arts this week!! ⚡️

We had the pleasure of meeting Abby Z at Jacob's Pillow a few years back. Then we filmed them at New York Live Arts in 2020— that’s the footage you’re seeing here. 🎞

If you’re not following Abby Z and the New Utility, you should be!! The work is fierce & full of energy.

🎥 Abby Z and the New Utility at New York Live Arts (2020); video Nel Shelby Productions

#NewYorkLiveArts #NYLiveArts #FilmDance

Years later, I still feel so privileged to have directed & produced PS DANCE NYC — a documentary showcasing the inspirin...

Years later, I still feel so privileged to have directed & produced PS DANCE NYC — a documentary showcasing the inspiring impact of dance education in NYC public schools. (You can stream the film on⁠

This incredible, life-changing project, created with Jody Gottfried Arnhold and Joan Finkelstein, was a dream come true. To collaborate so closely with passionate and brilliant people like Jody and Joan (not to mention all of the dance educators featured in the film!) was a treasured time. 💜⁠

Before making that first PS DANCE! film, I didn’t fully realize that I’m an advocate for dance education. Jody came into my life and pointed it out. When she invited me into the classrooms of five NYC public school dance educators, I felt the world get brighter. ⁠

With little notice of my arrival, and no script in place, my team captured everyday lessons and spontaneous reactions from teachers and students.⁠

I witnessed joy and confidence blooming in elementary school, saw collaboration and caring thrive in middle school, and cried behind the camera while high schoolers told me how dance had saved their lives. ⁠

I'm sharing more details about our newest documentary film, PS DANCE: THE NEXT GENERATION on my blog →

Can't wait for you all to see it!!! ⁠

📸: Shana Sureck Photography

#DanceForEveryChild #DanceInSchools #PublicSchoolDance

In the past two weeks, we've watched, prepped for, live-streamed, filmed and/or photographed:💫 Barkin/Selissen Project a...

In the past two weeks, we've watched, prepped for, live-streamed, filmed and/or photographed:

💫 Barkin/Selissen Project at Gerald W. Lynch Theater
💫 Barnard College Department of Dance at New York Live Arts
💫 Carolyn Dorfman Dance at South Orange Performing Arts Center
💫 David Dorfman Dance at NYU Skirball
💫 Emel Mathlouthi and Hurang Ro in the American Songbook series at Lincoln Center
💫 Flamenco Festival at New York City Center
💫 Limon Dance Company at The Joyce Theater
💫 New York Live Arts
💫 Rudolf Steiner School NYC
💫 YoungArts at Joe's Pub

WOW!! That was a lot! Grateful and tired!! 😂

Artists, you're amazing!

#FilmDance #FemaleFilmmakerFriday #DanceVideographer

Sneak-preview of our upcoming documentary film, PS DANCE! THE NEXT GENERATION 😍😍😍

Sneak-preview of our upcoming documentary film, PS DANCE! THE NEXT GENERATION 😍😍😍


This May on ALL ARTS! ✨

ALL ARTS is a New York Emmy-winning arts and culture hub, created by The Thirteen WNET New York Group, part of New York’s PBS stations.

Their programming is actually accessible everywhere, available to watch online or on your smart TV or streaming devices, but a lot of New Yorkers know of ALL ARTS as "that channel with performing arts" through regular cable.

This week, ALL ARTS will begin broadcasting the Inside the Pillow Lab films we've been producing with artists in creative residencies at Jacob's Pillow:

🎬 Inside the Pillow Lab with Brian Brooks Moving Company and A.I.M by Kyle Abraham | Premiering Wednesday, May 4 at 8:30pm ET

🎬 Inside the Pillow Lab with Emily Johnson/Catalyst and Shamel Pitts / TRIBE | Premiering Wednesday, May 11 at 8:30pm ET

🎬 Inside the Pillow Lab with Taylor Stanley and Nélida Tirado | Premiering Wednesday, May 18 at 8:30pm ET

🎬 Inside the Pillow Lab with Zoe Scofield / zoe|juniper and Music from the Sole | Premiering Wednesday, May 25 at 8:30pm ET

We're so excited that more people will see these films! 😍😍😍

View the full schedule here:

🎥: a sneak-peek at A.I.M by Kyle Abraham’s PillowLab residency; video Nel Shelby Productions

#AllArtsTV #ThirteenWNET #FilmDance #JacobsPillow #DanceResidency

Vail Dance Festival’s 2022 Festival Season Promo

We’re going on 12 magical summers at Vail Dance Festival! 🤯

If you’re on my email list, you know how special this time is for me, my husband (Christopher Duggan Photography), my team, and… pretty much every single person involved!!

(Sign up for emails here 👉

Every year we create a fun, short commercial to promote Vail Dance Festival’s upcoming season.

The commercial we make is featured across all social media channels, on their website, and it plays on the big screen before every show during the summer.

The footage we pull is from the previous year’s performances, and our main goal is to show variety.

