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Engage Your Attendees - Part 2

What are the best ways to engage your attendees during and after the event?

Read the latest blog from Enliven.


There are many types of events ; sales incentive meetings, appreciation and award ceremonies, user conferences to promote or launch services and products, networking and team building, educational seminars, and more. The success of each event, no matter the type, hinges on how well you clearly de

Engage Your Attendees - Part 1

Create buzz about your upcoming event with these pre-engagement tips from Enliven Production Group.


There are many types of events ; sales incentive meetings, appreciation and award ceremonies, user conferences to promote or launch services and products, networking and team building, educational seminars, and more. The success of each event, no matter the type, hinges on how well you clearly de

Maximize Your Event Message

Looking to clearly deliver your event message?
Enliven shows you how in our latest blog.


“Any effort to maximize your potential and ability is a good thing.” Daniel Goleman, Author Events are big purchase items . It can cost a ton to send your people to a distant location, hire keynote speakers and entertainment and feed everyone. But the message you’re delivering at your event is

Event Budgeting - What You Need to Know

Event Budgeting - What You Need to Know

Stop pulling out your hair and make event budgeting easy.
Enliven shows you what you need to know.


Even seasoned event planners have to start at zero to figure out exactly what that event is going to cost. Can your company afford it? It all depends on what the event encompasses: the people, the place, the timing and the content of the program.

Why You Need Enliven’s Event App

Why You Need Enliven’s Event App

Why does your next event need Enliven’s event app?
Find out in our latest blog.


We believe that mobile apps are a key piece of the user experience. But as passionate as we are about technology working for our clients and their attendees, we’re not about making more work for them. So it’s not just the app features, it’s what we do with them.

Keep The Bottom Line Fed With Events

Positively impact your bottom line with events. Learn how with Enliven’s latest blog.


The bottom line at any company is a hungry beast. It demands to be fed, day after day, quarter after quarter. And sometimes, you can’t feed it very much, if at all. In the worst case, you might be asked to cut back in other areas to make sure it can chow down..

Four Mistakes You Never Want To Make When Planning An Event


Don’t make these four mistakes when planning your event. Enliven shows you what to watch for in its latest blog.

Four Mistakes You Never Want To Make When Planning An Event https://hubs.ly/H0cRf3M0

You handle a lot of projects for your firm but wouldn’t exactly call yourself an event planner. Nevertheless, you’re the one chosen for the honor of planning the big event. So you ask yourself, “How hard could this really be? I’ll just figure out the who, what, when and where and call a hote...

Want to Be Known? Network.

Want to Be Known? Network.

The reason you want to go to events is networking. Find out why in our latest blog post.


Why do you go to events like seminars, conferences or corporate meetings? If you say to learn something about a product, service or opportunity, that’s great. But do you think about meeting people there? Because that’s the primary reason to attend events.

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have an Event

Why You Can’t Afford Not to Have an Event

Can you afford NOT to have a corporate event?
Our latest blog post shows you why you can’t.


Training is easy to justify, even with the price tag for the event, especially if you have a large, spread out staff and need to bring them together. But there are other reasons to hold a meeting or event that are just as valid, or maybe more so. Like announcing or reinforcing your company’s futur...

We Have You Covered; Your Presentations are Safe with Us

Does sharing your presentation before an event make you nervous?

Relax! Enliven Production Group provides a safe way to manage your information.


Whether you’re an established, multi-million-dollar company or a brand-new start up, keeping business files and sensitive information about your organization secure is a sacred duty. Sharing that information outside the organization can be worrisome, even when you’re presenting at a conference, ...

Make the Most of Your Big Presentation

Upcoming presentation got you confused about formatting best practices? Enliven’s got you covered.

Let us shows you how to make the most of your presentation.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot or a little information to share with your customers, stakeholders and employees. You want to ensure your presentation is clear, informative, well put together, can be easily accessed – and most importantly – doesn’t encounter any hiccups when it come...

