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Muse Storytelling We believe that well-told stories can change the world. We develop the creative and go in-the-field to produce films that will deeply connect with an audience and compel them to action.

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Last Spring, we were feeling scared, uncertain and isolated. So, to bring together our powerful community of filmmakers,...

Last Spring, we were feeling scared, uncertain and isolated. So, to bring together our powerful community of filmmakers, we offered up live training on The Science of Storytelling as a pay-what-you-can model.

Nearly 2,000 people registered and we broke the webinar service.

So, we brought them back, but this year they are even BETTER.

1. Grant is joining Patrick – and he is bringing the HEAT!
3. We have some killer partners on board including Westcott, Benro, Tenba, Nanlite, Vaxis and MZ'ed to make sure we have plenty of toys to play with!

REMINDER - We have taught this course to over 10,000 filmmakers and leaders from the likes of Apple, Nike, and the United Nations in Geneva (and its usually $997).

We are teaching this LIVE which means even more stories from Grant and Patrick, crazy energy and inspiration, and tons of going behind-the-scenes on some of our biggest productions to date.

We kick things off **NEXT TUESDAY 3.23 at 12PMPST**

Learn more here:


Let’s break some stuff!!

At the end of our production @jenfullerstudios says “this material is so delicate and expensive, i just want to smash it in slow motion someday as a reminder to not be afraid”

Of course i took that opportunity to say “ummm, how about right now??”

And off we went to find a wall...

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💥 SAVE YOUR SEAT!!! In only 7 days, the #MuseFilmFest story begins! For the first time ever, we're bringing the communit...

💥 SAVE YOUR SEAT!!! In only 7 days, the #MuseFilmFest story begins! For the first time ever, we're bringing the community together to celebrate our wins and passion for storytelling through an online film festival. It's totally free but there are limited seats to call dibs on yours now! Link in bio.

With a New Year comes the opportunity for a new story. One that is filled with hope, optimism, and connection. That's th...

With a New Year comes the opportunity for a new story. One that is filled with hope, optimism, and connection.

That's the impetus behind the Muse Film Festival. It's a time for us to come together and celebrate our craft, be inspired by what's possible, and get empowered to make 2021 the year we make more films that we truly care about! If you haven't signed up yet, check out the link in our bio.

Here's what to expect at the 2-day virtual Muse Film Festival:

>> Powerful Keynote conversations with industry leading filmmakers about their personal journeys and learnings around making content they truly care about.

>> 7 exemplary short films will be screened and discussed

>> The world premiere of I Am Dust, the ward-winning narrative short film Patrick and the team made last year based on his late mother's struggle with bipolar.

>> Special performances by the spoken word artist and poet Marshall Davis Jones.

>>Community networking opportunities

>> The big reveal of what's next for the Muse ecosystem!!

Time to dig out that old hard drive and make a few final tweaks to that story you’ve been working on  because submission...

Time to dig out that old hard drive and make a few final tweaks to that story you’ve been working on because submissions are OPEN for the Muse Film Festival!

The focus of the Muse Film Festival is on storytelling and we're on the hunt for the top stories to share with the community.

You may submit up to three films in total, across the four categories:

Submit your film for the opportunity to have your work showcased online and a chance to share your experience with our community!

There is no cost to submit, to attend, or to present your film if you are chosen as a finalist.

>>> Link in bio to submit!

Muse Storytelling's cover photo

Muse Storytelling's cover photo

Well, folks, we made it! That was one wild of a journey. And the waves may still be rolling in for awhile. But before we...

Well, folks, we made it! That was one wild of a journey. And the waves may still be rolling in for awhile. But before we go diving back in, let's take a moment to reconnect, to re-inspire, and to rekindle that burning passion we all have for storytelling!

The Muse team is kicking off 2021 with a BANG– the very first EEVERRR #MuseFilmFestival!

Now. This ain't your average Zoom meeting! (We're sick of them too!)

For 2 days, we're bringing together filmmakers and creatives in the industry to share their work, ideas, lessons, experiences and stories!

If there’s anything we learned from 2020 it’s that we are stronger together. Together, we can bring far more stories into the world that need to be told.

Join us on January 22-23!
Link in bio to submit your film and save your seat!

Muse Storytelling's cover photo

Muse Storytelling's cover photo

New things are coming in 2021!

New things are coming in 2021!