This is easy to do, because Vail’s line-up is always so versatile. 😍✨

Making promotional videos for the festival is a perfect way to give people a taste of what they can expect. Promotional videos like this are key to helping ticket sales!! 🔑

🎥: Nel Shelby Productions

#VailDance #DanceVideography #BalletVideo #FilmDance


Video professionals are typically men.

As a woman, you walk in with a camera—especially 20 years ago—and people may not take you seriously. (🙄)

That was tough for me to work through.

Over 15 years ago, I was filming in a theater in New Jersey, and I brought my husband with me to help. I asked for a sound feed for my camera. When I plugged in the cable, it didn’t work.

I told the sound person, he looked at me, and then went behind my camera and started playing around with the settings.

My husband was shocked! He told me that if I was a man doing this work, this guy would never have touched my camera. 🤯

After that experience, I was clued in to what was going on, and I kept moving forward.

I discuss this issue openly, and I train the younger women on my team how to handle this.

However, I did not want that attitude to hold me back. I feel this was a pivotal moment in my story of “I can do this!”

I’m proud to have a woman-owned business in a very male-dominated field. 💪

We are made up of talented women, men, and non-binary people!

Because our videographers are ALL former and current dancers, we intimately understand the needs of other dance artists.

We love seeing you do what you do. Your success is *our* success!

📱: Christopher Duggan Photography

#FemaleFilmmakers #WomanOwned #WomenInFilm #FemaleProducers #FemaleDirectors


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Fully equipped for single and multiple camera video services, our team of dance videographers offers everything from brainstorming what your video should include to prepping the final edit for sharing online.

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Learn more about our values:

