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Check out our latest music video with Laura Osnes singing "When I See You Again" by Eric Price and Will Reynolds honorin...
WATCH: Laura Osnes Sings 'When I See You Again' in New Music Video | Playbill

Check out our latest music video with Laura Osnes singing "When I See You Again" by Eric Price and Will Reynolds honoring one year since Broadway shut down

Written for Broadway Records' benefit album Artists in Residence, the new song features words and music by Violet Hour and Central Park songwriters Eric Price and Will Reynolds.

Joel and Julia's Carol Collection

We are back with your favorite holiday tradition! Brand new carols every day for 25 days! Follow along for the laughs 🙂 #halleloo

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN! Our first carol explores the age old question, "how do you suckle the teat of Christmas?" Also, what do Joel and Julia keep looking at in the distance?! Comment below!

Find more at Joel and Julia's Carol Collection on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcW0bGBZa4g

Written and Performed by Joel Waggoner & Julia Mattison
Shot and Edited by Nathan Chang Halleloo Creative
#HappyHolidays #adventcarolndar #adventcalendar #Christmas #teat #Day1 #25DaysofChristmas #comedy #music #musicalcomedy


The holiday season is about to get even sexier with some 90s Boy Band Christmas REALNESS…
and you don’t even have to wait for Christmas to open this package!

The Boy Band Project is making your 90s boy band fantasy's come true, with their all new Christmas video. An all new Christmas song with all the fun of Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, and One Direction, performed by Broadway stars.

Available on iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/jing...

Contact us: [email protected]

Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/boybandproject
Website: http://theboybandproject.com

If you had fun watching our Christmas video make sure you like, comment, and subscribe to our youtube channel for more funky fresh boy band REALNESS.

Travis Nesbitt
Jesse Corbin
Chris Messina
Daniel LeClaire
Featuring: Jenna Leigh Green (Star of 90s Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

Music and Lyrics by:
Michael Mott

Track Produced By:
Richard James

Choreography by:
Nicholas Cunningham

Directed by:
Nathan Chang (Halleloo Productions)

Cinematography by:
Corey Shepard

Produced by:
Travis Nesbitt
Fran Borgenicht

Artwork by:
Jonathan Hawkins (The Muse Presents)

Looking for funny Christmas videos, Christmas songs on youtube, or a sexy Christmas music video? The BBP is here to save the day. :)

We had the pleasure of donating our post-production services to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this year as a part of...
I Put a Spell on You

We had the pleasure of donating our post-production services to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS this year as a part of this incredible show! Check it out and consider donating to an amazing cause during this difficult time

Donate at https://broadwaycares.org/spell2020 A bewitchingly cinematic extravaganza awaits when I Put a Spell on You, the annual sold-out Halloween concert-m...

Maxine Linehan

Lyric video we made for Maxine Linehan

Andrew and I wrote this song, inspired by the unflinching unity displayed by our healthcare workers around the world. They show us everyday that WE ARE STRONGER together. Our power is LOUDER than ever, it’s in our hands.
🎶 The Studio At Strawberry Fields Andrew Koss
📹 Halleloo Creative


Halleloo Reel 2020

The Halleloo Reel 2020! There’s busy... and then there is HALLELOO busy! And we have been BUSY, y’all! As a creative agency and a production company we have taken countless ideas from concept to ex*****on for hundreds of brands... it even blows our minds to look back on it all! A million thank you’s to all of our incredible clients for putting your trust in us. And a billion thank you’s to all of the individuals behind camera, in front of camera, in pre pro and in the editing room for all of your hard work. And buckle up folks, because this year is already shaping up to be a wildly creative one - so let’s create!💥🦎 www.halleloo.com #productioncompany #creativeagency #createwithus #halleloo

Halleloo Creative is a boutique creative agency and production company located in Brooklyn, NY. We specialize in creating custom, unique content for brands. As a…


Are you following Halleloo Couch?! You must! You simply must! So you don't miss hits like this one from Kingkween music!

This is KingKween with their latest hit and aptly titled song “Next Big Thing.” And this Brooklyn band is definitely the next big thing. Find em on Spotify! And check out the rest of the amazing artists we feature in our playlist for Halleloo Couch Concert!

