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Lunar Manor Recording Studio Lunar Manor is a world class commercial recording studio in the heart of Oklahoma City. We specialize in music production & artist collaboration.

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New home for this lil guy!

New home for this lil guy!

Happy to have Aranda in studio. Their new album sounds amazing!

Happy to have Aranda in studio. Their new album sounds amazing!

Photos from Lunar Manor Recording Studio's post

Photos from Lunar Manor Recording Studio's post


1601 Northwest Expy
Oklahoma City, OK


(405) 570-1971


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The Canvas Mono & Stereo felt right at home in Taylor Johnson's Lunar Manor Recording Studio. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Taylor running every instrument from yesterday's video through the Canvas D.I.s. 🎨 We'd love to hear how you would use the new Canvas D.I.!
Every time we go to Taylor Johnson's Lunar Manor Recording Studio we want to bring a good book, and the rest of our belongings, and just move in. In this video, Taylor is playing some cozy, pedal steel-style bends through the Mako Series: ACS1 & R1 and all feels right in the world.
Music class spent the afternoon at Lunar Manor Recording Studio learning about mixing, mastering, and producing. Thanks for having us and teaching us Brine Webb!
From NPR Music Live Sessions: Samantha Crain performs live for a World Cafe At Home Session from Lunar Manor Recording Studio in Oklahoma City, OK.
Today my World Cafe session is released! You can catch the live performance video and audio at the link below! Or keep an ear out for the show on your local NPR station or World Cafe carrier. Myself and Kyle Reid and David Leach played some songs live at Lunar Manor Recording Studio with Brine Webb at the audio engineering helm and Rahul Chakraborty beautifully captured the performance visually. Pic by Dylan Johnson
Some more riffins from Taylor Johnson at Lunar Manor Recording Studio through the #R1reverb and the #walrusACS1. Here he’s using the BFR mode with the swell k**b around 11 o’clock to get some very pedal steel type sounds. Of course those smooth bendy bends don’t hurt how good it sounds either.
Our buddy Taylor Johnson works out of Lunar Manor Recording Studio where he does a lot of recording, writing and licensing for commercials. We asked if we could bring by the #walrusACS1 Amp + Cab Sim and see if he could work it in with one of the songs he's currently writing. Watch through to see how he built on each guitar part with different amp models and with the help of the #luminaryoctave and #kangrafilterfuzz.
The ACS1 and R1 got some quality time in the studio today at Lunar Manor Recording Studio with Taylor Johnson. All three amp modes sounded killer. Vids coming soon. Can’t wait for you all to start getting these in your hands!
My newest song, "Pastime," has been out for a week now. I released it in a bit of flustered and distracted state but I wanted to loop back and just recognize the amazing musicians, artists, performers, friends, and community members that were involved in the making of this song and the video and tell you a little about it. As I think a lot of us are in a comparable state of reconstruction right now, when I was writing this song I felt like I was getting to know myself from scratch, peeling off a costume that I was put in as a child and allowing myself, for the first time, to dress myself and fully lean into my curiosities and sensitivities. This song phrases that journey as the excitement of the giddy and audacious stages of a new romance because I truly felt (and still do) in that way about finding these new facets of myself. To see times of discomfort and uncertainty as opportunities to learn and grow and discover and change...that's the gift of humanity. The video (shot back in January 2020) is meant to be a celebration of the capture of improvisation. Spontaneity is often forgotten as a great tool and teller of stories and I wanted to have a day of filming the wonderful people in my community remembering and exercising the flustering and freeing practice of "just winging it". One at a time, we would have people come onto our set, alone, having not heard the song, and not having much of an idea of what I'd be asking of them. We had a few props laying around and we'd play the song and I'd just say "do whatever you feel, respond to the song, respond to me, respond to yourself, just wing it for the duration of the song". This process is a synthetic recreation of feeling uncomfortable and seeing what the mind and body do during those times. On the recording (done at Lunar Manor Recording Studio), Paddy Ryan played drums, Brine Webb played bass and engineered the song, I produced and played synths, keyboards, vocals and guitar, Garrison Brown played a very watery trumpet, and Kyle Reid did some background vocals and some sound effects. Erik Woffard mixed it and Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice mastered it. For the video, Blake Studdard filmed and edited, I directed and built the set with help from Cara Alizadeh. Brine Webb, Garrison Brown, and Zach Nedbalek fake played instruments in my band. And the lovely people that did improvisational performances were Katie Murray, Roshni Robert, Braden Denton, Beau Jennings, and Seth McCarroll. Also thanks to Resonator for the space to make this. You all make me strong enough to make things like this. The song is available streaming everywhere and you can watch the video at
We paid Taylor at Lunar Manor Recording Studio a quick visit to see if he could use the Lillian Phaser to reproduce some of the sounds we were inspired by while developing the pedal. What are some of your favorite songs with Phase? Hit the link to watch the full vid
Scroll on down to number 3 on this list for a peek at my home studio/engineer/best bud Lunar Manor Recording Studio and Brine Webb. I'm recording my new record there right now and everyone should go hire Brine to help with your record too.
Coming in at No. 9 ------> thank you to Make Oklahoma Weirder for your kind words and for giving our #TheEpicEcho a listen. 🖤🖤🖤 Also, thanks to everyone who had a hand in this project >> Saint Loretto, @michaelreece, @marcus993, @jpmusicman25, (@)martynakolano, @localman_ruinseverything, @geneclareii, @kimchi_dreams21, (@)maxsallings, @thebaddai, Chase Kerby, Brine Webb, @jacobcrabbmix, Haxton Road Studios, Lunar Manor Recording Studio, Orb Recording Studios and art by Sonia Lazo