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The *S.U.N.Sworn Sagas*;

Are The, *[S]quadron-[U]niversal-[N]oncivil.Swornactives*-
Of *Space-Lost*-*Koronia*- Invaded By The Rapacious Citizens of The Moon *Highiven* In The Vaultalhaven System Near The Cruxal Edge Of This *Active-Universe* The Ebbon-Battlion Or The, *E.B.B.O.N.Bugs*(are The Evolver-Battlement-Bugborn-Operative-National-Battalion) *Assassin-World-Fleet* Of *Pantheonhouse* *Omekha*- Directed By *General-Gloom's* Autokeen Strategic And Tactical Mind, At The Behest Of *Masterfather-(MF)-Shadowsire's* Ambitious Vision Of *Metagalactic* Conquest Of Multiple Planets At A Time. Employing His Veritable Military *Echelon Of(Literal )Evil*. Yet Upon Attacking *Koronia* A World Encompassed By The *THREE-MONARCHIES Of Starniveah, Tendax, And Wyximph* Kingdom's, and Latter Queendom. Whose Monarchs Cowardly Relied On Their Magic and/or Mystic Practicioners And Users To Safely open Portals And Jet Them To Adjacent To Dimensional Planes/Realms/Worlds Researched Upon Previous Planning(Their Stories Continue In The *ElseRealm-Sagas Of Faterra* Feat. *King'Foelas, His Temtress Queen'Diabolt And Their Rebel Son And Nemesis *Prince'Outlas And The Dethroners* The Now Most Certainl Conquest Of The Koronian people Began Such As Nothing Ever Seen, Yet Would Be Witnessed And Oberved Time After Time And Time Again When Kororuna Goddess Of Hope To The People, Was Forced Into *Abysmal-Chains* By *Gloom* Himself And Delivered raggedly To Her *God-Gem-Prison* By The *Infinity-Warden* Renowned as *Lord-Gunthor* Kororuna's Children's Level Of Technological Advancement Was Many Centuries Behind The Earth's current height, Of Which Wouldn't withstand An Active-Universal Assault From A Major Or Minor*Astrogod-Pantheonhouse* Of Any Stature Neither(or Would it? ) The *Astrogodship's* Admiralties And especially Their *Wardenkeep* Taking On Captured Koronians Discover An Arresting Phenomenon. Once Upon Bringing their Prisoners Aboad The Koronites Crackled Radiating Energy As If The Stars Give Away To Them Their Own Power. These Firstling Koronian Penitents Destroyed The Captive Ships They Were Being Chained In On And Escaped Into The Vastness Of The *Starways* Under Their Own Newly Sprang Power And Ability. Though On Koronia's Surface The World's denizens Were Unaware of the Striking Occurrence manifold to Their Dismay. General Gloomsmen Redoubled his Forces Efforts Just As Quickly Finding That Koronia The Planet itself Emanated An Undetectable field that Blocked The Solar Rays That Shockingly Empowered The Firstlings Captured, To Their Nigh Simultaneous escape To Freedom. Which To Them Was So Bittersweet Since learning Through Espionage Not Only That their World Was Now And Mayhaps Forever Occupied, Yet Also The Pantheonhouse created weapontech Most Effective in Blocking The Starborn Abilities Of The Self-Liberated Firstlings, And That Shadowsire's *ArsenaFex* Race Created For Him The Manacle-Starbands That Adorn Every *New Omekha-*(formerly Koronians)Over-Helot-Army-Race Known Also As Shadowsire's *Ohar* And General-Gloom A Platoon His *Cadre-Incarnate*. Out Of The Ten Thousands Of Firstling Escapees Hundreds Returned To Enjoin Battle With The Omekhan *Forcehold* As For Naught though as The We're Enslaved Or Killed
Many By Their Own Former Countiesmen. Other Firstlings sought Out sanctuary upon Distant Worlds They Found Ripe For Conquest(Piggybacking What had Been Done To Them)After Long Times Of Self-Discovery-and-self-Presevation)Quickly Appropriating A Said Planet's Natives And Technology
For Their Firstling Salvation. Even To The Point Of Uncivilly Warring An Enslaving Other Survivors over A World's single Possessioning. Although As Other Firstlings Found These Results Unbearable. Many Ultimately Decide Non-Interference is Best Until A Future time Of Reckoning could Be Successful. Another Group Of *Firstling-Rebels* Find Place-Planets Where They Could Blend In With A World's Populace And Attempt To Procreate among Themselves And/or The Natives of An *Infiltrated-Sphere*. As There We're Thousands of Escapees Hundreds Of Planned Agendas Were Hatched To Much Failure As Such Success. The Most Successful Of These Overtakings Came About As A Large Assembly Of *Firstling-Survivor-Rebels* Were Engaged by The So Called "*SPECTRAL-SQUAD-PROTECTORATE*" One Of The Beginning Peacekeeping Bands With Cosmos wide Influence Initially A gathering of Interplanetary beings Chosen By A Splinter group Of The Not To Be Trifled Against *Power-Vaunted*Elder-Stranger*Race Called The *Conservers(of The MegaCosm)*.
