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Halifax Thunderbirds

Halifax Thunderbirds

WATCH: Highlights from the Thunderbirds 19-9 victory over New England

Lacrosse-The Creator's Game

November is Native American history month. Today's video is a little longer than the others, but well worth the viewing.

Lacrosse - The Creator's Game

Again, I hope you find these videos interesting, as well as informative, trying to bridge the gap with understanding and knowledge of a people and their culture.

Gary Groob

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News from the MSL...Derek Suddons is now an assistant coach with the Brooklin Lacrosse Club

News from the MSL...

Derek Suddons is now an assistant coach with the Brooklin Lacrosse Club

Instead, Suddons, who has played for the Brooklin franchise since 2001, has accepted an offer to step behind the bench and become an assistant coach with the club.

Jackie Neibauer and Thrilla O’ Brien at a Wings game.. Bill met and shook hands with dozens of fans and became a fan fav...

Jackie Neibauer and Thrilla O’ Brien at a Wings game.. Bill met and shook hands with dozens of fans and became a fan favorite to the new fans.

We wish Bill the best of luck in his hunt for work with an NLL team this upcoming season.

Saskatchewan Rush Fan Club - Unofficial

Saskatchewan Rush Fan Club - Unofficial

For anybody on the west coast!

Iroquois: Originators of Lacrosse

November is Native American history month. Through these videos I am trying to show the heritage and culture of a people.

Today's video...

Iroquois: Originators of Lacrosse

I hope you find these videos interesting and informative, bridging the gap of understanding of a nation.

This short film is part of 8 short, testimonial films, on the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois.) The Iroquois are embarking on an historic project about the 500-year ...

New York Riptide on Twitter

New York Riptide on Twitter

“As a thank you, today we are offering a free ticket to either of our first two home games - Dec. 28 or Jan. 4 - to all active duty military or veterans. To redeem, call our office at 516-402-3006 and reference this post.”


Happy Veteran’s Day

Timbermen will call Millbrook Arena home in 2020 season!
Timbermen will call Millbrook Arena home in 2020 season!

Timbermen will call Millbrook Arena home in 2020 season!

The Peterborough Timbermen are moving closer to home. After playing their first three seasons in primarily in Oshawa, Arena Lacrosse League commissioner Paul St. John has inked a deal with the Town…

Once again, Joe Fee breaks down numbers. This is a four year study.Joe FeeI've been taking some abuse for my criticism o...

Once again, Joe Fee breaks down numbers. This is a four year study.

Joe Fee

I've been taking some abuse for my criticism of Curtis Dickson in my last article about laxmetrics.

I've even gotten into a debate with some Wings fans over Kevin Crowley of whom I made a similar criticism. I gave some data on Dickson but I realized not everyone could see the context.

Crowley's name only showed up once in that data. Well, here is the full list of all 54 forwards who have played at least 45 games over the last four seasons so you can see who ranks at the bottom and not just the top. Check it out and then see my notes at the end.

Buchanan, Kyle 244 1.258
Hall, Jordan 238 1.202
Matisz, Kiel 280 0.839**
Durston, Jordan 193 0.794
Digby, Tyler 211 0.735
Shattler, Jeff 291 0.705
Thompson, Lyle 367 0.683
Keenan, Ryan 177 0.628
Dawson, Dan 274 0.620
Malcom, Tony 154 0.611
Knight, Curtis 189 0.600
Jackson, Shayne 332 0.597
Ruest, Jacob 156 0.595
Berg, Wesley 232 0.570
OConnor, Reilly 206 0.546
Jamieson, Cody 277 0.546
Benesch, Ryan 333 0.546
Church, Robert 337 0.544
Smith, Dhane 425 0.540
Buchanan, Kevin 170 0.536
Wardle, Chris 127 0.531
Loewen, Riley 153 0.528
Dinsdale, Matthew 125 0.510
Schreiber, Tom 252 0.492
Matthews, Mark 443 0.490
Powless, Johnny 197 0.471
Lintner, Dan 107 0.469
Duch, Rhys 345 0.466
Resetarits, Joe 276 0.466
Jones, Mitch 266 0.464**
McIntosh, Ben 273 0.463
Crawford, Callum 397 0.451
Hellyer, Rob 292 0.446
Jones, Adam 270 0.442
Staats, Randy 336 0.441
Cattoni, Holden 181 0.436
Evans, Shawn 399 0.434
Noble, Jeremy 212 0.428
Leblanc, Stephan 309 0.425
Jackson, Kyle 196 0.406
McLaughlin, Eli 237 0.404
Dobbie, Dane 349 0.401
McArdle, Kieran 115 0.398
McCready, Joel 133 0.396
Schuss, Logan 295 0.392
Thompson, Miles 179 0.382
Small, Corey 346 0.379
Crowley, Kevin 333 0.376
Vitarelli, Cory 145 0.364
Keogh, Stephen 161 0.357
Currier, Josh 128 0.354
Dickson, Curtis 388 0.350
Hickey, Brett 155 0.345
Saunders, Pat 169 0.313

