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ALHAJI INSHOLA'S TAKE OVER THE ZONGO PALACE : The collapse of a palace can be attributed to many factors, but one of the most significant reasons is the lack of accountability within the institution. When those in power are not held responsible for their actions, it can lead to a culture of corruption and negligence that ultimately results in the downfall of the palace.

Accountability is essential in any organization, but it is especially crucial in a palace where decisions made by leaders can have far-reaching consequences. When those in power are not held accountable for their actions, they may act with impunity, making decisions that benefit themselves rather than the institution as a whole.

In a palace where accountability is lacking, there is often a lack of transparency and oversight, allowing corruption to flourish unchecked. Leaders may engage in unethical behavior, such as embezzlement or bribery, without fear of repercussions. This can lead to a breakdown of trust within the institution, as those in power prioritize their own interests over the well-being of the palace and its inhabitants.

Furthermore, a lack of accountability can also result in a failure to address issues and challenges facing the palace. When leaders are not held responsible for their actions, they may ignore problems or sweep them under the rug, rather than taking proactive steps to address them. This can lead to a deterioration of the palace's infrastructure and resources, ultimately contributing to its collapse.

In order to prevent the collapse of a palace, it is essential to establish a culture of accountability within the institution. Leaders must be held responsible for their actions and decisions, and there must be mechanisms in place to ensure transparency and oversight. By promoting accountability, the palace can avoid the pitfalls of corruption and negligence, and instead thrive as a beacon of integrity and excellence.

By Yussif Abdul Ganiyu Inshola

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