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The Online Publishers - TOP The Online Publishers “TOP” is a comprehensive, global, online hub that brings together clients and experts in the world of digital marketing, publishing, content creation, translation, content placement, photography, e-books and influencers.

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Saade Makhlouf TOP Platform #Vloggers #influencersmarketing
The Online Publishers LLC Announces Two New Services

Saade Makhlouf TOP Platform #Vloggers #influencersmarketing

/PRNewswire/ -- The Online Publishers LLC (TOP) added two new services to its "TOP Platform" The announcement was made by Mr. Saade Makhlouf, The Online...

Social Media Influencer

#Influencer #Marketing is a form of marketing, typically done on #social #media platforms, where prominent people or organizations endorse something. The endorsements can be of a product or a service. The prominent people are those who exhibit a level of expertise or influence in their respective fields. Does this sound like something you wish to take advantage of? Now you can. All you must do is become a client of The Online Publishers (TOP.) We can hook you up with just the right people to accomplish this feat.

Join #TOP today and we can connect you to the crème of the crop when it comes to influencer marketers. Our connections truly enjoy the work they do. Therefore, they excel at it. Because of this their results for YOUR company will be outstanding. They bring an unequalled passion to the task and add phenomenal value to any business they serve. Don't you want that kind of a provider working for you?

Who are our influencer marketing team members? They are the top movers and shakers in their chosen fields. Other people trust the messages they convey. That means potential customers take their opinions seriously and more people will want to do business with you. They are usually unaffected by any ad blockers, so more messages reach their intended targeted audience. Sign up with The Online Publishers right away and reap the benefits from your influencer marketing connections.

The Online Publishers Video Creation Service

The Online Publishers (TOP) platform connects you with vloggers and Video Creators from all over the world who are experienced at what they do and enjoy connecting with their audience through vlogging and video marketing. Plus, their expertise and reputation give you an advantage in the competitive market.

Subscribe now to TOP services to get in touch with vloggers all over the world, who can help you reach a bigger audience with their vlogs and video marketing.


Vlogs are video logs or videos in a blogging format. They started in 2000 and gained popularity five years later thanks to YouTube, which was launched in 2005. Today, YouTube channels with vlogs are among the top 100 subscribed channels. When smartphones came into the picture, vlogs really took off. Today's smartphones have quality video features that make vlogging easier than ever. Combine that with search engine compatibility and fast internet, and there is no reason not to be vlogging. Wherever your audience may be, they can turn on their phone and watch a quick video, exposing them to your brand in real-time.

The last ingredient that makes vlogging powerful and effective is social media. People are social creatures and they like to feel like they are part of something. By utilizing social media with your vlogs, you are interacting with your audience and making them feel like they are part of your brand. Plus, if they like what they see they will share it with their audience!


-Reach a larger audience, who prefer to watch a 5-minute video instead of reading a 1000-word blog. Vlogs also keep your audience on your site longer!

-Rank higher on Google search engines since Google gives videos a higher priority. In fact, by vlogging, you may be 53 more times likelier to be in the top search results of Google!

-Improve your marketing strategy by utilizing a resource that is a staple in social media marketing. According to a video marketing statistics survey, over 90% of businesses consider video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

-Add a personal touch to your marketing campaign. Users prefer to see a face behind a product, and it builds trust in your brand.

-Have a higher chance of going viral and increasing your sales. Adding social media buttons to your videos will encourage your audience to share them with their followers, which will increase likelihood that they grow exponentially!

The bottom line is that vlogs and video marketing are the current niches that many users look to in order to decide on a product or service. Build credibility and trust in your brand by adding vlogs to your marketing campaign!


Are you a talented and experienced #writer looking to increase your clients and make more money online? #The_Online_Publishers (TOP) platform is the right place for you. The TOP platform gives you access to clients from all over the world who are looking for your services. If you have established yourself as a content creator and are spending a lot of time looking for clients, TOP will help you by connecting you with clients so you can spend more time writing and building your business! Whether you do website content, ghostwriting, social media posts, or articles and newspapers, to name a few, TOP can help you make more money online doing what you love. All you have to do is deliver quality work and TOP does the rest. The best part is that you can offer your services in any language no matter where you are in the world! Get started now with TOP and watch your client list and money grow!

