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ART ERA ReviewWritten By: Ali BearFloret Loret and B-Dos are two incredibly unique and brilliant producers. The sounds t...

ART ERA Review
Written By: Ali Bear

Floret Loret and B-Dos are two incredibly unique and brilliant producers. The sounds that they create stand out like a rainbow peaking through the clouds on a rainy day. Each creation is an iridescent mixture of emotions and elements that resonate as they dance and swirl around their listeners. Some tracks, even combining heavier electronic aspects within these melodic sections. It’s a journey you can’t get enough of and a ride you’ll never want to get off of.

So what happens when you combine two powerful forces and musical capabilities? Magic, that’s what; and their collaboration “Shattered.”

Listening to the track feels like dancing in the rain with little peaks of sunbeams hitting your skin. Feelings of warmth, and a calming cold completely engulf you as Floret Loret and B-Dos take you on the trip of a lifetime. As you reach the last part of the track, things start to get a little darker, as they experiment with a multitude of frequencies and components that fit together like the perfect puzzle.

The details that Floret Loret and B-Dos put into their own individual projects are quintessential to defining their art. And they combined those together impeccably. “Shattered” does exactly as the title implies, it shatters expectations of what one might think music should sound like and pumps out exceptional and emotive cadences.


ART ERA Review
Written By: Ali Bear
Artwork By: The Void

There’s a select few artists that create some of the most unique, genre bending sounds, and the man at the forefront of that is the one and only, Tipper. Tipper has been a staple part of music for decades, creating a wide variety of frequencies that are all his own. Whether it’s more downtempo, uptempo, or something completely different, everything Tipper creates is otherworldly.

Listening to his music and catching a set are two vastly different things, both great, but different in the fact he always does something different for his sets. And that sometimes means hearing tracks you might only hear when you see him live. But all of that just makes his music that much more special.

Recently, the tastemaker released Marble Hunting, a 10-track album packed with so much ooey, gooey, uptempo Tipper goodness. While he’s been battling some issues with his health, he still managed to find time to bless fans with an immaculate collection of brain splattering sounds. There’s no way of choosing just 1 favorite track off this release, each is special in its own way. But a few that really tickled my fancy would have to be “Groundscore,” “Knee Pads,” “Low Battery Acid,” and “Guilty Feet.”

It’s hard to describe exactly the sounds you’ll find in a Tipper track, and words never seem to do them justice. He is a quintessential artist that continues to create these frequencies that are forever unique to him. “Deal With It VIP” was another one that stood out and shook me to my core. I felt myself being transported to different places every time I was met with a new element in each of the tracks. The energy it emits and gives you is something you just have to listen to and experience for yourself. Marble Hunting is a powerful reminder of the big beautiful brain Tipper has and the blessing it is to exist at the same time as his music. It’s truly mind blowing what this artist does, and it’s difficult finding the right words to truly describe and honor his project. I’m so grateful to be able to enjoy everything he creates, and this album is yet another reminder of just that. The gift that keeps on giving.

The journey through Marble Hunting is one of epic proportions and immaculate sounds, in typical Tipper fashion. Your brain will be squeezed and pulled (in all of the best ways) so buckle up and prepare yourselves for another adventure through his colorful mind. There’s an arsenal more of music he’s got under his belt, and whether we get to only hear them in a set, or album release, it’s sure to be the greatest treat no matter what. So get your Knee Pads ready, they’ll be a Goner after you're through this album.

ART ERA Festival Highlight  Written By: Joseph LouArtwork By: ALIVE Coverage | Courtesy of Electric ZooElectric Zoo 3.0,...

ART ERA Festival Highlight

Written By: Joseph Lou
Artwork By: ALIVE Coverage | Courtesy of Electric Zoo

Electric Zoo 3.0, New York’s premier electronic music festival, returned to Randall’s Island for a massive exposé of talent. It Integrates modern technology with a star-studded lineup to influence the future of event production. People flock to zoos to stare at animals in captivity, but Electric Zoo is where we are allowed to all be free. The lively New York summer comes to a close with a final hoorah. Superstar DJ’s Carl Cox, Afrojack, Gorgon City, and Diesel were a piece of the wonderful weekend.

