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Show me your tongue😝😝Credit:

Show me your tongue😝😝
Credit: @lenagernovich

So beautiful!Photograph by

So beautiful!
Photograph by @digitalbite_

Caption this... 😎Photo by

Caption this... 😎
Photo by

Grindelwald, SwitzerlandWho would like to live here?✨🌳🇨🇭Credit: @hebenj

Grindelwald, Switzerland
Who would like to live here?✨🌳🇨🇭
Credit: @hebenj

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.Credit:

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.
Credit: @mindz.eye

NTD Television

NTD Television

Top News Today
1. President Trump Rolled Out His Agenda on Immigration
2. 10,000 People Attend Parade in New York for Falun Dafa
3. Missouri Senate Passes Bill Banning Abortions of Pre-Born Children at 8 Weeks
4. NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Announces Run for President

The proposal prioritizes migration based on skill and merit.
Trump unveils major legal immigration reform proposal

The proposal prioritizes migration based on skill and merit.

President Donald Trump introduced his administration's proposal for a major overhaul of the legal immigration system on May 16, outlining a legislative package that would prioritize migration based…

So precious! ❤️😊

So precious! ❤️😊


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