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If you want to stay away from harmful synthetic chemicals and pesticides, and grow Naturally, you need to select plants for your garden that will help control and repel your insect pests. This method is called Companion Planting, and will help cut down on your workload in the Garden, It works best when you plant your Companion Herb varieties at same time you plant your Veggies, but you can also plant afterwards. When you are planning your Spring Garden, you can work a few of these in to help with pests.

It is always important that you experiment to find out what works best for your situation. Here are some of the best Companion Plants:

ARTEMISIA - This plant produces a strong antiseptic aroma that repels most insects. Planted as a border, it can also deter small animals like Rabbits and moles.

BASIL -The oils in Basil are said to repel thrips, flies and mosquitoes. Planted alongside Tomatoes, will help you to grow larger, tastier tomatoes.

BEE BALM- I love this plant because it attracts bees to my garden. It is another plant that you can grow with your Tomatoes.

BORAGE - Borage repels Tomato horn worms and cabbage worms, and also attracts beneficial bees and wasps. Borage also adds trace elements to the soil. Borage flowers are edible

CATNIP - This plant repels just about everything, including flea beetles, aphids, Japanese beetles, squash bugs, ants, and weevils.

CHIVES - Chives are great plants to repel Japanese beetles and carrot rust flies. It has also been said that Chives will help prevent scab when planted among apple trees.

CHRYSANTHEMUMS - When I do use an insecticide I use one made from chrysanthemums called Pyrethrum. This all-natural pesticide can help control things like roaches, ticks, silverfish, lice, fleas, bedbugs, and to control ants in certain parts of the garden. In the garden white flowering chrysanthemums are said to drive away Japanese beetles, and Painted Daisy kills root nematodes.

DAHLIAS - Dahlias repel nematodes and the blooms are great for adding some color to flower borders and fresh arrangements

DILL - Dill is best planted with Cucumbers and Onion varieties. During the cool season It can also be planted with Lettuce. Dill attracts Hoverflies and predatory wasps, and its foliage is used as food by swallowtail butterfly caterpillars. Tomato horn worms are also attracted to Dill, so if you plant it at a distance, you can help draw these destructive insects away from your Tomatoes. Dill repels aphids and spider mites. Sprinkling Dill leaves on squash plants will also repel squash bugs,

FENNEL- Repels aphids, slugs and snails.

GARLIC - In addition to its great taste and health benefits, Garlic planted near roses repels aphids. It also deters coddling moths, Japanese beetles, root maggots, snails, and carrot root fly. When planted alongside Onions, they also deter moles and mice.

HYSSOP - Hyssop is great for attracting honeybees to the garden, and you will need them for pollination of some of your Veggies.

LAVENDER - Lavender is a favorite among many beneficial insects, including bees, and also repels fleas and moths.

MARIGOLDS - The Marigold is probably the most well known plant for repelling insects. French marigolds repel Whiteflies and kill bad nematodes. Mexican marigolds are said to keep away a host of destructive insects and wild rabbits as well. If you choose marigolds for your garden they must be scented to work as a good repellant. And while this plant drives away many bad bugs, it also attracts spider mites and snails--which are good.

NASTURTIUMS- You can plant Nasturtiums with my Tomatoes and Cucumbers as a way to fight off wooly aphids, white flies, Squash bugs, and Cucumber beetles. The flowers, especially the yellow blooming varieties, act as a trap for aphids.

PETUNIAS - They are great to have for color in your garden, and you get the added benefit that they repel Asparagus beetles, leaf hoppers, and a range of aphids, Tomato worms, and a good many other pests.

ROSEMARY-Deters Cabbage moth, Bean beetles and the Carrot fly

SUMMER SAVORY: Plant with beans and onions to improve growth and flavor. Include it with sweet potatoes. Discourages cabbage moths, Mexican bean beetles, sweet potato weevil and black aphids. Honey bees love it when it is in bloom.

SUNFLOWERS - I use Sunflowers as a way to draw aphids away from my other plants. Ants move their colonies onto Sunflowers. The Sunflowers are tough enough that they suffer no damage.

THYME-Deters Cabbage worm

At THE SEED GUY, you can get our 60 Variety Heirloom Seed package that is Small Farm Grown, fresh from the New Fall 2022 Harvest, has 33,000 Seeds, and contains several of the Companion Plant varieties listed above. You will get 49 Veggie Seed varieties, and then 11 Companion Herb Seed varieties, and Good Pricing at $89.

You can click on link to website to see Seed varieties and ORDER at https://theseedguy.net/seed-packages/50-60-variety-heirloom-seed-package.html

We also have 8 other Heirloom Seed packages. and all our individual varieties in Stock Now on our Seed Guy website at https://theseedguy.net/15-seed-packages

You can also Call Us 7 days a week, and up to 10:00 pm each night, at 918-352-8800 if you would rather Order By Phone.

If you LIKE US on our page, you will be able to see more of our great Gardening Articles, New Seed Offerings and healthy Juice Recipes. Thank you and God Bless You and Your Family :) https://www.facebook.co


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Stagecraft Software - made for the stage


Worked with these fine folks back in the day!

Worked with these fine folks back in the day!

Digitized from a decades old VHS tape by Ron Lee. You can't boost 480p to 4k. But there were many things Ron did to make it more compatible with todays media...

New signage, thanks Adrianna Baseleon!!!!

New signage, thanks Adrianna Baseleon!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 32-bit float, Zoom's new flagship F8n Pro Field Recorder can capture the most complex audio. It's perfect for any sound professional.

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Work of Art!
Burwell Mother of Burl horn loudspeaker.


TASCAM 58 8 Track Analog Tape Recorder…


Drone maker Skydio has a new automated shot design feature that should have filmmakers paying attention.


🎤 Proper hand placement on a vocal mic
📷 instagr.am/dpa_microphones
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/Film spoke with several Oscar-winning sound designers, editors, and mixers to learn why it has become tougher to understand what characters are saying.




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As 2019 leaves us, I would like to take a moment and share with this amazing group of individuals how each of you have touched my life and the Curvy Chic Closet Foundation. I am Grateful & Thankful to have this community❤️❤️❤️.

We had 2 You Are Enough workshops in 2019. 9 Youth and 16 adults attended the workshops. Our Spring Fashion Show had 45 models and the Fall Fashion Show had 36 models. In addition, I Am Phenomenally Enough Scholarship Fund is sending 4 individuals to body positive events in Seattle, San Francisco & New York City for 2020.

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A huge thank you goes out to Event Documentation Systems with Eric Squires for their support over the past years with the Curvy Chic Closet Fashion Show.
Hey Mr. Stupid. I LIKE ALL YOUR ACTS. I HOPE NO ONE IS OBSERVING US. {Greek Translation}::: NO ONE needs a band; bands just happen; AND, THEY'RE CHEAP. Tell them to riot if I'm wrong. Show's at 7:34pm POTTY-CIFIC. YouTube. THERE IS no CATCHING the joke(s). NO CATCHING the coo-de; wouldn't be lee gull.
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