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Revealed: Most Powerful Women In The World For 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine
Revealed: Most Powerful Women In The World For 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine

Revealed: Most Powerful Women In The World For 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list of CEOWORLD magazine’s most powerful women in the world for 2020, primarily because of her control over the largest economy in Europe, and one of the main political players in the European Union. Angela Merkel has been widely described as the de facto ...

Ranked: World's Best Countries For Its Citizens To Live, 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine
Ranked: World's Best Countries For Its Citizens To Live, 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine

Ranked: World's Best Countries For Its Citizens To Live, 2020 > CEOWORLD magazine

Beneath all the wealth and success a country amasses, is the actual driving force that makes it a numero uno leader across the globe. Yes, we are talking about none other than the citizenship of a nation. The Netherlands has been recognized as the best country in the world for its citizens to live,....


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Bien, estamos dentro de los 50 más caros. Será bueno o malo?
Is there a cut and paste error at the end of this article? The most prepared countries at the beginning of the article are also listed as the least prepared countries at the end of the article. Thank you for double checking this, Ryan
The school does not teach you: 1 - How to face failure 2 - How to manage time 3 - How to invest your money 4 - The principles of success 5 - How to manage your money | 6 - The importance of travel 7 - How to start your own business 8 - How to communicate effectively with others 9 - How do you find your passion in life 10 - Emotional awareness 11 - How to negotiate and earn 12 - How to make an impact 13 - How to employ your skills and development
Crona vacseen awailable [email protected] watts app +923216151805 rana zahid parwez sulahrey. Love humans love any creations God
Hong Kong is not a country!!!
How leaders can use podcasts to foster community and purpose
THE EMERGING SCIENTIFIC TRUTH REGARDING HUMAN-INDUCED CLIMATE CHANGE Admittedly, most climatologists believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) but your organization overlooks (intentionally?) the fact that most astrophysicists insist that our Sun is the main driver of any warming and these solar scientists have asserted that the Earth will be cooling over the coming years due to a Grand Solar Minimum which begins in 2020. The last IPPC report asserts that CO2 is the cause of over 50% of the warming since 1850 but Prof. Judith Curry contends that CO 2 is the cause of less than 50% of the historic warming. Recently, Prof. Nir Shaviv has contended that our Sun has driven about 67% of our planet's recent warming while AGW has accounted for at most 33% of the recent increase in the average worldwide temperature. Subsequently, a Finnish paper (that has yet to be accepted for publication) asserted that humans accounted for at most 10% of any warming. In July 2019 Prof. Hyodo of Kyoto University and his team of investigators reported in a top scholarly peer-reviewed scientific journal (Nature) that AGW accounted for very little of any recent warming. They instead suggested that the "cloud umbrella effect" was the major contributor to an increase in temperature. Next, in August of 2019, a paper by Prof. Wu of China's National Academy of Science and her team was accepted for publication in an important peer-reviewed journal and this research found no evidence of any human-induced warming. Their research confirmed the findings of an earlier 2014 scholarly paper. Then in September of 2019, a letter signed by over 700 climate experts was delivered to the UN Secretary-General insisting that "NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY EXISTS" (emphasis in the original). Interestingly, this letter came to life in Italy and most of the signatories are from Europe. Couple this with the 145 US "deniers" and the size of the entire group becomes very compelling. In an October paper published in the scientific journal, "Geology", it was reported that climate change and ocean acidification has occurred before the appearance of hominoids on our planet. Lastly, in November, five papers from the Federal University of Sao Paolo came to light which confirmed the veracity of this other research. In Oct. 2019 David Attenbougher stated publically that the BBC has lost its reputation for reporting the scientific facts accurately. Thus, it is longer possible to rely on the mainstream media regarding the truth about climate change. The following Table and Graph show the facts: Based upon these very latest scientific findings the case for the claim of AGW is starting to crumble before your eyes. LINKS For those who require links here are several: “Calcium isotope evidence for environmental variability before and across the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction” by Benjamin J. Linzmeier, et. al. 28 October 2019, Geology.
THE WONERLAND OF SCIENCE WITH PROBABILITIES The universe is an express train that carries bogies for each of the objects, stars, planets and galaxies and always on the move on harmonious note. When pollution goes beyond fixed norms related to any object it is let off and put in the space yard to overcome problems. After it is fit, and then allowed to get connected with the train. The engine is the controller and functions on fission of atomic sub particles from waves with its exclusive universal unified energy formula. The reality stands that the earth pollution problems are fetching hurdles in terms shortages, climate changes and natural crises. The nature comes forward to help but our efforts to be off pollution must be authentic. Whether we would love to be safe or not, the choice is ours. The physics is the study of matter and energy proprieties, their interactions and working. Every action results in reaction on equal footing. Both the input and output is based on measurement. The invisible response is unknown which constitutes as fundamental key in this equal status. The science works on basic measurable quantities in the universe concerning matter, energy, motion and force with mathematical hand on observation and experimentation for discoveries. The technology process hinges on the natural elements response and runs till the desired end is in sight by trial and error. This methodology keeps alternatives open; hence uncertainties or probabilities creep in. It is extremely difficult to dictate final version of any undertaking of the nature as it performs on auto run with simple service route beyond the jargon of mathematics. One example is enough; the sun rises and sets as permanent schedule. The mathematics of the nature is hidden in the synchronization. It cannot wait even for a second to wink as otherwise the engine run of the universe is impossible. It would be an endless probing with merely mathematical assistance but the search is to be linked to sound sensing of waves with perennial travel containing atomic sub particles. The problem is when discovery comforts are on the lap, the