Always think in threes:🤔 Curiosity🧗🏽‍♀️ Climb🚪 CloseEven with simple broll scenes, aim to think in story structure. Crea...

Always think in threes:

🤔 Curiosity

🧗🏽‍♀️ Climb

🚪 Close

Even with simple broll scenes, aim to think in story structure.

Create Curiosity or Conflict in the beginning which will pull the audience in and grab their attention.

Look to Climb or up the stakes in the middle, which serves to increase the emotional punch of the ending.

And then Close with conviction—leaving your audience with a solid resolution.

The more each scene follows story structure, the more you can stack them together and create even more emotional pull.

Work that story muscle for each and every scene 💪🏽

Think in threes - curiosity, climb, close.

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I was pretty darn stoked when the folks at Vaxis reached out and asked if we wanted to test out their upcoming Atom 500 SDI.

The more I progress in my filmmaking career, the more I appreciate the iterative process.

Get something roughed in and constantly make it better.

Monitoring is a big part of that so others can catch ways to make the art, or light, or camera stronger. This little Vaxis SDI unit beams to your iOS devices (up to 3) or you can plug in the receiver and go to a monitor on set.

Check out the video for the full review!

Check out this frame (pulled from a Red Monstro on a shoot here in Punta Mita).When working with real people, it can be ...

Check out this frame (pulled from a Red Monstro on a shoot here in Punta Mita).

When working with real people, it can be so tempting to just tell them what to do:

Be happy

Problem is, that almost never results in real emotion or a depth that can be felt beyond the image.

What’s far more challenging, yet rewarding, is to create an experience that results in the emotion you’re looking to document.

In the frame above I’d asked the wife to show her husband how he loved him and she could do anything she wanted - but she couldn’t say a word.

This simple yet fun prompt, and others like them, created such powerful energy and gives the frames and footage a soul.

#story #storytelling #storytime

What a night filming the star gazing experience with @fsjacksonhole out here in Jackson Hole.Used two Astera tubes to mi...

What a night filming the star gazing experience with @fsjacksonhole out here in Jackson Hole.

Used two Astera tubes to mimic moonlight and a hand lantern.

Also really loving the @polarpro Basecamp matte box on the Red Monstro. We are way quicker - which is so huge in these moments where you have such a small window of light to get it just right and you’re working with real people.

Filmmakers! We're tackling your top 5 business challenges live.

Last week Rebecca sent an email out to the Muse Community asking 'what's your biggest business challenge today'.

On. My.

The response was overwhelming.

She's sent almost 200 video messages back. And while we hope those have really helped–it gave us the idea to do something even bigger.

Let's take the top 5 challenges we heard from all of you and tackle them in-depth, on a live webinar.

And to celebrate the last day to enroll in our new course, Profitable Filmmaking, we'll be hosting the webinar 3 times! That means you can pick the time that works best for you.

Check out the video to learn about the challenges we'll be tackling and what you'll get just for showing up live.

As a disclaimer–we will share info on our new course at the end of the webinar. You do not need to buy anything and you will get a ton of value without needing to purchase anything.

Snag your spot here:

My bank balance was at $31.30. And it's payroll tomorrow...

The actual production of a course is no joke.

We went through dozens of locations to find the perfect one.

Sorted out rolling with 4 Red cams at once—including one in constant motion.

And we had two directors at all times-a technical and a creative director.

The technical director managed the cameras and angles, while the education director was responsible for ensuring the content itself is strong and clear.

We asked Kaleb Kohart, a long-standing member of our community if he’d fly in and take on that role.

But as he started directing the content, he also started to notice that perhaps there were some areas his MBA left out.

Well, Kaleb is a filmmaker. And an improv comedian.

So we asked him if he’d make a short film about his experience of directing a thing, but being changed in the process.

What he came up with is HILARIOUS.

Yet true.

It’s a brilliant case study in what character, conflict, and humor can do to connect you.


Our second flagship course 'Profitable Filmmaking' is now open for enrollment through the end of next week.

This course was founded on the belief that we, as filmmakers, can make films we love AND be profitable AND not have to endure crappy clients.

It's a roadmap on how to create your vision, increase your value, protect your margins, and land dream clients.

Learn more here:

If you're curious if it's right for you, reach out and we can schedule a no pressure call to learn more about where you're at, where you'd like to go, and if/how Profitable Filmmaking can help on that journey :)


Had a few spare moments on an overpass yesterday and thought I'd share how we're rigging up the XT-4 with the One Wheel.

