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ChomChom Productions The place where Choms and Chomnomers meet. ChomChom Productions is a film club. Who says you have to be a film major? Well, for ChomChom, you don't have to be.

Doesn't matter who you are, if you would like to make wacky videos with other students, come out when you can! Interested in becoming an official Chom? Please email us at [email protected]

Oye gave an awesome presentation today on passive smoking!  Thanks for joining us!  Be sure to be on the lookout for our...

Oye gave an awesome presentation today on passive smoking! Thanks for joining us! Be sure to be on the lookout for our next video :D


Meeting in Room 200B at 4:30PM Come! It'll be fun!

We got Sir Oye giving a presentation :D


Hey all, remember there is a meeting this week on Tuesday 4:30PM in Room 200B at the HGSC! See you all there!


The RollNg Film Genie is casting for an upcoming student short film entitle "My Life"

The following roles will need to be filled:

Dessy (Female, 18-24) - A graduating high school senior who loves filmmaking and she wants to go on to film school. But finds herself battling with her parents which leads her to move out and learns that fending for herself is harder than it seems.

Michael (Male, 21-30) - Dessy's boyfriend, he is supportive of Dessy's dreams, but has trouble supporting himself already.

Kathy (Female, 40-50) - Dessy's mother is stubborn but only wants the best for her daughter.

Rob (Male, 40-50, minor role) - Dessy's step father. Generally uninterested in Dessy's life.

If interested please email me at [email protected] with the part you are interested in along with a resume with headshot or an acting reel. Then we will work out an audition date and time.


Hey everyone, if you are interested in being an officer, please join us tomorrow at the Tech Center for our meeting in room 210C from 4PM-5PM


Remember, Chompals! Meeting today at 1:30PM to 3:30PM room 217A HGSC. Please come on time since we will probably end early.

Come to the student center for free candy!  Support the arts!

Come to the student center for free candy! Support the arts!

Come to the student center this Tuesday to help support these films!

Come to the student center this Tuesday to help support these films!


Reminder about tomorrow-
Breakout session: Please come on time, we will probably end early.
Time: Tuesday, January 28th from 4:30PM-6PM
Location: Tech Center Room 215-C.


Welcome back everyone!
ChomChom will have a breakout room meeting next week.

Time: Tuesday, January 28th from 4:30PM-6PM
Location: Tech Center Room 215-C.

Join us as we discuss the new plans for this semester.


Hey everyone, ChomChom is filming another video soon. I would like as much help as possible because it's been a while since I wrote a script. This video is going to promote out next general body meeting. If you are interested please message me. Thank you!
-Chom Queen


Hey guys Brainstorm session today from 2-5PM at TUTTLEMAN Breakout room


Hey everyone!! Reminder that there is a Chomstorm session today at 3:30 in BreakOut Room 103 :D


Reminder that we are having an officer meeting at 3:30 BreakOut Room 103 (Tech Center) TODAY.

This is not a ChomChom Meeting, it's a meeting for officers or people interested in becoming an officer. This meeting is more of the organizational aspect. So if you are interested in becoming an officer come and see what we do!


We are having an officer meeting at 3:30 BreakOut Room 103 (Tech Center) THIS THURSDAY (September 19). So if you are interested in becoming an officer, come and see what we do!


Hey everybody! We're having a brainstorming meeting this thursday at 3pm at the tech center~

please come by if you want to share any ideas or listen in on what we're up to!


Hey everyone! Join us at our Chommeeting is today! See you guys then!

(3PM-217B HGSC)


If you have fulfilled every requirement but the "come to a shoot", but you didn't, there's still a chance for you to be knighted! Email ChomChom @ [email protected] your name and number to let us know that you are committed to filming with us in the summer time.


Hello and Good Morning! Reminder that there is a meeting this morning. You can either come to the meeting from 9:00AM-9:50AM OR 10:00-10:50AM. Tech Center Breakout room 215-B


1. Come to a meeting
2. Come to a shoot
3. Shoot us a quick email

Hey guys, if you have satisfied three of these requirements, you are officially a Chom and will be knighted before school ends


Hello! A reminder that we will have a meeting tomorrow (opened to everyone) at the Tech Breakout room 215-B from 9:00Am-10:50AM. See you there!


