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Good day Lloyalists. Please be sure to follow the page and leave a review. Have a great day!


Good day Lloyalists. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for Legacy City II. Well, I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer. Here’s the first story in Jah’s Journal….

Jah and Kaleah left the reading of the will in a hurry. Jah could tell by Kaleah’s facial expressions that she read between the lines and knew exactly what Semi was saying. She was from the streets, she had gone to law school, and was currently on her third year of practice. She knew what was up. She also knew that Jah knew. So she sat in silence and allowed him to collect his thoughts.

Jah’s mind was going seven hundred and thirteen miles a minute. He had to get his s**t together and get low. He had always had an escape plan but never knew it would be one to escape his brother. That made it even more difficult. Siyah knew all of his hiding spots. So Jah had to improvise and he didn’t have much time to come up with a plan.

They were ten minutes away from home when Jah broke his silence. He took his eyes off the road for a second to look at Kaleah. He knew she would be able to see the seriousness in his eyes. He turned back to face the highway and began blurting out demands to her. He told her that she was to go in the house, grab her two largest suitcases, and pack any and everything that meant something to her. She was to pack as if she would never come back to the house again. He instructed her to grab the registration cards from her cars and take pictures of the VIN number upon their arrival. Jah then assured her that he would take care of everything else.

Jah slipped back into a shallow thought. And out just as quick. He reached in the center console for his knock-off phone. He demanded that John Boy tell everyone to get low. He told him to pack his baby mother and daughter up and to get them out of town. The urgency in his voice didn’t warrant a response and John Boy knew it, so he hung up and began to call everyone without haste.

Once they pulled up at their main residence, Jah executed a quick but thorough inspection of the premises, and then he and Kaleah put the plan in motion. Jah emptied every safe and gathered every important document that they would need. He went into his closet and grabbed a duffle bag full of memorable gifts from Madame and Booja along with other things that held sentimental value. For he knew that this day would one day come and he didn’t want to leave his parents’ memories behind.

Jah moved about quickly from room to room, being sure to grab any weapon or item of importance that he had stashed. His momentum slowed when he reached the library. He and his wife’s most favorite room in the house. He wanted to take every book in the room with him but he knew he couldn’t, so he just grabbed a few of Kaleah’s favorites and one of his own. He knew she would need more distractions than him. Jah was sure to retrieve every one of Kaleah’s diplomas, degrees, and certificates. For she took pride in her academic accomplishments and Jah knew that Siyah would not hesitate to destroy it all. Anger started to seep in with the mere thought of Siyah. He fu**ed Sasha and he killed Semi. What about Madame and Booja? Jah couldn’t help but wonder if he was in on that too.

As Kaleah was about to pull her last bag to the foyer, she stopped and took one last look around her bedroom. Jah’s voice interrupted her temporary moment of peace. “We have a lot of memories in this room, go ahead and take it all in just in case we never come back”. At that moment Kaleah realized that their worst nightmare had come true. The streets had consumed and is now controlling their lives. The two just stood their in each other’s embrace briefly reminiscing over their time in the home they had built together.

A familiar voice brought the two back to reality as it called out to them from the bottom of the staircase. It was John Boy, he had done everything necessary on his end, and was here to ride out the storm with Jah and his wife.


Greetings my faithful Lloyalists. I hope all is well. Please be sure to follow and visit Lloyal’s Legacy to receive updates on and excerpts from the Legacy City Series.


Secrets. What are they and whose are they? Are they meant to help or hurt? Are they a result of a person’s selflessness or selfishness? I have many secrets. Some are mine but most are those of others. The same others that have exposed my deepest and darkest pains without a flinch of retaliation from me. The same others that threw dirt on my name and hurt me in the worst way. I want to heal. I need to heal. And through my writings, I will do just that. Besides, some secrets can’t stay a secret forever. Right?

Tarboro Town Tales: Grimey and Elite….Tale One coming Monday March 14, 2022.


ANNOUNCEMENT:Legacy City 2 is set to be released in the late Spring/early Summer of 2022. Stay tuned.


Good morning Lloyalists. I hope that all is well and that each of you are starting the new year as you’ve planned. I have a question for you all today….

Looking at the men through the eyes of their women, who do you find yourself more attracted to Siyah, Jah, or Semi? Or maybe Booja, Nigee/Boss, or John Boy? Let me know.


Good morning Lloyalists. I hope all is well. If you have finished reading “Legacy City: She Who Wears the Crown” please leave a review either on Amazon or right here on the Lloyal’s Legacy page.


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What city is featured on the cover of Legacy City: She Who Wears the Crown?

Good evening all. If you have already purchased Legacy City:She Who Wears the Crown come to the Turkey Bowl to have it a...

Good evening all. If you have already purchased Legacy City:She Who Wears the Crown come to the Turkey Bowl to have it autographed. If not, I will have books on hands. Thank each and every one of you in advance for your support.


Let me hear it. How are you all enjoying Legacy City:She Who Wears the Crown?


Tarboro, NC


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