Corporate Philanthropy Programs Impact Your Company

What does your company do to support its community?

Here’s what Enliven does, and examples of how two local nonprofits help businesses benefit by sharing with the community.


Supporting nonprofits can positively affect your business, and in turn increase awareness and support for those organizations...What does your company do to support its community?

Meetings for the Generations

Meetings for the Generations

What’s your experience with different generations at your events?

Enliven’s runs through meeting considerations for Boomers to Gen Y.


Event organizers today must deal with an unprecedented reality – their audience may include people who fall into at least three and maybe four different generations...What does this wide range of ages, cultural touchstones and communication styles mean for meeting organizers? 

Event Production Company Best Practices - Part 2

Event Production Company Best Practices - Part 2

You’ve signed the event production contract. Now what? Enliven walks you through what to expect from your event production company in our latest blog.


Here is our continuation for the top best practices of event design and production companies we’ve collected that you should consider from accepted proposal to final debrief and plans for next year.

Event Production Company Best Practices - Part 1

How can you tell your event production company is on the ball before you sign the contract?

Enliven’s got some industry best practices to help make your decision easier.

Event Production Company Best Practices - Part 1 https://hubs.ly/H0bLm4_0

Whether you’re just getting started with live events or you’re a seasoned pro, the process can still feel overwhelming. That’s where an event design/production company comes in. Here are the top best practices of event design and production companies from initial interview to proposal stage.

City Trends for 2018 Meetings

City Trends for 2018 Meetings

What are your considerations for meeting cities?
Do they match up with our list?

Read our latest blog post to find out.


But with so many wonderful cities around the country and world to pick from, how do you actually choose? Enliven helps clients work through these considerations to find the perfect city for their next meeting..

The Right APProach to Event Technology

The Right APProach to Event Technology

What can a mobile app do for your next event?

Enliven’s latest blog lays out the benefits of an event-specific mobile app.


With Apple’s changes to app guidelines, and incredible progress in smart device technologies, 2018 promises elevated user experiences, and an exciting time to be a partner for organizations looking to add the app dynamic to programs. Explore our solutions..

Top 7 Trends for Events in 2018

What are the TOP TRENDS in corporate meetings and events?

Read Enliven’s latest blog to stay in the know.


So what components help you design a successful event today? Here are the Top 7 Trends we see for the event production industry in 2018..

Top 5 Reasons to Host an Employee Event this Year

Top 5 Reasons to Host an Employee Event this Year

Want to drive your business forward, meet your company goals and stay within your budget? Read the latest about how holding an employee-centric event can do just that.


From corporate awards banquets to destination meetings and holiday parties, employee-centered events can make a real difference in the way your business functions. Especially if you have staff members who work in different offices or locations. Bringing everyone all together has enormous benefits. H


Happy Holidays from Enliven Production Group.

Peace of Mind Is the Goal for Speakers

Peace of Mind Is the Goal for Speakers

Wrangling speakers at events can be like herding cats. Worse! How does Enliven herd those cats? Find out in our latest blog.


Where would your event be without the presenters who share your message, sell a product or service, promote an idea or roll out new benefits? And yet those wrangling them is hard! The Enliven event production team herds them like the unruly cats they are. We asked Alberto Rodriguez, Speaker Ready Ro

Ten Ways to Take the Pain Out of Budgeting for your Next Corporate Event

Ten Ways to Take the Pain Out of Budgeting for your Next Corporate Event

Does your event budget include the 10 must-include items? It will when you work with Enliven. Read how Enliven takes the pain out of budgeting for your next event.


As a business owner or senior manager, you want to grow your business, introduce new products, develop your team of employees and/or get customers excited about your organization. But you also need to stick to the budget. Or else. We don’t know anyone who isn’t concerned about the bottom line, e...


Happy Halloween!

Don't Panic. It's Just a High-Level Event with Your Name on it.

Don't Panic. It's Just a High-Level Event with Your Name on it.

