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Stark Video, Inc Stark Video, Inc is a FULL SERVICE Video Production Company located in Raleigh North Carolina We are not your average videographers. Todd Stark

Our goal has always been focused on not just a quality product but a creative, exciting and heart felt masterpiece that you, your family and friends can enjoy for a lifetime. We have been trained in this field for many years. We only use TRUE broadcast camera equipment to ensure the lowest light possible with achieving the highest quality DVD. Our images are beautifully rendered for an amazing fil

m-like quality. Our editing facilities are enhanced with the latest in Apple and PC technology to ensure that our creativity is never compromised. We can deliver a quality product and we are here to prove this to you.

Hire us to shoot your next Real Estate job. We use the highest quality drone : DJI Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X5 camera

Hire us to shoot your next Real Estate job. We use the highest quality drone : DJI Inspire 2 w/ Zenmuse X5 camera

Raleigh in the Fall part 2.  Shot with a DJI Inspire 2 by Stark Video Inc

Raleigh in the Fall part 2. Shot with a DJI Inspire 2 by Stark Video Inc

High Speed Water Drop Photography

High Speed Water Drop Photography

Raleigh in the Fall Part 1 and 2.  Shot by Stark Video Inc (Todd Stark)

Raleigh in the Fall Part 1 and 2. Shot by Stark Video Inc (Todd Stark)


To those who celebrate, happy holidays...
We wish you a New Year that is filled with health, love, happiness, laughter, friendship and "captured" memories.


When shooting video, it is best to record only RAW footage. Forget about all those special effects and titles built into your camera. The problem with using these is they become permanent on your footage and you CAN'T change your mind later. However, if you have RAW footage you can add in any effects you want during the editing process. This way, if don't like how something turned out, you can alter it.
P.S- The holidays are "around the corner" so get your cameras "ready to roll"!!!


This time 10 years ago, people were going about their business never dreaming that the following morning the lives of thousands and our country would change forever....NEVER FORGET Sept 11 and always be a PROUD American!!!


A recent study just found that looking at old photos and videos of loved ones actually boosted the participants moods BETTER than wine or chocolate (plus you get no calories from looking or watching either) So, get out your old photos and videos and put a smile on your face!!!!


Another way to improve your videos is to stabilize them while your shooting. Your camcorder may have built-in image stabilization, but it can only compensate for so much motion. The best way to achieve stabilization is to get a good quality tripod. They make ones that are small, easily portable and relatively inexpensive so, it truly is a worthwhile investment. Now, get out there and capture your memories!!!!


One of the most common video mistakes is making constant movements and adjustments while shooting. Be deliberate when making adjustments Take a shot of something and leave it there for 10-20 seconds, stop the recording and take another shot. Don't quickly pan the camera from one subject to another. When panning and zooming, use slow, smooth, and deliberate motions. This will make your videos much more watchable.


Don't you just hate it when the camera battery runs out at the wrong time?? Prevent the "Camera Curse-Outs" by always having a FULLY CHARGED, SPARE BATTERY with you whenever videotaping or photographing your memorable events...


Let your videos tell a full story...Have a beginning (this lets the viewers get an idea of what they will be watching. EX: if shooting a anniversary party, open with the invitation or shoot something with an "anniversary motif" on it), a middle (the "main" part of your video so, don't over shoot but remember to get all "key parts" ) and an ending (this could be an interview with the "guests of honor" or a "final shot" of people waving goodbye).


When shooting video always remember less is usually more...For example, when at a birthday party, capture key moments of the day in snippets versus "rolling tape" for the entire party. Meaning, you don't need to watch every gift getting opened, just one or two (viewers will get the idea without being bored). So, remember make your videos fun and a joy to be seen!!!


Summertime is "passing by" quickly.....Don't forget to "capture your memories" of Summer 2011


We have awesome new things up and running here at SVI and they are sure to give your party an extra special touch. Stay tuned and keep


Instead of renting a movie or watching a sitcom, "break out" one of your cherished family and\or friend videos and re-live the moment....You'll be happy you did! Visit us at ***Transfer those old VHS tapes to DVD to ensure the life of your videos. Contact us for more information.


Hi everyone,

I just updated my website and thought you might want to check it out. To visit, just click on the links below or paste the URLs into your browser.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


WOW, it's July already....Don't forget to CAPTURE your SUMMERTIME MEMORIES of 2011!! Shoot some VIDEOS and take some PHOTOS!! Down the road, you'll be happy you did!!


Turn those GRADUATION PHOTOS or ANY PHOTOS for that matter into something EXTRA SPECIAL. Let us create a BEAUTIFUL MONTAGE (we can include video clips as well) or a CUSTOM POSTER that will be TREASURED FOR YEARS. Please contact us with any questions. P.S STAY TUNED for the new and exciting things we are about to launch at Stark Video, Inc.


Wishing The Graduates (especially our daughter Brittany) of 2011 a BIG congratulations on a job well done!!


GRADUATIONS and RECITALS are fast approaching....Let STARK VIDEO, INC capture your "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" moments or let us create "SOMETHING SPECIAL" with the photos and videos you already have. HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!


Specializing in Video Shooting and/or Editing, Video Sign-In Boards, Montages, Photo Collage Posters, and more. Please check out our website for a sampling of our work.


Wishing everyone a FUN-FILLED Holiday Weekend!!! Don't forget to CAPTURE your memories!!!


It's that time of year again for us....Let the Dance Recitals and Graduations begin!!! Ready, Set, Shoot (and then we'll edit)!!!


Looking for a SPECIAL Fathers Day gift that will "LAST A LIFETIME"? Who really wants another necktie or socks? Let us create a CUSTOM PHOTO MONTAGE that is sure to make your Dad, Grandad, or "Special" Someone smile. Mention that you are a Stark Video, Inc Facebook Fan and receive 20% off (until June 11, 2011) your "Fathers Day" Montage.



Raleigh, NY


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