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Mar 3-5th: Raphael Xaiver's "The Musician & The Mover"! Utilizing Jazz as a backdrop, this NY Premiere features 4 seasoned musicians and 3 movers, highlighting the traditions of freestyle and improvisation of both forms: Breaking and Jazz. A transcendent mix of poetry, precision and spontaneity, "The Musician & The Mover" features dancers Martha Bernabel, Josh Culbreath, and Raphael Xavier, with music by Sumi Tonooka (piano), Richard Hill (bass), Kimpedro Rodriguez (drums), Bobby Zankel (saxophone). Fri, Mar 4 Stay Late Conversation moderated by Bill T. Jones! Promo by Nel Shelby Productions 💜
Step Afrika! made its City Center debut at the 2021 Fall for Dance Festival with The Movement, choregraphed by Assistant Artistic Director Conrad Kelly II. Step Afrika!—based in Washington, DC—is the first professional company dedicated to the tradition of stepping, blending percussive styles historically practiced by African American fraternities and sororities, traditional African dance, and modern contemporary dance. Step Afrika! continues to push the envelope of the intersection of dance and social justice, particularly with The Movement, which honors Black lives lost to police brutality and calls for justice in their names. Video by Nel Shelby Productions Produced by New York City Center and Nel Shelby Productions in association with Jerome Robbins Dance Division, NYPL The New York Public Library #BlackHistoryMonth
Earlier this month, Director of DEL, Erin Lally, sat down for a virtual interview with Dr. Diane Duggan, one of our DEL Facilitators. Dr. Diane Duggan is gearing up to facilitate DEL's Dance For Students With Disabilities this month – happening VIRTUALLY from Feb 19–22, from 1–5pm ET. 👏 "From the first time I was invited to a DEL faculty meeting, I just felt like this is a place of kindred spirits, and I'm so happy to be a part of DEL's community. It's my dance home and I'm delighted to be teaching Dance For Students With Disabilities for DEL. This course has a very stable foundation, and it's also always evolving because I'm still out there mentoring people. Now I visit schools virtually, but I'm still involved and still learning — I love to learn new things. I am a board-certified dance movement therapist, a dance educator, and a licensed psychologist. I've been working with youngsters, meaning children and teenagers, with disabilities since 1973. There’s a magical story behind my training…" Read more on our blog → 🎥: Nel Shelby Productions
Artists at the Center | Tiler Peck arrives March 4 – 6 ONLY. Experience an evening curated by the New York City Ballet star, featuring new work by William Forsythe, Alonzo King LINES Ballet , Michelle Dorrance/Peck/Jillian Meyers, and Peck herself. Music by Jason Moran Video courtesy CLI Studios ('The Barre Project/Blake Works II'), John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts ('Swift Arrow'), and Vail Dance Festival ('Thousandth Orange' Video by Nel Shelby Productions )
This #WorldCancerDay we're dancing for a cure! Tickets are now ON SALE for the 12th Annual Dance Against Cancer on Monday, May 9 at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center! 🙌 Join us to help the American Cancer Society lead the fight for a world without cancer. Get tickets at Video: Nel Shelby Productions #danceagainstcancer #danceforacure #tickets #cancer
Get excited... our 90th Anniversary Season line-up is finally here!!! Festival 2022 features ✨10 weeks✨ of on-site programming. Expect to see world premieres, new commissions, Pillow-exclusive engagements, and work developed at the Pillow Lab! Artists include: ✨ "America(na) To Me," featuring: Warwick Gombey Troupe, Mythili Prakash, Jasmine Hearn, Nélida Tirado, Sara Mearns & Joshua Bergasse, Alexandra Tatarsky, and Dormeshia & Guests ✨ Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE, A Dance Company ✨ "SW!NG OUT," featuring: Caleb Teicher & Company, Evita Arce, LaTasha Barnes, Nathan Bugh, Macy Sullivan, and Eyal Vilner ✨ A.I.M by Kyle Abraham ✨ Limon Dance Company ✨ Black Grace ✨ Alonzo King LINES Ballet ✨ Hubbard Street Dance Chicago ✨ Cleo Parker Robinson Dance ✨ Miami City Ballet ✨ BODYTRAFFIC ✨ Music from the Sole ✨ "Dichotomous Being: An Evening of Taylor Stanley," featuring works by: Shamel Pitts , Jodi Melnick, Andrea Miller, and William Forsythe ✨ Dance Heginbotham ✨ Michelle Gibson with The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra ✨ Liz Lerman Celebrate our 90th summer festival, running June 22–August 28. Pre-sale for Members begins March 7! Learn More & Become a Member → 📹: video footage courtesy of Nel Shelby Productions; photos courtesy of the artists // #90YearsPillow
"The longest-running international dance festival and year-round center for dance mark the premiere of "Body Language," their three-film collaboration with NOWNESS, with a specially curated playlist highlighting all things Jacob’s Pillow. Featured films include virtual commissions, Inside the Pillow Lab docuseries, and more from artists including Chrybaby BC Cozie, Dorrance Dance, Eiko Otake, Irene Rodríguez Compañía, Nélida Tirado, Francesca Harper, Indigenous Enterprise, and more." Watch them all: 🎥 Filmmakers Nel Shelby Productions, Liz Sargent & more!!
In February of this year, Artistic Director Yin Yue of YY Dance Company and Taryn Vander Hoop, Co-Founder of Summation Dance and DEL Facilitator, led a virtual DEL Movement Sentence Choir with 60 participants. Nel Shelby Productions live-streamed the workshop process and then made a 5-minute dance film that features the full work the participants made. We loved working with Yin Yue in this collaborative creative process inspired by Laban’s famous movement choirs and movement sentences. Attend Yin Yue's performance at The 92nd Street Y (starting tonight!!!), and join us at Yin's DELving workshop at Jacob's Pillow on December 4th. More details here → 🎥: courtesy of The 92nd Street Y
As a dancer at The School at Jacob's Pillow, you: ✨ keep a company-life schedule of class and rehearsal, ✨ are a Festival performer, ✨ attend Festival events, ✨ and study in the Archives; ...all while building life-long career relationships with dance artists and company directors!! Through these experiences, you are connected to the past, present, and future of dance in a deep and meaningful manner. Learn more about The School experience → Apply for one of our 2022 Programs → 🎥: Nel Shelby Productions
Drumroll, please... 🥁🥁🥁 The School at Jacob's Pillow is where dancers and choreographers define and strengthen their distinct artistic voices, and make the connections that advance their work in the field. We're thrilled to announce The School's 2022 Programs, beginning June 2022: Contemporary Ballet | June 13–26 Program Directors: Annabelle Lopez Ochoa & Luis R. Torres Contemporary | June 27–July 17 Program Director: Milton Myers Musical Theatre | July 18–August 7 Program Director: Jeffrey Page Dance Theatre: Afro-Latin Immersion | August 8–21 Program Director: Maria Torres Ann & Weston Hicks Choreography Fellows | August 24–September 3 Program Directors: Dianne McIntyre & Risa Steinberg Your dream summer awaits! Apply today → 🎥: Nel Shelby Productions #SchoolAtJP2022
"I was taught to always dance for the ones who can't. I was told to always dance with a prayer in mind– to give back that good, positive uplift. That's one thing that I want people who may not be Indigenous to understand is this is all about good feeling. It's a lot deeper than dancing. I dance in hopes to uplift whoever is watching." – Tyrenn Lodgepole, Performer with Indigenous Enterprise Last month, Indigenous Enterprise spent 10 days in the Pillow Lab developing a new work titled 'Indigenous Liberation,' made in partnership with The Joyce Theater. We premiered an exclusive look at the company's time creating on campus last Friday. Find the full 5-minute film here → 🎥: Inside the Pillow Lab: Indigenous Enterprise; co-produced in collaboration with Nel Shelby Productions
This week, Indigenous Enterprise makes its Joyce debut! "The traditional aspect and the modernism of what we do and how it correlates all together is really empowering- especially as Indigenous Youth - to know that what we do can translate into a more modern time and people who are not native are able to connect with it easier.” 💫 – Adrian D Thomas, Performer with Indigenous Enterprise Back in October, Indigenous Enterprise spent 10 days in the Jacob's Pillow "Pillow Lab" developing a new work titled 'Indigenous Liberation,' made in partnership with The Joyce Theater. Enjoy this exclusive look at Inside the Pillow Lab with the company!! 🎥: Inside the Pillow Lab: Indigenous Enterprise; co-produced in collaboration with Nel Shelby Productions; made possible by the The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation