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The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency Established in 1984 The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency represents bestselling authors, career novelists, professional writers, and literary estates.

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency was established in 1984 by Ethan Ellenberg who was a contracts manager for Berkley and associate contracts manager for Bantam. Since its inception the agency has represented several bestselling authors, career novelists, and professional writers. In addition to new and published authors, the agency also represents rights on behalf of publishers and literary esta

The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency was established in 1984 by Ethan Ellenberg who was a contracts manager for Berkley and associate contracts manager for Bantam. Since its inception the agency has represented several bestselling authors, career novelists, and professional writers. In addition to new and published authors, the agency also represents rights on behalf of publishers and literary esta

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His Dark Embrace by Amanda AshleyRelease Date: May 16, 2022Preorder Now on Amazon.Ebook price: $3.99Print book price: $1...

His Dark Embrace by Amanda Ashley

Release Date: May 16, 2022

Preorder Now on Amazon.

Ebook price: $3.99
Print book price: $12.99

Follow this link to Amazon to preorder:

Skylynn “Sky” McNamara O’Brien has returned to Vista Verde, California. But instead of it being a happy return, she has come to her childhood home in sadness to bury her beloved grandfather. And to top it all off, her older brother is missing. With no one to lean on, Sky turns to her childhood crush and neighbor, the mysterious Kaiden Thorne. The obsessive crush of her childhood still lives across the street and wow, is hotter, more handsome, and just as desirable as ever.

When Kaiden sees the beautiful, desirable woman Sky has become, he can’t control the bloodlust he feels for her. When a simple kiss gets out of control and Kaiden draws just a taste of Sky’s blood from a nick on her lip, all he can think of is making Sky his for eternity. The biggest problem will be if his beloved Sky can accept the man—the vampire—he is. Sky can either save him or destroy him. Kaiden must be sure her love for him is stronger than her fear of what he is.

Once Sky commits to Kaiden, there will be no turning back. She will be his forever.

The Reckless Series by Madeline BakerEbook only ($4.99). Available now on Amazon.Follow this link:

The Reckless Series by Madeline Baker

Ebook only ($4.99).
Available now on Amazon.
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Read the whole Reckless series of stories about Cheyenne warriors and the women they love in the Old West.

Reckless Heart: Hannah Kincaid and Shadow
Reckless Love: Hannah Kincaid and Two Hawks Flying (Shadow)
Reckless Desire: Mary, daughter of Hannah and Shadow, and Cloud Walker
Reckless Embrace: Joey and Black Owl
Reckless Destiny: Lynnette and Daniel Blue Hawk, son of Hannah and Shadow

Special sale on Warbot 1.0 by Colonel Brian M. Michelson.Countdown deal starting Friday, April 22. Regular ebook price i...

Special sale on Warbot 1.0 by Colonel Brian M. Michelson.

Countdown deal starting Friday, April 22. Regular ebook price is $4.99. The countdown starts with the great sale price of $0.99, which then goes back up a dollar a day through April 28.

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“Artificial intelligence is the future, not only of Russia, but of all mankind. Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become ruler of the world.” ~ Vladimir Putin, 2017

Meticulously researched, Warbot 1.0 opens a window into modern war through the eyes of the soldiers, AI and autonomous machines that fight it. The parallels in this novel to the Russian invasion of Ukraine are simply uncanny and provide an immersive first-person view into this war, and the next, though the opportunity to “be there and see the fight.”

Darling Jasmine by Bertrice SmallAvailable Now!Ebook: $4.99Print Paperback: $16.99

Darling Jasmine by Bertrice Small

Available Now!

Ebook: $4.99
Print Paperback: $16.99

The legacy of Skye O’Malley lives on in her granddaughter, beautiful and headstrong Jasmine.

One forced marriage was enough for the headstrong Jasmine. Fleeing England with her children, Jasmine would rather leave her homeland than be forced to wed again at King James’ order to the fifth Earl of Glenkirk, Jemmie Leslie. Jasmine not only flees the king’s edict, she also takes with her King James’ only grandson, sired by Jasmine’s lover, Prince Henry Stuart.

But Jemmie Leslie is determined to possess the beautiful Jasmine by any means possible. Her rejection of him only fuels his desire to have her again and once he sees her, his determination only grows stronger. And he will have her back, no matter what comes between them.

Bedazzled by Bertrice SmallAvailable Now!Ebook: $4.99Paperback Print: $16.99

Bedazzled by Bertrice Small

Available Now!

Ebook: $4.99
Paperback Print: $16.99

The legacy of Skye O'Malley lives on in her granddaughters.

Lady India… Beautiful, headstrong, wild, and determined. Certainly no surprise, considering Lady India Lindley is the granddaughter of the famed Skye O’Malley and daughter of the equally beautiful Jasmine de Marisco Lindley.

India is accustomed to having her own way. And an arranged marriage is not something she is willing to face. Boarding a ship to Italy, along with her intended choice for husband, she is determined to elope and escape her domineering family. But when fate intervenes in the form of capture by Ottoman pirates, India finds herself as body slave to the mysterious, handsome and commanding Caynan Reis, dey of the state of El Sinut on the Barbary Coast.

However, things are not always what you see on the surface. Caynan is equally determined to tame the wild beauty, but not by force. Force will not win the love of India. And so begins the erotic game between a man who will not accept defeat and a woman who will not surrender to a barbarian’s love.

The Dragon Lord's Daughters by Bertrice SmallAvailable now on Amazon!Ebook price, $3.99Print price, $14.99 These are the...

The Dragon Lord's Daughters by Bertrice Small

Available now on Amazon!

Ebook price, $3.99
Print price, $14.99

These are the daughters of Merin Pendragon, descendant of the greatest King of Britain, Arthur Pendragon. Three sisters, all with great beauty, strong wills, and lust for life. But their greatest desire is to have by their side strong, capable husbands who will love them for eternity.

Averil: Averil is the eldest, but as the illegitimate daughter of the Dragon Lord, she is behind her younger sister for inheritance. However, a misunderstanding of her true status as heiress leads Rhys FitzHugh, a penniless bailiff, to kidnap the dazzling beauty for himself. Now, to assuage his honor, he must marry Averil and his greatest challenge is before him. He must somehow win her love and loyalty, but most of all, he must win her trust.
Maia: Maia, the true heiress daughter to the Dragon Lord, can have any man she wants. Her huge dowry ensures lots of eligible men vying for her attention, but her heart is set only on one, Emrys Lyn, the descendent of Lancelot, the famed companion of her ancestor Arthur. However, rumors are swirling around Emrys, dangerous, strange rumors that will test her love for him. Her only chance at happiness means she must prove his innocence or share the fate of his previous wives.
Junia: Youngest daughter of the Dragon Lord, Junia has a mind and will of her own. She is content to secretly meet her love, Simon de Bohun, son of her father’s sworn enemy, but her love for him will cost her more than she imagines possible. Junia’s trials bring her the greatest love of her life, something she never imagined could happen until the day she meets and weds William le Clare. William desires only an heir from his new bride, and Junia vows to mourn her late first love all her life. Fate, however, has other plans for these two wounded souls.

Deceived by Bertrice SmallAvailable now on Amazon!Ebook price, $3.99Print price, $12.991760. Aurora and Calandra “Cally”...

Deceived by Bertrice Small
Available now on Amazon!

Ebook price, $3.99
Print price, $12.99

1760. Aurora and Calandra “Cally” Kimberly hear that Valarian, the Duke of Farminster has come to their island home of St Thomas from England to claim his prize--an heiress promised to him by marriage contract. Aurora, the true heiress, wants nothing to do with the handsome but pompous duke. Nothing could drag her away from her beautiful island home to the cold, rainy, gloomy England.

Cally, on the other hand, is elated with the news and longs to put St Thomas behind her and escape to England to live the pampered life as a Duchess. Their solution: switch places to fool the duke into marriage with the wrong sister. But fate has other plans for the sisters. Love, revenge and intrigue all play into bringing the true lovers together.


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AGENCY NEWS January 2021 Once again we can’t proceed without acknowledging the pandemic and the heavy losses we have all experienced. Our condolences go out to the bereaved and our hope for recovery for everyone who is ill. SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY We’ve licensed a second to Baen in Jim Cambias’s The Billion Worlds Universe. This is titled THE SCARAB MISSION We’ve made some significant sales for the multi-genre talent Barry Hutchison. We’ve licensed audio rights to a three-book spin-off from his DCI LOGAN series to Audible. We’ve sold Czech rights to the first DCI LOGAN series. We’ve also licensed dramatic audio to his Space Team series to Graphic Audio. Nice news for Ian Douglas: Audible will include Altered Starscape Unabridged in their February DA Deals. Sony Television has renewed its option on Melissa F. Olson’s series DEAD SPOTS. Tony Peak’s new trilogy launches with Aethon and Audible; look for Eden Descending on February 16. We’ll be publishing a collection of Sharon Shinn’s short fiction, titled SHADOWS OF THE PAST. A second collection will follow. Our efforts to revert and re-publish and originate new work has been a big part of our current work. HEAVEN’S RIVER, the 4th book in Dennis E. Taylor’s Bobiverse series, has been a tremendous success in audio, with numerous bestseller list appearances. Our POD/ebook edition will be published January 24. ROMANCE G.A. Aiken’s THE PRINCESS KNIGHT appeared in November and hit #120 on USA TODAY. Look for MaryJanice Davidson’s new book, A WOLF AFTER MY OWN HEART, from Sourcebooks on February 21. The Bertrice Small Estate continues to delight readers. We’ve licensed 10 more titles to Tantor for audiobook. We have offers from Italy and Russia for translation. FICTION Brian Michelson’s WARBOT 1.0: AI GOES TO WAR has been picked up by Mentor Publications. We’re excited to see this great book distributed by them. NON-FICTION Charles W. Sasser’s PATTON’S PANTHERS has been optioned for film. CHILDREN’S HONEYBEE: THE BUSY LIFE OF APIS MELLIFERA by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann has won numerous awards and we’ve licensed Korean rights. We’ve licensed another title to Scholastic for Candy, Codebreakers of Bletchley Park. Shaftesbury has renewed its television option for Marthe Jocelyn’s AGGIE MORTON series. We’ve published our first activity book, WIZARD WORLD: THE MAGICAL BOOK OF ILLUSTRATED MAZES by author/illustrator Michelle Nunley.
Here's 2 samples of my page, I've got them Back to Back, as Sample 1. & Sample 2. Due to "my own" limitations (separate from billions of others) while under a curse of sorts I think, in which I was able to send Both at First, and then I wasn't, and they are only 2 of many Post as if I'm writing my book on my Facebook account, they are of THE ABSOLUTE MOST PROFOUND OF ALL LITERATURE POSSIBLE, INFINITELY, as not all Post, but many of my Post are of similar Profoundness, and If you don't believe this Literature is of THE ABSOLUTE MOST PROFOUND OF ALL LITERATURE POSSIBLE, INFINITELY, I Challenge You To Read It To Either: AGREE (or the only other one possible infinitely) DISAGREE. And I was wanting to use what I learned and believe to make the world better, and maybe make my many BIG IDEALS, and I have those as a surprise at the bottom of this message I was wanting someone or more to help me get started. THANKS -WAYne (a.k.a. G-ZEUS). SAMPLE POST 1. You know, besides the last message, this is something different, because Life that is Planted and that does Not Perceive Time, is the Opposite Balance of Life that is Not Planted and that does Perceive Time, and because of what Planted Life Breaths In is what Not Planted Life Breaths Out -&- what Planted Life Breaths Out is what Not Planted Life Breaths In, and because what would Naturally Drop to the Ground from the body of Planted Life is Food for Not Planted Life, and what would Naturally Drop to the Ground from the body of Not Planted Life is Food for Planted Life . . . when Sh****ng in the Woods to release what is Waste to me as that which naturally drops to the Ground as Not Planted Life that I am, which is also what is Not Waste to Planted Life, as I have done many times before, I simply Grab onto a Tree that is Young Enough to Wrap my Hands around it to hold onto while I Squat to Not only take a S**t, but to Feed that Young Tree what it would Need to be a Healthier form of Life that it is, and by Life I mean that which Eats Solids, Drinks Liquid & Breaths Gas, just as I do, but because it is Planted Life as that which does Not Perceive Time, it does Not experience what IS & IS NOT "Wanted", as I do as Not Planted Life as that which does Perceive Time, and I do experience what IS & IS NOT "Wanted", and that's the Cycle of Life in Nature as I've noticed, and just as Life that Perceives Time is the BALANCED opposite of Life that Perceives No Time, Time is as if "1" -&- No Time is a if "0", which means Planted Life as the "0" Firstly Creates the Livable Environment for it's BALANCED counter part Not Planted Life as the "1" that comes Secondly, so Firstly is Planted Life at "0" with No Time Perceived -&- Secondly is Planted Life at "1" with Time Perceived, and Firstly was THE GARDEN. And that's also why it's TRUE and NOT FALSE ("False" meaning NOT TRUE) that NEGATIVE NEEDS POSITIVE -&- POSITIVE NEEDS NOT NEGATIVE, and because my experience of LIFE is basically RUINED as an UNDESERVED NEGATIVE NOW and possibly HERE, I'm going to NEED TWICE THE OPPOSITE IN ONE AMOUNT as a POSITIVE LATER (that also Positively Repeats), and possibly NOT HERE, so, I'm kind of anxiously awaiting my BAPTISM of sorts (meaning like "Holy Water" which simply means clear & reflective liquid water as that which is a neutrality to neutralize Vampiric like Villains and monstrous "Evil" of all kinds) at the "0" of Death to go into the Reflection Upon The Surface Of Clear (Clear, meaning to go through, like a clear doorway amongst walls) -&- Reflective (Reflective, meaning to get what positively is deserved upon reflection of what was negatively not deserved) Liquid Water that is a neutrality at "0" between Negatives & Positives, as if being "one with" the "0" of Death itself. So anyways, that's why "Good" (meaning To-Receive-Negative Life-From-Giving-Positive Life) has at Least-Twice the Positive Life outcome compared to "Evil" -&- "Evil" (meaning To-Receive-Positive Life-From-Giving-Negative Life) has at Most-Half the Positive Life outcome compared to "Good", and the Earned & Deserved Positive Life outcomes of "Good" do Repeat, and the Unearned & Undeserved Positive Life outcomes of "Evil" do Not Repeat, and if that does Not Happen, EXISTENCE becomes LESS & NOT MORE . . . EXISTENT -&- if that does Happen, EXISTENCE becomes MORE & NOT LESS . . . EXISTENT, and that's why there is what I call "THE BALANCE". So, the basic INFINITE LAW in a small sentence is: "NEGATIVE NEEDS POSITIVE -&- POSITIVE NEEDS NOT NEGATIVE." So, as you can see, the Past Few Thousand Years of Life on Earth has kinda' had it Wrong & Not Right, meaning The Overall Gist of The 10 Commandments of Moses -&- Believing or Not Believing according to John 3:16, is simply Following the 10 Commandments causes one to be More "Good" -&- Less "Evil" in Life before Death -AND- Not Following the 10 Commandments causes one to be Less "Good" -&- More "Evil", and "Believing" what was said according to John 3:16 simply meant "BE GOOD -&- BE NOT EVIL" in Life Before Death, in which the Process was 1. Tell the More Goodly Oppressed First the Truth, and Live & Not Die because it was More Good News & Less Bad News to those People, and 2. Tell the More Devilish Oppressors Second the Truth, and Die & Not Live because it was More Bad News & Less Good News to those People, and then Death was Basically at 33 1/3 Years. And if that was me, as I was told I was, I didn't say Pray to me, I gave examples of how I Prayed. Which was to a Hevenly Father, as in a H(even)ly Balance, which would have meant Absolute: ONE as (every)THING/TIME/GRAVITY as ONE (like P***s is Thing Outside), in Balance of Hevenly Mother, as in a H(even)ly Balance, which would have meant Absolute: NONE as NO THING/NO TIME/NO GRAVITY as NONE (like Va**na is No Thing Inside, and why Floating in Water Resembles Floating in No Gravity of Space, linked to why Life is Born from Water at "0" Between Solid & Gas, like Stars are Born from "0" as in "0" Gravity), and that's what I personally in Faith believe to be my own Hevenly: Mother & Father, as the Man-Child I currently am, as if A (or The, I don't know) Son of THE UNIVERSE I personally in faith believe. SAMPLE POST 2. You know, I still don't know why I haven't gotten contacted back with a "YES" (in BALANCE of the only other one a "NO") for a Book Deal, from any one of the Thousands of Book Proposals I've sent around the World to Literary Agents & Publishers, and I honestly don't know if anyone has tried to "Hustle" or "Cheat" me out of a Book (or anything else) as simply a Book I wanted to write as my own Book among Millions & Millions of other Published Books that others Wanted to Write, in which my Book, as only One of them, would simply be explaining that the "Hustlers" & "Cheaters" get at Most-Half the Positive outcome as that which is Wanted as Pleasures & No Pain compared to the "Good" by Choice and/or the "Hustled" & the "Cheated" -AND- the "Good" by Choice and/or the "Hustled" & the "Cheated" get at Least-Twice the Positive outcome as that which is Wanted as Pleasures & No Pain compared to the "Hustlers" & the "Cheaters", and that the Deserved Positives of the "Good" by Choice and/or the "Hustled" & the "Cheated" Do Repeat in those Deserved Positive Amounts in Total, and that the Undeserved Positives of the "Hustlers" & "Cheaters" Do Not Repeat in those Undeserved Positive Amounts. So, if there were any "Hustlers" & "Cheaters". I mean, I personally don't know, and won't know, because I'm a "Good" Guy, but I still wonder what the metaphorical "Wrench" in the Gears of any Minds of any "Hustlers" & "Cheaters" Felt like once they understood the concept of what it was they were trying to "Hustle" or "Cheat" me out of. In which I honestly don't know if there were any. I mean, my main objective was to gain influence I hoped with the knowledge I've Earned to Learn, from being so "Good", was to try and get my Organization/Company Started for THE BIG IDEALS I've thought of while alone over most of my life, but I still don't know why it hasn't happened for me yet? I mean, I kind of knew it was THE MOST PROFOUND OF ALL LITERATURE POSSIBLE INFINITELY, because it explains THE TRUTH, and there's only ONE of those, THE BALANCE, and I simply thought Literary Agents & Publishers were looking for THE MOST PROFOUND OF ALL LITERATURE POSSIBLE INFINITELY, so, I don't know what's going on. I mean, I was even going to explain that if one is Cursed by another so they don't get what they Want, as what isn't Wanted, that they still have to have at Least-Twice the Opposite as what is Wanted, and even those deserved Positives must Repeat, so, I don't know, I mean, I Wanted to "Save The World" with my BIG IDEALS, but I thought I could get it started with the Influence I gained from the Book I Wanted to Write, I mean, that's I thought happen, so when I First moved into my apartment here, when I only had a laptop, I SWEAR, I remember thinking to myself something like "EUREKA!!! I'VE GOT IT!!! I'll Send Literary Agents My Ideal For A Book To Afford My Project (meaning my BIG IDEALS) With Book Sales and/or Influence!!!" that really is something that I honestly thought would work, and then I got to work, and that's why I honestly thought I would have already had a vehicle with an elongated wheel base and some extra metal and whatnot, otherwise known as a Limousine, pulling up in my Driveway here (at the address listed below) because of the Profoundness of The Book Proposals & The BIG IDEALS themselves, both in one package together as many of The Book Proposals I sent out, and many or most of them in numbers was sent New York City, so, hopefully the Literary Agents & Publishers there aren't Bad Guys & Gals, I don't know, I mean, if they were more Bad Guys & Gals, and less of the othern', and they understood it, the symbolic representation of it might have been like King Kong or Godzilla Runnin' around Crazier than Hell trying to get a Book Deal and start makin' some Toys ain't any of 'em Seen or Heard of yet, and I was even inspired by the movie I seen called "Genius" after I first began sending Book Proposals to New York, Proposing a Book about "THE BALANCE", with many of them accompanied with my BIG IDEALS, and Heck, I was even a bit a Foot Stomper myself, like the main Character was doin' in that movie at Times, thinkin' I was doin' the JESUS Stomp from THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST while thinkin' I was Stompin' Villains and such while hearing Terrible Voices saying Terrible Things to me while not knowing what to do about it, as I began doing that about 2 Years before I began learning "THE BALANCE" and then later Stopped doin' the JESUS Stompin' basically once I moved in here in this apartment, and began thinkin' of my project as it took my mind sometime to understand "THE BALANCE", in which I also later realized there's no such a thing as an "EVIL GENIUS", it's impossible, 'cause they wouldn't have been a "Genius" by Definition if they were "Evil" (ultimately) by Definition, and I'm still continuing to learn as a Born into Poverty & Semi-Retardation to Non-Violent Virgin Man-Child by Vow of Virginity to THE UNIVERSE, as I still currently am somewhat a Man-Child, and I still haven't gone to New York City to Propose my Book and Projects in Person, maybe I should do that, THATS AN IDEAL!!!, so, until then, I don't know what's happening, I mean, it just doesn't make much sense . . . I might have been Cursed or somethin' by the Choice of another or others, I sure Don't/Do Hope I was. So, what's next? I mean, I wanted to use my understanding of THE UNIVERSE to gain influence, I suppose, mostly in order to get another project started, and the literature I'm proposing is what I wanted to use as a "stepping stone" of sorts to do so, in which my main project is having an abundance of "Hidden In Plain Sight" Fantastical Real World Possibilities that simply haven't existed yet for Life on Earth the Way I Wanted it to . . . as if Heven, or a "Paradise On Earth" as it's said, meaning Seemingly Magical, Yet Real World, Fantastical Possibilities, for Everyone, including myself . . . so, take a look, and let me know how you can help me, help you, help me, help everyone . . . . . . So, Try Reading This Without Being Too Amazed -or- Almost Too Amazed, It's 10 (or more) Ideas That Will Change The World (Or Any World Like This World) Forever, And I Want You To Be A Part Of It With Me, IF You're Of The First To Help Me, Plus It's Very Amazing & True, So, Please Take It Seriously, Thanks, Here Goes . . . 1. The Flying Cars, as part of the Air-Division of "Adventurer United" would simply be Cars that resemble the Classically Classy Cars of the 20's & 30's yet Ultra-Modernized, by having Narrow White Wall Tires with Classic looking Wagon Wheel like Wheels (perhaps aluminum or some other obviously light-weight strong material), that not only look Fantastic, but are as such for both Aerodynamics & Reduced Weight due to them being Classically Narrow, all while Seamlessly playing into that Wonderful Classic look everyone is Attracted to. It would simply have an Engine that Powers a Propeller while in the Air, and the Wheels while on the Ground, perhaps with Duel Transmissions (if needed), and One would simply Drive this Beautifully Classy Ultra-Modernized 20's & 30's looking 2 Seat Light-Weight Roadster (with Golden Overlapping "AU" letters for (A)dventurer (U)nited as a Hood Ornament and All ... Awesome!, in which "AU" also happens to be the Atomic Symbol for "Gold") to any "Adventurer United" participating Air-Port to simply have a Diagnostics Check for Engine Use before Flight, then as Part of the Pre-Flight Process, the Automatically Attachable & Detachable 3 Piece Company Stock Unit, Readily Available Hardware, Stored at Participating Airports in Partnership with "Adventurer United", perhaps all One Color if needed, would be attached as: A. Propeller, B. Wing or Wings (High & Low) and C. Tail Fin. I'd want them with Fully Automatic Take-Off & Landing for Safety, and maybe even be Fully Automatic during the entire Flight from A to B without License& Training, and Manual Flight if wanted with License & Training, when certain Laws are Changed for Automatic Flights. In which while on Land, the Engine would be Governed for Safety while in the Air, so, no