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Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz: Immersive Audio’s Power Couple, Part Three – PS Audio
Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz: Immersive Audio’s Power Couple, Part Three – PS Audio

Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz: Immersive Audio’s Power Couple, Part Three – PS Audio

With multiple Grammy Award wins and nominations to their credit, as well as European awards such as the Echo Klassik and Le Diamant d’Opera, Jim Anderson and Ulrike Schwarz have a unique personal and professional partnership that has resulted in a wide range of critically-acclaimed, co-produced an...

Merging Technologies | Use Case | Mauricio Gargel - Mauricio Gargel Audio Mastering - Brazil
Merging Technologies | Use Case | Mauricio Gargel - Mauricio Gargel Audio Mastering - Brazil

Merging Technologies | Use Case | Mauricio Gargel - Mauricio Gargel Audio Mastering - Brazil

There is a tendency to think that developments in any technology come from USA, Europe or Asia so it is a real pleasure to discover that Dolby Atmos is equally alive and thriving in Brazil. Furthermore, you also discover that the person concerned studied for a master’s degree in object-based mixin...



Hugh Robjohns from Sound On Sound has interviewed CEDAR's Managing Director, Gordon Reid. In this extended podcast they talk about the establishment and history of the company, the technologies developed, and the milestones of over 30 years at the forefront of noise suppression and audio restoration.


We are proud to announce that the MERGING+ANUBIS Music Mission is a finalist for the Computer Audio Hardware NAMM TEC Award in the Technical Achievement category!

Voting for the 37th Annual NAMM TEC Awards is open to pro audio, music industry and live event professionals, those that make their living involved in a related field to music products, professional audio, and / or sound production.

The voting period will end March 31, 2022, and the results will be announced on Saturday, June 4 as part of The 2022 NAMM Show.

If you are eligible to vote, we count on you to vote for us!

Anubis Music Mission Tutorials - Intro
Anubis Music Mission Tutorials - Intro

Anubis Music Mission Tutorials - Intro

Ricardo, Merging Technologies product manager for the Anubis Music Mission, introduces Anubis and the Music Mission in this fist video of a new series of tut...

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

In a new how-to video from CEDAR Audio Ltd, CEDAR Studio Retouch is used to remove hi-hat bleed from a snare track.     ...
Removing bleed using CEDAR Studio Retouch

In a new how-to video from CEDAR Audio Ltd, CEDAR Studio Retouch is used to remove hi-hat bleed from a snare track.

This shows you how to identify and remove bleed (in this case, hi-hat bleed on a snare drum track) to make audio mixing easier and achieve higher quality res...

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

Photos from Merging Technologies's post

Sonarworks SoundID and Anubis!  The perfect combination!
Welcome to Merging Technologies

Sonarworks SoundID and Anubis! The perfect combination!

Merging Technologies SA is a Swiss manufacturer with over 25 years of experience in developing groundbreaking, professional Audio and Video products for a wide range of entertainment and media industries. With a dedicated user base in the elite end of the music, film, television, mastering and perfo...

Independent Audio is proud to announce the unveiling of our "You Are Not Alone" Mural painted on the back of our buildin...

Independent Audio is proud to announce the unveiling of our "You Are Not Alone" Mural painted on the back of our building at 82 Gilman Street to coincide with the Portland First Friday Art Walk on September 3, 2021.

The Mural was painted to conceal the graffiti sprayed on our building on March 30 of this year. Our hope is that this beautiful mural will send an important message.

The "You Are Not Alone" Mural Project is an on-going global art initiative to spread mental health awareness, and offer a message of support to those who are struggling. This is achieved through the creation and sharing of artwork, and accompanying personal personal statements.

The Mural has been painted by local artist, Kerrin Parkinson, who will be present to talk about this exciting addition to Portland Public Art.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, September 3, between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm to view this wonderful and heartfelt gift of Art displayed at 82 Gilman Street.


Case study: The BBC Virtual Audience and CEDAR

Matthew Page and Mark MacDonald of UK Operations For BBC News explain how they use CEDAR to help create the BBC Virtual Audience for shows such as The News Quiz, Mock The Week, Children in Need and the BAFTAs.

We were delighted to hear about their work, especially when Mark MacDonald concluded, "After the first couple of audience events I wrote some sound notes and, at the end of it, it says, 'bow down and worship the CEDAR'. It's fantastic. It's really, really amazing."

Read the whole story here:


Sonifex Export Distributor of the Year Award 2020-21 Goes to Independent Audio

The Sonifex Distributor of the Year Awards are usually handed out during the IBC show in September. However, due to COVID-19 and the postponing of the show, the 2020-2021 Export Distributor award was given in person to Fraser Jones of Independent Audio when he recently visited the Sonifex factory. Independent Audio is based in Portland, Maine USA and has been the Sonifex distributor since 1996.

Managing Director of Sonifex, Marcus Brooke commented: “This has been an extremely difficult year for the entire industry but Independent Audio have surpassed all our expectations to have a record sales year, it’s astonishing. We really appreciate their commitment to the brand and all their hard work.”