**Kiel Matisz and Mitch Jones had a season excluded because they were playing in a transition role. They're rating would have been higher (and inaccurate) if I didn't adjust it.

I will now double down on my previous comments about Curtis Dickson. When he and Wes Berg held out last year Calgary only caved on one of their monetary demands. They picked the wrong guy.

Kevin Crowley had his best year at 0.504 as a rookie with the Wings. His best year in the period for this list was at 0.476 with New England in 2016. He was at 0.352 last year, his three year average is 0.349, and you can see the four year average so please don't try to deny that he has declined.

Josh Currier improved quite a bit when he moved from Rochester to Philadelphia. He was at 0.416 with the Wings last year so you can tell he was pretty inefficient as a K'Hawk.

The Wings are going to miss Jordan Hall just like the Swarm did. I only wish the Wings could re-sign him just like the Swarm did.

Chahta Stories: Ishtaboli

November is Native American history month, and through these videos I have tried to show different tribes and their relations with lacrosse.

Today's video is...

Chahta stories....Ishtaboli

I hope everyone is finding these short videos interesting and informative, trying to bridge the gap of understanding of a nation and their heritage.

Gary Groob

SealSplash Episode XV: 11/10/2019

Good evening everyone!! Training Camp is underway and our own Callan McClurg is back with another podcast episode coming up at 12am EST.

On this episode of #SealSplash, your hosts Callan McClurg from The San Diego Chronicle and Ross McLoughlin discuss all things San Diego Seals and the National Lacrosse League along with other news involving the NLL as well. Fans are encouraged to follow the podcast on Twitter and Instagram and use #...


Halifax outscores Georgia, 21-14

Apparently, in each of the preseason games/scrimmages, the teams have switched to using a green ball in the 2nd half... Can you imagine goalies and players trying to track that ball at SaskTel Centre with all the fans wearing green? The league has not made any official statement about the ball, but it's obvious they are purposely experimenting.


Colorado closes a 1-1 weekend with a 10-8 victory over the Buffalo Bandits Sunday morning.


New York and Halifax both picked up
Wins in pre-season action.

Toronto. gets a seven point night from Dan Dawson in the victory over Colorado.

Gary Groob All Lacrosse All The Time

Gary Groob All Lacrosse All The Time

Sights from the preseason...

Toronto Rock vs. Colorado Mammoth at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC) Saturday night, November 9th.

Toronto won 16-11

(Photo Credits📸: Shauna Thom)

Far Beyond the Sunrise - STICKMAKER David Coming deer

November is Native American history month, and each day I try to bring a little more history and heritage through video.

Today's video is....

Far beyond sunrise...Stickmaker...
David Coming Deer

I hope you find the videos as interesting and informative as I have, trying to bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding of a people.

Gary Groob

It's a final in Oakville...Toronto Rock 16Colorado Mammoth 11Next preseason game at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TR...

It's a final in Oakville...

Toronto Rock 16
Colorado Mammoth 11

Next preseason game at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre (TRAC) is Saturday November 16th against the Rochester Knighthawks. Game time is 7pm


Halifax rolls to a 19-9 victory over New England.

At the half at the TRAC in Oakville...Toronto Rock 8Colorado Mammoth 6

At the half at the TRAC in Oakville...

Toronto Rock 8
Colorado Mammoth 6


Joe Fee looked into more numbers and added to the LaxMetrics/analytics that he has a fondness for...

Once again, Joe Fee checks in with his numbers.


Joe Fee

I received some feedback on my two-part laxmetrics/lacrosse analytics article. I was called a tease because I gave a detailed explanation but only a small sample of the new measures. If you agree with that, this follow up is for you. It will be less words and more numbers.