matter how hard you Push Down the Gas Peddle while Driving on Land, it won't effect the overall health of the Engine while in the Air. In which the Diagnostics Check and Parts Stored at Airports would be for overall Safety & Efficiency, and No One really Wants Gaudy looking Plane Parts on their Car anyways while Driving around Town, it just looks Goofy I think. All they need to See is that Beautiful Golden Overlapping AU on the Hood, and that Beautiful Classy Look, and they'll Know you're Flying High as an "Adventurer United" Club Member of sorts, in which I'm still debating the 2 Seats being Side by Side, or Front & Rear as the Roadster itself would be as if the Plane Fuselage without the Parts attached, but you wouldn't be able to tell while driving it on the ground. And I wouldn't Mind Seeing one for myself in a Classy Jaguar Green with Wood Grain Paneling with that GOLD AU Hood Ornament, in which all Models would have the Classy Narrow White Wall Tires, and Aluminum Wagon Wheels that are perhaps painted the Same Color as the Body Color, with Gold here and there to make it all Pop! like say, Golden in Color: Hood Ornament, Small Circular Center Caps on the Wheels, Door Handles, and wherever else. Very Simple Huh? So that the idea for an affordable Flying Car, in which they will merely somewhat resemble the Smaller Classic 20's & 30's look, all while being Ultra Modernized and very attractive looking as vehicles on the Ground. Oh Yeah, and part of the Design of my Flying Cars, is that this addition Most Likely won't ever be Needed, but if it is Needed, the actual Seat Back of the Flying Car would also be a Detachable Packed Parachute which would Automatically be Detached the very Instant the Adventurer United Computer System knows the Flying Car is going to Crash if that were to ever occur (hopefully not), which means the Passenger can't Choose to make the Seat Back Parachute Detach by Choice, it can only Detach the Instant the Ultra Intelligent International Computer System of "Adventurer United" knows it's going to happen. In which the Flying Car can't even Fly unless the Safety Belt is Fastened before Take Off, and then one just simply Exits the Flying Car while in the Air and Immediately Pulls the Chords once away from the Vehicle. It's just as comprehensive as a Packed Air-Bag in Steering Wheels, which are basically in every car anyways, but rather a Packed Parachute as a Seatback, that's what I'd do as Top Man of "Adventurer United". Hey, why haven't All or Any Air-Plane makers simply thought of making a Law that All Seat Backs of All Air-Planes Double as Packed Parachutes that Automatically Detach the same way I just thought of it, just like Laws for Air-Bags and such? Ok, so I've mentioned the Classy 20's & 30's Looking Flying Car with Propeller that's easily affordable to the "Middle-Class", but now it's time for the "Adventurer United" "MACH 1" Affordable for the Upper Class . . . yeah it's got a JET, and it too works much like the Process for the Flying Cars with Propellers, yet more Advanced of course. Anyways, in simple form, all it is, is an Obviously Light Weight & Aerodynamic Sports Car of Sorts that simply has a Removable One Piece Electric Battery & Motor Component in the Front as One Piece for quick and easy removal -&- A Removable One Piece JET Turbine Component in the Rear, in which when One Comes Out, The Other Goes In, when either Arriving -or- Departing at whatever "Adventurer United" Participating Airports, so, you get the Big Picture, Battery-Motor Out/Jet Turbine In when Departing -&- Battery-Motor In/Jet Turbine Out when Arriving, easy huh? Anyways, both the Electric Battery/Motor & The JET Turbine are Temporarily & Safely Stored at the Participating "Adventurer United" Airports, in which the Removable Electric Battery/Motor Component is self explanatory, and the JET takes a little more Detail, but not much. The Flying Jet Car is Built in such a Way that when the JET Turbine is securely placed in the Rear (at the same time the Battery/Motor is removed), the Front of the Jet Turbine that is Circular of Course with a Circular Fl**ge on the Front of the JET Turbine of course, is simply Butted Up Against another Circular Fl**ge the Same Size of course that is not only used as what is Pushed down the Runway and Through the Air as a Crucial Part of the Frame of the Car as it is being Pushed by a JET Turbine with Tremendous Force, but that Fl**ge as Part of The Frame being Pushed is also The End of a Wind Tunnel that Begins at the Front of the Car where the Grill would otherwise be on any Normal Car (in which the Battery-Motor would obviously fit around that Tubular Wind Tunnel under the Hood in the Front). And While The Front of the JET Turbine is Pushing on the Back End of the Wind Tunnel, which is also a Strong Point of the overall Frame, the Front of the Wind Tunnel as the Front of the Car is Pulling the Car Through the Air with Tremendously Strong Suction as if an Open Mouth yet Grilled & Guarded, as if the Car is being Pulled from the Front & Pushed from the Rear while only using One Company Stock JET Turbine. And while in the Car, like in many 2 Seat Sports Cars, concerning the Center Console, the Center Console would be slightly Over-Sized if need be between the Driver & Passenger Seats, which of course the Wind Tunnel would be under the Center Console as the Wind Tunnel would Run from the Front of the Car to the Front of the JET Turbine behind the Firewall behind the Seats where the End of the Wind Tunnel meets the Beginning of the JET Turbine. And the Wing of Course, which is simply Attached before Flight, and Detached after Flight, is Underneath the Jet Car, perhaps, and I was thinking about a possible Wheels& Tires shared exchange just as the Motors & Jets have shared exchange when Departing or Arriving, in which the Owner of the Car could have their accounts simply either Credited or Charged depending upon how much Tire ware& tare there is from One set to Another, along with how High or Low the Battery of the Motor was Charged upon Departure, in which a Fully Charged Battery/Motor Unit is always used upon Arrival before Driving away after the Flight, and there could be some other sort of smaller wheels used for Takeoff& Landing, Pretty Simple Huh? Now, I know it's Possible, and Not Impossible, if Built Right, which is why I say for the "Upper-Class", but I want the "MACH 1" to truly be a "MACH 1", meaning I want it to be Built in such a Way, to not only be Driven on the Ground with Electric Battery/Motor with Front Wheel Drive, but I also want it be able to Travel at Large Air-Craft Speeds and even Break The Sound Barrier giving it's True Name "MACH 1", while being Pushed from the Rear & Pulled from the Front with Tremendous Force by a Powerful Company Stock Jet Turbine, all while Maintaining Cabin Pressure at Higher Altitudes. That's very Possible. I want it to exist, and to exist for "Adventurer United". So, that's both of "Adventurer United's" Flying Cars, One with Propeller, and One with Jet Turbine. 2. The Self-Navigating Sailing Homes, as part of the Sea-Division of "Adventurer United" would simply be just that while at a Comparable Average Cost of Homes on Land, in which the Goal is to Research& Develop a Way to Develop those very Words, meaning Mass Produce: "Self-Navigating-Sailing-Homes-At-A-Comparable-Cost-Of-Homes-On-Land", so, there would be a Surge of Home Owners on Land, who would Want a Self-Navigating Sailing Home on Sea, and with there being More than Twice the Amount of Water on Earth Compared to Land, the Possibilities are Seemingly Endless into the Seemingly Endless Horizons of a Water-World of sorts with Affordable Self-Navigating Real-Estate, and with Computer Technology and Simple Hardware Combined, this is very easily Possible, which could also have Solar-Power integration with the Vessel to Electronically Power the Computer assisted Hardware, and whatever else, In which the Self-Navigating Sailing Homes themselves, if Not in Use, wouldn't have to take up Space on Shore, but Rather, with Solar-Technology & Computer Integrated Smart Sails, they could simply be in a "Ghost-Ship" Mode while Not in Use, and simply Stay at Sea, Off Shore, and then with Perfect Timing, could be Summoned by the Owner on Land for Timely Scheduled Ventures at Sea, with an "Adventurer United" Company Crate of Supplies Timely Delivered for those