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From our Beebliome Books team!

From our Beebliome Books team!

THE CHEERFUL HEART by Elizabeth Vining
Illustrated by Kazue Mizumura

“A story of the rebuilding of lives as well as homes in bombed Tokyo, after the war was over, told through the tale of small Tomi and the Tamaki family. It is refreshing to have a modern Japanese setting, even though the picture of poverty and destruction is not a pretty one. The Tamakis, once a well-to-do family, meet the situation with very normal response — disillusionment, disappointment, but ultimately with momentary acceptance, until something better is available. And Tomi gave her gift of “a cheerful heart” even when her beloved bicycle was stolen — and at the end when the room she had longed for must be sacrificed.” KIRKUS REVIEW


From our team at Beebliome Books!

From our team at Beebliome Books!

INDIAN CANOE-MAKER by Patricia Beatty recounts the story of Ku-de a Quileute Indian boy who lived some two hundred years ago in the village of Kenekomitt (now La Push), near the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula, in the state of Washington. It is the tale of a boy who refused to be bound by the conventions of his tribe, a whale-hunting, warlike people who believed in the spirit world -the world of the Thunderbird, the Lightening Fish, of Bayaq the Raven, and of the land of the dead where people walked with their legs crossed. In spite of their fears, Ku-de, Akil (his friend), Kayad (his uncle), and Haba, the old canoe-maker, set about to build the great canoe.

Watched and attacked as they are by the wicked medicine man, who has cursed the great craft, Ku-de and the others manage, nevertheless, to finish and launch the great canoe. Meanwhile, the canoe-making is further complicated by the presence in the Quileute village of a captive Makah slave girl, the daughter of the powerful chief of the fierce enemy tribe. And it is the Makah girl who puts the novel finishing touch on the great canoe. But it is also her presence that brings the Makah in the canoes to raid and burn the Quileute village and, by accident, saves Ku-de and his friends from the danger presented to them and to the great canoe by their fellow tribesmen and the medicine man.

Though little is known of the actual past history or the customs of the Quileute, Indian Canoe-Maker presents an exciting and very probable account of these seal and whale-hunting Indians. The illustrations for Indian Canoe-Maker are by Barbara Beaudreau of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

From our Beebliome Books Team!

From our Beebliome Books Team!

By Barbara Leonie Picard
Illustrated by Charles Keeping

** Review: A fine author who has proven her skill as a writer before (Tales of The British People, The Lady of the Linden Tree, and others) has created a rugged exciting adventure story about the forest-dwelling bandits of the middle ages. John FitzWilliam, fourteen and alone, sets out to avenge his father's death (his father had been killed by Raoul de Farrar, an outlaw). He is captured by some men in the forest and is brought before their liege to be sentenced. The old lord, Sir Ralf, who had had a prissy son, takes a liking to “Lost John”, and lets the lad stay on with him.
An incredible friendship develops between the two and is only threatened when John chances to learn from Ralf's son that Ralf is Raoul de Farrar, his father's murderer. Given the chance, John is incapable of killing his friend. Character development is intricate and carefully done for minor as well as major personages. The author demonstrates that she has a sense of the Middle Ages; she makes good use of background and atmosphere throughout. This could well stand as an excellent example of worthwhile historical fiction; the author deserves high praise for a beautifully executed story. KIRKUS REVIEW
For Kindle and Apple Books

From our Beebliome Books!

From our Beebliome Books!

A stagecoach that vanished without a trace…$40,000 in stolen payroll money…a jewel-studded belt buckle—they are all pieces of a 110-year-old mystery that Paul Braun is determined to solve.
While the thirteen-year-old Easterner is visiting his grandmother in Colorado, she gives him a heart-decorated belt buckle that had belonged to a distant, vaguely remembered relative. Intrigued by the odd-looking heirloom, Paul and his new friend, an American Indian boy named Jay Jenkins, hunt through dusty attic trunks and yellowing newspaper clippings trying to discover more about its enigmatic owner.
Suddenly, their search uncovers an even more perplexing puzzle—the still-unsolved disappearance of a stagecoach, its passengers, and the fortune in gold it was carrying. When his buckle is stolen, Paul realises that it could possibly be the key to the whereabouts of the long-vanished coach—and that, even today, someone is intent on preventing anyone from unlocking its terrible secret.
Drawing from a true incident in the American West’s rich past, master storyteller Patricia Beatty combines fast-paced plotting and a fascinating set of characters to weave this exciting tale of adventure and suspense.


From our Beebliome Books team!

From our Beebliome Books team!

LOBSTER RIDES FOR FREE by Whitney Foard Small, illustrated by Junho Kim
Declan and Marie, two young Maine lobsters, wanted the summer adventure of a lifetime. With the help of their new friend, Norman, they discovered The Deep!—something they could never have imagined in their wildest dreams!

From our Beebliome Books!

From our Beebliome Books!