Fraser Jones said: “Some new Sonifex products, especially the new AVN-DIO10 SDI to Dante converter, have sent our sales rocketing this year, despite the pandemic. It’s a pleasure to receive the award for the first time, and to have such a long and enduring relationship with Sonifex.”


Continuing a proud history of inventing technologies such as spectral editing, introducing machine learning into pro-audio and defining modern dialogue noise suppression, CEDAR Audio is again proud to announce another world first – this time designed to change the way in which it’s possible to record in noisy environments.

Available initially as a module in its latest CEDAR Trinity 5 long-term recording, monitoring and enhancement system, Isolate™ makes it possible to isolate individual sound sources in noisy environments. However, unlike previous technologies that require large arrays of matched microphones to try to focus on individual speakers, CEDAR’s microphone array is smaller than a beer mat, and even smaller devices from other manufacturers can also be used. Furthermore, Isolate can identify and output multiple speakers simultaneously, allowing users to hear and record whole conversations taking place in noisy environments.

CEDAR Audio’s Managing Director, Gordon Reid, explains, “The human auditory system has a remarkable ability to focus its attention on one or more sound sources in a noisy environment, which is why it’s possible for us to have a conversation in a space such as a club or a restaurant. Unfortunately, some of the information that enables the brain to perform this task is lost when audio is picked up and recorded using microphones, so recording in noisy environments is often unsuccessful.”

“We began to look into this problem in 2008 and, when the first results of our source separation project were heard in 2013, it was clear that we were developing something with enormous potential in many fields. We even created a sister company, AudioTelligence (based nearby on Cambridge University’s West Cambridge site) to further develop the technology and to address commercial fields outside of our traditional areas of operation while, at CEDAR, we continued to develop it for the pro-audio and security markets.”

“The next job was to marry the underlying source separation with our new ‘direction of arrival’ system, which makes it possible for users to choose which sounds they wish to isolate. Not only that but, unlike existing beamforming systems, we can identify and isolate multiple speakers simultaneously, outputting a clean signal containing all of the people in a conversation. If you don’t know about beamforming, this is a technology for steering a virtual microphone in a known direction. Isolate is completely different – it decomposes an unknown soundfield into distinct sources of interest without the user having any prior knowledge of the locations of the speakers or, for that matter, other sounds of interest. Each has its uses, but Isolate overcomes the practical limitations of beamformers and significantly outperforms what they can achieve over small and medium distances.”

“It’s also totally different from noise reduction, where you’re trying to remove the noise from a signal that already contains it. With Isolate, you’re pointing the recorder at the wanted sources, stopping the majority of the environmental noise and other unwanted sounds from reaching the recording in the first place. It’s possible that, in years to come, people will be amazed that recording audio in noisy environments wasn’t always done this way!”

Merging Technologies | Use Case | Doug Mitchell - San Francisco Opera - USA
Merging Technologies | Use Case | Doug Mitchell - San Francisco Opera - USA

Merging Technologies | Use Case | Doug Mitchell - San Francisco Opera - USA

Ever been to a drive-in opera? Probably not as this is a rather unusual proposition but one that has just completed a run of evening performances that started on April 23 and finished on May 15 2021. Rossini’s “The Barber of Seville” used a custom-built stage more often deployed for the “Coa...



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Sonifex Ltd has named US-based Independent Audio its Distributor of the Year
It's been a while, but we are finally booked for a show again. Visit us at the NAB Show in Las Vegas in October together with our US distributor Independent Audio.

And boy do we have something in store for you! Get ready for our most exciting new product release since gated reverb was still hip. We can't wait!

Day one at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York is done! We've had a fantastic response to the new Dante / AES67 interface and commentary products, including the sneak preview of the AVN-DIO10 SDI / Dante box. If you're attending the show, make sure you pop by our booth (549) and say hello. We're right next door to our US distributors, Independent Audio. It'll be lovely to see you:)
Dennis Gaines from Independent Audio introduces the Merging Technologies Anubis audio interface at the 2019 NAB Show.

For more info:
Going to NAMM next week? Visit our US distributor Independent Audio in booth #16023 and check out the Pearl product range.
Independent Audio now distributes Junger Audio in the USA.
Saying hello to our valued partners at Independent Audio!
Did we mention Iceland Symphony Orchestra is WQXR's Album of the week?

Out soon and available from Sono Luminus with a stereo CD and Pure Audio Blu-ray with High-Res stereo, 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, 9.1 Auro-3D, and 11.1 Dolby Atmos! We'd like to thank our friends at Sennheiser for their support with microphones, and Merging Technologies and Independent Audio for the additional gear for our expanded Pyramix system!
I would like to send out a special thanks to Fraser and Dennis from Independent Audio. They dropped off some brand new Merging Technologies audio converters today. I get to audition the converters for a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to test driving them! Independent just installed a set of these in Stevie Wonders studio as well as another studio just up the street from me :). I had a great time hanging with them today!
Jünger Audio has appointed Independent Audio as its new distributor in the USA, with responsibility for its entire range of high-quality digital audio dynamics processors.
Independent Audio will distribute CONEQpro, the acoustic power measurement and loudspeaker correction product for professional audio applications, in the United States.
Join our friends at Independent Audio for this cool event in Nashville. Merging gear will be on demonstration.

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