Ventures when the Self-Navigating Sailing Home reaches Land with or without anyone on Board before the Trip. And I wouldn't Mind having a Larger or Largest of Company Stock Models to Park my Loadable and Unloadable: Flying Car, All-Terrain Mobile Home & Duel Engine Sports Car on it's Deck as I Travel from Time to Time on the Sea as Top Man, or Chairman, or President, or CEO, or Big-Wig or whatever you want to call it of "Adventurer United", All While being a somewhat Man-Child perhaps, which is what makes it all work, meaning a Man as a Child, like myself, to See the Unseeable. And if the Model was Big Enough, and Long Enough, I would want a Flying Car Sling Shot Throwing Strip to Safely Take Off -&- Catch Upon Landing, Off & On it's Deck from Time to Time, when I Feel Like Flying to Land from Sea, or to Sea from Land, whether Fully Automatic or Manual, as an Option for Larger "Adventurer United" Self-Navigating-Sailing-Home Models. And basically, the Production of the Vessels for the "Self-Navigating-Sailing-Homes-At-A-Comparable-Cost-Of-Homes-On-Land" is simply Producing a Spaciously Livable Object in Comparison to The Average Spaciousness of the Average Home on Land, and Average Cost, in the Most Efficient, Cost Effective, and Safe Way to be Able to Withstand the Sea as if merely a Buoyant Sea Worthy Object with Deck and Whatever other Structures on Top and Rooms Underneath that is Built to work Most Perfectly in Accordance with the Functioning of The Fully Automatic Sails & Mast later Added to the Vessel . . . then According to the Size of the Stock Model Vessel, simply Add 1 or 2 or More Computer Integrated Mast & Sail Systems to be Added to that Firstly Built Object (meaning the Vessel itself) to Simply Move the Vessel About at Sea. And because Ropes/Cables are going to be used, the Computer Integrated Mast & Sail System would simply be as if a metaphorical Puppeteer from Underneath controlling the movements of the metaphorical Puppet up Above. Meaning Computer Integration combined with a Pulley & Cable System that Simply Gives or Takes Away Slack of the Several Cables working with Several Pulleys with the Computer Integrated & Motorized Pulley System at the Bottom in the Bowels of the Vessel as the metaphorical Puppet Master, with the Sails themselves at the Top being as if the metaphorical Puppet working Perfectly Together from Bottom to Top. In which the Mast can be Large & Hollow, yet Strong, and the Cables running from Bottom to Top are Safely and Efficiently Hidden Inside the Hollow Mast themselves, and when the Pulleys at the Bottom Give & Take Away Slack it Simply Causes the Sails to Move & Shift & Change Positions, as I said, as if the metaphorical "Puppet" up Above, with the Computerized Pulley System at the Bottom being as if the metaphorical "Puppet Master" down Below, and the Mast themselves may even be able to Turn in Place from Side to Side if Needed, in which it all Functions together Harmoniously while Factoring in All Weather (including Wind of course) Above & Below the Surface of the Sea, to Simply Move the Vessel About Most Safely & Most Efficiently even while in "Ghost Ship" Mode while passengerless at Sea away from Shore for efficiency. And The Deck itself should have Weight Bearing Solar Panels that Charge a Battery on Board for All Electronic Needs/Wants while freely Walking about the "Self-Navigating-Sailing-Homes-At-A-Comparable-Cost-Of-Homes-On-Land". And, as I've said, the Fully Automatic Self-Charging & Self-Navigating Vessels can be as if "Ghost Ships" that don't have to take up space along any Coast Line of the World, due to it's ability to Self-Charge & Self-Navigate and stay at Sea in Designated Territories perhaps, until The Vessel itself is Summoned by the Owner on Land to Automatically make its way to Land in the Most Timely manner, in which one can pre-order a Venture Crate of Supplies to be Stocked on Deck before a Planned Venture at Sea as I've said, in which all Ventures at Sea from A to B and wherever else have estimated Departures & Arrivals with a Most Perfect Timing, due to Computer Integration with Satellite GPS & Weather Information, and Location of all other Objects at Sea factored in. Pretty Simple Huh? That's why I'm the "Top Man" as I am, even as a "Man-Child". And also as part of the Water Division of Adventurer United, I would also eventually have Several Small Underwater Cities to Visit in The Most Beautiful Places on The Bottom of Sea Floors, most likely made of Spherical or Half Spherical Domes with Triangular Shaped Sections of Thick Glasses made Specifically for the Skeletal Structure of The Dome Shaped Under Water Cities, in which the Triangular Shaped Glasses specifically made to Wedge into their Places which each Triangular Shaped Wedge having a Slight Curvature on the Outside of each one that Matches the Overall Curvature of the Domed Structure itself, that actually uses the Water Pressure to its Advantage as How they're Tightly Wedged into their Places as part of the Structural Design, and the Slightly Wedge Shaped and Slightly Curved Triangular Glasses with the Water Pressure Pushing in on each Section of Triangular Shaped Glasses causing The Air Tight Seal as the Water that Each Small City is Filled with Before & After Completion is simply Pumped Out while Air is Simultaneously Pumped In once the Structure is Complete Under Water to Ensure a Strong Hold that will Last Hundreds or Thousands of Years into The Future as it Stays Fastened to the Sea Floor, and then basically handle all the Details from there. In which I would have Several of them around the World on The Most Beautiful of Sea Floors as the Under Water Division of "Adventurer United". So, Adventurer United's Water Division is both On & Under Water. 3. The All-Terrain Mobile Homes as part of the Land-Division of "Adventurer United", would simply be Livable Recreational Vehicles in Environmentally Clean Partnership by Law with International/National Parks around the world, of Course in Partnership with "Adventurer United", as Vehicles that Not only use the Variable Cylinder Engines (I'll later mention) for Maximum Economy & Power that I'll mention next, but have Minimal: A. Bed B. Shower C. Kitchenette D. Solar-Roof and/or Chipped Dead Wood Stove/Electric Generators, and whatever else that comes to mind for them. In which it would also have a Wild-Water System that: A. Pumps B. Filters C. Heats and/or Cools Water from Wild-Water Sources in Nature while Parked near those Wild Water sources while Venturing on Land in the Wild of Nature. And I kind of like the idea of the 6 X 6 Platform of the FORD Velociraptor, with 4 Wheels in the Back & 2 Wheels in the Front, but also in Long Bodied High Top Stand Up Van Form, all while Using the Ultra Economic & Powerful Variable Cylinder Engine I'll describe next, with the A,B,C,D's and whatever else that comes to mind with it that I've mentioned. And, just in Case, while in the Wild of Nature, I even thought of an "Adventurer United" Membership 5-Piece Gun & Clips & Butt& Barrel & Chest/Back Strap. Of course I want the Overlapping Golden AU on the Gun Handle, with Attachable Barrel & Butt that can be Attached to the High Powered Hand Gun, with the Gun & Clips on the Front Left & Right, and the Barrel & Butt that Connects Together as One-Piece and can be Stowed Away on the Back of The Vest as if a Back Sheath of sorts while Venturing on Foot in the Wild, in which the Attachable Barrel & Butt with Sheath would be used for any Legal Hunting while in the Wild, and the Gun & Ammo Left & Right with Chest Strap for Safety in General if amongst Deadly Animals. And as Part of The Land Division of "Adventurer United", (just as the Water Division), I would have In and/or Under Ground Adventurous "Labyrinth's" of sorts for "Adventurers" to Visit, and perhaps Built to Own as if a Home of Sorts around the World, that are Built Into and/or Under the Solidity of Earth whether Into and/or Under Stone or Soil. In Fact, if I could have things the Way I Want them for Myself and the Company, as a Headquarters of sorts, I would have a Place that's Described in one of my Most Favorite Books, which is the Possibility of something like "The Lonely Mountain" in the Book "There And Back Again" otherwise known as "The Hobbit" so there is a Larger than usual Headquarters of the Company Built into and Under a Mountain as if Bestly built by the Storied "Dwarfs" of "There And Back Again" as a Head Quarters of sorts. So, Adventurer United's Land Division is both In & On Land. 4. As mentioned, The Variable Cylinder Engines, as Part of "Adventurer United", are simply a Hidden In Plain Sight Idea yet to be Created as Engines that Operate on only 1 to as many Cylinders as Needed to achieve Up to 100+ Mpg -or- up to 200+ Mph, Both by Choice, meaning Economy -or- Performance. Very simple, and yet to be Created. And I also, wanted to finally get to see my Dual Engine Vehicles, with either these engines, or a variation of these engines, for instance, like a Duel Engine All-Wheel Drive (by default) and All-Wheel Steering Ford Mustang "Hydra" (as in a Two Headed Dragon, meaning Two Engines, in comparison to "Cobra") that will Triumph, as a Mustang, over Most (if not All) High End European Sports Cars due to it's Perfect Balance, Power, Agility and Synchronized Duel Engines& Steering. A car like that with a Perfectly Balanced & In Sync Duel Engine System with 1000+ HP (or so) would Perform as if a Motor Cycle with 500+ (or so) with 2 Wheels, but rather 1000+ HP (or so) with 4 Wheels, with an average of about 250+ HP per Wheel, obviously. So, I was thinking Hood Scoop (plus grill) Air-Intake for Front-Engine, and Side Scoops Air-Intake (perhaps both High & Low, High meaning where the side windows are usually for the rear seat passengers, yet this will be a Two Seater) for the Rear Engine, with a bit of a Chop Top look on the Road and Possibly even T-Tops, yes T-Tops on a Mustang, that may even have the Capability of running on 1 to 2 Cylinders Each Engine at a Time when Wanted, for Excellent Gas Mileage (as an "Economy Mode" of sorts in Balance of a "Performance Mode" of sorts with that Engine being a repeatable Template for other Models) as a "World Be**er" of a Sports Car, I mean, it doesn't have to be a Mustang, it could be a whole new Brand, perhaps a Brand of Adventurer United, I don't know, maybe even far better than a Mustang as how I've imagined it, but either way, I wanna' see my Dual Engine Perfectly Balanced Sports Cars, mostly to have one myself, like all other Products I've mentioned, just so I could also have The Best Company Stock Model Sold for Myself, and everyone else would Obviously have all of the Rest, because I can only Experience One at a Time anyways. 5. Solar-Farms simply Utilizing the Healthy Untapped source of Energy given Daily from The Sun in the Deserted Sun Lands around the World (meaning where there's Not Much Rain of course), as if making metaphorical Lemonade from the metaphorical Lemons dealt to Earth from a Giant Glowing Lemon Colored thing in the Sky called The Sun, along with Multiple Railways shipping many things, like Filtered Salt-Water and All other Needed & Wanted Supplies & Products from the Coast and the Surrounding Areas of these Sun Lands and also to The Solar-Farm Cities that would Naturally occur over time, in which these Sun Land Solar Farms would be in Affiliation with the Company I'd be The Founder of I guess, and eventually All of the Energy being collected from The Sun Daily in these Sun Land Sun Farms could be Distributed in a most Efficient Way as if The Entire Planet or at Least Most of the Entire Planet would be on a Grid or Grids with either Above or Below Ground Lines of Electricity being Ran Along (whether above or below) Transportation Routes like Railways and/or Roadways and such, that could Power All of The Planet or at Least Most of the Planet for Everyone or Most Everyone on Earth. So, a part of the Process when Building or Rebuilding Transportation Routes, when the Time comes, since Towns & Cities use Roads and/or Railways to get there in the First Place, would simply be Implementing these however Large Enough & Long Enough Lines of Electricity into Transportation Routes whether above or below Ground Around the World, and Not only could they be as if Lines of Electricity, but the Lines themselves could be made as if Continuous Charge Holding & Letting Tubular Battery Cells that Double as Lines Running from The World Energy Farms themselves that Branch & Stem from there on out, all while the Entire System, Perhaps Underground, Collects Enormous Amounts of Energy, and then Uses and/or Stores it over time as Energy is Collected Every Day as if enormous Charge Holding & Letting Battery/Power Line Grids to electronically Power the World Day & Night. And, Ready For It? In the Future, Cars Parked on the Streets for Transportation can Simply Recharge either while Parked overnight, or the Energy is Transferred from the Lines to the Vehicles as they move, you know, kind of like how you can now put a Cell Phone on a Pad without Plugging it in, yet the Battery Still Recharges, and that Technology could be implemented Around the World, from the Roadways & Railways, to Vehicles & Trains and such, and then there's Absolutely No Need for using Combustion Engines that Burn Fuel and Create Pollution by Transportation on Land, around the Entire World, or Most of it anyways, wherever there's Roadways & Railways and such. 6. Shared Living "River-Towns", as Almost Wall-Like Stretches of Connected Town-Homes that are 3,4,5 or More Stories Tall, that Sit Atop Embankments Along Beautiful Stretches of River around the World, in which Residents would simply Share the Back Yard, meaning However Many Miles of The River itself and the Spacious Land on Both-Sides of it leading up to the Backs of the Town-Homes themselves Sitting Atop the Embankments, in which the Shared Living Land will have: Excellent Scenery, Water Sports, Golf Course, Sports Complex, Forested and Non-Forested Trails Throughout, A Sandy Beach Front Along A Lengthy Section on Both Sides, Along with an "Adventurer United" Flying Car Air-Port Strip or Strips on the Front-Side where any vehicles would be driven and parked, Not the Back-Side of the River-Town Home Stretch for the Residents of these "River-Towns". In which One could Buy a Single Condo Like Flat on One Story, or Many Flats From To Top To Bottom And/Or Side To Side, in which the Walls & Floors can be Adjusted and Moved to Create a Larger Home How You Want It on the Inside as a Resident of one of my many River-Towns around the World, in which each Stretch of River-Town could have a Water Filtering& Purifying Dam of sorts that are just Up-Stream at One End of these River-Towns as One Dam would Filter & Purify the Mile or Miles of the Entire Stretch of River-Town for Cleanliness & Whatever Water-Sports might occur. I like these to exist simply because They and the Stories of Life they would render don't exist yet, I thought it would be a beautiful addition as what doesn't already exist yet, for the entire world. 7. Buoyant Man-Made Islands in the Pacific, Atlantic & Indian Oceans as Large Adventurous Destinations for the Self-Navigating Sailing Homes& Flying Cars to Venture to would be the Most Expensive Part for "Adventurer United". Which is why as "Top Man" of "Adventurer United" the Company itself isn't going to pay for it at all, which I'll explain. So, the Goal is many 5 Mile or so in Diameter Man-Made Islands, in which each One could be Anchored or Moved (according to the Yearly Winds) with a Series of Several Strategically Placed Computer Integrated Smart Sails & Mast, like that on the Self-Navigating-Sailing-Homes, in which the Self-Navigating-Sailing-Homes could Safely Self-Navigate as if a Passenger-Less "Ghost-Ship" near the Perimeter of the Islands, while One could come Aboard the Islands with a Transport or Taxi of sorts Picking Up Island Visitors, and the Flying Cars could Safely and Automatically Land on the Runways of the Surfaces of these Anchored and Seemingly Magical sometimes Moving Islands. In which, as I've previously mentioned, the Self-Navigating Sailing Homes themselves, if Not in Use, wouldn't have to take up Space on Shore, but Rather, with Solar-Technology & Computer Integrated Smart Sails, they could simply be in a "Ghost-Ship" Mode while Not in Use, and simply Stay at Sea, Off Shore, and then with Perfect Timing, could be Summoned by the Owner on Land for Timely Scheduled Ventures at Sea, with an "Adventurer United" Company Crate of Supplies Timely Delivered for those Ventures when the Self-Navigating Sailing Home reaches Land with or without anyone on Board before the Trip. And maybe the R & D Team can come up with Better ways, but I was thinking of using Large