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Hawke Fracassa, editor.

THREE 1968 BASEBALLS STOLEN FROM DENNY McLAIN: GAMES 28, 30, 31Three prized game-pitched baseballs from Denny McLain's 3...


Three prized game-pitched baseballs from Denny McLain's 31-6 Cy Young Award-winning 1968 season valued by collectors at between $350,000 and "more than $1 million" have been stolen from a bank vault in New Jersey.

"To me, they're priceless," McLain said.

The Tiger great vows to do whatever it takes to recover the three baseballs from his historic 28th, 30th and 31st wins. McLain, 71, now of Howell in Livingston County, was the last Major League pitcher to win more than 30 games --- a feat most experts think will never again be matched in the big leagues.

Stealing these three balls is "like stealing baseball history," McLain said. Purists compare the theft of baseball memorabilia of this importance to taking a Grammy or Academy Award from a musician or movie star.

Before McLain, the last 30-game winner was Dizzy Dean of the Cardinals in 1934. The last time anyone won more games than McLain was in 1902, when Cy Young won 32 games for the Boston Americans.

Betweeen Dean and McLain, only one player came close to winning 30 games --- Tiger lefthander Hal Newhouser, in 1944, when he won 29.

Lawyer Barry Powers, of the Cranbrook Law Group in Bloomfield Hills, says if anyone tries to sell McLain's prized baseballs on Craigslist, eBay or other sites they will be prosecuted for theft. The balls, Powers says, will be recovered from rogue collectors and returned to McLain "at whatever cost necessary" through aggressive prosecution.

"We're not going to kid around," Powers said. "This is grand theft."

Powers says McLain will use police and the court system to catch and prosecute anyone who tries to buy or sell the balls.

"Even though these balls are rightfully Denny's, even when we find out exactly where they are we will not do what O.J. Simpson did," Powers said. "We'll retrieve the balls lawfully and use the courts to punish thieves and anyone abetting them."


Detroit Public Library Celebrates Poetry with New Poetry Series

The Detroit Public Library is launching a new poetry series to continue its year of celebrations in the city of Detroit. The series continues with Saul Williams on April 14 at 6 p.m. at the Main library.

“We are excited to celebrate poetry with some of the most impactful poets of our day,” said Atiim Funchess, library assistant marketing director. “These poets have the ability to articulate thoughts with so much energy and passion to the masses, but yet so eloquently.”

The library will host a total of six poets during the poetry series that places a spotlight on spoken word. The DPL Poetry Series celebrates Poetry in Midtown at the Main library and Poetry in the Community at several library locations. The list of poets includes:

Cherrie Amour – April 11
Keir Jackson – April 11, 25 and 29
Saul Williams – April 14
Mark James Andrews – April 14 and 22
Jessica Care Moore – May 12

All programs are free and open to the public. For information or a complete list of poets in the DPL Poetry Series, visit the library’s website at

Anne married me on a sunny Saturday in Sterling Heights, Michigan, in May 1983. It was a day of great joy and love and l...

Anne married me on a sunny Saturday in Sterling Heights, Michigan, in May 1983. It was a day of great joy and love and laughter. She was a lovely bride, glowing with the promise of a better tomorrow. It was the first of many happy days in our marriage. Today is the ninth anniversary without Anne. She died March 13, 2006. God bless Anne's soul for all the good she did in the world. I don't know what I will do on this day but last year I spent an hour alone at the cemetery with Anne and her parents, Lydia and Guerino. They gave me lots of love and guidance when I was a young man. I loved them all. After our youngest daughter Becca and me hugged and cried, it was comforting to be alone inside the mausoleum with Anne and her mom and dad and at the same time exciting to believe that there was even the slightest possibility that Anne and her parents could hear my thoughts and prayers from Heaven so they would be reminded how much I appreciated them when they were here on earth among us mortals. I hope looking at me from Heaven they are all proud of the job I have done carrying on. It has been a lonely road that has taxed my psyche and left my body battered but not broken.
--- HAWKE FRACASSA / [email protected]

Madonna (the hag on top)  trashed Rochester today on the Howard Stern program.What an ingrate!!! You don't do that to yo...

