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Catzilla Intergalactic Media Catzilla Intergalactic Media is an Independent Film Production and Film Finance Facility relocating to Virginia Beach, Virginia. Catzilla Intergalactic Media is a consortium of screenwriters, producers, actors, directors and crew looking to produce independent film.

Their CEO and CFO are currently setting up the company's first official funding, after which a formal announcement will be made as to upcoming productions. CIM will also fund films outside of their own company for other producers/production companies. Stay tuned!

Operating as usual


Hey Everyone! We have been busy, pulling out all the stops on our funding, plus our CEO got a new knee and is recovering. Need that new knee to kick some funding hiney!

While forced to rest, it's been movie and series watching galore.

A few recommendations: Resident Alien (SyFy). You can binge watch all the episodes of "Episodes" on Netflix. Feeling nostalgic? Malcolm In The Middle on Prime. Cranston long before he was a m**h overlord, lol.

Guardians of The Galaxy, both 1 and 2, so much fun! Captain America. The Avengers. All on Prime. Knives Out (DVD) is a great whodunnit. Crimson Peak on Netflix. We also watched John Wick 1 and 2.

How about ya'll? Any recommendations? We would LOVE your feedback! 😺


I've been watching "30 Coins" recently. Amazing show and a new standard for horror TV! Which horror show do you guys think holds the #1 mantle?


Happy Valentine's Day, Catzillians! What's your favorite romantic film? ♥️


While I'm waiting on our Brain Trust to start posting conversation starters, I've noticed we are at 346 likes. Rolling forward toward 500, at last! Feel free to invite your friends and don't be shy about posting topics in the creative vein. We would love to hear from you!


Hey Everybody! We are locked in tight on achieving our funding goals amid all the pandemic stuff. Our hoped for and long awaited news should arrive prior to Valentine's Day, so we can celebrate with lots of CHOCOLATE! Meanwhile, we need a new topic. Audra? Allan? Steve (I know you're done moving!) Throw som**hing chat worthy up on the board.....


While awaiting big news, I have been checking out a few Netflix series. For those of you who enjoy dark comedy, and didn't catch the series on the SyFy channel, I recommend "Happy" starring Chris Meloni as you've never seen him. Patton Oswalt is the voice of Happy, my new favorite sidekick character of all time. Also of note, "Safe" for Harlen Corban fans. Intriguing.


Anybody besides me excited for the release of Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk in February?


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Cat Box Crew: Debra, Steve, Allan and Audra. Have a delicious and safe holiday. We will be back next week with some interesting news. 🎅🎄⛄🍾


With the most wonderful time of the year upon us, what's your favorite Christmas film? Here in the Cat Box, it's not the holiday without National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, the original It's A Wonderful Life and Die Hard ( yes it's a Christmas movie, lol). Share your favorites! ⛄🎄🎅


We do hope everyone is doing well in light of our currently shared human tribulations. We have doubled down on our current funding pursuits, despite reschedules and delays.

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the USA, we wish you all a warm, tasty, and most of all, a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving holiday. 🦃🥧


Hey Everybody! What's everyone doing to take your minds off the current stressors in our collective communities? Any tips beyond exercise, trying new recipes or binge watching new shows?


Is anyone here currently or have you in the past, been an actor in a Halloween attraction? If so, please share some of your best stories with us. 🎃👻


The Haunting of Bly Manor does not disappoint! Also in the Halloween fare category is Evil, also on Netflix, and The Lie on Amazon Prime. Check them out, and please do leave your own Halloween entertainment recommendations. 😺


Anyone else excited for the debut of The Haunting of Bly Manor? October 9th, on Netflix. Can't wait!


If you were going to write a screenplay specific to the COVID 19 pandemic, what genre would you write it for and why? Political thriller, Sci fi, Drama, Documentary, Conspiracy Theory, etc..

Good morning, Catzillians! How many people here are thinking about shooting their own film? Back in the day I came acros...
How to Shoot a Feature Film for Under $10,000: And Not Go To Jail|Paperback

Good morning, Catzillians! How many people here are thinking about shooting their own film? Back in the day I came across this book by Bret Stern, filled with insights but also loads of humor to lower your stress levels. It's also available on Amazon. 😺

Right now, you're wondering, "Gee, what kind of information is in this cute yet stylish guide?" Sure, there are a bunch of other books that will take you through the filmmaking process, and if your name is Beaver Cleaver, you might be interested in them. But you should know that filmmaking is...


Craziest day on set.... Annnnd go!!


With Halloween coming up in about 6 weeks, what's everyone's favorite horror movie? The one that it just isn't Halloween without.


