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The White House is gearing up for today's press briefing - watch it LIVE - https://goo.gl/Rp1TCr

The White House is gearing up for today's press briefing - watch it LIVE - https://goo.gl/Rp1TCr

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White House Press's cover photo

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Don't miss today's briefing - Sarah Sanders just hit the podium - https://goo.gl/9fNDCk

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Listen to today's off-camera White House press briefing - https://goo.gl/YuCP8t
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Listen to today's off-camera White House press briefing - https://goo.gl/YuCP8t

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White House Press's cover photo

White House Press's cover photo

President Donald J. Trump is about to make joint remarks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו ...

President Donald J. Trump is about to make joint remarks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו - tune in LIVE at 12:25 PM ET - https://goo.gl/fXFYda

President Donald J. Trump is about to make joint remarks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


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So this is the deal ! Way back before Trump even thought of running for president the Democratic party were using there ways of becoming rich and famous like Hollywood stars. They made deals we dont even know about till today , what we do know as fact is that Hillary Clinton was making deals that would make her very rich, her and Bill . Giving Iran 1.5 billion dollars in cold cash in different types currency and 150 billion dollars transfer to Iran from OBAMA AND BIDEN , KERRY WAS THE MAIL MAN , the USA got nothing except a word that they will do what they want on the hush hush only and agreed by all of them but still saying death to America death to Israel, Barak husain Obama stayed silent, good friends with Farrakhan and his friends Obama is now worth over 140 million dollars and maybe more in swiss accounts and Cayman islands , who knows. Then came Russia where Hillary and Barack Obama sold off 20% of our uranium to them and all of a sudden puff a check came in for 140 million dollars to there campaign which they scoffed as a normal day of business. Biden and family members were making 10s millions from china and Ukraine and other countries as long as Biden let them take away jobs and no restrictions to China and other countries as they did what they wanted , A Blind EYE . CHINA WAS MAKING SOMEWHERE BETWEEN 300 TO 500 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR FROM AMERICA AND the BIDEN FAMILY WERE BECOMING VERY very very RICH. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were a great team and nothing would ever happen to them because Hillary was to be the successor to Obama, all under the table sceam. America was the piggy bank for scoundrels and thieves and all the politicians who were on the take who let it go on. One day a man said you know what I see what's happening and I must stop this illegal act from the Democrats and some Republicans as well so he said I'm going to run for president, that man is Donald Trump. When he announced that he was running the Media were laughing like little children in 3rd grade. Trump worked very very hard to understand the system and he said I'm here to drain the swamp, the country knew what he was talking about and at the last minute when the world was saying that it will never happen it did. Hillary and Barack had an insurmountable fear of the government finding out all the corruption and had the insurance policy put in place by the FBI ,CIA ,NSA , AND OTHER GROUPS WITHIN THE GOVERNMENT. Ok so the Democrats felt they had it under control and tried every trick in the book to get him out, Nancy Pelosi and crew plus 4 with the media as the tool of propaganda through out the world went on the attack but nothing stuck (Teflon). China, the patients of saints are willing to wait 100 years to take over the world not just America but president trump put the screws to them and china saw that Biden didn't have a chance ,oh biden was put there because they knew they can use him like a RAG & throw him off a cliff any time they wanted . So they had to de rail Tump but how , oh yes a plan was set up to create a virus in a lab and spread it all over the world and the dems ( Biden) would be the shoe in, china saw that 4 more years of president trump would bankrupt the country and had to stop him , all the billionaires who made big bucks out of China were backing Biden so the flow of cash would continue but nothing could stop him (Trump), it was like a divine cloud around him for protection. What we see now is corruption from the democratic party and FBI and Hillary Clinton the backer of the insurance policy to get trump out .every one was getting very rich robbing the country and Trump made a promise to stop it . Everything he said came true and china as smart as they are couldn't lay a glove on him , so here we are and china is not done yet , any seeds or food will have another virus