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Win 5 Minutes A Day A collection of thoughts of how life changes in only 5 minutes each day, only 5 minutes. Things we can do to catch those 5 minutes and make them work for you, not against you.

3am Thoughts

3am Thoughts

3am Thoughts

3am Thoughts

3am Thoughts

3am Thoughts


A life lesson to watch..... and watch again and live every day,

An Interviewer Asked Bill Gates...

New York Rangers

Life's special moments, making a difference in the life of a child.

Hi, I’m a hockey player but I’m playing Santa Claus today. 🎅


Finding beauty and perfection in imperfection.......

Your #WabiSabi moment.

When Arielle encountered problems in her relationship, this simple philosophy solved all of their issues…

Speaker: Arielle Ford: Love & Relationship Expert for Mindvalley


He's #makingmemories,

Not one of his classmates laughed. 😭💛

Your Daily Dose of Jewish Wisdom:

When do you know that you have truly returned and changed your past?

As long as that past keeps pulling you down, it remains what it always was.

When the memory of that past drives you higher and yet higher each day, then you know that the past has been transformed.


What can we learn today?

"98% of people don't understand this" Matthew McConaughey's Incredible Motivational Speech.


Fail big!
Dreams without goals are just dreams.
A must view,

Fail big and fail often. - Denzel Washington

KRON 4 News

KRON 4 News

HAPPY PALINDROME WEEK! The next 10 days are palindromes, meaning the date reads the same backward as forward.

Weekend #oralcare tidbits courtesy of CNN ,
Don't rinse after brushing and other tips for better dental health

Weekend #oralcare tidbits courtesy of CNN ,

We all know the advice for healthy teeth -- brush twice daily and don't eat too much sugar. So why do those of us following these instructions find we sometimes need a filling when we visit the dentist? The truth is, there's a little more to preventing tooth decay than these guidelines suggest. Here...

Gary Vaynerchuk

" the thing that you did to get you there is the thing that's going to take you to the next level " - Gary Vee

A lot of you tell me I should rap. This video is probably the closest I’ll ever get ;)

Watch me as I travel through NYC, Chicago, and LA meeting with Juicy J, fashion designer Bobby Hundreds, and the Gallery Media Group - with a “music video” vibe ;)

Excited for you to watch this video and I’m curious to hear what you thought in the comments.

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may ...
10 Chinese Proverbs That Will Change The Way You See Life

“An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break. May you be open to each thread that comes into your life, the golden ones and coarse ones- and may you weave them into a brilliant and beautiful life.”

The Chinese people have the longest traditions and are one of the earliest people on this planet. They have manuscripts that date 3,500 years back. All these millennia the Chinese were respected for their knowledge about many things, but mostly about their words of wisdom. The following 10 Chinese p...


Check out this Huskie Park in #Thailand !

This is Thailand's husky café. 🐕

Gary Vaynerchuk

Presenting a united front.... be on the same page.
Family and business overlap in this great advice courtesy of #GaryVee,

Maybe my favorite piece of content I’ve ever posted!

First, please follow @sashavayner it would make his day, he’s really excited about social and needs a boost, I really want him to get excited.

Second, this video really matters for #partners and senior executives and managers! You must and I mean must get aligned behind closed doors and than be consistent with your message to your kids, employees, partners, customers or you will have no shot at sustained success.

My dad and brother AJ Vaynerchuk always over communicated behind closed doors to have a untied voice in the trenches with our teammates in order to move the organization forward. I learned this by watching my parents assign a leader (mom at home, dad at work) and never deviate from it.

I genuinely feel this video is about to help a lot of spouses, business partners, and leadership teams create far better and more successful environments for themselves and their teams!

Tag someone whos in a partnership.

#perspective #management #executives #CEO

Gary Vaynerchuk

If it's only halftime, then it's time to get fired up!

It's insane how "early" your are in the process - even if you're in your late 40s.

With all these advances we're making in healthcare and how we're taking care of ourselves, even 70 is a baby! You still have many more decades left to "play" 😉

Go get yours!


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