Jonathan Down Under by Patricia Beatty

Thirteen-year-old Jonathan Cole, a veteran of the California gold rush, is in a tight, out-of-the-way spot. Jonathan's widower father, unlucky in California, has gold fever and can't stop; so now he and undersize Jonathan are in dismal Ballarat during the 1851 Australian gold-rush, “a strange land, not easily understood.” Still, the one person who seems “real” to Jonathan, ingratiating American digger David Mackay, runs off with Pa's gold. Then, things Australian start to look up!

“Another stout-hearted tyke in a tight, out-of-the-way spot—but like 13-year-old Jonathan Cole, a veteran of the California gold rush, readers will find 1851 gold-rush Australia “a strange land, not easily understood.” Jonathan's widower father, unlucky in California, has gold fever and can't stop; so now he and undersize Jonathan are in dismal Ballarat—where the “blackfellows” are free but mistreated; most of the citizens are unashamed “convicts”—barred, however, from returning home; and the Queen's justice brooks no maybes. Still, the one person who seems “real” to Jonathan, ingratiating American digger David Mackay, runs off with Pa's gold. Then, things Australian start to look up. An aboriginal boy, Prince Billy, saves Jonathan from a leech-infested lake and, to his delight, takes his missing front tooth as a sign of manhood; grog-tent-keeper Molly Quinn patches him up after a bruising and tends when his eyes become infested with the dread sandy blight; even the two fearsome “old lags” (who walk oddly, from having worn leg irons) on the nearby claim, veiled Liam and gruff Delehanty, turn out to be comfortable, plain-spoken sorts. In the course of events, Jonathan's feckless father dies and mainstay Molly is killed; but Jonathan will persevere--to find a huge nugget for Liam and Delehanty, and start back to the States. The plot is clearly secondary, though, to Beatty's usual abundance of well-integrated lore.” KIRKUS REVIEW

COMING SOON from Beebliome Books!

COMING SOON from Beebliome Books!


WAIF MAID by May McNeer, illustrations by Lynd Ward

Three wandering minstrels and a lonely, lost maid; their chivalrous friendship and care for her until she becomes part of the household of the great Dürer; the pursuit of the witch hunter and her thrilling delivery from his hostile activities; these are the main points of a new story which every young adult will want to read.

The rich historical background of Germany in the days of guilds and Meistersingers is deftly handled. Adult readers, as well as young adults, will be fascinated by the picture of old Nüremberg and of Dürer’s household, by the subplot of the young artist who worked for Dürer, his ambitions, and his discoveries in engraving.

While the Waif Maid Else, and her cat “Fräulein Bach,” are most appealing, her three cavaliers, Hans, Werner and Melchior, each a wonderful invention as a probable medieval character, are most memorable. With the wonderful Dürer, they make an unforgettable group worthy to stand beside such young people’s favorites as The Three Musketeers and Robin Hood.

THE MARY TUDOR TRILOGY by Hilda LewisNow for Kindle and Apple Books!

Now for Kindle and Apple Books!

From our Beebliome Books Library!

From our Beebliome Books Library!

Little Pictures of Japan
by Olive Kennon Beaupré and Katharine Sturges Knight

In 1925, Olive Kennon Beaupré and Katharine Sturges Knight published Little Pictures of Japan, a collection of timeless poetry and stories. Friends of Moon and Winds—so were the Japanese poets called who wrote the tiny poems that comprise the greater part of this book. Dewdrops of smallest compass are they, yet mirroring in vivid flashes the whole of Japanese life. In few words of primitive, childlike simplicity these old sages sang, for the little haiku poems are gems of only three lines comprising no more than seventeen syllables, the tiniest poems in the world. These minute gems, however, usher one into that atmosphere of tender sympathy with all that has life, that world of benign serenity where dwelt the ancient poets of Japan. Cricket, butterfly, bee, and frog, stars, flowers, winds-these were the things of which they sang. What could be more simple or within the understanding of the smallest child? Yet here is real poetry, and not mere doggerel, the finest poetry of Japan.

For Kindle and Apple Books

From our Beebliome Books!

From our Beebliome Books!

WHO COMES TO KING'S MOUNTAIN by Patricia and John Beatty

This stirring novel of the American Revolution in South Carolina traces the fortunes of a boy caught in the conflicting loyalties of his time. At the beginning, in February of 1780, fourteen-year-old Alexander MacLeod is an unquestioning king’s man, though not anxious to fight. Eight months later, he is a committed Patriot, in the service of Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox.

Alec dreaded the return of the redcoats to Fort Ninety-six, partly because of the frightening things his fey grandmother had foretold for him. Still, nothing prepared Alec for the particular horrors he witnessed when the war came. Hanging, murder, and mayhem by men he had considered allies drove him to leave home and join Marion in the costal swamps, resolved never to wear a red coat. Yet, when Alec’s battle finally came, he found himself in a nightmarish dilemma, his conviction and courage tested unbearably.

Rich, closely textured, and absorbing, with historical and created characters vividly alive, this carefully plotted tale captures a little-known facet of the Revolution and makes it forever memorable.

