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Some people are in an emotionally abusive relationship with politicians and they don’t even know it. Politicians from BOTH parties will let you die. Politicians have both the physical and financial security to protect themselves from anything average citizens fear on the daily. They aren’t in office for us. They’re in office for themselves. They seek your sympathy and empathy but have left you and your loved ones out in the cold time and time again.

New TV show, who dis? 😎R.I.P to the establishment. After 5 years of trying to censor and smear us, we now have over 200 ...

New TV show, who dis? 😎

R.I.P to the establishment. After 5 years of trying to censor and smear us, we now have over 200 million people who will hear the truth. We’ll be announcing the new TV show & other groundbreaking projects we’ll be working on soon.

I just want to thank everyone who’s been with me from the beginning. Through it all, you stuck around. And you made this happen by never giving up on the truth while constantly advocating for those who fight for it. Thank you. Now let’s go change the world together. ✊🏾✊🏾

Please, please, sign and share widely!  #FreeAssange
Free Press = Free Assange

Please, please, sign and share widely! #FreeAssange

In the first 100 days of his presidency, Joe Biden has a chance to mend the divide that has escalated into full hostility between the U.S. government and the foundations of our democracy -- free speech and a free press. It is time to uphold our democratic ideals and demand that our government respec...


Democrats look a lot like Republicans when they can no longer blame Republicans when they don’t get sh*t done. It’s almost as if they aren’t any different and have been playing this masses this entire time.


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Going down THIS Saturday: End The Dmn Wars is hosting a 12 hour antiwar livestream on the MCSC Network! From 12pm to 12am voices from around the country will be sharing their opposition to war. Follow End the Damn Wars and MCSC Network for more details.
A really courageous Kansas City woman passed away last week ... Janice Matthews ... perhaps the most courageous human being I have ever met. She stood up against the most powerful institutions and machines in the world ... with a fragile peace sign. Like me, she was threatened for her work ... but she stood undaunted ... you will never read about her in history books ... but, the universe knows what she did ... what she sacrificed ... and how it changed the world ... Heaven will celebrate her ... I just sent this below message to Janice's kids ... I just heard about your mother, Janice, passing away. I wanted to tell you about how I met your mother, it was a profound moment in my life. I had been working alone since September 11, 2001, organizing a worldwide campaign to demand a NEW 9/11 investigation ... after spending months connecting with a US Consulate officer named Michael Springmann, who said the CIA had FORCED the US Consulate office to let "known terrorists" into the United States. I had been collecting email addresses of 9/11 truth activists, and urging them to contact the United Nations and Media worldwide, and government, etc., and had gotten the UN flooded with demands for a 9/11 investigation. Then, I began receiving threats at my home ... it was terrifying. So, I went to the local peace and justice meetings I had been attending as part of my anti-Iraq War efforts. I told the group what I had been doing, and none of them responded. I didn't want to be alone anymore ... and appealed to them ... I said I have been getting threats. The moment I said threats, EVERYONE in that room started grabbing their coats or checking their watches and saying, "Oh, time to go. Meetings over." And they all walked out, quickly ... ... except for ONE person ... your mother, Janice Matthews, one of the most courageous human beings I have, or will ever meet in my life. She not only stayed to hear my story ... she dedicated herself to this movement for truth, justice, and peace ... and eventually became THE head of the movement. Your mother changed the world in ways that you may never fully comprehend. She awakened millions of people, as her efforts echoed out. She may have prevented future wars. I feel so proud to have known such a person as Janice Matthews ... and to have stood with her, for what was ... not convenient, or safe ... but, for what was right. I truly believe Janice was given a ticker-tape parade when she went to the other realms, and God knows she deserved it. God bless you, and your mother. Bill Douglas, co-founder of
Thursday’s top 5 headlines & videos in the 11/19 AM Tap/Click the link to see them! Top Headlines: * 🌽 On War, Trump Has Largely Been an Appeaser - * 🌽 Enbridge Line 3 Construction Blocked by Activists in Northern Minnesota - Unicorn Riot * 🌽 A Partial Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal Prompts Predictable Political Backlash - Reason Magazine * 🌽 Australian special forces involved in murder of 39 Afghan civilians, war crimes report alleges - The Guardian * 🌽 The Boeing 737 MAX Is Cleared to Fly. Families of People Who Died on the Planes Wait for Answers. - ProPublica Top Videos: * 🌽 TRUMP Listens To The Jimmy Dore Show? * 🌽 Big Pharma COVID "Vaccines" Are For SYMPTOMS Not The VIRUS - Kim Iversen * 🌽 Afghanistan War Exposed: An Imperial Conspiracy - Abby Martin, The Empire Files * 🌽 BREAKING: Georgia Election Recount Finds Thousands of Uncounted Votes - Niko D. House, MCSC Network * 🌽 Truth Behind Biden Not Wanting To Investigate Trump - Graham Elwood If you want to help support our work & are able, you can contribute as little as $3/mo to our Patreon. You can also follow us on FB, Twitter & IG. Find all our links at Connect with even more like minded people by joining our Discord & our FB Fans of IndependentLeft.News group. Where can you like, follow & support #IndependentLeftNews? * 🌽 LinkTree: * 🌽 Newsletter: * 🌽 Patreon: * 🌽 Discord: * 🌽 page: * 🌽 Facebook Group: * 🌽 Twitter: * 🌽 Twitter2: * 🌽 Instagram: * 🌽 YouTube: * 🌽 Twitch: * 🌽 Periscope:
What happened to Niko House ? He has been invisible for 3 days now. I hope he is in good health and shows his face soon we need his views and analysis for the upcoming SC primary and Super Tuesday.
Anyone else experiencing issues
Tulsi Gabbard Explains Her Medicare Choice/Single Payer Plus Plan...Detailed Plan Coming Soon
Thought Sofia and the MCSC crew might like to see this.