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Bowman Productions Commercial video production company located in South Portland, Maine. Specializing in brand storytelling, we craft authentic videos for brands, agencies, movers & shakers.

Bowman Productions is a commercial video production company located in South Portland, Maine. Specializing in brand storytelling, we craft authentic videos for brands, agencies, movers & shakers. We love creating videos that tell the story of your brand and explain your values. When your story becomes part of your marketing strategy, it propels your brand forward. Who’s telling your brand story?

I'm excited and proud to be a part of this campaign! I worked with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce to I create this ...
Maine State Chamber of Commerce

I'm excited and proud to be a part of this campaign!

I worked with the Maine State Chamber of Commerce to I create this important public service announcement (PSA) TV spot. It features real Mainer's in their real work attire, encouraging everyone to do their part in keeping safe, so we can all get back to work!

Check the article below for more info and to watch the PSA 😀👇

Mainebiz: "'This is ME counting on you,' says a chorus of more than two dozen Mainers on a Zoom-like screen, followed by messages from individuals in different professions, telling viewers to be safe, act responsibly and stay healthy." #MECountingOnYou #dirigostrong #inittogether #covid19 #maine #mainebiz ME counting on You Bowman Productions

Another #mainecraftbeer throwback!Back in 2012 we filmed our second episode of Local Brew with an up and coming craft br...

Another #mainecraftbeer throwback!

Back in 2012 we filmed our second episode of Local Brew with an up and coming craft brewery, Maine Beer Company.

Brothers Daniel and David Kleban, who left their jobs as a lawyer and financial planner, respectfully, started brewing beer in their garage. They soon moved to Industrial Way in Portland, a hot spot for craft in Maine, which is where we filmed this episode. This same location is where Bissell Brothers would launch their brewery, just a couple years later.

We were drawn to Maine Beer Company because of the quality of their beer, the simplicity of their brand and their underlying business ethos - Do What's Right. As Daniel says in this episode "We all have instinctual, gut reactions to what the right thing to do and what the wrong thing to do is, so if you do what's right in the end, stuff works out."

One of those "right things" is donating money to environmental charities through the organization '1% for the Planet' - a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through memberships and everyday actions.

Since this episode aired they have moved, expanded and grown. They've built a beautiful new brewery and tasting room in Freeport, where you can sip super fresh Maine Beer Company brews, make new friends and enjoy a view of the brewery. Doing the right thing has certainly paid off for these brothers.

Even though things have changed, their beer is still just delicious and hoppy today as it was back then. If you haven't tried one of their beers, what are you waiting for? Do what's right, drink a Maine Beer Company beer.

photos by SDP Photography


You're not ready for this...

I’ve been thinking about my friends at Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company  lately. It was about this time 6 years ago (w...

I’ve been thinking about my friends at Funky Bow Brewery and Beer Company lately. It was about this time 6 years ago (what!?!!) that we filmed episode 3 of Local Brew at their brewery and farm in Lyman, Maine. At the time they had just started the brewery in a garage on the property. They held growler nights every weekending in a large greenhouse next to the brewery. All were welcome, and still are, to come fill a growler or stay and enjoy a couple beers with friends.

Funky Bow Brewing caught my attention because they were unlike any other brewery. They were located in the deep Maine woods. They brewed beer using water pumped from their land. Their beer was unique, flavorful and interesting. They were a father and son team, who had been estranged for 7 years, finally came together to heal old rifts and build something real, something tangible, together.

They had a heated greenhouse with picnic tables for people to sit and relax. They had campfires outside where people gathered to shoot the breeze, drink beer and make new friends.

It felt like I had stumbled onto a diamond in the rough. They were doing something really special, I could just tell, so I featured them in our third episode of my passion project, Local Brew TV.

Since then they’ve grown and expanded a couple of times but the things that make them awesome haven’t changed. They still offer great beer at their brewery and they still host growler night every weekend. Visiting their brewery is still an exciting and unique experience, especially for anyone who appreciates a fine craft beer.

If you haven’t sipped their beer or visited their brewery, what are you waiting for? When the world returns to normal you’ll find me hanging at Funky Bow Beer Company with some of the nicest folks I’ve ever had the chance to meet. I hope you’ll join us!


FRESH Wakanicci content!

We all want to feel better. We guarantee that if you wear The Perfect Bathrobe at least once a week your life is going to get better (*not an actual guarantee). $10 of every robe sold goes to Frontline Responders Fund.
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Introducing...The Perfect Bathrobe!

