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Lantz Studios Lantz Studios is the self-owned Independent Video Production Company/Business of Davy Lantz Jr.

Want to follow updates on our films? Follow this page!We are also on YouTube at the link below!Subscribe to our channel:...

Want to follow updates on our films? Follow this page!

We are also on YouTube at the link below!

Subscribe to our channel:

COMING SOON 🔜 exclusive BTS footage/photos from our first short El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune

Stay Tuned!

Welcome to Lantz Studios!The YouTube channel of Lantz Studios, self-owned by Davy Lantz Jr.Lantz Studios is the personal business of Davy Lantz Jr, for video...


That’s a Wrap!!


One more day of filming... it may be Fall/Winter but nothing stops the Mexican Leprechaun.


A huge thank you the amazing cast and crew from the first and 2nd days film shooting this weekend.

One more added Filming day and then the editing starts... well it's allready started as the reviewing of this weekends footage happens.

Thank you for being apart of .


You asked for it! Here's a sneak peek look at El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune.

Meet our lead actor Josue dressed up as the Mexican Leprechaun.

We have one more film day then let the editing begin.

Expect a first behind the scenes look to come soon as well as our first Mexican Leprechaun update video from the director George.

Stay tuned! buenas noches!



our final announcement when it comes to cast and crew... for now.

She plays a big pivotal role when it comes to .

She made sure that Our lead actor had Irish Leprechaun orange hair.

Not only that but will be doing alot of behind the scenes work to help out

Welcome to team mexican leprechaun!





Jake will be bringing his extensive Knowledge of sound to our little producción making sure that this short film sounds goo d and the actors/actresses can be heard loud and clear. Welcome to



Hillary will be helping Behind the Scenes with Costume design and makeup Artist. Hillary has an eye when it comes to design. Welcome to

Davy Lantz Jr helms the Cinematography/Producing roles!

Davy Lantz Jr helms the Cinematography/Producing roles!


Davey will be helming the Cinematography for the film as Director of Photography and will be helping to bring the vision of the director to life through the lens of a camera!The knowledge he brings to this area of filming (camera) is a huge asset. Welcome to



George is the writer of the film and will be in the directors chair. This is his second directorial Film with his first being BoBo: A Short Film through EPGFilm. He brings as a director a feel of dark comedy with a twist and strong influences from directors such as the Cohen Brothers and Wes Anderson. Along with directing, he turned the story he wrote into a screenplay.

Welcome to



Greg Moss will be playing the part of a Buck. What happens when Jim makes a wish? Be careful what you wish for. Welcome to



Brandi will be taking on the role of Jims(Eric Hurds) ex wife Karen. What happens when Jim wishes for his Ex wife Karen to come back? Hmm I wonder. Brandi has previously been in movies including Z-ero. We are very happy to have her on board . May the luck of the Irish be on her side.



Eric is one of the dynamic duo to Josue playing the character Jim. Jim is down on his luck and could use some Irish Magic to cheer him up! Eric is bringing a very talented acting persona. He is a brilliant character actor and really gets into the heart and mind of the role he is given. He said "it's been a while since iv done comedy." And here you are apart of dark comedy gold! Welcome Aboard the 4 leafe clover that we call El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune.


Lines are being rehersed all in preparation for filming this weekend.

Look out for some cast announcements to come soon!


A Mexican Leprechauns has a day job.. he works security but come this weekend, He will be in film! This dark comedy starts filming this weekend


A Mexican Leprechaun loves to play Futball. Filming kicks into gear next weekend!


The Mexican Lepreprechaun is ready to Grant your wishes... but be careful what you wish for.....


What is a ?

We gear up next weekend to film our very own version of a leprechaun…El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune!

Written and Directed by George Liu

Filming for El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune begins in a few weeks!It will kick off a series of short films and...

Filming for El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune begins in a few weeks!

It will kick off a series of short films and feature films under “The Dark Tales Verse” created by George Liu & Davy Lantz Jr.

“El Leprechaun Mexicano: A Tale of Fortune is a short film that follows Jim, a man who discovers a black pot at the end of a rainbow. Upon opening the pot, he finds a Mexican Leprechaun who reveals that he is the one behind the pot. What follows is a game of cat and mouse with a dark twist reminiscent of Aladdin and the Genie. While the concept may be entertaining to some, it is not a subject matter that I personally approve of. However, the film does provide an interesting take on the classic tale of the Leprechaun and his pot of gold.”

Writer/Director: George Liu
Starring Eric Hurd & Josue Salinas
w/Special Appearance by Brandi Lyn Dalton
Cinematographer/Camera Operator: Davy Lantz Jr
Producers: George Liu & Davy Lantz Jr
Sound Recorder/Boom Operator: Jake Waybright
Hair Stylist: Cori Coulter
Make-up Artist: Hillary Styer-Zucco



Our Lead: Josue Salinas as the Mexican Leprechaun

Our Lead: Josue Salinas as the Mexican Leprechaun


INTRODUCING one of our LEAD Characters Josue Salinas.

Josue Salinas will be portraying the lead character The Mexican Lepreprechaun.

Josue has been acting since HS in plays and musicals. His big break came when he got the lead role in a film by EPGFilm entitled Mortician portraying the character Cyrus. More recent, he played a plummer in attack of the toilet bowl baby zombie.

bienvenido to the cast Josue Salinas!


Happy 4th of July!


1 Vista Avenue
Thurmont, MD



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