Check out the full article here:

And get your tickets for 2023 here:

ART ERA Mix of the WeekWritten By: Jabari KefeleArtwork By: RootsOur latest mix of the week comes from emerging New York...

ART ERA Mix of the Week

Written By: Jabari Kefele
Artwork By: Roots

Our latest mix of the week comes from emerging New York-based dubstep producer and DJ Roots. Surging up from the underground, Roots is an exciting talent set to make his mark on the national stage. With a steady slate of bookings throughout Brooklyn as the SMACK NYC resident DJ, Roots has amassed a fervent following in short order. Armed with a unique curatorial style and penchant for selecting the freshest cuts out there, Roots has a stellar approach to each and every set he lays down.

Treestyle 002 is a testament to this promising artist’s flair and swagger behind the decks, effortlessly cultivating a mindful and stylish sonic journey through a wide array of genres and textures. Having rubbed shoulders with some of the most well-respected names in the game, there’s no doubt this bass marauder is one to watch. Connect with Roots now and follow his journey through the bass music landscape.


SC: ://

ART ERA Review:Written By: Ali MooneyArtwork By: Ben Jac MYTHM  has been taking the world by storm; from playing massive...

ART ERA Review:

Written By: Ali Mooney
Artwork By: Ben Jac

MYTHM has been taking the world by storm; from playing massive festivals like Shambhala, Infrasound and Lost Lands (soon) it’s clear that he’s cemented his place in this corner of dance music. He’s already got an impressive amount of heavy hitting releases under his belt, with many more to come. Including his latest, Self Made, out now on Infernal Sounds. With each and every new project MYTHM proves even more what he’s bringing to the table, from his own signature sounds to his versatile techniques of those deep, bone-rattling frequencies that are made for sound systems all over.

While it may be cooling off in some parts of the world, this EP is surely going to bring the heat wherever its sounds grace. Kicking things off on a proper note is “Pusha,” a high-energy, in your face, bass shattering banger. MYTHM never fails to bring the heat and the absolute chest quaking rumbles to each and every creation, and this track is yet another reminder. You can hear those trademark MYTHM elements throughout, from the small vocal snippets to everything in between. “Pusha” is the perfect way to start Self Made off and prepare listeners for what’s to come.

Next up we have “Bare,” a fast paced number, packed with quick breaks and wobbles that’ll tickle and move every part of your body. We love the vivacity that’s poured into this track, there’s really not a single moment where the energy dies down. It’s not hard to imagine this one getting blasted over a fat stack of speakers, watching the crowd bob up and down and go nuts to each and every bit of it.

Wrapping things up is the title track “Self Made,” and in proper MYTHM fashion, he layers in those vocals that immediately pull you in and drop you right into that nasty, token bass he generates so well. This track (and EP) really reflect a huge moment for this tastemaker; and for those who have been following him for a while, you’ve seen the growth and name he’s quickly made for himself. MYTHM is a self made, passionate, and talented artist. As they say, the future is MYTHM. So watch out, and keep those ears and eyes peeled for what’s next.

Check the link in below to scope the full article!

Dubstep powerhouse Mythm is back with yet another huge release with his brand new Self Made EP out now via Infernal Sounds.

ART ERA Review -Written By: Ali MooneyIt’s quite clear that CloZee is a master of her craft, and a goddess of frequencie...
Odyzey - Muzique Vol. 2 - ART ERA

ART ERA Review -
Written By: Ali Mooney

It’s quite clear that CloZee is a master of her craft, and a goddess of frequencies and emotions. From her own releases, to her very own label, Odyzey Music. Since its maiden voyage, the imprint has been a safe haven to an array of up and coming, incredibly talented tastemakers. Odyzey - Muzique Vol. 2 follows suit of the last release, and shines a bright light on some of the most beloved and talented sound designers making massive moves in the scene.

This second installment of the Odyzey compilation features 10 distinctive tracks, some highlight these artists ability to create sounds outside their norm, while others shine bright in doing what they do best - crafting up frequencies that wrap around your soul and fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings.