Fess, up. You’ve made one of these common event planning mistakes, haven’t you?

Read our latest blog for the solutions.


Your executive team comes to you…”Let’s hold a conference.” You handle a lot of projects for your firm but wouldn’t exactly call yourself an event planner. How hard could this be though? Figure out the who, what, when and wheres. Management can keep the why. Seriously, before you make a call t

Talented Employees Translate into a Seamless Event for Clients

Why has Enliven never lost a customer?
Our talented, industry leading staff.

Find out more in a Q&A with Staff Scientist Mark Burchfield.


Since Enliven Production Group was founded in 2002, we have never lost a customer. This is testament to the level of service we provide and the types of people we employ. We asked Mark Burchfield, Staff Scientist, how Enliven’s talented employees translate client expectations into seamless,


How Startups Can Justify the Cost of Live Events

Think you’re not big enough as a startup to host a live, corporate event? Think again.

How Startups Can Justify the Cost of Live Events https://hubs.ly/H08ycjc0

Inc. Magazine

Enliven Production Group would like to congratulate all the local Arizona companies who were listed in the 2017 Inc.com 5,000 list for the fastest-growing private firms in America.

And from this list, a special recognition to all our fellow company members at Arizona Technology Council (AZTC) for this distinguish mention and for help making Arizona and our professional community among the best places for doing business in the United States.


Carvana .BuyCarsOnline, Stream Logistics , SiteLock , Trapp Technology , NextNet Partners ,
VincentBenjamin , CloudNet Group
, WebPT , Pinnacle Transplant Technologies , Yeager , Phoenix Logistics Inc. , PlanetOne Communications
, Staff Matters ,
Pragmatic Marketing , vCORE Technology Partners, GPS Insight , Simpleview ,
Isos Technology

Congratulations to this year's Inc. 5000, America’s greatest (and most inspiring) entrepreneurs! http://on.inc.com/2vIhyq0

5 Types of Customer-Focused Events to Grow Your Business

Corporate meetings don’t have to be boring!

Which of the five types of corporate events will help you achieve your goals? Read on:


The five primary types of events that Enliven plans and executes for our customers all deliver the important message the customer desires, addressing the target audience all at once. This expedites the delivery of the message and maximizes its impact..

Corporate Events Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Hosting a well-planned event allows you to address your target audience all at once, maximizes its impact. Read more about how well-planned events positively impact employees and the bottom line.


Some companies cut back on corporate events to help balance the budget. We get it, an event can often be a big budget line item. But wise leaders know that well-planned and executed events actually make a net positive impact on the bottom line. Because in the end, businesses need to deliver an


Happy Independence Day! From Enliven Production Group.


Are you in the event production or audio-visual industry? Do you live in the greater Phoenix area? Do you make or enjoy a mean chili? If you answered yes to these, then we have a summer event for you. Enliven Production Group is proudly holding its 1st Annual Production Industry Chili Cook-Off, and you're invited.

Enliven Internship - Aiming for Success

Enliven is helping students prepare for the working environment. See how their Internship Program benefited one talented intern.


Enliven Production Group proudly offers a formal internship program to help
prepare college students for working in a full-service event design and
production environment. Enliven’s first position was for a Graphics
Designer/Video Production Intern. Held at our new facility in Phoenix,

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Attend a Corporate Event

Participating in live events proves invaluable. See how attending one benefits you and your business.


In addition to the obvious financial investment, designing and hosting a
corporate event requires a fair amount of time and hard work. For these
reasons, companies need to maximize the return on their investment (ROI) by
having their message clearly heard and understood. Attendees also want

Boost Your Networking With Live Events

Live Events provide great networking and relationship building opportunities, and are ideal for embracing a company’s message. See why these are essential for business growth.


Regardless of a business's size or type, or whether they’re established or
a start-up, live events provide an atmosphere for greater focus and the
ideal place to communicate company goals and objectives. This starts by
first removing attendees away from their daily office routines and


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