Lead Vox: KT Mullholland
Guitar: Nadav Post
Drums: Robert Steadman
Keytar: Captain Hitz
Bass: Ashley Pynn
Shot/Edited/Directed by Nathan Chang
Sound by Ben Lehouillier
Produced by and at Halleloo Creative

#musicproduction #music #homestudio #studiolife #musicproducer #producerlife #musicproductionlife #mb #mixengineer #musiclife #songs #songwriting #musiclover


Happy new year everyone! Hope your year is as beautiful as these pancakes that we made for our shoot with OpenTable ❤️

"Sunshine" - Peter Collins - Halleloo Couch Concert

For more of this session, find us on YouTube!

Peter Collins
Directed by Nathan Chang
Shot by Steven Bailey
Gaffer Corey Sheppard
Sound by Ben Lehouillier

Shot on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K

CORTADO - Short Film

Our latest short film is now live and ready for you to watch it! Please enjoy, Cortado!

Luke embarks on a caffeinated journey to win his girlfriend back. Written, Shot, & Directed by Steven Bailey Produced by Steven Bailey & Nathan Chang Starrin...


"Every Shade of You" by KiSMiT. This month we flew to Los Angeles and crashed on KiSMiT's couch and we couldn't be mored excited that we did, because they are so charming, so fun to play music with, and we enjoyed every second! Stay tuned as we drop another one of their hits every week this month #halleloo #couchconcert #alwaysonetake #alwaysoriginal #alwayslive

Maxine Linehan

Honored that Maxine Linehan asked us to film Season 2 of her summer sessions in their beautiful Vermont studio! Stay tuned for a new music video every Friday this summer!

Summer Sessions is BACK! Each Friday I'll be releasing a LIVE cover performance from the The Studio At Strawberry Fields This week I'm starting with a favorite, Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For by U2. Want to hear me sing MORE U2?? Check out my 8/30 performance of ONE: The Songs of U2 at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. http://bit.ly/2Xv7j4J

Musicians: Andrew Koss + Cameron Wilson
Video Direction: Nathan Chang + @corey Sheppard
Video Production: Halleloo Creative


"Sierra" by The Riverside. Halleloo Couch Concert. June 2019

"Oregon, Virginia" - The Riverside

This month's Couch Concert features the incredible folk sounds of The Riverside. This virtuosic group of musicians came to us all the way from California and we couldn't be happier that they did. Their sound is simultaneously effortless and packed with familiar emotion. And there is much to be taken from the poetry that is their lyrics. Enjoy! #halleloo #couchconcert #alwaysoriginal #alwayslive #alwaysonetake

Johnny Pockets

Johnny Pockets is HERE! When we got the script for Johnny pockets during our script writing contest there was no question that we had to make it.

It was so much fun to dive into this weird world that Brian Alexander created for Johnny Pockets. When trying to decide who to cast we knew that the only crew talented enough to pull this off was the incredible people over at Dinner for one Comedy. Ian Wexler did an incredible job directing this fun little short.

Directed by Ian Wexler
Written by Brian Alexander
Produced by Halleloo Creative

Max Fox as Johnny Pockets
Allison Condrath as Hawk
Jake Mann as Trevor
Noel Carey as Old Bartender
Nate Taylor-Leach as the Mayor

Director of Photography Corey Sheppard
Production Designer Melonie Bailey
Editor Corey Sheppard
Sound Recordist Derek Johnson
Sound Design Kyle Miller
2nd AD-Trevor Hennigan
1st AC Connor Gilloolly
Production assistant John Cranshaw

New Team Honeybear

Check out our latest Halleloo original produced with the amazing New Team Honeybear! These boys are two of our favorite chameleons and they have absolutely done it again. Watch it. Love it. And always remember to save things to the share drive. Just in case!

Directed by Nathan Chang
Director of Photography: Steven Bailey
Starring Anthony Jackson and Jeffrey Mondoro

Anthony learns the hard way the importance of using the share drive.

"Oscar" - Macabre Americana

Our December Couch Concert spotlight is on Macabre Americana! This incredible group of musicians drums up some smart lyrics and tight harmonies and their songs are all about change, diversity, politics and things that matter. Check them out! And make sure to catch them on Dec 17th at Rockwood Music Hall!

