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BREAKING NEWS:State of Emergency Declared Throughout GeorgiaGovernor Brian Kemp has placed all of Georgia under a state ...
Kemp Orders Statewide State Of Emergency, Atlanta Under Curfew

State of Emergency Declared Throughout Georgia

Governor Brian Kemp has placed all of Georgia under a state of emergency. Kemp will activate 3,000 National Guard troops to try to ensure that protests sparked by the death of George Floyd remain peaceful.


Gov. Brian Kemp has issued a state of emergency for all of Georgia, while Atlanta is under a curfew through sunrise Sunday.


Roswell Mayor Extends Executive Order
Some Facilities to Remain Closed

Roswell, GA (April 28, 2020) – Roswell Mayor Lori Henry has revised and updated her April 13 Executive Order to reiterate that City athletic facilities, park parking lots, outdoor gym equipment, playgrounds, Old Mill Park at Vickery Creek, the Heart of Roswell Park, Barrington Hall and its grounds, and Bulloch Hall and its grounds remain closed. The Mayor’s Executive Order is consistent with Governor Kemp’s Executive Orders, the most recent of which was April 23, which mandates a statewide shelter-in-place for all residents through 11:59 p.m. on April 30, as well as a shelter-in-place for high-risk populations through the Georgia’s Public Health State of Emergency, which expires on May 13.
In addition to choosing to keep these City facilities closed because of the Governor’s active shelter-in-place orders, the Mayor also noted that when these facilities were open, people were not following best practices and were not observing the social distancing guidelines from the CDC.
“Our wonderful parks and their facilities are a regional draw that bring many people from outside of the City. We found that people were not following the CDC guidelines,” Mayor Henry said. “My number one priority as Mayor of Roswell is to protect the health, safety and welfare of our citizens.”
City of Roswell leadership monitors Georgia Department of Health and the Fulton County Board of Health data daily. It is also following the White House’s “Guidelines for Opening up America Again.”
The Mayor said she will revisit the possibility of reopening some amenities once the shelter-in-place is lifted. “I understand how frustrating this whole situation is. We all want to get back to our lives the way they were before this pandemic. If we follow public health guidelines, we will get through this sooner rather than later. We are all in this together. Let’s keep our community safe and healthy.”

**JUST IN FROM THE CITY OF ROSWELL**Roswell Announces Additional Closures and Cancellations Closures will NOT impact pub...
Coronavirus | Roswell, GA

Roswell Announces Additional Closures and Cancellations
Closures will NOT impact public safety services or essential city services like sanitation

Roswell, Ga. (March 16, 2020)—Consistent with public health recommendations to help slow the spread of COVID-19 through “social distancing” measures, the City of Roswell is closing all indoor City facilities to the public until further notice and cancelling events through May 10 and all public meetings through March 29.

There is one exception: The City will hold an Emergency Special Called City Council Meeting on Tuesday, March 17, at 5:00 p.m. in City Hall Council Chambers. The building will be open to the public for this meeting; however, members of the public are strongly urged to consider CDC guidelines before making the decision to physically attend. The meeting will be livestreamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

The City’s closures and cancellations follow the most recent guidance issued by federal, state, and county public health agencies, as well as measures recommended under the public health emergency declared by Governor Brian Kemp.
“This is an unprecedented experience that has impacted our lives dramatically over the past week or so, but I want to assure Roswell residents that their City is rising to the challenge,” said Roswell Mayor Lori Henry. “City officials are in regular contact with local and state agencies and our community partners to ensure that we have the most current information to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of our residents, visitors, and City staff.”

**What Is Closed/Cancelled?
A full list of closures and cancellations, as well as other updates, is available at The City will continue to update this central page and share updates via social media for the duration of this situation.

**What Is Open/Available?
Public Safety and Emergency Services:
Although indoor facilities are closed to the public, this will not impact public safety services provided by our Police and Fire departments, who will be staffing stations and working to respond to the needs of the community as usual.

Household garbage, curbside recycling, and yard waste pick-up will continue on your regular schedule.

Although indoor recreation centers will be closed, parks will remain open, including outdoor facilities and restrooms. Park visitors are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and water bottles and to practice “social distancing” measures like maintaining a six-foot distance from others.