Things kick off with Saturna’s “Why U Wanna?,” a beautifully sculpted track that takes listeners on a journey from beginning to end. If this artist is not yet on your radar, hopefully it changes after listening to this track. Saturna is a name that may be new to some, but will quickly be known by all. His unique soundscapes always invoke arrays of emotions, and create vivid images in the minds of his listeners.

Lowcation has been making major waves in the scene, and if you’ve listened to any of his music, it’s quite clear why. There are certain artists whose sounds grab your heart and send shivers up and down your spine. You’ll be “Fixated” on Lowcation’s contribution to this massively stacked project. Following up is Austeria and Zingara, the storytellers of sound, invoking feelings of the light, and the dark. “Book of Vizhanti” is a piercing, pulsating track that will pull its listeners down to the deepest depths of a world unknown. At the same time, giving a sense of comfort in the unfamiliarities of places we do not know.

Chamberlain is up next with a high-energy, bouncy track “Bite This,” following with “Control,” a smooth, sexy house esc banger from 7UDO and Wreckno. Switching up the mood a little from there we have Templo and his feel-good “Nightcrawlers.” While the name might hint at one thing, “Nightcrawlers” is a wispy track that invokes luminous, and warm emotions.

NotLo and Sky Suite are a dynamite combo on “We Like To,” keeping your stamina going as the beat moves through your body to each and every piece of the track. They keep you guessing from beginning to end as each element brings forth different sounds; light, murky, glitchy. CANVAS is up next with a rique, low-end bone-shaking banger. Keeping the energy going and your jaw dropping.

Evalution and Jason Leech combine forces and styles for “Dream,” and just like its title, this track is a quixotic blend of sounds, leaving listeners starry-eyed and ready for more. Wrapping things up, Common Creation and Josh Teed take listeners “Beyond the Horizon,” starting off with warm emotions and cloud filled skies. And continuing on throughout with an array of different characteristics and resonating frequencies.

There is never a dull moment with these artists, or label, since its birth it's been a home to tastemakers who deserve to have their sound heard. We cannot wait for the next voyage.

To read more, click the link below.

CloZee and her Odyzey imprint are back with the next installation of their compilation series with Odyzey - Muzique Vol. 2.

ART ERA Interview -Written By: Joseph Lou Maddy O'Neal is a rising star in the ever-expanding electronic music community...
Maddy O'Neal Talks New Album Ricochet & Inspiration At Secret Dreams Music Festival - ART ERA

ART ERA Interview -
Written By: Joseph Lou

Maddy O'Neal is a rising star in the ever-expanding electronic music community, boasting appearances at Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, and multiple shows at Red Rocks. The Denver, Colorado-based DJ continues to challenge the status quo with her signature blend of dirty, funky, bass. Her live work unfolds like a play: she sets the acoustic stage with grace and leads us through an adventure of glitched-out twists and turns. She guides us through a wild amalgamation of disco, house, mid-tempo, and hip hop. Then, with her signature drum-pad and original-comp add-ins, she gracefully lands us at the sultry grand finale.

Leading up to the inaugural gathering of Secret Dreams, a music and arts festival in Thornville, Ohio, where Maddy O’Neal played a quintessential summertime set. We had the pleasure to chat with Maddy O’Neal about her art, career as a musician, influences, and sonic upbringing. She also has an upcoming album called Ricochet.

Check out the interview now from our new writer Joseph Lou by following the link below.

Rising superstar Maddy O'Neal spoke to us about her upcoming new album Ricochet and what inspires her at Secret Dreams Music Festival.

ART ERA Spotlight -Written By: Jabari KefeleExciting bay-area artist JABBS has delivered a stellar three-track project e...
Jabbbs - Nameless EP - ART ERA

ART ERA Spotlight -
Written By: Jabari Kefele

Exciting bay-area artist JABBS has delivered a stellar three-track project entitled, Nameless EP via Street Ritual's Label. Drawing inspiration from the depths of reggae dub and sound system culture, Jabbs has produced an emphatic debut project which will have bass music aficionados taking notice near and far. Jabbs has turned heads with a steady surge of eye-catching bookings and top mixes. With a slick brand of 140 which blends hip hop, roots music, and a heavy dose of underground experimentation, Jabbs has backed up his unbridled rise with a thoughtful and insightful release.