Here's how it works: When you register on the #TOP #platform, you will create a profile about yourself with your qualifications, skills, and experience. Uploading a photo of yourself is highly encouraged as it increases the chance of clients who want to work with you. If a client sees a picture of you, they are more likely to want to place orders with you. After your profile is finished you can start taking orders from clients! When a writer a task for a client, then submits it for that client's approval, there should not be too long a wait period for a decision. Once the client does approve this task, he or she will be asked to rate the writer as well as the quality of their work. The client can give a rating of 1 to 4 stars for a completed task. He or she also has the option of skipping the rating process, in this case the writer will be giving a one star. However, this is not a common occurrence. When the same writer accumulates stars for his or her work, they will be automatically promoted to a higher level. When that happens, this provider can also make more money for each subsequent project.
#theonlinepublishers #freelancejobs #jobs


Do you have content written for you that is just waiting to be published in a newsletter, either a printed or an online version? Has someone else completed a project for you that now requires the expertise of a journalist? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you simply must become a client of #The_Online_Publishers (TOP.) We have scores of experienced journalists ready and willing to perform any relevant services for you. Why TOP as opposed to someone else? Allow us to explain.

We have professionals who each specialize in one or more of the relevant tasks related to journalism. They come from all over the world, plus you can request someone who speaks a particular language. All potential service people available to you know the ins and outs of the journalist's role in completing your project. Whatever specifications you prefer, we are guaranteed to have a qualified person to handle them. All you need to do is ask us.

When you sign up for a TOP service, such as a #journalist, you can count on your project being done properly. If you will need different but related facets of a project done in addition to journalism, we can accommodate you in completing those facets as well. It is worth mentioning that many people can produce written content that is of great quality, but not as many really know what it means to be a journalist. With a TOP professional helping you, you will get someone who DOES know what that means. Not only do they understand it, they have the skills to be successful at it. Isn't that what you want from a journalist?

When you utilize TOP's pros, you are working with someone who has an impeccable reputation all over the world. We have been steadily building a level of trust amongst our industry for the past 22 years. Not only will you have access to our team of expert journalists, but the wealth of media outlets we work with so they may fulfill your request. Once a journalist has completed their end of the project, you will need other professionals to place it for you. #TOP again comes to the rescue. We have access to countless resources to do exactly that. No more of your time is wasted searching for the right people to finish your project. We will take care of all aspects of it.

The Online Publishers "Review it" Service.

Do you have a product or service, but it is lacking in positive reviews? Whatever are you to do? Positive reviews are the heart and soul of any businesses. Fear not my friend, when you work with #The_Online_Publishers (TOP) you will use our service called Review It. This service will enable you to have all the positive reviews you need. How does this service work?

Turn Your Website Around with Review It

If you have very few reviews, or worse yet if you have poor reviews, your business is probably suffering. What TOP does to help you out is to allow you to pay service providers for their positive reviews. TOP #Review It specialists are who you will request services from. You can choose one person or several whose reviews you like, and stick with them. Or you can always choose new people, it is totally up to you.

In order to take advantage of this unique and most useful service, you MUST subscribe as a client of The Online Publishers. We have a team of experienced review service providers. They are waiting to hear from you. The fees vary between one-star up to four-star reviewers, but all are reasonable. The return on your investment will be significant. Positive reviews lead to more clients for your business, and of course, more sales.

Additional Perks from Positive Reviews

Feedback of any kind, positive or negative, is important. Naturally, you always want the reviews to be positive. However, constructive criticism in a review will let you know what changes need to be made. Those changes can be passed onto your production team. As a result of that, positive reviews of the same product or service will follow. #TOP can provide those reviews.

Another thing positive reviews will do is act like a series of steps toward developing a company's products or services. When you find something that a lot of people like, it is possible to expand upon that. If there are parts of your business that most people do NOT like, perhaps you ought to nerf those things. They can be replaced with the things folks love about it. It takes TOP review specialists to point out these aspects for you.

#bloggers  #digitalmarketing   #freelancejobs.    #top

#bloggers #digitalmarketing #freelancejobs. #top

The Online Publishers, aka TOP, have some terrific solutions for bloggers. What are they and how do we help launch a blogger's career? Read this article and ...


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TOP's comprehensive range of services cover all of the client's needs in the digital marketing and online publishing industry.

Multilingual content creators, bloggers, journalists and authors from all over the world are subscribed to the platform to offer high quality services in all languages. Content creation services range from Facebook posts and tweets, to articles, blogs, website content, newsletters, press releases and e-books, among other. Professional photographers are also registered with TOP to offer artistic, high definition photos.


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About The Online Publishers

The Online Publishers “TOP” is a comprehensive global online hub that brings together clients and experts in the world of digital marketing, publishing, social media, content creation, translation, content placement, photography, e-books, influencers as well as advertising and reputation building.

TOP boasts a powerful online network and infrastructure. The platform is a 'one stop shop' for clients seeking services in digital marketing and publishing, whereby a multiple of solutions are at the disposal of clients all in one main hub, providing a smooth, efficient and seamless shopping experience.

TOP’s content creation and translation services cover all languages, and are offered by highly proficient, multilingual professionals, who are from various academic and industry backgrounds. TOP carries out a rigorous evaluation of its service providers once they register on its platform, to make sure they are eligible, professional and well qualified to offer their services.

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