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The Angel Punk Saga website featuring information about the novel trilogy is live! The first two books in the trilogy ar...
Angel Punk Saga

The Angel Punk Saga website featuring information about the novel trilogy is live! The first two books in the trilogy are also available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

POWER. GREED. TRAGEDY. FORGIVENESS.A Supernatural World Divided. The Angel Punk Saga Trilogy BOOK ONE: OFFSPRING Mara Layil finds herself on an unwitting journey of discovery after being thrust into a struggle between ancient supernatural dynasties. Read the synopsis and download a free Chapter 1 .p...

Transmedia World-Building | GeekDad |

This morning, Wired Magazine and GeekDad posted a piece on transmedia storytelling. Angel Punk was highlighted as one of their examples. A few weeks ago, Angel Punk author Amber J. Keyser and Relium Developmental Producer Jake Rossman had the pleasure of sitting down with writer Erik Wecks of GeekDad along with Senior Editor Jonathan Liu. It is a worthy read for any of you content creators out there.

More and more entertainment companies are building large complex story worlds and sharing the storytelling load among different types of media.

Celluloid forest

With Oregon film industry continuing to grow, we are proud to be a part of it with our first property Angel Punk. In this article, just published in the Oregon Business Journal, CEO Kevin Curry and partner Eric Doebele discuss Relium's direction and why transmedia storytelling is key to independent cinema's success.

Oregon’s homegrown film and TV businesses are getting savvier, growing up and going places.

Willamette Writers Conference 2012

On Sunday, August 5th, the Relium Media team (Amber, Kevin & Jake) will be hosting a panel on Transmedia storytelling at the Willamette Writers Conference. There are a lot of great workshops over the weekend for aspiring and established writers alike. Registration is still open and it would be great to see you there.


Emma D. Dryden to Edit First Angel Punk Novel | Relium Media, LLC

Just when you thought we had left, we went and did something drastically awesome. We hired the prestigious Emma Dryden to edit the first Angel Punk novel. It's a press release but we're still really excited. She has applied her guidance to a handful of amazing books in the past.

July 10, 20120 Portland, OR – Relium Media has hired prestigious developmental editor Emma D. Dryden to work with author Amber Keyser on the first young adult novel based on the Angel Punk universe. The novel is a key piece of the company’s transmedia roll out of Angel Punk, which includes a live-ac...


The Relium Media booth at the Ooligan Press Write to Publish conference is set up. The team will be presenting on transmedia publishing this afternoon at 1pm in Smith Memorial Student Union. Come say hi!

Relium Media and Transmedia

The Relium Media team is presenting two panels in April at The Ooligan Press Write to Publish conference and the Stumptown Comics Festival. Ooligan Press grad student, Lauren Hudgins gave us a very nice writeup on the company, Angel Punk and transmedia. Take read.

Print isn’t dead. It just needs some holistic medicine. Not literally, but what if young adult fiction came along with movies and comic books (available in print and digital formats)? It’s called transmedia, treating the storytelling business with multiple platforms and multiple opportunities to att...


Consumers don't limit their entertainment to one media platform anymore, so those creating it shouldn't either. Movies, novels, comics, games, e-books,'s all part of an increasingly seamless ecosystem. Relium Media dives deep into that world, taking a creative, multi-tiered approach to the art of storytelling, marketing and consumer interaction.

Do you have a brand, product or story that would benefit from a cross-platform approach? A small idea that could be nurtured into a big world? Relium Media can unleash your story's potential, and bring it to a new universe of consumers and fans. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Indie Comic Book Review: ‘Angel Punk’ #1 reviews Angel Punk #1

The ‘Angel Punk’ saga follows Mara Layil on a journey of discovery as she’s thrust into a millennia-old struggle between supernatural dynasties. This hidden world of ancient wonders and dark secrets forces the orphaned teen to accept her own power and confront her family’s mysterious past. Angel Pun...

Talking Transmedia

A nice writeup in the School Library Journal about our Angel Punk Transmedia presentation from KidLitCon.

By Elizabeth Burns October 1, 2011 The future of reading goes beyond devices and ebook licensing models. It’s also about story. The September 16–17 KidLitCon in Seattle considered a new form of storytelling: transmedia. A panel led by the creators of AngelPunk ...

KidLitosphere Central - News - Schedule for KidLitCon 2011

This Friday, the Relium team will be presenting a panel on transmedia storytelling at the KidLitosphere Conference in Seattle, WA. They will walk through the successes and hangups of what they've done with Angel Punk as well as explore newer happenings such as Pottermore, Skeleton Creek and iDracula. If you have any questions yourselves, please post comments or send us an email at [email protected]

This page features news in the area of children’s literature, events from around the blogging community, and announcements about KidLitosphere happenings. Primarily focused on literary news, special events, useful articles, and interesting posts from other blogs, it does not include reviews, intervi...


Portland comic artist and Angel Punk creative consultant Shannon Wheeler just won an Eisner Award for Best Humor Publication for his very funny book I Thought You Would Be Funnier. What to go Shannon! The Eisners are the Oscars of comics and awarded annually at San Diego Comic-Con.

Angel Punk at 2011 Comic-Con - Day 1

Part of the Angel Punk team is down in San Diego for Comic-Con 2011. Tonight's the big yacht party sponsored by Angel Punk and Things From Another World, but in the meantime, here's a look at what their Wednesday entailed.

Day 1 of Angel Punk at San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

Amber J. Keyser To Write Angel Punk Young Adult Novel for Relium Media | Relium Media, LLC

"Mara is the action-adventure heroine I've been waiting my whole life to write. She's brash, impulsive, and far more powerful than she knows," said Keyser. "Her story unfolds in a rich, mythic universe with a sharp, modern edge. I can tell already that being a part of the Angel Punk creative team will be a mind-blowing, wild ride!"

For Immediate Release Contact: Kevin Curry 503-805-6016 [email protected] J. Keyser To Write Angel Punk Young Adult Novel for Relium Media Portland, OR – Relium Media has signed author Amber Keyser to pen the first young adult novel based on the Angel Punk universe. The novel is one of the

Distraction Assassins - Are you paying attention?

Devon Lyon and Kevin Curry were interviewed on the podcast Distraction Assassins. We have assassins in Angel Punk. They assassinate distraction. It's like we were meant to be together.

We welcome our special guests, Devon Lyon and Kevin Curry, 2 of the creators of Angel Punk a multimedia experience that everyone will be talking about soon. Monte also talks NHL!? and Rob gives his latest edition of his Love/Hate relationship with George Lucas to celebrate the 30th anniversery of R


Big day yesterday! The first issue AKA Angel Punk Issue 0: Genesis went to press. We're all bouncing off the walls in anticipation of seeing the first print. If you need any print work done in Portland, Lowell's Print Inn does very fine work.


Diving into content for the launch, we had some great voice talents come in this afternoon to provide commentary for the Angel Punk teaser trailer. It's fun to take a minute every once in a while and toot the ole "this is going to be bad ass!" horn.


Portland, OR


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