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Latin American News Weekly updates about Central and South America, with interviews, and deep dives into the history of


A weekly update about Latin America.


A long-delayed podcast with updates about all of Latin America.


A look at the Shining Path in Peru.


A long overdue update on Latin America.


A summary of news in Central and South America.


A look at Nicaragua and their president.


News from Central and South America.

Hey everyone!So if you listen to the podcast regularly than you've heard that I have made a Patreon as well to post all ...

Hey everyone!

So if you listen to the podcast regularly than you've heard that I have made a Patreon as well to post all of the links that I use for each podcast I am make.

I made it as cheap as I possible can for $1 a month and the reason I haven't made it on Facebook was to not flood the page with a lot of information and links. I have also made a discord if anyone ever wants to speak to me directly both links will be below and I hope to talk to everyone who is interested!

I'll have a new podcast on Friday again and I hope to hear from everyone soon!
Here is the Patreon link if you guys are interested in some of the added benefits.
Here is the link for the discord if you anyone ever wants to chat directly with me or with others, this expires next Friday and if you want to be added beyond that point just send me a message and I will send you a new link.

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An analysis on the Chilean presidential election as well as their referendum to change their constitution.


An update on Central and South America.


A short analysis on the Peruvian elections.


A interview with two people living in El Salvador discussing different policies and topics within the country for a first person point of view of what is happening.


Updates on Latin and Central America.


An analysis on Puerto Rican statehood and the new constitutional convention in Chile.


Update in Central, and South America.


A few updates, and some interesting stories coming out of Central America.


Hey everyone, I'm not sure if you have noticed but I have been doing my best to keep up with uploading weekly.

With that being said I hope to keep this up and along the way with your help grow, and expand.

If you guys ever have an ideas or recommendations, or would like to help by being interviews if you live in any of the countries I often talk about that would be amazing.

My DMs are always open and I will always respond quickly.

To those who are new welcome and I hope you enjoy the show, for those who have been there I am sorry it has taken me so long to finally get a set schedule but I hope to keep going strong.

New episodes will keep coming out every Friday and I hope everyone is having a good week so far!


New stories coming out of Central and South America


Some updates on last week, as well as new stories.


Some updates and new news for this week.




Some events and just catching up for August 17th from Mexico to Argentina.


Well, it has been a while but I finally uploaded a podcast again.

I'm not quite sure how many people actually follow this page regularly or not, but if you guys have comments or ways that I can improve I would love to hear it.

I know that I don't post consistently but it is difficult since this isn't something that I can do fulltime without giving up working.

If you would like to help or contribute with research or articles that can make it easier for me to make the show, or even better to do an interview about your country I would absolutely love to hear from you.

It should be up soon and you will be able to listen to it Spotify and Apple Podcast as always!


Updates of this week.


A long-awaited updated on South America and Puerto Rico.


And update in Central and South America plus Puerto Rico


LA PAZ—After days of anxiety and protests, President Evo Morales has narrowly won Bolivia’s presidential election. To win, Morales needed a 10% lead over his closest rival, former President Carlos …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BOLIVIA: President Evo Morales came out ahead of yesterday’s elections, yet the latest results show that he is a few points short of avoiding a run-off …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA ARGENTINA: Argentina’s six presidential candidates participated in their first public debate broadcast from the city of Santa Fe yesterday. Frontrunner Alberto Fernández and current President Mauricio …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA UNITED STATES: At an annual immigration law and policy conference held at Georgetown University Law Center yesterday, immigration protesters “shouted down” acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA ECUADOR: President Lenín Moreno declared a state of emergency after massive protests against his decision to end government fuel subsidies. Reporting from El Pais indicates the …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PERU: For a short time yesterday Peru had two presidents, deepening the country’s ongoing political crisis. Congress continued to meet despite President Martín Vizcarra’s dissolution of …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA PERU: President Martín Vizcarra dissolved Peru’s opposition-led Congress last night after lawmakers pushed through a controversial vote. Members of Congress then moved to suspend Vizcarra, though …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA UNITED STATES: On Friday, a judge blocked new Trump administration policies that allow children to be held indefinitely in immigration detention if they are with their …


Updates on all of Central and South America.


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA BORDER: The Trump administration announced yesterday that it finalized a new asylum deal with the Honduran government. The deal would prevent asylum seekers traveling through Central …


ICONONZO, Colombia — Like millions of other Colombians, Gonzalo Beltrán woke up on Aug. 27 to the news that a group of former commanders of the demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces …


TODAY IN LATIN AMERICA UNITED STATES: Yesterday, the United States and over a dozen Latin American countries met in New York alongside the United Nations’ General Assembly to discuss the …


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