Filmed this just before the quarantine hit. So much fun working with the hilarious and talented David Walton!

Written & Performed by - David Walton
Filmed & Edited by - Bowman Productions

There's no better moment for a bathrobe than now. Please enjoy our origin story to help you laugh during these chaotic times.

Use code PEACEATHOME to get Free Shipping.
Also, $10 of every robe sold is going to Frontline Responders Fund

#bathrobes #robelife #wakanicci #fashion #mensclothing #travel #staypresent #dolessbemore @davidwalton @davidkanuth @maxricci


It was a wild morning! A guy robbed a bank then crashed his car through a utility pole in South Portland this morning. Completely took out the bottom of a utility pole, leaving the wires to support the top, before rear ending a Jeep and coming to a stop. The driver fled on foot but was captured shortly thereafter. These are some scenes from the aftermath.

We were the first and only camera crew on the scene. The footage is available for license.

Media inquiries: [email protected]

Creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us.Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you are arti...

Creativity is a human quality that exists in every single one of us.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean you are artistic or musical. It means that your brain is designed in a way that helps you solve problems, think up new ideas and have insightful “eureka” moments. This is the everyday creativity that helps you devise an innovative business strategy, solve a problem with a client, or brainstorm new ideas with your team.

It doesn’t matter if you start with a blank sheet of paper, a void in the marketplace, or an empty canvas. When you breathe life into a concept that originated in your mind’s eye, you're exercising your inner artist, you’re experiencing what it’s like to be a creative. And, that feeling is exhilarating!

What will you create today?


Behind the scenes at a recent Live and Work in Maine shoot

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Cleod9 Celebrates 4 Years

Fun little animation we did for our friends at Cleod9 to celebrate 4 years of awesomeness!

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There is no better cure for cabin fever than getting outside to experience the real world.

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my basic business philosophy

my basic business philosophy


rolling into monday like 👇

Caroline Bowman Nutrition


Back in December my wife quit her full time job to start her own private practice in nutrition. I couldn't be more happy for her :)

In January she started accepting clients BUT being brand new to the scene meant not many people knew about her...

Sooooo we put our heads together and came up with a series of social marketing videos that tell her story, educate potential customers and ask them to connect.

This is the first of five short social videos I produced for her. If you've ever wondered what a dietitian does, watch her videos and find out!

I did this crazy thing a couple months ago and made the leap from my day job into launching my own private practice full-time! This has been a dream of mine for years, and I am SO excited to finally be doing it! I love working with clients to help them break-up with dieting and feel better about eating, and it’s been amazing to do this work in my own space.

If you’re looking for a new approach to food and your health, I would love to connect with you.

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Master Blacksmith Sam Smith is seen forging metal in his former home, the Portland Forge.

This shop was connected to the Portland Company, which was established in 1846 to build locomotives for the Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad. It has been a blacksmith’s shop since 1846 and head quarters of the Maine Blacksmiths Guild since 2012. It was the oldest, still-working forge in the state of Maine, until developer CPB2 bought the Portland Company Complex in 2013. They planned to develop the 10-acre space on Munjoy Hill into a new neighborhood, with apartments, shops, and restaurants. They did not include plans to preserve this amazing space. After terminating Sam’s lease he was forced to find a new home outside of Portland. Luckily we were able to capture some real moments in this beautiful space before it was all taken away.

Today Sam is looking for a location to build a new water powered forge - the largest in New England - but he needs our help. If you know of a potential location please reach out to Sam. He’s the last of a dying breed of makers, with skills and knowledge that have been mostly lost to time. Help him keep these traditions alive so they aren’t lost to the conveniences of the modern world.

Maine Blacksmith's Guild

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Old Orchard Beach lifeguards are seriously awesome! Here they’re battling the waves to perform a mock rescue of a drowning child. This clip was filmed at 60fps (frames per second) but played back at 24fps, creating this buttery-smooth slow motion footage. Just look at those water droplets!

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Bug Light Park

When you get the shot 😁

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Cryogenic Fog

Frozen fog escapes the subzero temperatures that lie within this cryogenic freezer. The contents so cold that humans are required to wear thick gloves when retrieving items. Here a scientist returns cryogenically frozen samples back their frigid home.

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100% cans

Did you know Baxter Brewing Co. was the first craft brewery in New England to put ALL of their beer in cans (and some kegs too)?

