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There’s plenty to do during Battle of Brooklyn Week - The Brooklyn Home Reporter
There’s plenty to do during Battle of Brooklyn Week - The Brooklyn Home Reporter

There’s plenty to do during Battle of Brooklyn Week - The Brooklyn Home Reporter

The Battle of Brooklyn began Aug. 21, 1776. The British had a massive fleet anchored off Gravesend Bay and several thousand troops invaded the mainland to start the bloodiest clash of the American Revolution. Each year, the Old …

Remembering Mike Long - The Brooklyn Home Reporter
Remembering Mike Long - The Brooklyn Home Reporter

Remembering Mike Long - The Brooklyn Home Reporter

Ex-Conservative Party chairman was 82 By Jerry Kassar (Jerry Kassar is the chairman of the New York State Conservative Party.) Former New …


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My Interview With Brian Fox. Yes, we have answers to my questions. JB another time. Of note is both sides say they want a virtual debate. So what the problem is will be investigated.

1. Fox supports an AUDIT of ThriveNYC without delay. $1.6 billion is unaccounted for and the system refuses to audit.
2. Supports ACC ending the killing of pets and animals.
3. Supports a law to require more Pet Friendly apartments.
4. Favors increases DoH monitoring of illegal conversions and
increased fines.
5. Wants an effective mediation process for incompetent City
agencies and workers that are protected by such as SEIU
which endorsed Brian's opponent.
6. His main overall goal is reduce cirme with more cops in the
streets. When NYPD needs Internal Affairs to force them to
take felony reports (as happened to me) the stats are fake.
7. Congestion pricing for cars? Opposes.
8. Since government has FAILED to build senior housing in the
area, Brian supports housing increased rent subsidies for
seniors especially those on SSI.
9. Schools and over crowding? Caps on enrollment in the district
and vouchers for parents. make use of unused space in
parochial schools some of which are empty.
10. Local eyesores such as on Ovington with the half finished
church? Private property but increase fines for such misuse or
abandoned work. Same with scaffolds.
11. We all know the 68 has problems. But Fox's opponent
continues to praise them for some reason. Brian, who supports
the NYPD in general and opposes defunding, wants better
training and improved morale, and a community response
board when cops don't do their jobs properly.
12. As does Sliwa, supports an animal welfare agency to look after
trapped or abandoned animals following a disaster, floor,
fire, etc. "Where do we get the money"? After $1.6 billion
pi**ed away for Thrive NYC the question is insulting.
13. Opposes DeBlasio's ending of Gifted and Talented classes.
14. SUPPORTS a VIRTUAL ONLINE DEBATE with his opponent.
(Justin's campaign manager said they do too. ?? ).
15. Fox supports changes in Housing Court that will make the
process less anti-tenant and less p[ro0ne to harassment of
such tenants.
16. Brian supports being sure local car dealerships keep their cars
OFF the sidewalks.
17. More cops are needed on subways, which we never see any
There you have the answers. Justin Brannan's responses (through his friendly campaign manager, Michael) were harder to come by as there was no interview, but they are coming. Stay tuned.
It's budget season! Check out my op ed in the Brooklyn Home Reporter and Sunset News on the details of the budget process and how the budget affects our daily lives here in southern Brooklyn - on every issue from schools to public transportation.

What are your budget priorities? Reach out and let me know.

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