Online Payments:
Residents are reminded that they can make utility bill, tax bill, court, and other payments online at

Essential City Business:
Although the City will be making some operational modifications, staff will continue to conduct the essential business of the City. If you have a question for any of our departments, you can find e-mail contact information on each department page at or you can send a question to [email protected].
The City of Roswell strongly urges all citizens to follow the latest CDC guidance regarding best hygiene and public health practices, which includes practicing “social distancing” by limiting public gatherings and maintaining a 6-foot distance from others. For more information, please visit

“We know this is an uncertain time, but we are proud to see the outpouring of kindness, support, patience, and flexibility from our community. We are all in this together,” said Mayor Henry. “Focus on taking care of yourself and your family; we’ll take care of the City. And we’ll all meet on the other side of this healthier, wiser, and ready to plan for Roswell’s future.”


The Georgia Department of Public Health has provided some information surrounding when to call 911 for emergencies as we continue to work together to #FlattentheCurve. We hope you share this with someone you know. For information about how the City of Roswell is responding to COVID-19 and latest upd...

2018/02/12 07:00 PM Mayor and City Council Regular Meeting - Web Outline - City of Roswell, Georgia

Full Agenda:


#16, #17, #18: Oxbo Rd. Realignment Project -
1) Purchase property at 689 Atlanta Street for no more than $380,000, to be funded by TSPLOST. For alignment project and an access alley to Pleasant Hill St as an alternate to Alpharetta Hwy (SR 9).
2) Acceptance of easements for permanent public access and temporary construction access to parcels related to Oxbo realignment.
3) Approval to sign a private agreement with developer to facilitate widening and extending Elm / Mable Street with sidewalks, a multi-use path. Use a maximum approx. $208,000 (Developers Impact fee for Transportation) to be paid in credits (per UDC) and excess fees to be paid from TSPLOST funds initially intended for Old Roswell/Warsaw intersection improvement project.

#7: Multi-Family @ 275 Atlanta St. Change request for zoning variance on height, from zoned 3.5 stories (45 feet) to 4.5 stories (54 feet). Planning Commission recommended approval.

#8: Sidewalk cafe License for Loyalty Canton St (Sports Bar in old Chandlery space): Sidewalk cafe would be 6.5 feed from the front of the building, leaving 8.5 feet of sidewalk (minimum is 5 feet). Lamp posts and benches to be removed by applicant.

#12, #13, #14: Historic Gateway Project modification/acceptance of grant funding. See (multiple) agenda links for more info.

#15: Sun Valley Phase 1 cost increase ($300,000 = 7%). Contractor underestimated amount of rock to be blasted/excavated in original bid. See agenda links for more info.

Lori Henry for Roswell
Lori Henry for Roswell

Lori Henry for Roswell

A more detailed article on the #MakerSpace. "Once renovations for the building are complete, the makerspace will be operated by Atlanta Maker Alliance. The group will also pay the city for the building’s bills, such as water, electric, gas, internet service and the upkeep of the property."



Did you think elections were over for Roswell? Not so fast! State and midterm elections are less than a year away and we...
Democrat Announces Run For Senate District 56 Seat

Did you think elections were over for Roswell? Not so fast! State and midterm elections are less than a year away and we have two contests already in motion. In addition to Jere Wood challenging Betty Price to be the state rep for a big chunk of Roswell, we now have a challenger to John Albers for our state District 56 senate seat.

Patrick Thompson is seeking the seat held by incumbent Republican John Albers.

2017/12/11 07:00 PM Mayor and City Council Regular Meeting - Web Outline - City of Roswell, Georgia

Tonight's Roswell City Council meeting will the last for 2017, and it will likely be eventful:

Last meeting for Mayor Wood and Councilmembers Nancy Diamond and Jerry Orlans

Sean Groer will be sworn in as the new City Councilmember at Post 3

Mayor and Council will consider the purchase of an additional piece of property to complete the Seven Branches purchase

Mayor and Council will consider a contract to convert the old fire station #4 on Holcomb Bridge are to a makerspace

...and much more. Full agenda packet:

Just as we thought the political seas might calm, here comes what we hope won't be a contentious race for Georgia House ...
A north Fulton legislative race based on transit and revenge | Political Insider

Just as we thought the political seas might calm, here comes what we hope won't be a contentious race for Georgia House District 48 next year.