Here we are at Wednesday on a short work week. Are any of you currently producing any short films? If you are or have and have a page or website for them, please do share.


Let’s open up a discussion and see where everyone’s heads at regarding this industry...Share your stories here!!
What is your favorite aspect of the film industry?
What was your first experience like on a set?
What was your first job I the industry??


Labor Day weekend is almost past us. We are all missing the big family and friends get together, I'm sure. Meanwhile, catch some good stuff on Netflix! Some Catzilla recommendations: Cobra Kai and Away. A pleasant way to stream binge and take your mind off other things.

There are some big changes coming to this page soon, so check back often. 🐱

Hi Everybody! It's been a crazy week here in the Cat Box as we get ever closer to where we're going. Behind the scenes o...
BN4IA Welcome Page

Hi Everybody! It's been a crazy week here in the Cat Box as we get ever closer to where we're going. Behind the scenes our VP and my right hand man at Catzilla/OMG Entertainment, Steve Noell, is back on set at NCIS NOLA so we are wishing him good health and stay safe until we get the rest of our kitty litter in one sock here shortly. Meanwhile, we invite you to go listen to some future partners of ours over at bn4ia radio. They have some incredible indie artists on their broadcasts and you can enjoy them here:


While we're all going stir crazy thanks to COVID, here's a list of things we could do on this page:

1. Invite all your friends and see if we can get up to 500 likes.
2. Talk about concepts for short films!
3. Post movie reviews for what we're watching on Netflix, Hulu, etc. etc.

Who wants to go first?


Okay, I think I have reopened the page to allow posting. Please note the following: NO POLITICAL POSTS!!! No posts containing racist homophobic, or any hate type content. We embrace and welcome all diversity and hope to foster a lot of creative content from beautiful minds, period. Also, if you have a personal beef with any of us, feel free to private message any time you feel like rumbling. If you post your beef on this page, you will get reported and booted.


We hope all of our followers world wide are healthy and sane as we battle our way through 2020. You just can't write this stuff!


It's been pretty quiet in here while we have dealt with personal tragedies/emergenices. My beloved Mother passed away suddenly in September 2017, and Dad was diagnosed with cancer the following month. Family is always first. Nonetheless, despite our previous close calls with funding, only to have the rug ripped out from under us at the last moment, we have continued to work with a higher caliber of folks who can actually provide what they're selling. This page will likely change to a members only page soon, or be absorbed into the corporate page. We'll post the coming events here before anything happens. Meanwhile, hug those you love and tell them how much they mean to you while you can. ❤️


Yes, we're still alive. There have been many changes, and more to come. OMG Entertainment and Catzilla Intergalactic Media will be relocating to the Shenandoah Valley in a few weeks. We anticipate being a fully funded entity in early 2018, and expect to be underway funding our first pictures this spring. Stay tuned for updates and announcements. Meanwhile have a very joyous and happy holiday season!

If you can't donate, would you be so kind as to share this on your page and help spread the word? Baby Myles is the gran...
Click here to support Baby Myles' medical expense fund by Taylor McMillan

If you can't donate, would you be so kind as to share this on your page and help spread the word? Baby Myles is the grandson of our Steve Noell. Anything helps, and is appreciated.

Little Myles arrived on June 23, 2016. Taylor and Jordan were all so excited to complete their family with  their second son, a new baby brother for Jace their then 13 month old son.  Never did they dream they would be faced with the tragic news on Monday August 8, 2016 in the evening after dinn...


On behalf of all of us at Catzilla Intergalactic Media, we'd like to say Happy joyous holidays to all of you, and we are looking forward to sharing an amazing 2015 with you!


Look at the cobwebs in here. Yikes! We have been very busy as per usual, hoping for a big ending to the year. You're support and prayers mean a lot to us, and we truly appreciate you!


Everyone please join us in saying CONGRATULATIONS to producer Stephen Noell and his beautiful new bride Tonya. The happy couple married today in New Orleans. We wish them many, many years of happiness.


Everyone please join me in wishing producer Allan Vukadin an AMAZING birthday today! Don't party too hard Buddy, this IS is going to be OUR month/year, so be ready to hit the ground running SOON. :)


Let's all wish our fearless leader, Debra Long O'Conner, a VERY happy Birthday today!!! This is your year, Chief!! :)


Thoughts and Prayers go out to Producer, Steve Noel, for a speedy recovery after his surgery yesterday!


12345 Thoroughgood
Virginia Beach, VA

Helicopter. I'll bet you think I'm kidding...

General information

CIM was first formed as Catzilla productions in June of 2003, and continues today as Catzilla Intergalactic Media, LLC.


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