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TODAY!! 🏀 SDSU Aztecs VS Creighton Bluejays

Hear the game on 760 AM

Coverage starts at 10am, game time is 11:20am! Cheer to victory and the FINAL 4!

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Let's do this 🏀🏆

San Diego State Aztecs take on the Creighton Bluejays Sunday at 11:20 AM with a trip to the FINAL FOUR on the line!

Hear the game on 760 AM

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Congratulations to 'er Phil Farrar on his *TWO* Golden Mike Awards!

Newsradio 600 KOGO
I had turned 14 years old a few days before August 29, 1968
but have no memory of this happening,
but there have been numerous events of fairly popular television shows and radio shows
that suddenly went off the air
right in the presentations of the shows,
and some of those shows went away forever
while others came back in a few days
or in several weeks or months or years.

There was a conservative radio talk show host in San Diego
in about 2009
who was doing his show one day,
and some caller got on the phone
and said something that made the host so angry
that he responded in some way
that caused the sound to completely shut down,
and it was several years before I heard anything of him
when he came back to radio in a different state
on a different show.

A weekly comedy show suddenly shut down when one of the comedians told a joke about the name of one of those cities in Montana,
but it may have been only a short period of time before the show was back.

Someone told me about another weekly comedian telling a joke about newer styles of swimming suits requiring that hair styling be changed in some way,
and I was told that the show never came back
because of that joke.

That time in history appeared to make changes in entertainment
that caused some stars to go away completely
or to stay while becoming typecast as clownish characters or as horrible monsters and villains
who were used as political and social strawmen to give names and faces to strawmen who actually were as non-existent in reality
as unicorns.

Perhaps during that era of history,
the devil may have invaded
radio and theater entertainment
and made it his.

I got the impression that there was a purge of many shows
and of many stars
between 1965 & 1970
when their was a lot of social and political change being pushed.
Some were very old anyway,
and others died.

Some changed their professions
while still being in the public eye,
but many of their shows and movies
had to be put into storage
and never presented
because playing their shows and movies
would force the industry to give equal time to many other people.

On the page where I found this article,
it seems that it is usually full of strange articles about outer space and about aliens,
and I get the impression that the page is trying to be like Coast to Coast with all of that material that looks more like science fiction,
full of talk pertaining to "signs in the heavens."

If there's a very old and well-known publication of the description of the Antichrist,
one is likely to show up,
either as the real Antichrist,
or someone who wants to impersonate the Antichrist.

It could get like the old television game show
when the host says
"Will the real Antichrist please stand up."

Did American TV Viewers Hear the Devil's Voice on Aug. 29, 1968?
Story by David Emery • Yesterday 11:00 AM
Industry is not on the same sheet of music,
when it pertains to measurements of
material for
home improvement,
home maintenance.

A 1/2 inch diameter pipe in one store,
is not the same 1/2 inch in another store,
or not even the same in the same store
under a different brand.

The manufacturer of the pipe has its version of 1/2 inch,
and the manufacturer of the pipe threader's version is not the same 1/2 inch.

One vendor calls a 1 inch by 6 inch decking board as an actual 1 inch by 6 inch,
and it really is,
but a different vendor calls a 3/4 thickness
a 1 inch thickness,
but it really is 3/4 inch X 6 inch.

You may build a deck
to find that the deck boards are bouncy bouncy
12 feet above the ground,
when 1 inch thick really means 3/4 inch thick.

Your 1/2 inch pipe threader won't fit your 1/2 inch outside diameter pipe,
because one manufacturer's inch is not the same as the other manufacturer's inch.

The customers literally have to bring their own measuring instruments with them to the store.

It isn't only a problem for home construction or building material.

Even when I show
model number
and serial number
and pictures of my lawn mower,
the replacement part that the vendor says is for it
is not for it,
and the size shape and appearances of the two
don't even resemble each other.

I don't want less than what I buy.

I don't want more than what I buy.

Measurements are not a matter of individual opinion.

Measurements are always supposed to be standard everywhere.

Some manufacturers are sloppy with their measurements:

Measurement Accuracy: What You Need to Know
April 23, 2020
Michael Anderson
By Michael C. Anderson
Contributing Lead Editor
A look at the evolving meaning of measurement accuracy, and how published accuracy standards can help you evaluate metrology devices—but only to a point.
Trump didn't use taxpayers' money.

According to the Washington Post, there were 235 complainants received compensation totaling $15.2 million between 1997 and 2014.
I don't know how a typical politician is able to get a security clearance,
to see the information
that government officials need to do their jobs.