This is a very informative opinion article about the upcoming race for the District 48 Ga House seat - with a couple of exceptions:

First, when discussing the issue of Wood exceeding Roswell mayor term limits, the author states "The legislation was intended to be “retrospective”. That is a matter of opinion, not fact. This is a point of contention in the term limits case of Litten v. Wood, in which Fulton County Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall ruled that Wood must vacate the office of Roswell mayor.

Which brings us to the second exception. The author misrepresents the ruling by simply saying Judge Schwall ruled that Wood shouldn’t have been eligible to run in 2013, when the ruling additionally specified that Wood must vacate the office of mayor immediately. (Link below to access Judge Schwall's Writ of Ouster, issued on August 3, 2017.) Wood immediately filed an appeal, which allowed him to stay in office until the appeal is resolved or until his term expires in a matter of weeks.

Even if this is an op ed (which it appears to be), these facts should be represented accurately in the press. That's our opinion. This is a good example of what motivated the creation of News.

By now, many of you have figured out that political seasons no longer have an expiration date. They simply shift to the gopher hole one or two doors down, up, or sideways. And the game of whack-a-mole begins anew. On Thursday, only two days after the disposal of mayoral runoffs in...

Bill Would Cap Property Tax Assessment Increases

Would be addressed in 2018 legislation session

"The bills change property tax assessments for the cities of Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park and ROSWELL as well as the Fulton County School System. The legislation would limit the tax increase residents see each year by creating a 3-percent cap on property tax assessment increases (Albers said the city of Sandy Springs already has this mechanism in place).

The legislation would also address property tax exemptions, and includes referendum language that would leave the implementation of the laws to a vote by the citizens of each respective city and the Fulton school system." - Patch

The pre-filed legislation submitted by State Sen. John Albers would allow north Fulton cities to vote on property tax exemptions.

Big Creek Parkway takes another step towards becoming a reality.
Roswell OKs $904K in Big Creek design fees

Big Creek Parkway takes another step towards becoming a reality.

The Roswell City Council has approved a $904,704 contract modification to have its design consultant...


November 28, 2017
The election is set for November 6, 2018.
Currently the seat is held by Betty Price, who was unopposed for re-election in 2015.

***BREAKING NEWS: JENKINS' FINANCIAL SERVICES SUSPENSION LIFTED***"Lee Jenkins...had been prohibited by the Financial In...
Roswell mayoral candidate’s financial services suspension is lifted

"Lee Jenkins...had been prohibited by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority from offering financial services since 2012. He failed to comply with an arbitration award that said he owed more than $43,000 to Wells Fargo for breach of a 2002 promissory note, according to information from FINRA.

Michelle Ong, a FINRA spokesperson, said the organization suspends people indefinitely if they don’t comply with arbitration awards, but that suspensions are lifted when payment is made."

Lee Jenkins, a candidate for mayor of Roswell, has paid an arbitration award and had his financial services suspension lifted.

MARTA EXPANDS BUS SERVICE IN ROSWELL! Press release from the City of Roswell:The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Auth...
MARTA Expands Bus Service in Roswell


Press release from the City of Roswell:
The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) will begin a new bus route (Route 142) in Roswell on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017.
The MARTA Board of Directors recently voted to add bus service to the Holcomb Bridge Road corridor east of Georgia 400. Route 142 starts at the Mansell Road Park & Ride Lot and travels south on Georgia 400 to Holcomb Bridge Road. The route then travels east on Holcomb Bridge Road to Spalding Drive and River Exchange Drive in Sandy Springs before returning to the Mansell Park & Ride Lot. There, passengers can transfer to other bus routes that serve north Fulton County or to the North Springs Station for rail service.
“This is one of the more heavily traveled areas of north Fulton County,” said MARTA Assistant General Manger Ben Limmer. “An additional bus route will provide a transportation option and reduce the number of cars on the road in an already congested area.”
The new route will run on weekdays only (Monday–Friday) from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Service will be every 30 minutes during morning and evening peak times and every 40 minutes during midday.
MARTA is installing new bus stop signs along the route to direct riders. Visit the MARTA website for a bus timetable of the new route.

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