To check out the music related to this release or more of our articles, follow the link below. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of our community.

Bay area producer Jabbs is capitalizing on his momentum with his new project, Nameless EP which pulls on roots and Soundsystem music.

ART ERA Spotlight -Written By: Jabari KefeleOne of the brightest stars of 2022 has been talented experimental bass produ...
Mix Of The Week - Saka 'AEGIS' - ART ERA

ART ERA Spotlight -
Written By: Jabari Kefele

One of the brightest stars of 2022 has been talented experimental bass producer Saka. Hailing from his hometown of Hong Kong, Saka has established himself as one of the most cutting-edge artists in the game right now. With mastery over multiple sonic dialects and a penchant for blurring lines between genres, Saka has a limitless production style. Whether its sub-bass heavy 140, silky liquid drum and bass, or saucy hip-hop-tinged halftime, Saka has one of the cleanest and most forward-thinking styles. Recently Saka dropped an hour-long mix of original music bootlegs, remixes, and collaborations. Some of these tracks will never be officially released so this mix is truly a special gift to his finds. Check out Saka’s eclectic and “AEGIS” mix below, Saka recently announced a highly anticipated co-headlining national tour with fellow heavy-hitter Black Carl! which will see the two stars hit a slew of cities throughout the fall. Check out the full tour below and grab tickets to the Rush Hour Tour!

Experimental bass producer Saka has dropped an hour long mix of all original music and collaborations entitled the AEGIS Mix.

Today we have something delightful to share with you!ART ERA Review -Written By: Jabari KefeleArtwork By: Emma Riedlinge...
Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3 - ART ERA

Today we have something delightful to share with you!

ART ERA Review -
Written By: Jabari Kefele
Artwork By: Emma Riedlinger

Emerging record label and artistic imprint Chrysalis Collective has been turning heads and building an impressive body of work since forming in 2020. Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this exciting collection of like-minded artists and musicians is breathing freshness into the scene with their meticulously curated compilation releases. With its newest installment, Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3, the label produces its highest-profile project to date.

Filled to the brim with forward-thinking sound design, emotionally-driven grooves, and immersive melodies, Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3 is an expansive sonic voyage. Throughout the entire 9-track project, the label’s trademark effervescent style and organic approach is ever-present. The collection draws on a wide array of musical styles with a unifying thread of downtempo, glitch, and bass elements prevalent throughout. Nuanced undertones of funk, hip-hop, and breaks keep the journey fresh and ever-evolving while never straying away from the Chrysalis ethos.

Rising star Relativity Lounge opens the release with the tremendous track “Creature.” This dark and brooding tune focuses heavily on creating lush synth-heavy soundscapes in its opening stages before blooming to life with percolating percussive elements. Relativity Lounge has distinguished themselves as one a tastemaker to watch, and this opening track underlines their credentials as an innovative sound designer. Label-head Ficus joins forces with Merrickk to concoct “Sparta,” a stunning experimental cut that will certainly stretch your speakers.

“Sparta” incorporates ethereal melodies with gritty off-center bass synths which culminate in a unique listening experience that seems to swing between stark contrasts. Chapter One of the compilation comes to a close with Nast Majest’s riveting and explorative effort entitled “Sonder.” This track blooms to life delicately before pulsating with shimmering, evocative melodies. There is a deep sense of culmination throughout this tune as disparate elements interweave into one sumptuous sonic tapestry.

Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3 continues to deliver gorgeous tracks in Chapter Two with Hoopla’s intoxicating ballad “Desert Snow“, Ace On Earth’s vibey romp “Fidgety Consequence” and Shapesift’s delightfully glitchy rip “Generate“. These three tracks flow beautifully through one another, crafting an unmistakable Chrysalis palette while raising the temperature of the compilation. In this chapter, we can sense a greater emphasis on heavier, more dancefloor-focused elements. There is an undeniable unifying theme of interconnectivity and it’s easy to envision these tracks wafting over a festival crowd in full flow sharing energy and bouncing off of one another.