Madonna (the hag on top) trashed Rochester today on the Howard Stern program.
What an ingrate!!! You don't do that to your hometown.
Eminem (the cool dude on the bottom) sings in his latest rap how he can never turn his back on DEE-TROIT!!!
I admire Eminem's loyalty.
He's from Warren, you know.
And we're proud he's from here.
When I'm mayor of Warren, we'll have an Eminem Day and give him a key to the city. Are you with me?

ARIZONA RECRUITING POLICE IN MACOMB COUNTYThe Tucson Police Department in Arizona is recruiting police officers in Macom...
Detroit-Michigan-Recruiting | Official website of the City of Tucson

The Tucson Police Department in Arizona is recruiting police officers in Macomb County. Testing is in Warren and Clinton Township March 20-23 at Macomb Community College. To qualify for the $45,968-a-year job, all you need to be is a high school graduate. You do not need to be a currently employe police officer to interview. Tucson is paying 100% of academy training. Deadline to apply for an interview is Tuesday --- tomorrow, March 10. Here's the link:

Back to Recruiting Website - Click Here


Red Wings Jimmy Howard, Justin Abdelkader
to Sign Autographs at DC SPORTS in Lakeside Mall

Red Wings Jimmy Howard and Justin Abdelkader will appear at DC SPORTS at Lakeside Mall on March 11, to sign autographs for fans. The appearance will take place starting at 6:30 p.m.

Autograph costs range from $25 to $40 depending on what is being autographed. Fans can bring items to have autographed or purchase select items at DC SPORTS. Photos and pucks will be available for purchase.

Howard has been a Red Wing since the 2009-10 season and holds a 170-94-46 record with a 2.39 career goals against average. This season, he holds a 18-8-9 record with a 2.23 goals against average. Howard was named to the 2012 NHL All-Star team and was named to the USA National Team for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

JAbdelkader is in his seventh season with the Red Wings. The Michigan native has recorded 51 goals, 68 assists and 119 points in 381 career games. Before playing for the Red Wings, Abdelkader starred at Michigan State University from 2005-08. He scored the game-winning goal in the 2007 National Championship game, earning him the Frozen Four Most Outstanding Player.

DC SPORTS is located near JC Penney on the lower level in Lakeside Mall.

HEAR HAWKE FRACASSA on NewsTalk 1200 WCHB 1200 AM and 99.1 FM Saturday m...

HEAR HAWKE FRACASSA on NewsTalk 1200 WCHB 1200 AM and 99.1 FM Saturday morning from 9-10 with host Horace Sheffield. Hawke will discuss all issues Warren and how bad things happen when good men and women do nothing. Hawke is a candidate for mayor of Warren. Here's the link if you'd like to listen or call in. Call 313-568-1200.



Michigan shipyard faces $242,940 in OSHA fines

The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration today ordered Basic Marine Inc., Escanaba, to pay $242,940 in fines for 18 safety violations. The company has also been placed in the agency's Severe Violator Enforcement Program.

OSHA says that workers at Basic Marine Inc.'s shipyard have been exposed to dangerous amputation hazards while operating press brakes because safety mechanisms were not in place. In the past six years, OSHA inspectors have found similar hazards three times at the shipyard, where a worker's arm was amputated in 2008.

An August 2014 follow-up inspection at Basic Marine produced penalties of $242,940 for five repeated, three willful and 10 serious safety violations, including fall and respiratory hazards.

"Basic Marine continues to maintain an environment where employees are blamed if they're injured by dangerous machinery, and it fosters a culture where safety precautions are considered unnecessary," said Larry Johnson, area director of OSHA's Lansing Area Office. "Even when workers are harmed, the company is reluctant to re-evaluate its safety and health programs, and that's wholly unacceptable."

Three willful violations were assessed as workers were exposed to struck-by hazards, machine hazards and falls and trips from unguarded manholes and unprotected edges.

OSHA says a willful violation is one committed with intentional, knowing or voluntary disregard for the law's requirement, or with plain indifference to employee safety and health.

OSHA also found repeated violations of respiratory protection standards, such as not requiring employees to wear air-line respirators.
Crane slings were not inspected every three months, and inspection records were not maintained, as required.

OSHA issues repeated violations if an employer was previously cited for the same or a similar violation of any standard, regulation, rule or order at any other facility in federal enforcement states within the last five years. Basic Marine was cited for these hazards in 2011.

