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#NOWPLAYING Bad Bunny πŸ”₯🐰

#NOWPLAYING Bad Bunny πŸ”₯🐰

#NOWPLAYING Bad Bunny πŸ”₯🐰

#NOWPLAYING Bad Bunny πŸ”₯🐰


111 Presidential Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA


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You have now made my boycott list. Listening to your early morning DJ give people advice on the virus, "Mask Up" is a violation to some people's constitutional right to freedom of choice. My workplace will not play this station.
Could you stop playing screechy Adele songs?...
Our sympathy to you Wendy Williams DEATH Will the pain ever leave me, will the hurt ever cease? The feeling that we feel when a loved one is decease. The tears that cannot be held back but so openly flow. The feeling of complete emptiness that you feel from head to toe. I have not lost a relative or a friend but surely a piece of myself. People gathered to offer me sympathy but they had no idea of how I felt. Losing someone who was so dear and close to me. Trying hard to be strong but feeling complete misery. Never again seeing their smile or being able to share again the fun we had. Wishing that I could just take back some of things I said. There are so many things I wish we could have done that we never had time to do. Like taking the time out to just spend a little bit more time with you. All the things that I thought we had a lifetime to do. Now I must convince myself that I will not be doing them with you. There were some times when you made me mad and got on my last nerve. But it was nothing compared to all the good times that the two of us shared. Losing a love one is such a hurting pain. To say how you feel, one is not able to explain. Knowing that you have lost something that can never be replaced. Feeling an empty loss that no amount of time can ever erase. The only comfort that is given is knowing of their final resting place. Will be with the Almighty One, The Lord... Our Grace. (taken from the book I LOVE GOD by Gregory St. James Mundy)
Good run of 80s this afternoon....
You guys got rid of Dan Blackman (of Lite FM or formerly of)! wtf is wrong with iHeart Media? Lemme guess, you’re going to can Valerie (a local) and Helen (already voice tracked from Lite FM) and voice track all day and night long into the syndicated Delilah program. So sad! Really...
I really like your station. I listen to you from Las Vegas, NV. You don't play the same crappy music over and over. I work from home and keep you on in the background.
Merry Christmas IHeartRadio and 106.1 The Breeze! Here is a beautifully festive song with a β€œFlip to Christmas” promotional idea that will be fun for your listeners, money making for the station along with your sister stations! Read the video description for details! If you enjoy the song please forward to your program director. The song is ready for use and located in the IHeartRadio Digital Artist Integration System. If you have questions, please let me know. Thank you.
Hello. I’m trying to reach out to you regarding a Flip to Christmas promotional idea for IHeartRadio, please read the description of this video and reach out to me if you like the idea. Thank you.
Your morning show DJ said Jane Fonda was know for being a β€œfitness maven”, she’s actually better known for being a traitor to this country. Never forget that! #HanoiJane
I enjoy your commercial free every day. Wish you could play somemore 50's music. Like Elvis, The Four Aces etc.
Hmm Adele and Whitney... seems kind of risky ;