At Their Most Ever Beneficial To the *Active-Universe* As An Entire domain These Conservers Employed Their Forces To Assault This Heretofore Unknown Misconstrued threat To The Galactic Peace By Eventually exhausting their Countless Forces Against The New Sprung Might Of Their Firstling Foes. This Splinter group Of The*Conservership*was Banded, Ostracized From Their People and Planet's MetaCosmic Agenda Of Conservation For The Cosmos. Many *Femaliens Few Males*In This Same Group Later In Modernity Became reinvigorated reinventing themselves As The *Surveyor-Sisternal* The *Re-Evolved*Cosmos Wide Recorders And Choniclers Of Proceeding Active Universal Phenomena. Many Others Of The Male Aliens(Sum Femaliens)in The Failed Group Reformed As The *Thronesmen* A Re-Evoled Race Of World Conquerors And Few Chroniclers With The Agenda Of Ruling Worlds Overtly or Covertly to Save *Planetarians* From Themselves(such As*ThronesMan-Soll* Of The Earth-System He's been A Clandestine And Custodial Champion With His *Milky-Way-Gods* And His Earthbound Futurials)Still Others Are Aimless Homicidal And Suicidal.The*Firstling-Force* Responsible For Bringing Down Near-All The Agency Of An Ancient Cosmic Race Then Banded As One Under A Pennant Of Champions Most Thought Rightly So. Then In Return And In Response These Winsome Warrior After All They've Endured As Being Captured Both Barely Survived *Spectral-Squad*members As Well As ConserverTech For Themselves Yet Also For Future Vengeance On All Their Perceived And Pronounced ArchFoes. As All Is Being Decidedly Blueprinted And Plotted Out By Various voices All At Once During A Seconds Amount of silence As If All Parties Involved were Quietly Breathing In Air(which They No Longer Had Necessity to)similarly At the Same Moment A Youngling Of Lowest Birth On Koronia, a Teenager Of Terran Estimation attentively Uttered "What Of The United'Verse, Does It Not As An Entirety Still Necessitate Protecting"? Then Like That The Leadership Of The Now Called *S.U.N.SWORN* Was Born into Being And Purpose. When*Prette'Paniel-The-YoungStar* Saved The Lives Of The Lasting Spectral-Squaders, By First Separating And Identifying All Former Rivals Of *STARNIVEAH, TENDAX AND WYXIMPH*. Unifying All bringing Each To A Table Of* Firstling-Alliance* Then Giving The *Squadron-Survivors* Opportunities for compliance in His New-Order Such As Educators in The Usage Applications Of *Conservertech,Cosmathematics, Genetics, All The Sciences ETC, Or Complete Destruction by By His New Order. Many Complied, Same As Many Died From Age Illness, Secret and Open Defiance And Rebellion. At Thee'End Of Their birth Pangs, There Began The S.U.N.SWORN-Saga, The-Force-Of-Cosmic-Law Populated By The *Commandants*, Which Are Firstlings Themselves proving To Be Very Long lived After Their Apparent *Solar-Apotheosis*, *The Over-Captains* Next The *Secondlings* Are The Scions Of Purebred Firstling Couples And Lastly The *Under-Majors* The Thirdling Hybrids From Covertly Frowned Upon Coupling of *Firstar* And *Spectralien* Unions. Many If Not All Of The Paniel Royal Line See This As Overt Racism Yet Are Nigh Powerless To Stamp It Out Entirely To The Detriment of Their Ranks As Well The *ACTIVERSE*TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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