Chapter three brings the compilation to a visceral close. Merrickk Music calls upon the sounds of the natural world as “Built For Goodbyes” comes to life. A sonic jungle flourishes with scintillating percussion providing a lush platform for enigmatic and enrapturing vocals. Merrickk sends the listener an uplifting message packaged in a meticulously crafted envelope which leaves us feeling hopeful.

Gym Shoes delivers one of the most poignant tracks of the compilation with “Progression N Undulation.” This audacious effort is a kaleidoscopic collision of textures, genres, and moods. Fuzzy glitch segues, funky hip-hop grooves, and saucy instrumental rifts crystalize beautifully into a true experimental gem.

With the final word on Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3, OrangeKhemist punctuates the compilation with an exclamation point. “Monarch Matrix” is an outrageous dance-floor-ready hit. This bouncy mad-cap banger is the perfect way for this project to sign off. Sticking with the theme of Chapter Three, orangekhemist blends jazz, funk, and glitch with swagger and ferve.

To check out the music related to this release or more of our articles follow the link below, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

Emerging, Philadelphia-based record label, Chrysalis Collective has released its newest curated compilation Chrysalis Collection Vol. 3.

ART ERA Spotlight -Written By: Jabari Kefele"One of the hottest names in all of electronic music at the moment is London...
Mix Of The Week - Fred Again.. - ART ERA

ART ERA Spotlight -
Written By: Jabari Kefele

"One of the hottest names in all of electronic music at the moment is London-based triple threat (songwriter/produceer/DJ) Fred Again... Having sent shockwaves throughout the North American electronic scene with a seismic set at Electric Forest, Fred Again.. has garnered a new wave of die-hard fans across the country. With a massive USA tour already underway, Fred has established himself as your favorite DJ’s favorite artist.

It’s rare that an artist with so much hype is also a truly innovative musician as well, and with his latest Boiler Room set, Fred Again.. displays his dynamic talent, immense stage charisma, and most of all a deep passion for his craft. While this mix may be a slightly different direction than our usual selections, there is no doubt that you’ll be enthralled by every engrossing second of this masterful set. Fred oscillates between sonic styles with swagger, slicing through bass, hip-hop, house, and techno with ease.

Full of on-stage snafus, scintillating transitions, and a particularly exquisite drop around the 56th minute, this high-energy, adrenaline-charged set has everything. Get your weekend off to a blockbuster start by diving into this one."

London-based DJ and producer Fred Again.. is one of the hottest names in electronic music and his latest Boiler Room set can not be missed.

DON’T SLEEP on this EP! You will regret not listening to it sooner, that’s for sure!ART ERA Review:Written By: Jabari Ke...
Chef Boyarbeatz - The Power Of Sound EP - ART ERA

DON’T SLEEP on this EP! You will regret not listening to it sooner, that’s for sure!

ART ERA Review:
Written By: Jabari Kefele
Album Artwork: M7 Grafiks

“Currently riding a wrecking ball through 2022, Los Angeles resident Chef Boyarbeatz returns with The Power of Sound, his first EP in almost two years. The west coast 140 phenom has etched his name onto the bass music landscape with a slew of game-changing performances all across the country. Now, with this latest release on seminal dubstep imprint Deep Dark and Dangerous, Chef announces himself as one of the hottest rising stars in the game. The project is comprised of four ridiculous cuts that underline this man as one of the premier producers of the genre.

To read more, click the link below.

Los Angeles resident Chef Boyarbeatz returns with The Power of Sound, his first EP in almost two years out now on Deep Dark and Dangerous.

Today we have something special to share with you!AER ERA Review:Written By: Jabari Kefele“There comes a time in the tra...

Today we have something special to share with you!

AER ERA Review:

Written By: Jabari Kefele

“There comes a time in the trajectory of truly legendary artists when they begin to transcend trends, genres, and even eras. For these rarified innovators, their essential sound and style become woven into the very fabric of musical culture and sets the tone for generations to come. Groundbreaking duo Chase & Status continue to etch their names into history with their sixth studio album What Came Before. This recently released 13-track album encompasses a plethora of genres but what bleeds through is the uncompromising bravado and flair of the UK’s paramount producers.

