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Did anyone else think up projects that would better improve the lives of Trentonians? and aren't these the same projects the Mayor said Council wouldn't take $5M from the state for? I feel bamboozled.

Rep. Watson Coleman Announces $3.9 Million in Investments in Trenton Infrastructure

Ewing, NJ (July 16, 2021) – Today, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) announced the passage of two targeted infrastructure projects for the City of Trenton through the House Appropriations Committee. Along with the previously passed Route 29 Tunnel Transportation and Infrastructure (T&I) project these initiatives constitute significant infrastructure improvements.

This year, the Appropriations and T&I Committees accepted funding requests from House members for district specific local projects. Rep. Watson Coleman worked with local leaders in the 12th District to identify and submit important improvement projects.

The projects include:

$2.4 million to make necessary safety and ventilation improvements to the Route 29 Tunnel to allow for its use by commercial trucks that are currently forced to reroute through nearby residential neighborhoods.
$500 thousand for public safety and beautification improvements – including lighting and murals – along the heavily utilized pedestrian and bicycle passage between the Trenton Transit Center and downtown Trenton providing important safety improvements to this heavily utilized walkway.
$1 million for flood mitigation and restoration at the historic Trenton Fishing Wharf Park and reestablish riverfront access points. Improvements include green stormwater management systems to mitigate flooding and the rehabilitation of the surrounding public park.

“Providing the 12th District with the resources it needs to flourish is one of my greatest responsibilities as our representative in Congress,” said Rep. Watson Coleman. “These projects, as well as others secured for the district, are an important part of the Biden Administration’s push to Build Back Better. Together with our local leaders we’re setting Trenton and the 12th District on a path to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and forge ahead stronger than ever.”

“Between flood mitigation, public safety improvements and other critical infrastructure projects, we are beyond grateful for the hard work of our congresswoman in securing these funds for our capital city,” said Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes. “These projects will improve the quality of life for countless Trentonians and set Mercer County as a whole on a secure path toward the future.”

"Trenton families deserve to live without the hazards and nuisance of heavy trucks and the air pollution that comes with the truck traffic," said State Senator Shirley Turner (D-Mercer/Hunterdon). "The Route 29 tunnel was heralded as the solution to get heavy trucks off of local roads, but because of its design failure, trucks are restricted from using the tunnel. I am grateful that our Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman has accomplished this important first step to fix the problem and answered our call to get the traffic off of local roads and address an issue of environmental justice that is affecting the quality of life of our residents. I am looking forward to working with our federal delegation to secure the funding."

“The transformative projects that our congresswoman secured will help put the Capital City in a better place,” said Trenton Mayor W. Reed Gusciora. “Combined they will divert heavy trucks out of our residential streets, bolster flood protection by restoring a centerpiece of our historic waterfront and make our transit center neighborhood safer and more welcoming for the thousands of commuters who travel in and out of Trenton every day. I have no doubt that this funding will fundamentally improve the quality of life for one of New Jersey’s most diverse and economically challenged communities.”

These projects now head to the House Floor and are expected to pass during the week of July 26th. In addition to the previously passed projects under the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s H.R. 3684 INVEST in America Act, these bills head to the Senate where they await further consideration.


Rep. Watson Coleman Expresses Disappointment with Biden Administration Decision to Return To Prison Inmates on Home Confinement

Washington, DC (July 20, 2021) – Today, Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) issued a statement following reporting that the Biden administration has approved the return of thousands of federal convicts who were previously released to home confinement to reduce the spread of Covid-19 after the official state of emergency ends. The decision upholds a last-minute Trump administration memo ordering those released back to prison.
“This is an extremely disappointing decision,” said Watson Coleman. “It directly conflicts with President Biden’s commitments to criminal justice reform and the overall reduction of our prison population. In order to accomplish those goals we have to prioritize alternatives to incarceration and replace it with other strategies wherever possible. The unanticipated reprieve brought on by Covid-19 proved it is possible to safely reduce the prison population. Meanwhile, these inmates have shown to be contributing members of society, improving the wellbeing of their families and communities.
“The United States incarcerates more people than any other country, negatively impacting our moral standing in the world. It is a sign of a deeply unhealthy society to continue to spend tens of billions of dollars a year on incarceration while over 10 million children live in poverty, 1.4 million veterans are at risk of homelessness, and nearly 30 million Americans are underinsured. Today’s decision by the Biden administration is a failure to address the overpopulation crisis in a way that does not require Congress or the Courts. In this respect, this action is both cruel and unnecessary.”