I went back an additional three years and expanded to top ten instead of just top five for both offensive categories. I also gave a cumulative top ten for the entire four year period of each category. I included both points and efficiency for all players in any list. Take a look and then read on for some observations about what the data means.

2019 points leaders
Dane Dobbie - 115 points - 0.394 efficiency
Callum Crawford - 109 points - 0.443 efficiency
Lyle Thompson - 105 points - 0.739 efficiency
Mark Matthews - 105 points - 0.565 efficiency
Dhane Smith - 102 points - 0.576 efficiency
Randy Staats - 96 points - 0.429 efficiency
Tom Schreiber - 94 points - 0.429 efficiency
Shawn Evans - 94 points - 0.508 efficiency
Stephan Leblanc - 93 points - 0.484 efficiency
Dan Dawson - 88 points - 0.620 efficiency

2019 efficiency leaders
Jordan Hall - 1.558 efficiency - 67 points
Curtis Knight - 1.200 efficiency - 48 points
Thomas Hoggarth - 1.173 efficiency - 61 points
Tyler Digby - 0.847 efficiency - 72 points
Kyle Buchanan - 0.770 efficiency - 67 points
Jordan Durston - 0.758 efficiency - 47 points
Lyle Thompson - 0.739 efficiency - 105 points
Shayne Jackson - 0.708 efficiency - 80 points
Blaze Riorden - 0.643 efficiency - 54 points
Jeff Shattler - 0.629 efficiency - 73 points

2018 points leaders
Mark Matthews - 116 points - 0.542 efficiency
Robert Church - 107 points - 0.669 efficiency
Dhane Smith - 105 points - 0.580 efficiency
Joe Resetarits - 100 points - 0.725 efficiency
Ryan Benesch - 93 points - 0.538 efficiency
Rob Hellyer - 93 points - 0.554 efficiency
Curtis Dickson - 92 points - 0.335 efficiency
Adam Jones - 89 points - 0.452 efficiency
Cody Jamieson - 89 points - 0.571 efficiency
Lyle Thompson - 86 points - 0.566 efficiency

2018 efficiency leaders
Kyle Buchanan - 1.852 efficiency - 50 points
Kiel Matisz - 1.048 efficiency - 66 points
Jordan Durston - 0.985 efficiency - 65 points
Jeff Shattler - 0.968 efficiency - 60 points
Jacob Ruest - 0.779 efficiency - 67 points
Ryan Keenan - 0.753 efficiency - 73 points
Joe Resetarits - 0.725 efficiency - 100 points
Wes Berg - 0.694 efficiency - 86 points
Reid Reinholdt - 0.677 efficiency - 44 points
Robert Church - 0.669 efficiency - 107 points

2017 points leaders
Lyle Thompson - 116 points - 0.758 efficiency
Mark Matthews - 113 points - 0.491 efficiency
Corey Small - 111 points - 0.435 efficiency
Curtis Dickson - 108 points - 0.365 efficiency
Shawn Evans - 104 points - 0.400 efficiency
Callum Crawford - 98 points - 0.436 efficiency
Rhys Duch - 95 points - 0.503 efficiency
Tom Schreiber - 94 points - 0.540 efficiency
Dane Dobbie - 89 points - 0.471 efficiency
Kevin Crowley - 85 points - 0.394 efficiency

2017 efficiency leaders
Turner Evans - 2.813 efficiency - 45 points
Kyle Buchanan - 2.267 efficiency - 68 points
Jordan Hall - 1.096 efficiency - 80 points
Tyler Digby - 0.773 efficiency - 58 points
Lyle Thompson - 0.758 efficiency - 116 points
Reilly O'Connor - 0.689 efficiency - 51 points
Jeff Shattler - 0.651 efficiency - 71 points
Chris Wardle - 0.636 efficiency - 42 points
Mitch Jones - 0.633 efficiency - 69 points
Kiel Matisz - 0.603 efficiency - 70 points

2016 points leaders
Dhane Smith - 137 points - 0.533 efficiency
Shawn Evans - 118 points - 0.461 efficiency
Callum Crawford - 115 points - 0.489 efficiency
Rob Hellyer - 113 points - 0.411 efficiency
Rhys Duch - 111 points - 0.457 efficiency
Mark Matthews - 109 points - 0.396 efficiency
Curtis Dickson - 107 points - 0.339 efficiency
Cody Jamieson - 99 points - 0.521 efficiency
Dan Dawson - 95 points - 0.660 efficiency
Randy Staats - 95 points - 0.508 efficiency

