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What would you like to see done with the Arrowverse "Justice League"? Here is my take. Supergirl seems to be leaving. Black Lightning is ending. Batwoman is a whole new person who has no idea the secrets of the rest of the League. White Canary has been abducted. So where do we rebuild. Here is my group updated with whom is remaining or could show up. I could see this being an end game situation (except we won't get it because of the pandemic worldwide). Supergirl and Black Lightning both are ending. You want to sent them off on their terms, but imagine the possibilty of Chronos sending Kara, Dreamer and Brainiac 5 to the future (in the last episode), this enlists Superman to try to stop him. Martian Manhunter appears on the Flash to enlist his help. Flash suggests they bring in some back-up. They then recruit Black Lightning to help. With their respected teams they battle the time controlling villain. He along the way enlists other villains from time to help in his endeavor. While all this is happening, the Green Lantern Corps have been trying to stop him. Diggle shows up on the Flash as a big green light shines outside of S.T.A.R labs, the heroes inside make their way out to face what they think is Chronos. John appears before them. In a shocking return, we have a Green Lantern known as John Stewart. A threat from the waters in King Shark makes for another long overdue appearance in Aquaman. In a final battle, Black Lightning finds himself making a decision that allows the rest of the team to defeat the villain, but serves only as a stepping block for a much bigger threat. A visit to Blue Valley and the new JSA become an official part of this group. Black Lightning is sent back home to find his girls are now a part of a team of their own. Having joined the Titans. He doesn't understand the time loop, but knows it must be fixed. As the season ends he decides he is finally ready to step down and asked that the League consider his girls to replace him in the Justice League. While all this is happening, we get another appearance in the final episode of the Flash. The return of Black Canary. So a new Justice League is as such: Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Superman. Black Canary, Thunder and Lightning and Aquaman. Vibe and Sentinel (Alex) decide they aren't worthy and elect not to join at the time. Frost becomes an honorary member, but is unsure if she belongs. The Legends all believe they have no place with all the travel. White Canary decides her place should be given to another after her return. Two figures appear in the sky above the Hall of Justice as the ending credits of the episode begin. Their wings give away whom they are to us all. But inside, you hear Manhunter say "we have visitors outside". What do you think about that group?
WEGOTTHISCOVERED is NOT a reputable source many of their articles are clickbait at best.
I'm unfollowing this page cz it just shares post from "wegotthiscovered" which is the dumbest fake news site I've seen and I'm from bangaldesh......
Guys haven't you always wondered why they don't make aqulad or Saturn girl and wonder girl with kid flash shows because how many of you wanna know about wally west and please make a justice league like the shows when the biggest moments you band up heros you do that all the time but name the group like make a arrowverse name because since green arrowdied name it that like the cw supershows
Came through my work
If someone had a great idea for an episode of a show in the Arrowverse (or any franchise) but is not in the business of writing and pitching stories, how can one hand the idea to someone who can run with it? I remember Recardo Montalban on a talk show once saying he was very careful not to read fan mail pitching stories for “Fantasy Island” to avoid legal claims. This idea comes up all the time among fans who just want their stories told without being in story production business.
This is a fake news fan page
I’m a big fan of arrow,flash,supergirl, DC legends of tomorrow, batwoman and black lightning but as a huge fan and someone who knows a lot about the shows as a lot of fans do I think Stephan amell show come back for one last season to show if the find him or if he is really dead or what he is doing when felicity goes to him at the end of season 8 just a though but it is killing me not seeing him on screen anymore and for someone else to try and take the mantle of the green arrow after him that is some big shoes to fill. P.S. Mia should take the mantle but they need really closure as a family for the characters and a acting family but for the fans too
This page is full of clickbait stories lately from wegotthiscovered. Most of which are not about the Arrowverse
Peace, Love & The Arrowverse
Even Martha liked the flash better than Batman and Superman