A pretty rad setup.

Fujifilm X GFX North America XT-4 with a 10-24 f4 or 16-55 f2.8
Vaxis Atom 500 SDI
Atomos Ninja V with 500gb SSD
Moment variable ND on the front
Wooden Camera Side handle to help mount it all
Not shown - RØDE Microphones Wireless Go to add a lav into the mix

#story #storyiq #storytelling #storytellers #film #filmmaking #setlife #filmbts #filmmakers #filmmakersworld #woodencamera #moment #fujifilmxt4 #atomos #rode


Join me for lunch — and a discussion on how to find clients in the pandemic!

Why are you a filmmaker?

Let's chat about getting back to your freedom (and away from all the stress and overwhelm!)

A member of our community posted an open question “what’s your relationship with time?”The fleeting nature of time is so...

A member of our community posted an open question “what’s your relationship with time?”

The fleeting nature of time is something most of us struggle with.

His question reminded me of a day, some 7 years ago, when I sat in a cafe a block from my house, nestled next to the window while reading Seneca’s ‘On The Shortness of Life’.

I can remember the day, and the moment, so specifically because reading this passage nearly took the wind out of me.

It’s a powerful nature of the relentless nature of time. That it will continue to move whether we like it or not. And whether we are ready or not.

Yet many of us act, we show up to our lives, as if we have forever.

I see this passage by Seneca as a vital reminder.

In the words of Seneca "The greatest loss of time is delay and expectation, which depend upon the future. We let go the present, which we have in our power, and look forward to that which depends upon chance, and so relinquish a certainty for an uncertainty."

It is a deep thought, yes, but so powerful that his thoughts are still shared some 2000 years later.

Imagine that–creating something that has the staying power of 2000 years. We often struggle to have something stay relevant for minutes, if not seconds.

And it makes me wonder, what does it take of somebody, what does it require of us, to create at a level that has that sort of staying power.

This quote hit me so hard I turned it into a canvas and hung it in my home. I wanted the reminder daily to be present, and to not take time for granted.

It’s a rallying cry.

To take action.
To BE who you want to be.
To live with purpose.
To not play small.

Thank you Kristian, for the prompt.

And now, if you’d be so brave, what is your relationship to time?

Home studio tour!We’ve got a pretty sweet setup here for Zoom calls, webinars, educational content and more.Here is a pe...

Home studio tour!

We’ve got a pretty sweet setup here for Zoom calls, webinars, educational content and more.

Here is a peak behind the curtain.

AUDIO >> @rodemic Rodecaster Pro with the procaster mic and arm. This allows for up to four mics, has amazing sound processing, built in sound effects (which are amazing for Zoom calls, btw) and can record directly to micro SD.

CAMERA >> @fujifilmx_us XT-4 with 16-55mm f2.8 for some wide to tight options, amazing face tracking, and 4:2:2 4K out via HDMI.

CONVERTORS/RECORDERS >> the Shogun 4K into a @blackmagicnewsofficial Web Presenter allows for 4k recording in RAW plus streaming all at once - of any meeting or call!

LIGHTING >> Two C120 and C300 lights, on remote, to dial in the look. One as a key and one on the background. Plus ikea blackouts blinds fo control the sun as needed.

BACKGROUND >> often overlooked, but having a solid backdrop sets so much of the look. Here we added wallpaper with a brand feel from Wayfair, and then a collection of items well balanced across the frame to add personality.

We were thinking of making a video tour. Comment if you’d like us to make a walkthrough video on the full setup, what each part does, and why it helps!

#story #storyiq #storytelling #storytellers #film #filmmaking #setlife #filmbts #filmmakers #filmmakersworld #aputure #fujifilmxt4 #atomos #rode

Master the Art of Ninja Filmmaking

Small crew.
Less gear.
Big-story filmmaking.

Become a Ninja filmmaker with our free mini-course.

You'll get a 14-minute tutorial film where we take you in-the-field and show you how we brought a real film to life in just 1 day, with 1 crew member, and 1/10th of the normal gear budget.

Plus, a solid 26-page downloadable PDF that breaks down:
🎥 three main techniques for thinking through your shoot like a Ninja
🎥 the Ultimate Ninja Gear guide (what gear we chose, and why)
🎥 worksheets for planning out your next production like a Ninja

If you want more Ninja in your life, head on over to and snag the whole mini-course, totally free.