Half-Spheres as if Bowls at However Large Enough Size Needed with Structural Support on the Inside of them, then, Simply Fill those Mostly Hollow Yet Structurally Sound Half-Spherical Bowls with an Everlasting (from Liquid to Solid) Buoyant Foam of Sorts, and that Half-Spherical Bowl (which I thought could be made of a an Oil Based Solid, like a Plastic of sorts) should have a Solidly Attached Hexagonal Shaped Flat Top Added to the Top of The Buoyant Foam Filled Half-Spherical Structurally Sound Bowls as if One Solid Piece as Bowl & Hexagonal Top, with Mostly Foam on the Inside. Then Simply Repeat that Process of Making those One Piece Hexagon Topped Half-Spherical Bowls with Mostly Foam on the inside Over and Over and Over again, and then just Connect Each One of those at Sea, in which it would Look something like a Honey Comb Design from Above while they continue to be connected Sea, and then you can make those Man-Made Islands as Small or as Large as you Want, by Simply Connecting as Many Hexagonal Flat Topped Bowls as you want to, in which Each Edge of the 6 Sided Hexagonal Top would simply Have Large Steel Hinges (like large door hinges) that Interconnect Edge to Edge, with Large Steel Bars put through those Interlocking Hinges (also like on doors) to make it All Connect as the Size of the Island becomes Larger and Larger, in which the Larger the Island, the More Structurally Sound the each Bowl is and the entire Island as a Whole, which is why I suggest 5 Miles in Diameter perhaps for Both: Overall Structural Soundness & A Wonderfully Amazing Spectacle for the Eye to Behold as a Club Member of "Adventurer United", and whatever other Competing Companies that may eventually exist. In which many Hexagonal Tops would simply have Computer Integrated Smart Sails Strategically Placed on Top of However Many of The Connected Hexagonal Topped Bowls in order to Move the Islands with Occasional Scheduled Timing according to the Yearly Winds and Such. So there you have it, After Researching & Developing a Way to Develop a One Piece Template Hexagonal Topped Foam Filled Bowl in a Safe & Efficient & Affordable Way, you can then make those Man-Made Islands 5 or so Miles in Diameter if Wanted, in which I wanted to See at Least 4 Very Large Ones as: Atlantis, Indianapolis and North & South Pacifica in the Atlantic, Indian & Pacific Oceans, so if there ever was even a 100 Ft Wave it would still be only a Small Ripple to a 5 or More Mile in Diameter Man-Made Island, in which there could be some Bowls Missing near the Outer Rim of the Circular Islands for any Water that Waves on Top to simply fall through, and into the Spaces where there's missing Bowls, and some other Bowls Missing throughout in different locations for Anchoring Devices to Drop Anchors to Hold the Islands in Place if Needed. 8. I'm not for sure, but I've wondered if a "Balanced Economy" is when the Number of Individuals at the TOP meaning the Richest EQUAL the Number of Individuals at the BOTTOM meaning the Poorest, and whatever else comes along with that to make it that way for life on Earth with everyone being a part of the Functioning of Life on Earth with it that way, and maybe that's the way it should be, I'm not for sure, so maybe the "Economist" should look into it, and if so, how the people of the World should go about getting it there over Time I suppose, if that's what's Best, in which what may need to happen for that to be achieved is for there to be options for perhaps the Homeless, or whoever to Live & Work on Farm Lands for the Worlds Agriculture, where they can also make their own Beer, Wine, Liquors and grow their own Ma*****na, and make their own Co***ne and whatever else has minimal processes from it's first original state, along with whatever Electronic Modern Creature Comforts that are now in Abundance, all for entertainment purposes while not Working the Agricultural Fields, in which I can see each one of these places being like "Happy Go Lucky" Villages like that of "Hobbiton" from "The Lord Of The Rings", No Joke, Seriously, many, whether Homeless or not, would love to Live & Work there, where there's Nightly or Weekly Festivals with Drinking your own Drink, and Smoking your own Smoke, and whatevering your own whatever, and Loving whoever you Love, and who Loves you too, living very nicely, like that of "Hobbiton". 9. And of course The World Bridge. The World Bridge is an Ideal, a Great Idea, like all the others, of Bridging the Eastern & Western Worlds Together across the only place on the entire Earth that would be as if causing East to become West & West to become East, which is a Bridge Across the Bering Strait as literally, THE WORLD BRIDGE, and at the Center of this World Bridge is the Perfect Place to have a Capital City of Earth itself where the World Government of Earth could Congress & Govern the World, which would also be at the Center of that World Bridge on what is known as the Big (and perhaps little) Island of Diomede. Not only would there be enough room for an International Airport for a World Congress and other relations, but it could be Built as if an Everlasting Monument of Earth for Mankind as World Bridge & Capital City Combined, plus there would naturally be Two Cities on Either Side of THE WORLD BRIDGE that would grow and flourish into the Future, in which one could drive To or From the Eastern or Western Worlds of Earth in Less than an Hour across The World Bridge, and the Earth could have Yearly Celebrations into the Future to Aid all of Mankind in a Harmonious Coexistence. And heck, I wouldn't mind Driving from One Side to the Other in a Half Hour to an Hour myself when Cruising the Land in one of my own Company Cars, and Visit both Developed Cities on Either Side of The World Bridge whether it be Above ground as Bridge or Below ground as Tunnel, in which I thought the 11 Square Miles of The Big Island of Diomede between the Eastern & Western "Worlds" is plenty Big Enough for a "Capital City" of Earth for Governing Purposes as a Neutral Location to Congress. I even thought that The East of the Eastern World & The West of the Western World at The Bering Strait, could have The World Bridge perhaps Underwater so that Dozens to a Hundred or so or more Lanes Underground can be Ran as if A World Monument to Last Thousands of Years, with perhaps even Train Lines that Run with Extra Engines On It, Installed coming from Before Entering on Each Side, In Between Certain Cars if Needed, with some way of Easy Connection, to make it Up the Exits, In Which The 4 Sets of Entrances & Exits on Both Main Lands & The Island itself for All of the Lanes can be Visually "Breathtaking" as they say, along with Capital City itself in a Wintery Area can be Visually Breathtaking, as The World Bridge & Capital City can be a World Monument to Last into The Thousands of Years or More. And here's the Thing . . . IT'S A ROAD . . . From East To West or West To East . . . And The Commercializing Of The Road with Men of All Nations Saying ". . . We . . . We . . . We Can Drive!? . . . OH." . . . And Then There Is Peace, And All It Took Was . . . A Road, A Road Of Only One Of It's Kind When There Was None Before. And One Day, who knows, there might be a Simple Subway Ran Around the World at the Equator with many Openings around the Equator Simply Under the Ground, and Under the Ocean, and those Openings could be Spacious Enough for Lodging and Shopping and Partying with Large Mall like Spaces Underground in these Underground Cities along the Route of Equatorial Subway & City Belt System Underground, you'd need less than 250 Large Mall like Biospheres if you were to have 1 every 100 Miles, or you could have a 100 less than every 250 Miles, and the Subway would Be Under Ground Around the Entire Earth, Might as Well I'd Say, and if Plates do Shift, then the Subway System can be Built in Such a Way in order to make Minor Adjustments over Long Periods of Time. And if Under Ground on Land, one can Elevate to the Surface with an Elevator or Vise Versa. And you can even Go from Below Ground then Upwards In a Pressurized Container and to be Elevated to the Surface of the Ocean to a Floating City State 5 miles in Diameter or More to Live and/or Work at for however Long. I wanted 100 5 Mile in Diameter Islands, and the 4 Islands of Atlantis, Indianapolis and North & South Pacifica, so that's 4 100 Mile Diameter Solar & Sail Self: Powering & Navigating & Anchoring "Island States" in the Pacific, Indian & Atlantic Oceans, Huge Self: Powering, Moving, Anchoring Islands that Think as Perfect as The Best Computer Can for One Object, meaning The Island Itself. And the Islands that Move would go into the Thousands of Years of Lore & Legend. In which there Probably will be a Returning (for a while) to the Wilderness, and there could be a Neutral Old World Iron Age Designated War Zone for the World to have an Intentional Designated Area of Lawlessness, so 100,000 Square Miles, say maybe the Size Colorado yet somewhere else other than Colorado, Perhaps Russia -or- Canada, whoever gets it, is the coolest, and I was thinking Russia, why? It's Huge, and they got Tigers, that was the most of my thought put into it concerning that part of it. And this Designated War Zone will have Games of "Stealing" which is also "Steeling" (meaning The Iron Age) and the Game is To The Death as it would be a Lawless place that one can go by Choice, with Swords & Shields and Arrows, and then Back again, and that is Release to War for those who want to "Fight" it out for a while, but you May Enter and Not Exit the same way . . . if you get Steeled meaning Killed, and it will be like that of Stories with Taverns and Many Places to Stay and Stop with Village Law, but you may meet a Drifter in the Thousands Upon Thousands of Square Miles of this Beautiful War Zone with Beauty Everywhere with the Occasional Armor as if a Shell to a Skeleton Inside of a Visitor who Never Left laying on the ground every now and then and here and there, with Old Rules for this World if you Want to Fight It Out using Steel & Shields & Arrows YOU CAN!!! I'd Love to Live it Up There and do the Things All Men Really Want to Do but Don't Say It, yet is Illegal on the Outside, and I'm Talkin' The Rarest of All who make the Best of Sons by Birth, meaning "Womanly Girls" in Balance of "Girly Women" who make the Best of All Daughters by Birth, and by "Womanly Girls" I mean The Highest Levels of Sexual: Attraction & Maturity Naturally, with the Lowest Level of Age, otherwise known as . . . THE BEST, and those are what I'd Love while Held Up in a Stone Castle Fort I Own while with my Small Army of 100 Men while in THE WAR LANDS, hell, I might even Want to Run Part of My Company within the Compounds of The War Lands and within the Compound of my Specially Designed Castle Fort City that can Hold Off The Largest of Armies in Defense, with Enough Arrows & Strong Sword Swinging Arms, and Supplies for Weeks to Months if Needed, (until the Choppers come), and there could be Thousands of City Castle Fort State Resident Employees for my Company who are Literally Being Guarded with a Small Army, as if King Author's 100 Knights Keeping Watch Out of the entire City State, that's a City Castle Fort and Highly Trained Men atop the Stone Barriers Hidden and Waiting with Wheel Barrels, One Filled with Arrows & the Other Filled with Lucky Swords & Bows you've used, in case a Sword or Bow was to Break or get Tiring or Boring, So, that's 100 Highly Trained Men with a Thousand or so Arrows Each, with Extra Swords & Bows Each in Storage per Man, if a Confrontation where to Arrive, and They're The Best with Sword & Arrow . . . IF war was to break out over my compound in THE WAR LANDS while with employees within the beauty of the city state inside the enormous stone walls" . . . IF. And everyone knows my 100 Knights get the Best In Life, because it's what makes my Business I Run in The War Lands enormous, it's like Sparta's 300, yet 100 Highly Trained Knights instead for The Old World Way of The War Lands. All they'd need is a certain type of Cross Bow that Loads Stakes Not Arrows, but Stakes that have some Weight & Length and are Sharp on the End for the Armor Piercing Rounds of Stakes, shot with a Cross Bow that you simply put your Feet on the Back of the Bow with on the Ground and Pull the Strap all the Way Up for Maximum Tension, then Pick Up the Crossbow & Load a Stake on the Track, and then Perfectly Aim & Release, if One Night was to Go Through 1000 Best Shot Fast, Heavy, Sharp Stakes, then that's 100,000 Expertly Shot Stakes, if 50% are accurate when Releasing the Stakes, then those 100 Men with a Wheel Barrel of Stakes Each and a High Powered Cross Bow could Kill a 50,000 Man Army, so what if they had a million Stakes with Two Squires Helping each Knight, so the Knight can stay Focused on the Aim & Release, The Squires Prepare the Wheel Barrels of Steaks & 4 Bows, Two they Use, and Two Extra if those Break . . . Sorry, got off Track there, I was already makin' my Plans Of Castle Defense, my Imagination was running away with me. So Anyways, that's my Ideal for THE WAR LANDS, I mean, if it's in Russia it's a Jungle out there, they've Got Tigers, Bears, Wolves, Boar, Snakes, Wolverines and Giant Fish, so Russia would have Part in The World Bridge & Capital City, and THE WAR LANDS using the Iron Age of Warfare, and Lawlessness, Constructive Lawlessness that is, a Land with No Rules other than the Weaponry, and it's Ones own choice to go In, but they might not come back Out, one way or another, it's The Wild Wild East. So yeah, a Patch of Land in Russia the Size of Colorado since: 1. If It's Square and 2. Colorado is about 100,000 Square Miles in Land. 10. THE WORLD HAS BEEN PRACTICING SPENDING NEARLY 2 TRILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF CURRENCY PER YEAR ON MILITARY ALONE, OR SO I'VE BEEN TOLD, AND IF THAT'S TRUE, THEN IF IT WERE GIVEN A MOMENT OF PEACE FOR 1 YEAR EVERY 10 YEARS THEREAFTER, YOU CAN KEEP ADDING TO, AND PAYING FOR THE MAINTENANCING OF, ALL OF THESE PROJECTS, AND AFTER 100 YEARS, WOW!!! AMAZING. AND IF I WAS A FREE GENIE, ESPECIALLY, AS BEING A SEMI-RETARDED MAN-CHILD OF A FORMER GENIE, PERHAPS DIMINISHED FROM MY FORMER STATE AFTER SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ME, AS I REMEMBER BEING A "GENIE" DURING AT LEAST ONE SMALL CHAPTER OF MY LIFE, WHICH IS TRUE, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, THIS IS WHAT I COULD MUSTER UP SO FAR AS SOMETHING FORMERLY EAGER TO PLEASE PERHAPS, AS A GENIE THAT I WAS, YET IT WAS AS IF IT WERE ONLY A DREAM YET NOT FROM WHAT LITTLE I DO REMEMBER, SO, A WHOLE WORLD TO PLEASE IF I COULD AS WHAT I WANT TO DO, BUT WITH A DESIRE TO BE A MAJOR PART OF IT, AS IF THE FOUNDER OF IT PERHAPS, IF I COULD FROM BEGINNING TO END OF IT'S COMPLETION, AS SIMPLY SOMETHING TO DO FOR THE FUN OF IT JUST TO SEE IF I COULD DO IT, NOT JUST FOR ME, BUT OBVIOUSLY & MOSTLY FOR EVERYONE ELSE, SINCE I'M ONLY MYSELF, AND IT WOULD REQUIRE NOT JUST MYSELF, BUT MOSTLY EVERYONE ELSE ENJOYING LIFE FOR ME TO EXPERIENCE IT THE WAY I WANT TO, AND IF I AM THE CREATOR OF THE WORLD, LIKE I REMEMBER THAT TOO, YET AS IF IT WERE ONLY A DREAM LONG AGO, THEN I GUESS I WOULDN'T MIND FULLY EXPERIENCING WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE BEING HONORED FOR BEING THE FOUNDER OF "ADVENTURER UNITED" AND/OR "WAYNE ENTERPRISES" ON EARTH IF I COULD. IN WHICH WHAT I'VE THOUGHT OF MAY NOT BE PERFECT JUST YET, BUT I'M WORKING ON IT, EVEN NOW AS I'M WRITING THESE VERY WORDS AS THE BORN INTO POVERTY -&- SEMI-RETARDATION MAN-CHILD VIRGIN BY VOW TO THE ABSOLUTE MOST SUPREME OF ALL SUPREMENESS, WHICH WHETHER I KNEW IT OR NOT MAY HAVE SIMPLY BEEN (EVERY) THING AS ONE -&- NO THING AS NONE, PERHAPS MEANING (ALL) GRAVITY/TIME AS 1 -&- NO GRAVITY/NO TIME AS 0, WHICH MAY BE THE REASON WHY I KNOW SUPREME KNOWLEDGE I'VE BEEN CALLING "THE BALANCE". I don't know if I am who I was told I am, you know who, and it kind of drove me crazier than I already was, due to 1. Being told by my Television I was The Son Of The Universe, and 2. Being told anything in general terms by my Television in the First Place, but if it's True, I was wondering if I was talking about my Future Self when I said "The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heven Is Like A CHILD." I wanna' make . . . TOYS, which are my "Hidden In Plain Sight", Fantastical Real World Possibilities I've Mentioned Above. So, let me know what to do next, I mean, I really do kinda' have the Mind of a Child, and I understand the Simple, which includes the "Hidden In Plain Sight", but I'll be needing Detailed Minded Assistance with The Project itself . . . so Can you help me? Thanks Wayne A. Hinchman Jr. At: 1410 Germantown Rd. Apt. C Middletown Ohio 45042 [email protected] 440-381-2892