On April 8th and May 27th of this year Congresswoman Watson Coleman sent bipartisan letters to President Biden and Attorney General Garland respectively, calling on them to officially rescind the Trump era memo noting:

…These individuals have not only shown that they can be contributing members of society, they've laid bare the fact that we are imprisoning far too many people in this country. Attorney General Garland should reverse the Justice Department Memo and give thousands of families the peace of mind of knowing their loved ones will not be taken away from them.

The decision of the Biden administration applies to about 4,000 nonviolent inmates.

Mercer County Park Commission Free Concert and Movie Series

Mercer County Park Commission Free Concert and Movie Series

Mercer County Park Commission Free Concert and Movie Series

The July 9, 2021 Online Edition of The Nubian News
The July 9, 2021 Online Edition of The Nubian News

The July 9, 2021 Online Edition of The Nubian News

Highlights Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam 1, 9 & 10 NJ Civil Rights Groups Want Policy Reaffirming Public’s Right To Record The Police 2 National Black Family Month 3 Edificio del Departamento de Salud en Trenton llevará el nombre de Judith Persichilli 6 UN SOñADOR LATINO VA A HARVARD UNIVERSIT...


The UN resolution against the blockade was approved with 184 votes in favor, 2 votes against, and 3 abstentions.
Read here:

Haiti: Jovenel's Hired US Mercenaries Returned to USA w/o Charge!

Haiti: Jovenel's Hired US Mercenaries Returned to USA w/o Charge!

#Haiti: Jovenel's Hired US Mercenaries Returned to USA w/o Charge! 21 Feb 2019. (LINKS BELOW).

Mercenaries were found w/ 2 drones, 6 automatic assault rifles, 5 G***k pistols, 1 45-caliber pistol, ammunition, satellite phones & bullet-proof vests.

American Mercenaries Arrested in Haiti driving around with an Arsenal are Flown to the US. 20 Feb 2019. (VIDEO).

Haitian Authorities Arrest Americans Transporting Cache of Weapons amid Uprising. Feb 18th, 2019.

EXCLUSIVE: “President Jovenel Moise has brought home mercenaries to assassinate not only a desperate people who are clamoring for his resignation by demonstrating peacefully but especially his political opponents.” — Haitian online publication Vedeth. by Alexander Rubinstein.

Read in Full @


Canadian policy on Venezuela, Haiti reveals hypocrisy that media ignores. February 19, 2019. Yves Engler. (SHARE).

Unlike Venezuela, Haiti is not divided. Basically, everyone wants the current “president” to go. While the slums have made that clear for months, important segments of the establishment (Reginald Boulos, Youri Latortue, Chamber of Commerce, etc) have turned on Jovenel Moïse. Reliable polling is limited, but it’s possible 9 in 10 Haitians want President Moïse to Resign....

How the U.S. Is Strangling Haiti as It Attempts Regime Change in Venezuela. February 19, 2019. by Common Dreams.

Black Alliance For Peace Says Struggle In Haiti And Venezuela Connected. February 20, 2019.

Updates @


Governor Murphy! Please Veto the Body Worn Camera Bill !!! Press Release

Governor Murphy! Please Veto the Body Worn Camera Bill !!! Press Release

Governor Murphy! Please Veto the Body Worn Camera Bill !!! Press Release

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The is the latest issue of The Nubian News. Included in this issue: Recognize White Supremacy when you see it - page 4Th...
The June 5, 2021 edition of The Nubian News

The is the latest issue of The Nubian News. Included in this issue: Recognize White Supremacy when you see it - page 4
The answers to why white supremacy is so important. page 2 Compensatory
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10 Policy Recommendations to Temper the Impact of the Coronavirus on Communities of Color 1. Change the narrative surrounding the crisis, “The virus is the enemy, not the person who is infected.” 2.Adopt policies which increase access to childcare, healthcare and humane, sanitary living conditions to at-risk communities. 3Advocate for the establishment of a paid leave system for all workers. Extend the data collection period for the Census, extend voting hours, and minimize large gatherings. 4.Significantly increase the stringency of the Toxic Substances Control Act 5.Advocate for provision of food assistance to families enrolled in the free meal program via mobile delivery, food vouchers, and by which students can register for housing assistance through Stafford Act provisions. 6.Prioritize vulnerable groups/populations for testing as soon as kits become available. 7.Establish and enforce a Quarantine Bill of Rights 8.Establish sanctuary sites, repeal the travel ban and repeal of the restrictions on the provision of healthcare to immigrants. 9.Advance litigation for the willful misleading of the public for political gain while jeopardizing the wellbeing of the nation. 10. Read the full document, “Ten Equity Implications of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak in the United States.
Declaration Of State Of Emergency for the City Of Trenton
Please send me a photo of the missing young boy Diante King to my messenger!! Otherwise l can’t copy the photo or SHARE it!! Thank you Jesus Christ
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