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Mixed by Matt Recording, Mixing, Post-Production suite.
Equip Studios was founded in 2010 to build long-lasting business relationships for quality recording services.

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Mixed by Matt is the brand that audio engineer Matt Borsic does business as. Matt offers services ranging from recording and post production services, to live production and consulting. Mixed by Matt is owned by Borsic Productions LLC.

Mission: To make the process of professional audio recordings an easy and enjoyable experience

Northlands Church

Proud to have worked on this project, recorded and mixed at Northlands Church by yours truly!

Merry Christmas! Our special Christmas Day service is now online!

Nothing quite like a #shure ksm9

Nothing quite like a #shure ksm9

About to start mixing down tracks from this online Christmas service we shot last Sunday! Looking forward to how this on...

About to start mixing down tracks from this online Christmas service we shot last Sunday! Looking forward to how this one comes out! Stay Tuned!

Good a day as any to fix a pesky fader motor! #X32 #Repairday

Good a day as any to fix a pesky fader motor! #X32 #Repairday


Back in business! After a long-dormant season...I am happy to be back in the facebook world. Checkout the new mattborsic.com for services and recent clients. Cheers!



Mixed by Matt's cover photo

Mixed by Matt's cover photo

Mixed by Matt

Mixed by Matt

Mixed by Matt's cover photo

Mixed by Matt's cover photo


New and exciting stuff coming in the next month! Keep your ears and eyes peeled for new stuff from @nicolehannel!


HEY CHURCH sound techs: Put some time into learning everything there is to know about the specific components in your system, trust me it will take you far! For awhile I would pick one piece of gear a week and read up on manuals/reviews & ways other people using it, give this a shot for awhile and see what it does for you! Happy learning yall


Happy thanksgiving y'all! Enjoy your turkey, football, and families!


Remember, the shift from mediocrity to excellence is more attitudinal than financial. Excellence is an attitude not a budget! This could be a corrective word (for those who have gotten this backwards) or an encouragement (for those who don't have a budget!) that excellence is obtainable!


Compression is far more useful than simply controlling volume. Compression can shape your tone and control energy in your mix. Have fun!


Learn how to get the absolute MOST out of the gear you have. Trust me, you will get far and prove you're worthy of a bigger budget in the future!


Helpful Tip: Our ears are more sensitive to time discrepancies than frequency discrepancies. Your brain can fill in missing frequencies but time-smearing will completely change your perception of the sound, often times creating a hollow sound in your entire mix that is incredibly difficult to "fix".

Before even touching an EQ on the console or system, be sure your entire PA is time and phase aligned, I guarantee you much better results! Happy mixing folks!


Church sound guys, the most important perspective to keep is that you're working as a service to the band, and to the congregation. You are there to make them sound good, they're not on stage to make you sound good. keep this and you'll go far!


"You want people to dance on the console again, to do a real mix, with energy and power. Feeling." - George Massenburg on teaching audio


For all my fellow church sound guys out there, what would you say is the number one issue you run into and have the hardest time resolving? Lets see if we can help!


The moment you stop learning your trade is the moment you can never get any better. Never stop learning and researching, there is ALWAYS something else to discover.


3 Keys to maximizing the potential of a sound system:
1. Phase alignment
2. Crossover points
3. Coverage/dispersion.
Having these 3 things in order and working together will make your job at the console a million times easier!


Sitting down to mix a session shouldn't feel the same as sitting down to write an essay or to surf the web. It's an experience all in its own, a blank canvas, this is why I will always prefer mixing analog in the studio. Nothing compares to sitting down in front of a beautiful analog workhorse of a console and making a song come alive.

Mixed by Matt's cover photo

Mixed by Matt's cover photo


For all you guys involved in Church Audio and overall Live production, start following my page for articles, tips, and tricks of the trade! also for those of you who enjoy some good audio humor follow @worshipsoundguy on twitter you definitely wont regret it!


Hey guys, you may have already caught it on their profile but Point to infinity's first single is now streaming! Stop by and give a listen to "Twitterpated"! Pleasure working with you guys!


Excited to be moving into a new facility! pics coming when we're all moved! thanks to Bruce Van Zyl and Northlands church for all your help and support!


Working on final mix for point to infinity's first single! Should be out soon so check back soon!


BRAND NEW TRACK up from Matt Borsic and Stephanie Silva! Just a cover for fun of Lil Wayne's "How to love"! Be sure to drop by and give it a listen and some feedback! Stay tuned for more new tracks coming soon!


Mixdown time for Your Sunday's Best! Stay tuned for new tracks on the way!


New Demo track, "Just Fine" is up from Alec Ross and Jessica Clinkenbeard! Check it out!


Excited to be having Crimson Arrow in the studio Next weekend tracking their sophomore album! It will be a pleasure working with them! Also Finishing up with Your Sunday's best and Point to infinity! Getting ready to work with a few brand new artists as well so be sure and stay tuned and do us a favor and spread the word to your friends! Let's see If we can't at least hit the triple digits in likes! Thanks yall


Exciting stuff in the works at Equip Studios this week! Stay tuned for more info!


Okay Y'all be sure to check out Your Sundays Best's new single "All Along" streaming on their band page now!


6630 Bay Circle Dr.
Norcross, GA



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