2016 efficiency leaders
Kyle Buchanan - 1.180 efficiency - 59 points
Jordan Hall - 1.093 efficiency - 59 points
Kiel Matisz - 1.088 efficiency - 62 points
Jordan Durston - 0.927 efficiency - 38 points
Jesse King - 0.917 efficiency - 77 points
Tony Malcom - 0.760 efficiency - 38 points
Jeff Shattler - 0.690 efficiency - 87 points
Ryan Benesch - 0.672 efficiency - 92 points
Tyler Digby - 0.670 efficiency - 59 points
Lyle Thompson - 0.667 efficiency - 60 points

2016-2019 points leaders
Mark Matthews - 443 points - 0.490 efficiency
Dhane Smith - 425 points - 0.540 efficiency
Shawn Evans - 399 points - 0.434 efficiency
Callum Crawford - 397 points - 0.451 efficiency
Curtis Dickson - 388 points - 0.350 efficiency
Lyle Thompson - 367 points - 0.683 efficiency
Dane Dobbie - 349 points - 0.401 efficiency
Corey Small - 346 points - 0.379 efficiency
Rhys Duch - 345 points - 0.466 efficiency
Robert Church - 337 points - 0.544 efficiency

2016-2019 efficiency leaders
Kyle Buchanan - 1.258 efficiency - 244 points
Jordan Hall - 1.202 efficiency - 238 points
**Kiel Matisz - 0.839 efficiency** - 280 points
Jordan Durston - 0.794 efficiency - 193 points
Tyler Digby - 0.735 efficiency - 211 points
Jeff Shattler - 0.705 efficiency - 291 points
Lyle Thompson - 0.683 efficiency - 367 points
Ryan Keenan - 0.628 efficiency - 177 points
Dan Dawson - 0.620 efficiency - 274 points
Tony Malcom - 0.611 efficiency - 154 points

Kiel Matisz was splitting time between forward and transition last season so he was excluded from the 2019 list. I also removed that year from his cumulative efficiency calculation because it would have been overstated.

The fact that you see the same names consistently filling the yearly lists shows there are definitely replicable skills to being efficient. There are seven guys that appear over and over again.They're also the top seven on the cumulative list. They'd make up a dream offensive unit and they're even balanced with four righties and three lefties.

You would expect there to be a bit of a tradeoff between being efficient and producing big point totals, especially goals. We've all played with that guy who drove you insane because he never met a shot or a one on one that he didn't like. The same guy who never press checked or chased a loose ball. He'd be on the points list but never on the efficiency list.

I've been beyond impressed in the past with how dynamic and creative Curtis Dickson is. He is always producing the kind of highlights that earned him the nickname Superman. Seeing this data surprises me and takes a bit of the shine off of him for me.Anyone can have a bad season but he has been consistently inefficient.

There is only one player who shows up on both of the cumulative lists. He's also on three of the four yearly lists in both categories so his name appears eight times. I'm not surprised that it's Lyle Thompson. The season he had in 2017 is even more impressive in light of this analysis. He had the highest efficiency of anyone in the top ten in scoring for any of the four years. His rating last year was the second highest.

The only other guys who show up in both categories at all are Joe Resetarits, Robert Church, Ryan Benesch, and Dan Dawson. Looking at the seasons Church and Resetarits had in 2018 makes me wonder if one of them should have been MVP instead of Mark Matthews. Considering Church and Matthews played off of each other and Resetarits had the third highest efficiency for a top ten scorer in the four year period behind Thompson I'd have voted for Resetarits.

Laxmetrics (yes I'm gonna' go with that) will tell you things you didn't know before. For some it tells them things they don't want to believe. Let the arguments begin.

Ishtaboli: Little Brother of War

November is Native American history month. Through these videos o have tried to bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding of a nation.

Today's video is...

Ishtaboli: Little Brother of War...

The little brother of war tells the story of Choctaw Stickball, and it's struggle to remain an important part of Choctaw culture.

I hope you find the videos interesting and informative, to help bridge the gap through knowledge and understanding of a people.

Gary Groob

Ishtaboli: The Little Brother of War tells the story of Choctaw Stickball, and its struggle to remain an important part of the Choctaw culture.


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