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Christmas all wrapped-up? Crime fiction lover? Why not treat yourself to a day snuggled up by the fire with the brand new series from the storyline consultants to TV's Happy Valley and Scott & Bailey and author of the DI Jack Dylan novels. Charley Mann left Yorkshire for the Met and a fast-track career - but now she's back, she's in charge and the area's first young, female DI. Her hometown, the Yorkshire countryside, and her old friends all seem unchanged, but appearances can be deceptive. When a brutal murder is discovered, Charley is forced to question everything, and the interest of her ex - reporter Danny Ray - doesn't make it easier.
FREE HOLIDAY GIFT! - SMR book 5, CHRISTMAS SPIRIT ( - PLUS 50% OFF! - #1 New Release, TIME TRAVELER, SMR book 7 ( Now through Dec 2 on Amazon Happy Holidays from
Last week, I sent you folks 2 messages via your online contact form. I have received NO RESPONSE. Your silence is disturbing. I absolutely want my money back.
⚡Sale!⚡Bilingual edition Now only 0.99 $ Take Bulgaria's most translated book of 2018, share with friends 🌎 ➡️
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ebook 1$ only till 31st January. "from heroin to Christ - a true story" by E. A. Moldovan - Author
"What do you do when the fragile mirror of reality begins to crack, and the reflection you see on the other side isn't your own?" I entered my #PsychologicalThriller novel in a contest. It's #FREE, so please help me win by clicking this link, reading, and voting for it. Thanks for your support! 💙❤💛 (And if you wanted to be REALLY supportive you could share this 😉)
Excerpt of Mr. H.I.V. He called Deidre and said, “What’s up, baby?” “Who this?” “Darren.” “Hi.” “What you doing tonight?” “Nothing.” “Swing by my place and chill with me.” “I want to go out tonight.” “My money is tight I had to pay a bunch of bills this week.” “Oh well. Call me back when you got some money.” Click. Darren called Deidre back and said, “What is your problem?” “You know the deal. You have to pay if you want to play.” “What about all that money I spent on you? I bought you expensive shoes and boots.” “That was two weeks ago. What have you done for me lately?” “I’m confused. Why you acting like this?” “You’re wasting my time. Bye.” Click. Darren chuckled. He calls Deidre back. She said, “What do you want?” “You said you care about me. Why you acting like this?” “Damn, what is your problem; are you deaf, stupid, retarded, or a little bit of all three. I only dated you because you were spending money on me. I told you I cared about you so I could get you to spend more money on me. I’m a player; the only thing I care about is getting money. Now do you understand? Now leave me alone.” “Before you hang up I want to say one thing.” “WHAT?” “I’m HIV positive. Goodnight.” Click. Darren chuckled after he hung up the phone on Deidre. She called him right back but he ignored the call. He laughed as Deidre called him ten times in two minutes. Each call went straight to his voicemail. The eleventh time the phone rang, he picks it up and said, “Damn girl, what do you want?” “What did you say before?” “Damn girl, what’s your problem; are you deaf, stupid, retarded, or a little bit of all three. I’m HIV positive. This is the deal. I’m HIV positive and I’m targeting every selfish materialistic chick that comes my way.” “You’re lying.” “Go take an HIV test, then you will see that I’m telling the truth.” “You just saying that caused I used you.” “ From the moment I met you I knew you were selfish . I spent all that money on you because I had my heart set on infecting you. I gotta go. Take care, player, and stay healthy.”
Inspired by the pulp writers of old, these tales pit two vagabonds against the days of a medieval future where civilization is just a memory.
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