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The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency Established in 1984 The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency represents bestselling authors, career novelists, professional writers, and literary estates.

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency was established in 1984 by Ethan Ellenberg who was a contracts manager for Berkley and associate contracts manager for Bantam. Since its inception the agency has represented several bestselling authors, career novelists, and professional writers. In addition to new and published authors, the agency also represents rights on behalf of publishers and literary estates. The agency is an independent full-service agency with robust sales in subsidiary rights and partnering agents all over the world. The agency is a member of the Association of Authors Representatives, an affiliate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s of America, and an associate member of the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, The Romance Writers of America, and the Mystery Writers of America.



After some spirited bidding among three houses, we’ve sold BEST FRIENDS FOREVER by the pseudonymous Margot Hunt in a two book deal to Mira. We couldn’t be more excited about this brilliantly written and conceived book of psychological suspense which Mira will publish as a hardcover lead in 2017.

On behalf of Edward Willett we’ve sold his new fantasy series WORLDSHAPERS to Daw Books.

On behalf of new client Melissa F. Olson we are completing a new deal with 47North for an additional two books in her ‘Old World’ Series. We’re also marketing the the sequel to her self published mystery THE BIG KEEP which I strongly recommend to any fan of Kinsey Millhone or Stephanie Plum.

On behalf of Jay Allan, we've sold the FLAMES OF REBELLION space opera trilogy to Harper Voyager.

Christopher Nuttall will be continuing his ANGEL IN THE WHIRLWIND series with 47North with two new installments, and has promised 47North the first book in an as yet unnamed series.

On behalf of Lightspeed Magazine Managing Editor Wendy Wagner, we've sold her debut novel AN OATH OF DOGS to Angry Robot.

On behalf of Travis Langley, we've sold a new installment in his popular pop-psychology books, this time about Wonder Woman, to Sterling.

We’ve also been busy with a number of backlists. On behalf of Sharon Shinn we’ve licensed almost her entire backlist to Orion. It will be great to see these books available as ebooks throughout the UK and the BC countries.

We’ve also done a fair amount of new work for the Andre Norton Estate. In Germany we’ve agreed on terms to license 15 of Andre’s books to Apex Verlag. This will be the first major re-publication of Andre in Germany in at least a quarter century. We’ve also licensed WITCH WORLD in China. With the WITCH WORLD movie in active development as a joint Chinese/American project we are very hopeful this will turn into something big.

Audible will publish WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB) by Dennis E. Taylor and we will be publishing the book as an ebook original in our ASP program.

In the romance area we’ve made a number of sales for Leah Marie Brown—an additional book in her ‘It Girls’ series to Kensington, a new three book series with a Fairy Tale theme and she’s going be adding novella to a new Fern Michael’s anthology.

We’ve sold a number of backlist titles on behalf of G.A. Aiken to Tantor for audio publication, including her first four 'Dragon' Books.



Congratulations to JOHN SCALZI on being named one of the new L.A. TIMES CRITICS-AT-LARGE. I recommend you acquaint yourself with all 12 of the new critics.

Congratulations to SHELLY LAURENSTON on her new book THE UNDOING which just hit #56 on USA TODAY.

Another piece of great USA TODAY BESTSELLER NEWS, Caroline Fardig’s DEATH BEFOFE DECAF book one in her Java Jive series hit the list at #106.

For our ASP program we are excited to having just published CURSES by Cindy Spencer Pape.

We’ve sold 2 books on behalf of Kay Kenyon to Saga Press (S&S): AT THE TABLE OF WOLVES and its sequel, SERPENT IN THE HEATHER.



Gail Z. Martin will publish her new epic fantasy series with Solaris in a 2-book deal.

The Zero Stone by Andre Norton was put on Ann Leckie’s list of the Ten Best Science Fiction Novels Ever in the October 16, 2016 issue of Publishers Weekly.

IPG’s Joel Gotler has licensed the movie rights to Andre Norton’s WITCH WORLD on behalf of the estate and ourselves.

IAN DOUGLAS’S STAR CARRIER series was include in Jeff Somer’s B&N blog post: “Six of the Most Fascinating Galactic Empires Outside of Star Wars”, joining authors like Asimov and Herbert. Congratulations.

We are happy to welcome first time author TONY PEAK to the agency, whose book INHERIT THE STARS is just out from Roc.

John Scalzi’s French publisher Editions L’Atalante will be publishing the rest of John’s backlist and some forthcoming titles as well.

We’ve accepted an offer on behalf of newcomer DENNIS TAYLOR for audio rights to WE ARE LEGION (WE ARE BOB) from Audible.

Shelly Laurenston’s DRAGON ON TOP made the USA TODAY bestseller list at #121.

We’ve concluded terms for a new CHRISTINE WARREN series with St. Martin’s Press.