In addition, says OSHA, Basic Marine exposed workers to dangerous operating machine parts because it allowed the machines to be used with inadequate protective devices. The company also failed to provide specific written procedures and training for employees on how to prevent unintentional operation of machinery during service and maintenance, such as applying locking devices and turning equipment off. OSHA inspectors also noted unmarked exit signs and the company's failure to post fire watches during welding activities. A total of 10 serious violations were issued. An OSHA violation is serious if death or serious physical harm could result from a hazard an employer knew or should have known exists.



Government waste of taxpayer dollars hit a new low today in Warren.

At a time when dollars are few, and precious, it's disturbing that Warren Mayor Jim Fouts has cost taxpayers like me and you $100,000 because he wanted to censor a crackpot atheist from setting up a table and chair so he could talk to passersby at city hall --- something the applicant, Douglass Marshall, could have done for free anyway in the name of First Amendment free speech.

The ACLU Fund of Michigan gets $100,000 from Warren taxpayers, federal Magistrate Judge Michael L. Hluchaniuk said in a ruling today, because Mayor Fouts refused to let Mr. Marshall have a permit to set up an area to visit with people about atheism in the city hall atrium.

According to a Feb. 26 report by Norb Franz in the Macomb Daily, Mayor Fouts thought letting the atheist talk to residents from his table and chair would disturb Warren residents. So Mayor Fouts censored Mr. Marshall.

The problem is, the same atheist from the Freedom From Religion Foundation can talk freely to anyone. Before today's ruling, Mr. Marshall just couldn't sit down to do it. Now he can. And Warren is $100,000 poorer for it. Those are an expensive table and chairs.

Mayor Fouts's zeal to illegally silence Mr. Marshall is censorship that has squandered Warren taxpayers's money. The lost lawsuit demanded by Mayor Fouts is an example of an out-of-touch career politician in office for 35 years whose bloated sense of self-importance has hurt everyday people in their wallets.

Mr. Fouts was a fine councilman. But as mayor, he costs us money.

The madness must stop, Mr. Mayor. The city of Warren is not your personal toy.

Candidate for mayor
[email protected]


Detroit Red Wings' Tomas Tatar to Sign Autographs

Detroit Red Wings forward Tomas Tatar will appear at DC SPORTS at Lakeside Mall on March 1, to sign autographs for fans. The appearance will take place at 1:30 p.m.

Autograph costs range from $25 to $30 depending on what is being autographed. Fans can bring items to have autographed or purchase select items at DC SPORTS. Photos and pucks will be available for purchase.

Tomas Tatar was drafted by the Detroit Red Wings in 2009 Draft with the 60th overall pick. In his first full season with the Red Wings last year, he finished with 39 points and was second in goals with 19.

This season, Tatar has recorded career-highs in goals (24) and points (44) and tied a career-high 20 assists in just 59 games. His 24 goals leads the team and his 44 points in third.

DC Sports has conducted over 500 autograph sessions with professional athletes in its 25-year history.

DC SPORTS is located near JC Penney on the lower level in Lakeside Mall at 14600 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, MI 48313.

For more information, please contact DC SPORTS at (586) 566-8331 or or [email protected].

HAWKE FRACASSA'S"AS THE STOMACH TURNS"Deadline Detroit's Alan Stamm has stirred controversy with his columns about Detro...


Deadline Detroit's Alan Stamm has stirred controversy with his columns about Detroit News baseball writer Tom Gage being reassigned.

Tom had been the Tigers's beat writer for the paper since 1976 and in January was switched to general assignment sports reporter. News of what amounts to a slap in Tom's face got out because of a Tweet (@Tom_Gage) from Tom, who has 15,900 followers on Twitter.

News readers, especially Millenials, are ticked off because to them Tom Gage is an institution. He has covered Tiger baseball with colleagues Lynn Henning, Joe Falls, Jerry Green and my Facebook friend Eric Lacy for almost 40 years.

For me, Tom Gage is a contemporary. I respect him, but I became a journalist about the same time he did, which just means we are both old-school reporters. As a reader, my Detroit News Tiger baseball writers before Tom Gage were Doug Bradford, Dan Ewald and Watson Spoelstra. They are my institutions.