In its totality, What Came Before is an unbridled collection of bangers. The album may not ebb and flow with a considered and curatorial approach, but this release is lined wall to wall with imperious production. Since breaking onto the scene nearly two decades ago, the powerhouse pair has been defined by their contribution to the realms of jungle and drum & bass. However, throughout the emphatic and at times bombastic new release, the maestros cultivate a fresh and universal sound. While simultaneously turning back the clock to a golden era of rave-style and stepping out into uncharted frontiers, What Came Before fully embodies the ethos of modern dance music.”

Follow the link in the comments to read the full article.

ART ERA Review:Despite its name Denver-based music collective and record label all:Lo is an imprint on the rise. Helmed ...
all​​​:​​​Lo - compilation vol: 6 [ALC006] - ART ERA

ART ERA Review:

Despite its name Denver-based music collective and record label all:Lo is an imprint on the rise. Helmed by the visionaries Thought Process, pheel., TF Marz and parkbreezy, all:Lo Collective has planted its flag at the nexus of lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, and sound system culture. With a strong respect for the deep-rooted cultures that forged the contemporary electronic music landscape, all:Lo elevates artists who are keen to explore vast and sumptuous sonic realms. The collective’s latest release entitled all:Lo – compilation vol: 6 [ALC006], is a collection of 23 exquisitely lush tracks that perfectly exhibit the label’s curatorial skills.

Featuring: Rsrch chmcls, Alex Unger, Beats By RAD, Dillard, Inspect3r, Arcturus, , Relativity Lounge, SMYAH, father figure, PhLo, , Lousy Anna, Foxtail, , 3420, and SubOcybin.

To read more, click the link below.
Written by: Jabari Kefele

Music collective and record label all:Lo combines an incredible roster for their latest release all​​​:​​​Lo - compilation vol: 6 [ALC006],


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After convening with the forest elders, Of The Trees has emerged from his woodland solitude with a remedy for the ills of civilization. As the Earth spins in turmoil, a hero emerges on the horizon...The Tale of Elegos follows our approaching champion as Tyler Coombs, the human behind the Of The Trees moniker, sonically sculpts his story into being. Unfolding with an organic flow, The Tale of Elegos drifts in between its awe-inspiring ambient core and the occasional downtempo pizzazz to hit us right in the feels and invite us to mellow the hell out. In these liminal spaces, where tranquil aural terrain encounters the subtle treachery of Tyler's past production styles, medicinal magic is made. Whether it be the serenading performance of Sophie Marks in "Windhorse" punctuated by the most delicate dose of filthy sound design or the hypnotic allure of "The Bellmaker" being pushed to its breaking point by rhythmic hip-hip flavorings, The Tale of Elegos finds balance in straying from its soothing baseline (and basslines). This calm, relaxing direction isn't new to Of The Trees by any means, as his 2019 Tanglewood EP dabbled in savory, chilled out vibrations. Nonetheless, The Tale of Elegos does represent an ante up from the Of The Trees of the past.

You see, few producers in the game improve as consistently and dramatically as Tyler. With Tanglewood, we thought Of The Trees had surely hit the peak of his canopy; but boy were we wrong. The Tale of Elegos is just as bold and innovative as his previous works, but sees a heightened focus on heartfelt, harmonious moods and a cohesive narrative. The result is a spellbinding journey through the dense underbrush of the very same forest that Of The Trees typically depicts from up above. And we must admit, we love this novel view from down below.