"Good Life" - Sammy Rae & the Friends

November Couch Concert continues with the incredible talents of Sammy Rae & the Friends! Check out "Good Life" because it is the song that initially made us fall in love with this beautiful group of musicians. ALSO, if you are NYC based and you wanna see these lovelies live, they are performing The Bowery Electric at 7pm on Monday, Nov 19! Go see them! And if you can't make it, then make sure you find them on Spotify and iTunes and share them with everyone you know! Halleloo! Sammy Rae Music
#livemusic #studiomusic #musicvideo #halleloo #couchconcert

Real Estate By Natalia

Another Halleloo client is premiering their content today! Check out Real Estate By Natalia and her new episodic series "The Brooklyn Broker!" She is the sweetest in the world and will be dropping all sorts of Brooklyn real estate advice every week - so stay tuned! And don't hesitate to reach out if you need to jumpstart some content of your own www.halleloo.com

It's the premiere episode of "The Brooklyn Broker" everybody!!! I am so excited to finally be launching this huge project! This has been such a labor of love for me, and I can't believe it's actually happening! So stay tuned every week as I post new videos for buyers and sellers. Trust me, you don't wanna miss these! Like! Comment! Share!
#nycrealestate #brooklynrealestate #brooklynbroker #investementproperty #homebuyingtips #realestateadvice #brooklynrealestate #realestateagent #mortgagebroker #realestatenyc #brooklynrealty #brooklynrealestateagent #homeforsale #houseshopping #buyingahome #sellingmyhome #investmentproperty

"Kick it to Me" - Sammy Rae & the Friends - Halleloo Couch Concert

It's a new month which means, new Couch Concert! This month we are joined by the incredible Sammy Rae Music! Sammy Rae and the Friends is an incredible group of musicians fronted by Sammy Rae who has the kinda voice you wanna hear when you're drivin' down the freeway and wanna tune out the whole world and just feel good. Check it out! Share, like, and if you have an artist you wanna see on our couch, send us a message! And as always, Halleloo! www.halleloo.com

Have you checked out our Vimeo recently? We honestly have too much content coming out from our incredible clients to be ...
Halleloo Creative

Have you checked out our Vimeo recently? We honestly have too much content coming out from our incredible clients to be posting every day! Check out our highlights here!


Halleloo is a NYC based film production company and creative agency specializing in digital content. We provide creative video content for artists and businesses;…

Couch Concert - "Red Rover" - Tony Forrestt

October #CouchConcert continues with out featured artist this month, Tony Forrestt! This is "Red Rover." Check it out, be sure to follow him for more luscious vocals. He performas live all over! Also, he's the sweetest person in the world and it was such a treat having him be a part of this project! Stay tuned cause we have new artists featured every month! #alwaysoriginal #alwaysonetake #alwayslive #halleloo

Rick and Ruby - Official Trailer

It's live! The first look at our horror-comedy short film, "Rick and Ruby." Starring Samuel Dunning and Ellie Lee. Written by Samuel Francis Daunis Dunning and shot by Stephen Michael Simon with direction by Scott Chester Woodburn! Rick and Ruby- a short horror comedy. With SFX by Ricky Vitus. Check it out!


Check out the spot we created for our very good friends over at Workville! With our shining star chameleon Jillian Kuhl. Shot and edited by Corey Sheppard assisted by Cooper Jacklich and directed by Nathan Chang! We miss working in this beautiful space! #Coworking #Officespace #commercial

WATCH: Check out Workville's new video and meet some of the incredible companies that are scaling with us: TVSquared DropCar Function of Beauty Realeyes: https://workvillenyc.com/lworkvilles-coworking-space-manag…/ #yourspacetocreate

FROZEN STRAWBERRY NEGRONI recipe 🍓// Strug-Free Cocktails

Check out the season premiere of season 2 of “Strug Free Cocktails” we have finally “emerged from the birth” 😂 watch it you’ll get it e-strugs #cocktailtime #mixology #mixologist #happyhour #thirstythursday


It's Season 2 of Strug-Free Cocktails! I know it's October, so a frozen drink might not be the first thing to cross your mind, but hey - it's 70 degrees outs...

Let's Play - Super Mario Bros. LIVE w/FULL ORCHESTRA! (ep.1)

Our latest collaboration with The 8-Bit Big Band and Charlie Rosen is LIVE! In more ways than one! Watch as our face new chameleon George Salazar plays the first three worlds of Super Mario Bros while being live accompanied by 60+ incredible musicians!!! This one is not to be missed!


The entire first two worlds of gameplay from Super Mario Bros. for the NES with music accompanied LIVE by a full sized jazz big band, orchestra, and choir! A...


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