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Bison TV Productions - BTV At Bison TV, our mission is to create and produce videos and media for Gallaudet University’s community members. We are dedicated to informing our community of events and happenings on campus, and to share creative and artistic ideas by way of Bison TV.

Bison TV is a student media organization under Student Body Government at Gallaudet University. Our students are given an opportunity to run the organization with a variety of positions set to gain the experience to work with media technology. We entertain our viewers with different things such as short skits, latest sports and news report, advertisements, and TV shows.

Mission: “It is the mission of the Bison TV to provide an avenue for every member of Gallaudet community to express themselves, to bring information of events to the community, and to share ideas through the medium of television.”

Operating as usual

Bison TV Productions 2019 - 2020

We produced 41 videos this year! The producers worked hard all year long to provide different and interesting videos for the Gallaudet community. Take a look at all the videos we've made, and keep an eye out for future productions in the upcoming years!

Bison TV Farewell

In the final video of the 2019-2020 academic year, the BTV crew gives a farewell by reminiscing about their favorite videos of the year, the crew they worked with, and why they joined the crew.


Inhale. Exhale. Take a moment; find a peace of mind and inner calm.

Don't Play With The Blue Egg

As soon as a boy gets a blue egg as his new best friend, he drifts away from his human best friend. His human best friend tries to explain him about taking care of the egg but he refuses to listen to her and wants to play with it instead.

Bison News #4

Seth Light covering the news based on Kim Un, Politics, UFOs and Earth.

Pretentious Ego

An arrogant guy brags with a big ego. Their friends try to warn him about the danger of mountain lions surrounding them. The arrogant guy later gets what he deserves.

Are you stressed out?

Please take a couple minutes off from homework, exams and watch this video. Just relax and we promise you that everything will work out! :)

Introduction to LSU officers 2019-2020

Who is participating actively in the roles of the Latinx Student Union (LSU) organization for 2019-2020? Take a quick peek! Are you consider to involved in any LSU officers or become a member for next fall? You may check out on Facebook organization page, Latinx Student Union and @gulatinxstudentunion on Instagram.

NOTE: If your organization would like to advertise and get featured on the BTV page, please do not hesitate to reach me through an email at [email protected]. We are more than happy to help you out!

How to get featured on BTV?

Want to get featured on the BTV page?

Sure! You can submit your video (e.g. Deaf Bing, ASL music, share your talents, advertise Gally organizations, or anything) to [email protected]. Our mission is not for just BTV producers to share their ideas, but YOU guys as students also have the power to participate and express yourself and bring any topics through the medium of television! Check this video out!

Too Early for a Foot Massage

Exhausted from working too hard on her math class, a girl, who was forced to get up early morning to give her grandpa a foot massage, decided to get up earlier than asked to give him his foot massage so she could get her revenge.

The Importance of Hand-Washing

This video is informational-- how significant washing your hands is. It makes a huge difference and impacts others, especially during these current outbreaks.

Bison News #3

Bison News #3 Agenda will be covered:
- Science News—
- Scientists discover three new species of pterosaurs in the Sahara
- Astronomers just got a deep peek at a black hole.
- Technology News—
- How 3D-printing is playing a role in coronavirus testing.
- Entertainment News—
- Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Are Home After Their COVID-19
- Announcement from BTV:
- BTV Shirt Reveal


Crew Pranks

The Executive Producer plays pranks on some of the other producers at Bison TV.

Bison TV News #2

The second edition of the Bison TV News, with updates on campus life, sports, and Black History Month.

Lunar New Year

Students are asked about their experience at APIA's Lunar New Year celebration. We also show clips of some games, food, and other things that happened.


A freshman new to campus asks for directions to the computer lab.

Register Now! Free Prizes!!!

Register Now! Free Prizes!!!

Bison TV Live!

Student Congress Meeting
Wednesday January 29, 2020

Bison TV Weekly News #1

An update on campus news and events, including Bald Day, President Cordano's State of the University address, and the renovated BTV studio. An update of the current status of the Coronavirus is also given.


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