response from natural elements is taken for granted prevalent then and here is the catch i.e. pollutants may be affecting those very responsive elements and besides causing environment disturbance add to the curiosity of same discoveries not giving the proved outcome. In one short sentence; Pollution free elements and right natural response go hand in hand. The universal laws are unchangeable, without which knowledge any endeavor including science is lame. So the Theory of Relativity as applied on relative earth conditions for discoveries should actually relate between the earth and the universe as a whole for search for the least probabilities and to get closer to universal laws. The nature has two majors; visible and invisible. Both carry illusions. In fact illusions are much more in the visible; as invisible is invisible unless known. One example- a small water drop on palm under the light sparkles better than a diamond drawing a difficult illusion guess and reality. So illusions in the process of innovations should be overlooked to arrive at the actual analysis. Now which Energy Centre controls the calculated safe moves? At this juncture one thing is certain the waves force which repels gravitation is dark energy (70%) permitting expansion to house any 2 developments in the space by the unforeseen bang or bangs by interaction. Dark energy attracts (25%) which binds the universe, entire galaxies by gravitational pull. Only 5% of the universe is visible composed by ordinary matter i.e. stars, planets and galaxies. Research states that both dark energy and matter compete but in view of the harmonious nature of the universe, they may be termed as complimentary to each other. As regards overall existence, there is no separate Identification of natural elements and t is due to action and reaction on equal note sustaining any imbalance. Matter in any stage and form is the key factor for energy and the other way round. When matter is talked to relate energy, the point of one capsule energy emerges. Space, time and matter (objects) carry proportionate mass energy but act in cohesion as total capsule governing the universal phenomenon. It is backed up in the natural way by gravitation and anti-gravitation simultaneously to avoid any interruption. This final finish enables seasons including light. However, certain micro matter energy is exclusive in repelling character, may be called as harmony waves. The birth of harmony waves is concurrent with the various bangs to open up the birth of the universe. The matter which composes objects carrying respective gravitation elements are held by the gravitation pull by dark matter. Here also harmony waves play an important role. Harmony waves besides possessing repelling ability have penetrating capacity in the atmosphere. These waves may have inherent position property of soul energy in living and nonliving too, the former is self-activated and latter requires external moves. The soul power in the nonliving is less powerful than that in the living and thus static. The harmony waves are distinctly separate from dark matter, dark energy and normal matter as their performance is to help keep the universe on safe track by overcoming any shortcomings. The nature has only one principle: ‘By giving, nothing is lost but gained.’ This economics needs no mathematics. Rather it is a real dream finish. Harmony waves get affected by pollution penetration, resulting in natural calamities. Safe life is severely affected by pollution alone. The universal function is not bound by any specific relativity but movements of matter and energy well connected and balanced without any calculation data for which it cannot afford to wait for even a second as the whole system works instantly, round the clock. Pollution makes the earth surface more and more uneven and may develop into wobbling like an aero plane facing critical atmospheric changes which is a signal to wake up and take environment care before problems raise their heads and the life gets disturbed and unsafe. We do not have any other immediate source to move, so let us keep the mother earth pollution free without waiting. In view of the immense range of the universe there is a certainty of living on some other planets; may be with some alternate breathing and living process. May be there exists such advanced technology with the help of just a pen drive in the pocket with micro atomic sub particles; one may travel in air avoiding fuel consumption totally. It must be just possible by application of anti-gravitation atomic sub particles which may be of higher potential. Contacts with other objects may 3 be difficult taking into account vast distance between the earth and elsewhere where probable living search is on. In the absence of any visible thread, sound variations and bits through natural channels can be deciphered by sensing which is possible by high powered sensors as there must be one common universal contact language of the waves for instant contacts with the action elements to maintain safe drills; else such a vast campus cannot be managed. We are first universal citizens and then world citizens thus a part of the universal house. So we carry responsibility to keep and maintain the mother earth safe and pollution free if resources are to be preserved in purity and plenty too. The nature sends signals for crisis situations suddenly and we run into stop gap arrangements. Getting to know any problems much earlier, understanding the universal wave language is important. To make an immediate start to prevent pollution it would be ideal to locate relevant atomic sub particles from the end products themselves like water, light, pure air and employ them on E=mc2 energy formula to obtain supplies in multiplied manner. Now is the time not to merely wait and watch but to actually keep pollution free earth to live safely and happily without shortages. This will save on huge infrastructure as at present and also prevent pollution to a great extent. Discoveries stages are mainly: observation, analysis, illusions, experimentation –probabilities- natural elements response. Clearance for the desired discovery output is solely dependent on balanced natural elements behaviour and any imbalance due to pollution results in negative gradual variances in the process and time alone will call upon the next generations a complicated task of changes in discovery dimensions and formulas. In the process of research, illusions look real against the actual and here lies the on going line up towards probing further. If so called illusionary aspects are detected, further headway will become easy. A small incident observed by all is enough to demonstrate illusions - Under the bulb light; reflection in the tea cup (with tea) is seen in horizontal, vertical and split images besides the image itself. What precisely is correct? The answer is nature! It is beyond mathematics but instant. The conclusion is neither the mathematics nor any specific norms known fits in performance of the natural operation but could be connected in inter-dependence comprising action and reaction. Illusions generate apprehensions and science steps back and forth. In conclusion natural elements response for balanced universal function is perfect and eternal which gets into imbalance just due to pollution effects. H V Navangul Age 84