AFROTAINMENT African American Owned & Operated TV Network available on Comcast Xfinity Ch.1623, NOW TV and Roku

To offer an aura of refreshing and blooming High Definition Afro-Centric General Entertainment via a wide array of genres from:

1 - Movies
2 - Entertainment News
3 - Sitcoms and Soaps
4 - Talk-shows
5 - Comedies
6 - Realities

Available on Comcast Xfinity channel 1623 and Roku


Ari Lennox's On-Stage Clash

Ari Lennox confronts a fan after a water bottle is thrown on stage. Get the inside scoop on this unexpected concert moment.


Global Mailbox Money

Explore Joe Ferrer's vision for a kinder world through Global Mailbox Money. Join the movement of impactful giving.


Keaira & KP Unleashed! ️

Join the unfiltered conversation with Keaira LaShae and KP as they share real talk, laughter, and genuine vibes. It's a candid journey through life's experiences. Tune in for the unscripted moments!


Worldview Challenge

Author Marcus L. Davis explores the power of challenging your worldview. Join the conversation on growth and perspective.


Diddy's Exit: REVOLT Shake-Up

Sean 'Diddy' Combs steps down as Chairman, reshaping the music and media scene. Dive into the details of this industry move.


Sing Saundra's Christmas

Sing Saundra's Christmas


Johanna Murillo's Networking Bash!

Catch the scoop with James on The Lowdown as Johanna Murillo spills the details on her Annual Networking for Women event.


Amazon's Digit Robots Test

Humanoid robots face a major test in Amazon's Digit pilots. Explore the future of robotics!


Spunky Robinson: Comedy Vibes!

Join the laughter with comedian Spunky Robinson on The Lowdown. It's a hilarious ride you won't want to miss!


TI & King Harris Drama!

Uncover the intense altercation between TI and King Harris at the Falcons game. Drama unfolds in this shocking showdown!


Thanksgiving Joy!

Celebrate heartwarming moments and the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Join us for stories that will fill your heart with joy.


Michelle's Thanksgiving Rules!

Explore Michelle Williams' viral Thanksgiving side rules. A laugh-out-loud guide to holiday joy!


First Lady Chronicles

Dive into the unexpected journey of a First Lady, exploring uncharted territories and unforeseen challenges. Join the conversation!


Father's Footprints

Discover heartwarming tales and lessons in Bradford Wiggins' new children's book, 'My Father's Footprints.' Join The Lowdown for an enchanting journey!


Diddy's Ex-Bodyguard: Shocking Claims

Explosive revelations as Diddy's ex-bodyguard discloses alarming details. Don't miss the latest on this surprising revelation!


Mental Health: Let's Talk It Out!

Join the conversation on depression, anxiety, and grief. We're here to share, support, and break the stigma. Tune in for a thoughtful discussion!


Expert Insights: Counterintelligence Pro

Delve into the world of counterintelligence with Eric DeBose, a 30-year law enforcement veteran. Gain valuable insights into investigations and strategies.


Opposite-Sex Friends: Jada's Take

Jada Pinkett Smith ignites a debate on opposite-sex friendships. Share your views! ️


Mental Health Chat

Join us for an open discussion on dealing with depression, anxiety, and grief. Let's talk and support each other. ️


Canine Chic: Top Dog Grooming

Explore the latest in dog grooming with Certified Specialist Johnette Wiggins. Elevate your furry friend's style game!


Wife's Adult Video Scandal!

Unveil the shocking scandal involving Joe Smith's wife and a little person. Dive into the drama now!


Rock vs. T Showdown!

Dive into the drama between Crisean Rock and T. The tea is hot, the showdown is real! Get ready for the spicy details!


Musical Marvel: Gregory David

Experience the enchanting melodies as composer Gregory David brings his musical genius to The Lowdown.


Celeb Clash: Tamar vs. Tommie

Drama ignites as Tamar Braxton and Tommie Lee clash over the Chrisean Rock incident. Watch the sparks fly!


Chris Alexander: Comedy Chronicles

Laugh out loud with Chris Alexander as he spills comedy secrets, including working with the iconic Russell Peters. Get ready for humor, anecdotes, and insider laughs!


Success Unveiled: Celebrity Realtors Atiya & Douglas Parsons

Join us as celebrity real estate power couple Atiya & Douglas Parsons reveal the secrets behind their remarkable success. Gain insights into the world of luxury real estate and discover the keys to their thriving career!


AC James' Holiday Harmony!

Get in the festive spirit as AC James discusses his upcoming TV Christmas Concert. A musical journey awaits!


Rock's Showdown Drama!

Witness the explosive clash between Rock and Tamar Braxton's back-up singer. Drama unfolds in this unfiltered celebrity face-off.


From Darkness to Light

Join us for a transformative journey as individuals rise from profound challenges to healing and redemption. An inspiring story of resilience and self-discovery.


J KABEL: Musical Magic

Join us for a captivating journey as Recording Artist J KABEL shares the magic behind his music and unveils his latest project. Don't miss it!


Barbering Success Tips with Chad Allen ️

Join us for an exclusive session with Chad Allen as he shares valuable insights and tips on the journey to becoming a successful barber. Elevate your barbering game!


Tea Time!

Get ready for the hottest celebrity tea with Koiya! From political moves to surprising revelations, join the fun and culture-packed discussion.


Empowering Minds: Emmanuel Simms' Mental Health Mission!

Discover how Emmanuel Simms, Founder/CEO of In Vivo Exposure, channels the power of film and television to address mental health in the Black community. Join us for a journey into impactful storytelling and community well-being.


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Our Story

The AFROTAINMENT Family of channels is a New York-based network of 9 linear television channels and digital properties (AFRO, Afrotainment, Afrotainment Music, Afro Sports, ABO, OUI TV, TV9JA, HAITI HD, YEBO) dedicated to broadcast the best Afro-Centric content in North America. Our channels are available on Sling TV, DISH Network, Altice USA, Verizon FIOS, Frontier Communications, Bell Fibe, Videotron, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Afrotainment was created in 2005 by Yves Bollanga, a former IBM Software Engineer and Shafquat Chaudhary. Afrotainment, besides being a company involved in TV transmission is also a TV production company that creates Afrocentric content: Films, Scripted and Unscripted content, talk-show, Late night comedy and much more.

On June 22, 2005, Afrotainment launched 3A TELESUD its first channel on DISH Network. Initial launch on DISH Network was followed by 3 more carriage agreement between 2008 and 2011 for the following TV channels: Afrotainment Movies, Afrotainment Music, TV9JA and OUI TV

On October 13, 2011, Afrotainment Launched its first channel on Cable: Afrotainment Plus, which includes the best of all Afrotainment programming, which includes African movies, Series, reality shows, talk shows, and highly coveted African soccer. Afrotainment Plus is available on IO Africa offering on Channel 1101