"Alcyone" sets the tone of the entire EP with a mesmerizing synth that slowly encroaches from the forest floor. At first, this synth spreads an eerie apprehension of the unknown. However, as it becomes more familiar and vibrant, it seems to invite us into an alternative world. Sure enough, when the stirring synth hits its pinnacle, "Alcyone" drops into a stupidly smooth pocket bolstered by divine drums and melancholic melodies. This gloomy mood is then picked up by "Windhorse" and delicately whisked into a wistful and yet hopeful ode. Introducing the song, woodwinds layered atop chirping crickets and trilling birds create a sense of longing and reflection. Then, just as the phenomenal voice of Sophie Marks makes its debut, Of The Trees brings in a whirling, whistling beat composed of what sounds like an owl field recording on steroids. Whether organic or studio-crafted, the sound design throughout "Windhorse" is absolutely bonkers, brilliantly synergizing with the soft delivery of Sophie Marks. As the track evolves, remorseful lyrics twirl about breezy, steezy pads that behave like gusts of wind, sweeping across the auditory field. This dance between word and wind is akin to listening to the spirits of the woods on a blustery day.

"The Bellmaker" beckons us next with pristine textures, brazen bits of bass, and an enchanting verse from Kala. The echoed wailing of distant spirits ushers us into the universe of "The Bellmaker," where we hear the gentle grinding of gears and emphatic reverberations from gargantuan bells. When Kala enters the belltower, goosebumps ensue. With a lackadaisical flow and bee's knees delivery, Kala rips your heart out for forty straight scorching seconds. As a bonus, "The Bellmaker" ends with a piece of spoken-word poetry that wrestles with the topic of death. Aptly following, "I'll Be Ready" rides the trickling of water and sparkling of chimes right into the rousing vocals of Mary Corso. As she ponders the state of existence, where "we're really just floating," Of The Trees paints the underlying liquid drum and bass realm with bird calls, sputtering percussion hits, and lush chords. As the song reaches for the sky, both Mary and Tyler go off—so much so that the second half of "I'll Be Ready" spends most of its energy winding back down. As we decompress, the synthline that seconds ago served as an uplifting ingredient to the song's chorus gradually morphs into an ominous warning siren.

Finally, we arrive at "Elegos." A faint zephyr and auspicious pads welcome us as we approach our destination. Effortlessly, the ambiance of the song's intro merges into a beautiful dream-like hook that resembles a sentient synth singing about fond memories and new beginnings. Seriously, the emotions oozing out of "Elegos" are breathtaking and rare. Created with intention, this climax to The Tale of Elegos inspires a truly unique cascade of feelings—both good and bad, happy and sad...but mainly happy and hopeful. As the beat builds, drops, and ultimately disintegrates, we're taken on a psychic labyrinth of bliss, pain, hope, and fear. Like a familiar but unrecognizable smell, "Elegos" digs deep into your brain's memory banks—and this particular quality is what brings The Tale of Elegos to life. Track after track, Of The Trees floods your inner eye and ear with vivid depictions of Elegos' quest, which happens to mirror the individual quests we're all on.

From our limited human perspective, life is too often synonymous with movement. When we want to remind people that trees are alive, we'll animate them—by rustling their leaves with an invisible breeze or by distorting the flow of time in order to make visible the changing of the seasons. Taking an alternative route, Of The Trees instead opts to magnify the stillness; for even in stillness, there is life. In fact, the tempo of our giant woody friends is slow and c r e e p i n g. The Tale of Elegos adopts this leisurely pacing, reminding us to consider the trees, not as they're depicted in art, but rather as they are—peaceful, powerful, and calm. Woody and wise. By knowing precisely where to spice up The Tale of Elegos, Of The Trees crafts a wonderful serene-tempo expedition through whispering woods. Full of forest timbres, ethereal vocal verses, and legendary production, The Tale of Elegos is a masterclass in world building and also how to spill your heart out (or spill your xylem out).

Artwork By: Bülent Gültek
Written By: Max Dohman
ART ERA Review:

Blissful, moody, and provocative—the inaugural full-length project from Mersiv lives up to its name. Pretty Dark Loud spans twenty tracks and radiates with gorgeous sonic tones, gloomy psychedelic sentiments, and boisterous bellows of bass. Having rapidly risen to prominence in the electric underground with a series of quality EPs, Mersiv is now poised to pounce to the very tip top of the industry with this astounding and highly-ambitious LP. Pretty Dark Loud showcases the breadth of Mersiv's skills to experiment beyond the boundaries of genre while simultaneously uniting the entire tracklist under the producer's signature, slick sound. This Mersiv vibe is wonderfully depicted in the album art by Mr. Crumbs, which absolutely nails the dark purple timbres of Mersiv's lower frequencies and the vibrant forest greens that color the upper registers throughout Pretty Dark Loud. The abstract, alien mashup of eyes and shapes by Mr. Crumbs also serves as an apt preview of the depth and complexity nestled within the Pretty packaging of Dark Loud. If you look just beyond the beautiful hooks and melodies that adorn the Pretty, you'll find the ominous rhythms and grim textures of the Dark, as well as the courage, determination, and vital energy of the Loud.