For first time author VIRGINIA FRANKEN we’ve placed HOW TO BE A MOTHER with Amazon Publishing, in cooperation with her agent Laura Longrigg at MBA in London.

We’ve sold 2 more titles in CAROLINE FARDIG’S Java Jive series to Bantam Alibi.

We’ve sold a new WWII naval history work by John Domagalski to Casemate on the first battles involving American PT boats in the Pacific War.

Candy Fleming has been very active and we’ve sold a book on JOSEPH CORNELL for her to Random House, and she will work with ERIC ROHMANN on a new non-fiction book called HONEYBEE for Neal Porter Books.

Our AGENT SUPPORTED PUBLISHING program continues to thrive. We’ve had great success with JASON MANNING’S ‘Mountain Man’ books and Westerns. Anyone who wants to read more stories like THE REVENANT should pick these up. We now have brought back to print in ebook great books by Bertrice Small, Amanda Ashley, Ian Douglas and Kay Kenyon. We’re very excited to be releasing one of the truly great Western writers of the ‘90’s, JOHNNY QUARLES. Just out now are some of the greatest novels of military aviation in the Vietnam War ever written, Tom Wilson’s trilogy beginning with TERMITE HILL. These are must-reads for anyone fascinated with what it was really like to take part in these campaigns.



We’ve added an audio partner for JOHN SCALZI’s 13 property deal with Tor and that is Audible, who has licensed the entire list of new works. We’re very excited about continuing to work with Audible on John’s audiobooks.

We’re also happy to report that the sixth volume of John’s OLD MAN’S WAR series, THE END OF ALL THINGS, has made both the PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY and USA TODAY Bestseller lists.

In other news,

We’ve sold Japanese translation rights in Vaughn Heppner’s THE LAST STARSHIP to Hayakawa in Japan.

We’ve sold the next two books in CAROLINE FARDIG’s ‘Java Jive’ series to Bantam Alibi and the first book launches in November, DEATH BEFORE DECAF.

AMANDA ASHLEY will continue with Kensington and we’ve sold them an additional two paranormal romances.

MARTHE JOCELYN has sold 2 new board books to ORCA, ONE RED BUTTON and ONE PIECE OF STRING and she is a FINALIST for THE CANADIAN CHILDREN’S BOOK CENTRE for WHAT WE HIDE (ages 14 and up category)

MARKO KLOOS will continue his FRONTLINES series with AMAZON PUBLISHING and we have licensed a new original work of fiction to them as well, by agent EVAN GREGORY.

We’ve sold a new work of military non-fiction by Tom Yarborough to Cascade, A SHAU VALOR.

SHELLY LAURENSTON fans can now read CALL OF CROWS in German, as we’ve licensed THE UNLEASHING in Germany.

Kay Kenyon’s MAXIMUM ICE, which was featured in Slate’s “Science Fiction That Can Change The Future”, is part of the upcoming Philip K. Dick Award Bundle on StoryBundle.

Following the successful ebook release of IAN DOUGLAS’s WARSTRIDER series, he is releasing a new novella continuing the series, THE TEN BILLION GODS IN HEAVEN.

The agency has also begun re-releasing 24 frontier and Western novels from JASON MANNING as ebooks.

Looking forward to a busy Fall.

Ethan Ellenberg



Well the big news is probably out there but we do want to report on this site that JOHN SCALZI and TOR BOOKS have agreed to terms for John’s next 10 adult novels and 3 Young Adult novels in a seven figure deal. Congratulations John. We’re delighted to have represented you in this negotiation and there’s much more to do.

In other news:

CORSAIR by JAMES CAMBIAS is out and we’ve sold rights in Japan and Israel.

IAN DOUGLAS has delivered the first book of a new series, ANDROMEDAN DARK which will launch in December from Eos.

On behalf of the ANDRE NORTON estate we’ve licensed an additional 11 backlist titles to Open Road.

We’ve sold Germany rights for SHELLY LAURENSTON for the first book of her new series, THE CROWS: THE UNLEASHING.

We’ve sold a Western to St. Martin’s on behalf of JASON MANNING and A.S.P. will be re-issuing almost his entire backlist with new covers.

On behalf of CANDACE FLEMING we’ve sold a work on the artist JOSEPH CORNELL to Schwartz and Wade.

On behalf of JULIA NOONAN we’ve renewed her agreement with HarperCollins for her illustrations for YOU’RE JUST WHAT I NEED.

On behalf of RIPTIDE PUBLISHING we’ve licensed 10 titles to for their authors S.E. Jakes and Abigail Roux.

Ditmar and Aurealis Award-winning client Thoraiya Dyer inked a three book deal for her TITAN’S FOREST fantasy series with Tor Books.

Patty Blount took home a Firecracker Award for best YA for her book SOME BOYS during the Council of Literary Magazines and Publishers inaugural Firecracker Awards ceremony. She also renewed for two new YA novels with her proud publisher Sourcebooks.


