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Janice Horton, best selling author of the book – The Backpacking Wife – will be interviewed LIVE on a special edition of Pepito Live Costa Rica, on Wednesday, September 23rd. 1:00pm Costa Rica Time. By subscribing to our YouTube channel – YouTube will indicate the broadcast time based on your local time zone. Her books are now published by Harper Collins. She writes contemporary romantic fiction with a dash of humor and a sense of adventure. Once her three children had grown up, Janice and her backpacking husband sold their empty nest in Scotland along with almost everything they owned and set off to travel the world. Since then they have been traveling full-time and have explored over 55 countries, living out of an apartment, a hut, or wherever they happen to find themselves. Subscribe to our Channel now to see the show LIVE, make comments, and even ask Janice some questions. It is all free!
If you and your kids like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, I highly recommend the Kim Aldrich Mysteries by Jinny McDonnell! Age range is pre-teen to teen or if you are over 30 like me! 😂 Enjoy 200000 audio books for free Enjoy 1 month free trail. #audiobooks #booklovers
Please help! I’m looking for recommendations. I love non fiction (biographies, survival stories) WWII novels, (fiction and non fiction) thrillers like The Couple Next Door, Gone Girl...
How to develop faith? If you don't believe in God, tune into your heart and see how life had surprised you before with gifts you hadn't expected. Express love towards people more often and forgive and forget the hatred of the past. Once you open your heart to faith, you'll understand its true meaning. This story will surely inspire you how love, determination, and faith can indeed move mountains. Grab a copy now: For more info, check the link below:
The Time of the Canton The Capture of U-110 I tend to believe the account of Georg Hogel who stated that the survivors weren’t really in a position to see what had happened and that Lemp had been sick and not feeling well at the time. He believed that the struggle with his cousin and the strain of swimming in icy cold waters were too much for him and his heart gave out. Balm stated that no shots were fired during the boarding and some of the Brits said they saw Lemp just throw his hands up and slip beneath the waves. The reason for Lemp’s frantic try to get back to the boat was because he didn’t want the British to capture what was on it. He didn’t want to die with the ignominy of loosing what was on board. It wasn’t gold or precious jewels but something much more important that could only be measured in blood. In Georg’s radio room were all his code books, ciphers, maps and charts and something else even more important that Lemp was willing to give his life for. When the boarding party first saw it they thought it was some sort of strange typewriter. What they found was a top secret undamaged German code machine known as Enigma. It was named “Enigma” by the Germans since they thought that the codes were unbreakable. It had a number of rotors as well as keys and the codes would be changed from time to time. It was a very complicated piece of machinery. Nobody knew what it was. They took everything with them. (The Time of the Canton) – Available at Amazon Follow us on Facebook for reviews and excerpts U.S. connection - Irish connection -
any books like the scythe series? i specifically like the political aspect and how there is the old and new guard i also like the Messiah/cult story line. i also like the series unwind.
Teenage wannabe-astronaut Nova Smirnov has a metaphorical ladder. Will she climb up it to pursue her dream of working on the International Space Station or will she walk under it, following the wrong boy – again and again? Despite a seemingly cursed existence, she endeavors to bury the mistakes of her past, and in doing so, unearths a miracle. This hearty, coming-of-age story is set in the South West of England and Auckland, New Zealand and is packed with the bittersweet taste of love and loss. Re-visit the eclectic nineties and noughties – the Millennium bug, My Space, alco-pops, Y2K, Britpop, the beginnings of Facebook, grunge, indie and even the free party scene - through the eyes of the bookish, superstitious and introvert protagonist, Nova Smirnov. For those that loved Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Perks of Being a Wallflower, All the Bright Place, this could be your next big find. Being twenty seven is awesome, reading Twenty Seven rocks. E-book available now from Amazon. Paperback coming soon...
This book deserves to be on your TBR list
AMAZING new book by Irving Waters just came out, so current, could be fiction, if it weren't so (possibly) true : "Mission Covid-X" , highly recommended !!