As its title suggests, Pretty Dark Loud offers an amalgam of the themes that have hitherto come to define the Mersiv aesthetic. Right away, "Dimension Of The Isolated" blends all three elements, particularly in the song's squelchy low end sound design, for a delicious taste of what's to come. However, we're going to focus on each of the three themes, individually, in order to gain a deeper appreciation for the vision underlying Pretty Dark Loud.

The Pretty can be found in abundance throughout "Floating Underwater Above The Clouds." With its ethereal intro, rainbow-tinted effects, and humongous, cloud-like rumbles of bass, this track blends a touch of Loud with ample amounts of Pretty in order to transport you to a mythical wonderland. Up next in the tracklist, the immaculate "Severing String" layers a fabulously filthy siren atop an intoxicating atmosphere and angelic vocal delivery for the perfect melding of Dark and Pretty. Sublime impressions also shine through "Depth Perception"—a ghostly, wavy tune that slowly builds until it drops into a dazzling array of glitched-out vocal chops. This ravishing refrain is jittery and spazzy while also somehow coming across as elegant and oh so very Pretty—a testament to the production prowess of Mersiv.

The Dark is prominent in "Forest Creature," which features the assistance of Killa Nova and verges into some seriously treacherous jungle vibrations. Untamed drums and a venomous sinusoidal section inject "Forest Creature" with the sinister sense of unknown eyes following you while alone in the wilderness. Another darkly-tinted ditty, "The Death Note" rides a downright dastardly rhythm and is utterly drenched in the aural flavorings of an alien invasion. In the song's second half, the otherworldly variety of heady effects employed by Mersiv cross-pollinate and culminate in a hallucinatory, mind-bending drop of dismal delight. Towards the tail end of the LP, the somber, murky instrumental of "If I Was A Raven" tempers the boundless, soaring performance of Elephant Revival. Together, they compose a shadowy, stirring arrangement that synergizes Pretty and Dark.

The Loud is the most rare, but also the most impactful ingredient of Pretty Dark Loud. "Fire Dance" showcases the exhilarating delivery of Attitude alongside the loudest Mersiv production to date. Some of the hypest hip-hop since NOISIA and Foreign Beggars, "Fire Dance" is a volcanic eruption of pure power, vigor, and a little extra oomph. (Or, as Attitude puts it, "This is what it sound like when an elephant walk in the room.") Meanwhile, "Moon Chaser" bursts forth with gravity and emotion, thanks to the track's monumental wall-of-sound chorus. Then, Mersiv goes "Sky High" with elevated Knat Turner vocals, combining equal parts Dark and Loud for a wizardly, wobbly club anthem. Last but not least, booming with brazen low end that bolsters the superb vocal delivery of Akylla perfectly in the mix, "Ghosts" turns the volume up for the album's most infectious moment. The result is a mesmerizing triumph for the LP's more raucous intentions. Mersiv and Akylla blend swimmingly as "Ghosts" comes to life right before your eyes.

Pretty Dark Loud sees Mersiv aim for the stars and hit his mark. The different elements of the LP ebb and flow in a marvelous dance of inspiration and revelation. This organic struggle between the three themes of Pretty Dark Loud plays out in an enrapturing, spontaneous manner. So, whether you're a new fan or old, Pretty Dark Loud is sure to surprise you with plenty of serendipitous moments. Likewise, whether you're a fan of mellow Mersiv, madman Mersiv, or mammoth Mersiv, Pretty Dark Loud has you covered!

Artwork by Mr. Crumbs
Written By: Max Dohman

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