Agency news for April 2015

Patty Blount's SOME BOYS is a finalist for the 2015 RITA Award for Young Adult Romance and is now in its fifth reprint. Her new book NOTHING LEFT TO BURN will be out in August from Sourcebooks.

JOHN SCALZI’S THE END OF ALL THINGS (Tor, 8/2015) is completed and we are gearing up for publication of this sixth book in the ‘Old Man’s War’ series. And there is great news for John’s LOCK IN, it’s up for an AUDIE AWARD. The Audible version is narrated by Wil Wheaton, Amber Benson, and a full cast.

In other news we are pleased to announce a number of sales on behalf of CANDACE FLEMING, two new non-fiction works have been sold to Schwartz and Wade.

She will also be joining Caldecott winning illustrator, ERIC ROHMANN to create a second book featuring their delightful hero BULLDOZER, whose debut children’s picture book BULLDOZER’S BIG DAY is forthcoming in May from Atheneum.

AER-KI JYR’s forthcoming science fiction novel APEX is getting a lot of pre-publication attention and io9 has included it in their best of April 2015 roundup.

JUDD TRICHTER'S LOVE IN THE AGE OF MECHANICAL REPRODUCTION (Thomas Dunne) has a starred review from Publishers Weekly and was featured in their best of spring round up.

GAIL MARTIN’S new novel from Orbit WAR OF SHADOWS is headed for the New Arrivals tables in all stores for Barnes and Noble.

For SHARON SHINN we’ve sold two more works to Audible, JEWELED FIRE: ROYAL AIRS #3 which is coming from Ace in November and another title in the series.

We have two big debuts coming in April for our romance clients, SHELLY LAURENSTONS’S NEW SERIES CALL OF CROWS commences with THE UNLEASHING.

We also welcome a new series from LUCY MONROE, with WILD HEAT from Grand Central.

We’ve sold 3 new books to Harlequin Historicals for Georgie Lee, including her first continuity.

Travis Langley, author of BATMAN AND PSYCHOLOGY will have four pop-culture psychology books from Sterling, the first of which, WALKING DEAD PSYCHOLOGY and STAR WARS PSYCHOLOGY, are due out later this year.

Coming soon...

Coming soon...


Listen to John Scalzi talk about REDSHIRTS on Talk of the Nation
Writer Puts Expendable 'Redshirts' In The Spotlight : NPR

Listen to John Scalzi talk about REDSHIRTS on Talk of the Nation

Low-level crew members on Star Trek were so often killed as soon as they were beamed down, that they became known as redshirts. In the new novel Redshirts, science fiction writer John Scalzi follows similarly expendable ensigns as they sort out their life expectancy issue.

Re: Fifty Shades: There's nothing new under the sun. Ellora's Cave is an agency client who we've helped negotiate reprin...
Before “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Re: Fifty Shades: There's nothing new under the sun. Ellora's Cave is an agency client who we've helped negotiate reprint deals and foreign licenses, and they've been publishing (quite successfully I might add) erotic romance for over a decade. Patty Marks, their CEO, dishes to Salon this week about sex, feminism, and happy endings:

Everyone loves smut, says Patty Marks of Ellora's Cave, who turned kinky fiction into millions before E.L. James

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency, Literary Agent

New Agency News is up at the website, and boy do we have news. Two of our clients are on the New York Times Hardcover Best Seller List, click through to see more:

John Scalzi’s REDSHIRTS leads off at #15, congratulations John, this is a wonderful achievement. MaryJanice Davidson’s UNDEAD AND UNSTABLE, the 11th volume in her magical Queen Betsy series appears at #29 and she can add at that to her long string of Times bestsellers. Fans will be happy to know s...


Also Jim will be hosting a Q&A on Twitter, follow him @jamesmtabor or use the hashtag #earlybirdread

More Sharon Shinn: Audible just released the audio version today.
The Shape of Desire: A Shifting Circle Novel, Book 1

More Sharon Shinn: Audible just released the audio version today.

Check out this great listen on For 15 years Maria Devane has been desperately, passionately in love with Dante Romano. But despite loving him with all of her heart and soul, Maria knows that Dante can never give all of himself back - at least not all the time. Every month, Dante s..…

Agency client Sharon Shinn talks to PW about her new novel THE SHAPE OF DESIRE  (out next week!).  Enjoy!http://www.publ...
Love in the Time of Lycanthropy: PW Talks with Sharon Shinn

Agency client Sharon Shinn talks to PW about her new novel THE SHAPE OF DESIRE (out next week!). Enjoy!

A human woman must decide whether to hide her shape-shifting lover’s secret after a mysterious beast attacks people, in acclaimed fantasist Shinn’s The Shape of Desire.


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