Hey everyone, we will be having a short meeting this Wednesday from 9:00AM-10:50AM

Feel free to come to be updated and give ideas, unlike the formal meetings this will be an informal meeting where you can share your opinions about scripts, stories, videos, etc.

The first session will be 9AM-10AM the second will be 10AM-11AM. You are not required to stay for both sessions although you are welcomed to.

Location TBD. It will be at the Tech in a breakout room.


Hey guys, there is a meeting this Monday, April 15, 2013 from 3PM-5PM. See you there!


Hello All,

April is Testicular Awareness month and we will be shooting a short on it. There is another short titled "Take A Break" and should be released around finals. If you are interested in either short, just post a comment or send us a message! IRL (In Real Love) is on its way! Our next general body meeting is Monday, April 15, 2013 from 3PM to 5PM and we hope to see you there. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas feel free to message this page or email us at [email protected]

ChomChom Productions


Mark your calendars! ChomChom's next official meeting will be on Monday April 15th, 2013 from 3PM-5PM. Meeting location: TBD.


SUPER SUPER SUPER Short Summary of the announcement

1/ Monthly Projects
- We're currently trying to finish up last month project and have 2 other plans for March: Music and the Shaping of Cultures, and Music Assassins. Want more info? Check out the lengthy announcement and my probably failed attempt at dry humor.

2/ Workshop
- Learn how to BS like a pro at our BS workshop lead by Ian Telefoan and Oye Falode. Gonna be fun. Just come!

3/ Side Projects
- "Take a break". Dedicated to all y'all stressed out college students out there.
- Testicular Cancer Month (April) - Ladies have their breasts. Us guys have our balls. Help us spread the word to keep these babies safe.
- My and other ideas and projects. Keep an eye and ear out for a specific announcement about these.

Vinh Nguyen

P/S: check out the lengthy version if you wish to know more details.


Here are some announcements regarding ChomChom's plans for this month, March of 2013. It's going be quite (really) realy really) lengthy but please try to bear to read through the whole thing if you are interested in taking parts in upcoming projects and activities, or just skim through til you see the one you're interested in, I won't know and I won't judge.

1/ ChomChom's Monthly Project Updates:

a/ February "Pick Out of the Hat" which resulted in a subject that revolts around Nerdy Romantic Date that somehow involves a sentinel space plant


Hey everyone! Lie the film production needs PA's (production assistants) at the moment. We encourage people to come out to experience the professional film set! The times and dates are:

Sunday March 10th: 8AM-3PM
Monday March 11th: 8AM-3PM


Sunday March 10th: Chinatown (under the arch-10th and Arch St intersection)
Monday March 11th: Market Street and 12th Street intersection

Hopefully I will see you there!
-Kayla Nguyen


Please like our fellow Chom, (Lisa Jiang)'s page for her short film, LIE. Also if you are interested in being an extra, please email us at [email protected].

-from the Queen

Ying is an illegal immigrant, desperate to make it in America, and to keep her family together. When her daughter, Amy gets lost, the consequences of lying become evident.


We would like to thank those of you who attended our second General Body Meeting today! We hope you had a good time! Don't forget to send in your scripts or synopsis to [email protected] by March 8th and remember that it can be about anything! Also, as stated in the meeting, one of our officers (Oye Falode) is creating a documentary titled World Music. It is about the type of music (or artist) you listen to, why you listen to them, and how their music (or genre) impacted your culture. If you are interested, please send a Facebook Message to our like page and we will get back to you. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

ChomChom Productions


Remember guys, our Second Spring Meeting is this afternoon at 4!
Be there!

A billboard just for ChomChom :) #WecareabouttheneglectedbillboardstooBasement of Annenburg, when you come downstairs ma...

A billboard just for ChomChom :) #Wecareabouttheneglectedbillboardstoo

Basement of Annenburg, when you come downstairs make a right and keep walking.


Hi everyone,

One of ChomChom's officers, Oye Falode, has an idea for a short video documentation about music and how it helps shape our cultures and different cultures around us. If you are interested in being a part of this documentary, please feel free to contact either Oye or Vinh, or comment on this post for more information. We'll also make an announcement and answer any questions during Chomchom's second meeting this week on Friday, March 1st.

ChomChom Productions (Vinh Nguyen).


Thanks to everyone who came to audition today!


Philadelphia, PA


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