The new Tiger beat reporter is Chris McCosky. Nobody is mad at Chris. He is qualified, he has paid his dues locally and he is no rookie. Chris has 11,600 followers on Twitter (@CMcCosky) and covered Metro Detroit sports for the Ann Arbor News and Observer & Eccentric before joining The News in 2010. He calls himself a "veteran sportswriter" on his Twitter account.

Still, ex-News staffers from retired Editor & Publisher Robert H. Giles on down have denounced Gage's redeployment of a baseball Hall of Fame reporter as stupid, shocking and beyond belief.

Readers are curious to know who the weasel is who has discarded their institution. It's who Fox Sports digital producer Michael J. Happy calls "a dumbass." The hatchet man in charge of humiliating Tom Gage is News Managing Editor Gary Miles.

Miles --- obtuse, boneheaded and ethically challenged long before this controversy --- was dumb enough to answer the phone when Deadline Detroit called.

Instead of ducking the inquiry from Stamm, who is quite the ratchet hatchet man himself --- a smug columnist with nefarious intent --- Miles babbled on that the redeployment was a way to maximize resources on his downsized staff.

Cry me a river. If I may be so bold, let me say this: "Miles, you are an idiot."

[email protected]


The Muslim propaganda in response to my anti-Muslim diatribe tonight is rolling in to my Facebook inbox. Ismael Fraser of Egypt, a new century Tokyo Rose, tells me in a rant before blocking me that America terrorizes itself and that Muslims are simply "profiled" by the evil Western media. Apparently he doesn't like how I suggest Muslim trash should perish with a little help from some angry American GIs.

The apologist's words, unedited:

"Hi Hawke I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one that has a burning hatred for Isis. It is my belief based on findings that isis is a creation of the West in order to create Greater Israel.I've been to Israel and seen the picture of greater Israel stamped on their coins. There is a need for there to be continual war on all of Israels frontiers so the justification of israeli occupation and expansion goes uncovered. Isis is clearly been supported by western governments. Or else they could simply not exist. There has been many tyrants in the world that has butchered innocent people. Right now there are the Muslims in Burma being massacred and burnt alive innocent men women and children. In sri Lanka they are bring massacred there too. In India Central Africa and many other parts in the world news of atrocities against Muslims in their 1000's are being unreported. That some people in the world will never stop killing and orcastrating wars and troubles in the world until their worldly goals have been met. Excuse my rambling on. we are both in agreement that isis is evil.But we have members of isis who don't know how to pray. Who don't know the quran. Who don't speak arabic. That have US army tattoos on their arms. That mysteriously don't get attacked by airstrikes. But the brutal murderers beasts and scum of isis or left only mercifully be the west. Hawke there's a lot of things that are not adding up. It's crazy that airstrikes can take place in iraq Afghanistan in libya in yemen and other unmentioned places. It's in the interest that news is created and manufactured that the spot light is always placed in the middle east. Not all Muslims are terrorists Hawke. It's a tiny fraction of a percentage of people who have become extreme because of massive oppression transgression of non muslim governments and its puppet muslim leaders who have been educated trained corrupted and let loose on innocent muslim people. We suffer from the aggression of Muslim puppet leaders and the fury of military action against us.Plus the evil biased media that portrays all Muslims as terrorists."

A man living in Karachi, Pakistan, who read my kill-the-Muslims essay on Facebook also claims Americans, with help from Europeans, terrorize themselves. To wit, Muhsin Khan tells me in these unedited words: "Dear (Hawke), ISIS are not muslims. They show that they are muslims but they realy are not. ISIS is the production of US and others EU countries. Please you can investigate about them. It is proved by many security agencies of many asian and EU countries."

The anti-Muslim essay fired up two members of our Armed Forces. One GI, a Macomb Community College student living in Iceland, had a short chit-chat about Muslims and ISIS after he shared it on his page with four of his Army buddies.

Tony Essenmacher: "Obama will never truly let the troops off their chains, so I'm thinking about going civilian contractor."

Nathan Lopez, the MCC student, answers: "Sounds good to me. I'm down to spill some terrorist blood."

I'm proud to know patriots like Nathan and Tony are on the ground in support of what's right.

Candidate for mayor of Warren / [email protected]


Warren, MI




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