For readers age 11 and above. Kindle and Apple Books

"Son of a Gaelic-speaking king's man, grandson of fey, far-seeing rebel Jonet Munn, Alexander McLeod finds himself fighting on both sides of the Revolution--once, willingly, as courier for the Swamp Fox Francis Marion, twice pressed into service under the "White Beast" Colonel Tarleton and, later, the "Red Beast" Major Patrick Ferguson. The well researched outlook on how the war affected a divided family in a backwater locality...a wee glimpse of South Carolina's Highland Scots, the braw gallant followers of the Swamp Fox, and the Gamecock General Sumter.” Kirkus Reviews

From our Beebliome Books!

From our Beebliome Books!

British Hero-Tales
Retold by Barbara Leonie Picard
Illustrated by John G. Galsworthy

Arthur and Robin Hood from England, Cuchulain and the Sons of the Red Branch from Ireland, the Scottish Finn Mac Cool, the Welsh Taliesin and Bran, son of Llyr, and other legendary heroes appear in this collection of hero-tales; and there are less well known—but delightful—stories too, like that of Ian Direach, from each part of the British Isles.

Picard, whose reputation is known to all lovers of our heritage and folk legends, provides an introduction for each of the stories which she sensitively and colourfully retells. She explores the history of these legendary figures, showing how they have their roots in Britain’s most ancient past, how they linked up with one another and have changed down the years to become as they are known today. But there is no need for anyone who does not care to do so to read these introductions and notes, as the stories are all complete in themselves. They are exciting, vivid accounts of the legendary figures whose exploits have inspired or entertained people of these islands for century after century.

"The eleven heroes hail from England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The only weak narrations are the most familiar tales in the collection: “Arthur, King of Britain” and “Robin Hood”. While the account of Arthur is detailed, it is poorly integrated and the glorious pageantry is sadly missing. Robin Hood is more lively, but the hero loses a little color because of necessary brevity. However, the nine remaining tales, gathered from beyond the bounds of England, more than make up for this; here are some unusually rich stories well told (e.g. “Pwyll and hiannon”, “Talusin”, and “Deirdre and the Sons of Usna”) which are seldom included in juvenile anthologies. The author's notes serve to fill in dates and backgrounds." Kirkus Review

From our Beebliome Books!

From our Beebliome Books!

Prince Bantam
By May McNeer
Illustrated by Lynd Ward

The legendary adventures of Yosh*tsune the Brave and his Faithful Henchman, Great Benkei of the Western Pagoda, based on the life of Yosh*tsune, the ninth son of Minamoto no Yosh*tomo, and half-brother Minamoto no Yoritomo, who would go on to found the Kamakura sh**unate, becoming Japan’s first sh**un.

Prince Bantam is the happily combined work of a distinguished husband and wife team, Lynd Ward (1905 - 1985) and May McNeer Ward (1902 - 1994). May Ward wrote extensively for what she called “medium age” children, chiefly on historical subjects. Lynd Ward, an expert in both woodcut and lithography, illustrated many beautiful limited editions, as well as trade editions of books for both adults and children.


Aladin: Ombre Chinoises en Quinze Tableaux

With Poems and images by Lucien Metivet and music by Jane Vieu, the story of Aladin is brought to life in 15 Chinese shadow paintings. Originally published in 1904 in Paris, France. In French. For Kindle and Apple Books.


Merry Christmas from all of us at Crushed Lime Media!

Another Beebliome reader fav!WAIT FOR ME, WATCH FOR ME, EULA BEE by Patricia BeattyA sense of dramatic irony marks this ...
Wait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula Bee: Illustrated Historical Fiction for Teens

Another Beebliome reader fav!


A sense of dramatic irony marks this exciting novel about a young boy who struggles to carry out the rescue of his four-year-old sister from the Comanches and then encounters resistance where he least expects it.

The only survivors of an Indian raid on their Texas farm, Lewallen and Eula Bee are taken captive. Kept apart in the village, Lewallen whistles his sister’s favorite song to remind her he is near. After a daring escape, he meets a former neighbor named Cabral, who has always been mistrusted by Lewallen’s family. However, because Cabral’s two children are also captives of the Comanches, they reluctantly set out together to ransom them and on the way find unexpected kinship. Despite setbacks and agonizing delays, Lewallen finally sets out on his dangerous mission and forces a confrontation with the Kiowa brave who killed his family—the same man Eula Bee now looks to for protection. Patricia Beatty’s affecting novel of courage and determination is set against a realistic background of frontier life in the 1860s.

“An excellent historical novel.” The Horn Book

“An exciting story of the Western frontier.” School Library Journal

“Tightly plotted and eventful.” Booklist

Wait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula Bee: Illustrated Historical Fiction for Teens


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From our Beebliome Books team!
From our Beebliome Team!
From our team at Beebliome Books!
From our Beebliome Books Team!
A wonderful old book returned for a new generation of readers, from our Beebliome Books team!
From our Beebliome Books!
From our Beebliome Books team!
From our Beebliome Books!
COMING SOON from Beebliome Books!
THE MARY TUDOR TRILOGY by Hilda Lewis Now for Kindle and Apple Books!
From our Beebliome Books Library!
From our Beebliome Books!