It doesn’t seem like a big deal today, with nearly every craft brewery canning their beer, but back in 2012 it was a BIG deal for the beer industry. At that time all Maine craft beer came in bottles. The only beer that came in cans was mass produced swill, not fine craft beer, giving cans a bad reputation.

Here is a throwback to Baxter’s early years, with founder Luke Livingston talking about the 3 major benefits to using cans for packing and distribution.

I’m Nate Bowman, owner and storyteller behind Bowman Productions.I made my first short film using a big, clunky VHS camc...

I’m Nate Bowman, owner and storyteller behind Bowman Productions.

I made my first short film using a big, clunky VHS camcorder, some props and a couple of friends. I figured out how to add titles and make simple cuts within the camera. I was 14 years old and loved every minute of it. From that moment forward I wanted to tell stories with videos for a living.

At 18 years old I sent a letter to a local post production company asking for a chance to work with them. I offered to get coffee, run cables or do whatever was needed to get my foot in the door. The owner graciously gave me an unpaid internship, which soon turned into my first job working in video production. I was elated! I made the most of my time there, teaching myself After Effects (from a book!) and learning as much as I could. I’m so grateful for that opportunity and still work with my old boss occasionally (thank you David!). Since then I’ve freelanced with countless production companies and advertising agencies, worked in TV news and held several full time jobs producing and editing video for business clients. For the last 6 years, I’ve been running my own production company.

Today I help businesses tell their story through video. People buy products and services from brands they trust. When you share your story through a video, you show them what you’re really about AND build trust at the same time. It’s a great way to build brand awareness, stay stop of mind with your customers and increase revenue. If you’ve thought about video but aren’t sure where to start let’s talk! I’m really good at listening to your needs, understanding your goals and helping you create the right type of content to fit your unique brand. Your success is my success. Let's make great videos together!

[email protected]

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Recently I was asked how I got started making videos for a living. It got me thinking about how far I’ve come...The silv...

Recently I was asked how I got started making videos for a living. It got me thinking about how far I’ve come...

The silver camera in the lower left is the first video camera I purchased for myself. I bought it when I was 15 years old to make silly videos with friends and create stuff because it was fun. Years later, after working as a video editor for several companies, I decided to strike out on my own.

I bought the camera in the middle to start Bowman Productions and take pictures of my newborn son. It was a huge expense at the time ($800!) and it wasn’t even the best camera available. It was the best camera I could afford. So I did the best work I could do with the resources I had until I could afford something better. I used that camera non-stop for the first 3-4 years of my business. It helped me put food on the table, pay my bills and GROW.

Then I upgraded to the camera in the lower right. Even though this is the smaller camera of the bunch, it offered 4K resolution at a fraction of the cost of other cameras. I bought it get those beautiful 4K shots but again, not the best camera out there. It was the best I could afford at the time. It’s a great little camera that I still use for most projects but it lacks resolution and sensor size.

A coupe of years ago I upgraded to the big camera on top - my daily driver. This is a digital cinema camera and it’s by far the best one I’ve owned. It’s the kind of camera people make TV shows and independent films with. It produces images with sharp detail and great depths of color. It’s truly a professional camera, in a category or two above the others.

These cameras aren’t much but they represent a lifelong journey to the person I’ve become and the business I’ve created. It wouldn’t have been possible without them or the people in my life.

I'm so fortunate to live in a time and place where I can turn my passion into a reality. Entrepreneurship can be a tough road but it's doable when you have such awesome people around to lift you up, pass your name along and believe in you. I'm grateful to have such awesome clients, friends and supporters!

If you've made it this far I want to thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for your support and thank you for caring. If you're want to join me on this journey, let's talk! I'm looking for new clients and would love to learn about you, your business and your struggles! Let's talk about the impact video can have on your bottom line :)

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Our Story

We are brand storytellers.

The marketplace continues to become more crowded. Competing for attention is more difficult than it’s ever been. How do you cut through the noise and reach the customers that matter?

The best way to connect with a customer who’s deciding if and when she’ll buy is to stop pushing your products and instead focus on why your business exists in the first place…

When you tell the story of your brand and explain your values, you’ll engage the customers who share your values. When you find the customers who share your values, there’s a much better chance they’ll buy from you. This is brand storytelling.

Identifying the story behind your brand and sharing it with potential customers through marketing videos and social media posts, is the goal of brand storytelling.

When your story becomes part of your marketing strategy, it propels your brand forward.

Who’s telling your brand story?

We are Bowman Productions and we are brand storytelling experts.

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