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Stories have the power to change the world. Each story is a rallying cry—to unite, to empower, to heal. And we believe that everyone should have that power.

Story certainly changed our world.

Stillmotion started out as a band of wedding videographers. And now, 10 years later, we’ve worked with some of the greats (Canon, Apple, NFL, Toyota), won 5 Emmys, and given talks and workshops around the world.

So, what happened between then and now?

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Searching for a wedding videographer in or around Cambridge, ON (just outside the GTA), who applies concepts from Muse Storytelling in their films. Wedding date is Aug 28. Please email me: [email protected]
Znamy się od lat, ale nie spodziewałem się że będziemy robili film.. . . 2 miesiące temu przeszedłem przez kurs Muse Storytelling, który przedstawia opatentowany system na tworzenie angażujących historii oparty o 4 kroki. Widziałem, że działa ale nie byłem w stanie nie sprawdzić czy zadziała u mnie. Każdy z nas oglądał kiedyś taki serial... Odpalasz netflixa i jesteś tak zaangażowany w bohatera i historię, że musisz obejrzeć do samego końca. Musiałem znaleźć bohatera, którego historia będzie warta opowiedzenia. Napisałem do Izy na Instagramie i w zasadzie następnego dnia planowaliśmy jak to zrobimy. 📈Jakie były efekty filmu? Średnie utrzymanie uwagi widza na YouTube to 30% Film Izabela Skórka na dzień dzisiejszy to 61% ‼️ Jeżeli chcesz: usłyszeć resztę historii i jak wielkie marki wykorzystują storytelling w swoim marketingu - to w pierwszym komentarzu znajdziesz link do kulis. PS. Kulisy są oczywiście w formie wideo ;) #storytelling #gdańsk #produkcjawideo #wideomarketing #brandstory #digitalmarketing #trojmiasto
When the commute to the spa is an epic journey in itself. #WellnessWednesday Wonderfully captured 🎥 by Muse Storytelling
What do Mancino Vermouth di Torino Bianco, Bitter Scuro and pineapple infusion have in common? Together they make the latest Baa Atoll concoction, the Landaa Spritz. If you need a hit of sweet, bitter orange nectar look no further 🍹. 🎥 Muse Storytelling
Save the date! Thursday June 10th Bigger Than Me - Film Premiere & Party, a short film about the outdoors. Arts Build Southeast Conservation Corps ELLAchattanooga Bridge Chattanooga Tennessee River Gorge Trust Another Chapter Agency Muse Storytelling green|spaces chattanooga Coleman Creative Dynamo Studios Day Fire Podcast Sunshine's Adventures Make Beautiful The Daily Ration Hutton & Smith Brewing Co. Greg Funderburg
I love learning! This week I delved into Muse Storytelling's scientific approach to story building that helps to engage audiences, unleash creativity, and create films that matter - which is ultimately what I am here to do. Stories truly are the most effective and powerful form of human communication and my passion for storytelling is growing every day ❤
Our favourite time of the day? When we wander around Landaa on our bike. Where do you love to ride your 🚲? 🎥 Muse Storytelling
Just in time for Earth Day 2021, I spoke with a Twin Cities-based filmmaker who is working with Muse Storytelling and Superior Watershed Partnership to renovate Stannard Rock Lighthouse -- called 'the lonliest place in North America' -- with an eye toward measuring humans' impact on the climate.
Join us on 4/14 for a energetic webinar on Video Storytelling with Muse Storytelling
Earlier this month, I was one of five storytellers to win an International Women's Day competition with Muse Storytelling. They have been a huge inspiration in the creation of Myosotis Film & Photography, so to receive their support and encouragement means a lot to me. I'm all set up on their Story First Collective platform now and cannot wait to dive into the Science Of Storytelling course! 🤓 #LifeLongLearning #EveryDayIsASchoolDay
There's always more to learn in this art (and science). So I'm enjoying participating in this free, four-week series from Muse Storytelling. Check it out if you're interested in upping your story game!
On February 17, Dying With Dignity Canada joined Muse Storytelling and Dr. Stefanie Green from the Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers for the premiere of "Singing in the Rain." For those that missed the screening, we've published the full recording on our website. Grab a box of tissues, and press play on this short but powerful documentary about Kaye Lambie in the days leading up to her medically assisted death.