The news about the Garrison investigation,
when it was going on back then,
sounded to me to be like a circus.

To me it sounded like one of those sleazy daytime talk shows
with people showing how trashy they were
in front of the whole world.

Politicians often are Lawyers,
and also may be Entertainers,
but the reputations of those professions
don't all have the same kinds of reputations.

Perhaps the lawyer can pass the bar,
but usually don't,
until after stopping for a drink.

Those who are in such mixed bags,
often have power over life and death
with personality cocktails
that make me wonder if they take cases seriously enough,
to be judges
who are as sober as judges are expected to be.

Is the justice blind,
or is justice blind drunk?

Was the Garrison JFK Assassination investigation only a pretext for a fishing expedition,
to harass his political or business competitors?

Was Garrison's accomplishment only that he outed a gay business owner?

These days,
more recently,
it sounds like Democrats are trying to soil Trump,
merely by accusing him of doing things that Democrats often do.

Are Democrats implying that it's alright for Democrats to do those things,
while nobody else should?

In the meantime,
the Democrat Party of the USA has merged with the
Chinese Communist Party,
while reports of that to the public
are as difficult to push as cement mortar through an IV needle.


JFK Assassination Records

Home > Research Our Records > The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection > JFK Assassination Records Collection Finding Aids > Papers of Jim Garrison

Papers of Jim Garrison
Background on the Papers of Jim Garrison

List of Folder Titles in the Garrison Papers
Background on the Jim Garrison Papers

playlist of USO Shows in every war

Bob Hope and WWII: We Are Now in This War (Part 1 of 6)

New-York Historical Society
7.38K subscribers




5,997 views Premiered Apr 12, 2021
A legendary movie star and comedian, Bob Hope was beloved by generations of service members for his work entertaining the troops. Explore his unique role during World War II with a moving video series made from archival footage. Our first clip highlights America's march to war after Pearl Harbor, the beginnings of the USO, and Hope's new troupe of entertainers who brought a reminder of home as well as a bit of laughter to the battlefield.

On view at New-York Historical Society, organized by The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, and supported by the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, So Ready for Laughter: Bob Hope and World War II highlights the legendary performer and his unique role during World War II entertaining troops overseas. Coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the founding of the United Service Organizations (USO), the exhibition features artifacts, films, and rare photographs to illustrate how Hope helped lift spirits both abroad and on the home front with his USO and radio shows during a dark time in American history. So Ready for Laughter explores Hope’s major USO tours and travels during World War II through some 50 artifacts, including rare and unpublished photographs of Hope; a World War II-era aircraft fragment, mess kit, and other relics engraved to Hope; videos of his traveling, wartime troupe; and Hollywood Victory Caravan programs and scrapbooks.

Learn more:
https:// www. nyhistory. org/ exhibitions...

Book tickets:
https: // tickets. nyhistory. org/
Who argued that football prevented war,
by controlling the bellicose nature of young males?

It seems to me that it doesn't continue to work forever.

It may be that it only works for a limited number of decades.

People start betting,
and then the cheating and rigging
begin to get organized crime involved.

Jackleg chemists start creating performance enhancing
drugs and hormones
with side effects that turn athletes into homicidal and suicidal maniacs,
and athletes will be paying thugs to hit the opponent's kneecaps with a baseball bat.

Humans alone can't frustrate the devil for very long.

Religious Revival may help the most,
but that depends on how much real faith the worshippers have,
and how much is real faith,
and how much the choir singing is motivated by the chance for fame and fortune,
because the devil can even get into that
if the church goers are in it for the
money power & prestige,
rather than being loyal friends of The Lord.

They need to do it without being showboats.

TV Preachers who strut all over the stage like Chanticleer the Rooster will be the ones who fry.

Matthew 5 can explain it.

I'm noticing that the story of Chanticleer the Rooster
may have been originally a version,
or paraphrase of part of Matthew 5.

The Canterberry Tales were stories that were told by pilgrims
who traveled to the shrine of Canterberry
to honor the sacrifice of the martyr who was killed there.

All fame and glory go to God.

The truly faithful ones don't try to be rockstars.
They are not self-aggrandizing.

Jesus is the only star.


Thomas Howie
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 23:00

Exploring the role of sport in conflict resolution and peacebuilding
sportanddev talks to Professor Tom Woodhouse, one of the founding academics of the Peace Studies Department at the University of Bradford to ask him about what role he considers sport has in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Despite sport sometimes only appearing to engender negative human traits, Woodhouse believes, sport also has the power to support " ...

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