from a lab that cant be stopped, and they and only them will have the antidote for that virus and the world will forgive them(China)of the past sins just to get the cure. If Biden wins lordforbid the country and the world will be in the hands of the adversaries, china,Russia, N korea , Iran, domestic TERRORISTS and corrupt government officials. Only the few will have steak and cars and the rest of us will be eating out of a garbage truck just like the used to be Venezuela, one of the richest countries in the world and now on the balls of there asses. Yup , dont say it cant happen, we are about 32 days away from that happening to us. THOSE ARE THE FACTS , DO A FACT CHECK , DO YOUR HOMEWORK, YOUR AT THE 10 YARD LINE , THE BOTTOM OF 9TH INNING ,DOWN BY 3 ,BASES LOADED A 3 AND 2 COUNT ,WORLD SERIES. 2 SECONDS AT THE BUZZER AND NEEDA 3 POINTER TO WIN , DO YOU SHOOT ??? ITS UP TO US TO MAKE THE NEXT MOVE. IM NOT TELLING YOU TO VOTE REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT, IM SAYING TO VOTE FOR THE MAN WHO CAN DO THE JOB RIGHT WITH A GREAT PAST HISTORY , OR A MAN THAT SAYS HE WILL STOP NATURE BUT NEVER IN 47 YEARS DID ANYTHING. YOUR IN VEITNAM, THE ENEMY ARE AROUND YOU, WHO DO YOU WANT TO HAVE YOUR BACK ?? Ok he is a black man or a jew or a woman or a Japanese or a Korean she speaks funny ,he smells, his hair is ugly and he thinks he is hot sh*t but HE IS THE BEST SHOT SNIPER A MARKSMAN A BLACK BELT 4 DEGREE ,SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE. WHO GIVES A CRAP WHAT KIND OF PANTS HE WEARS OR ANYTHING ELSE , JUST WIN WIN WIN , DID EVERYONE GET THE POINT ??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK...AJ
I find it sad that the President can not hold a bible up to express his freedom of speech with the symbolism of the bible in front of Saint John's Episcopal Church across from the White House without being criticized by an Episcopal minister. Why is it that she can use the bible in that way but our president can not. The Episcopal Church and their British associates in England have been very disrespectful to The Office of the President of the United States of America.
All the world needs to know why your hiding with the lights out pretend not to be at home and protesters are circling their US Whitehouse. https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/interactive/2020/05/mapping-police-killings-black-americans-200531105741757.html
This is called "Genocide". the systematic murder of a race of people. All US Citizens. Your not part of the Solution Trump. You are the PROBLEM. The domestic terror weapon of the KKK for 176 years has been murder one . Your bigotry, cowardice actions running like a warf rat down a hole when Americans protest in front of "Their US Whitehouse" is a pathetic 3rd world dictator scenario. Hiding behind lines of military police battering protestors instead of manning up and shutting these police brutality crimes down and speaking to these people as if you actually are the US President that represents them. By refusing to put and end to these violent acts of murder one states you are backing Cold Blooded Murder of US Citizens. "The entire world is watching you now in total disbelief of your callused actions, insufficient intelligence collection and your deaf, dumb, blind act to the genocide of US citizens ON YOUR WATCH!" The Dark Green US Marines guarding you need to grab you by the neck and place your head through some concrete until you learn to respect the people you were elected to serve. Antifa my ass. They are NOT the ones committing these crimes. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2016/crime-in-the-u.s.-2016/tables/expanded-homicide-data-table-3.xls
Every single military personnel in the US military are taught to; 1. Adapt to your environment. 2. Innovate when necessary. 3. Overcome opposition by determination and perseverance. “Do or die fighting to protect our free nation of people, the US Constitution and the rights, liberties and freedom of every single American” That is Numero Uno. It is the principles that define the human species as successful and the ability to fight and win wars. We can adapt as a nation to overcome both the injustices being created by police whom have made the mistake of committing heinous crimes as their duty. No murder in cold blood is “Justifiable”. We can overcome SARS Cov-2 as a nation by adapting to the threat environment, using innovation to prevent chains of infection and defeat it as an enemy by persistence and determination. All it takes is leadership and participation of “We The People”. Millions of Americans have laid their lives on the line or given them to insure all of the above. It is your job to fulfill this duty as their leader and Commander and Chief of the US military. Period.
Thanks, President Obama, for that inspiring graduation speech! We love and miss you!
By these Facts & Numbers, we should open 80 % of the USA Today 🤔🤔❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🇺🇸. On the Laura Ingraham Angle Show, 50 % of All US Counties had 0 Deaths, & increased to consider 80 % of US counties, it was 0-5 deaths each. WHY NOT Open Up these counties in the USA Now. CDC info. >>