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“Image description: Film strips in white and black are rolling over the flyer. The audience is seen behind the lights an...

“Image description: Film strips in white and black are rolling over the flyer. The audience is seen behind the lights and stage with giant red curtains. Oscar award and camera are right next to glowing texts.

“BTV team is hiring! Email your resume to [email protected] by March 11, 2022! We the Bison Television organization seek highly motivated students who want to create films; the available positions are writers, editors, cinematographers, and film directors.”

We, the Buff and Blue Media are currently hiring new Assistant producers, Writers, Editors, and Film Directors to work w...

We, the Buff and Blue Media are currently hiring new Assistant producers, Writers, Editors, and Film Directors to work with Executive Producer Seth DeBartolo Light for this year.

We look forward to creating films once again after we all coming back to the studio!

Send your resume to [email protected].

Deadline is Sept. 20th, 2021.

Photo description: Grey background, with black film strips run across behind logo of the Bluff and Blue Media, and a spotlight above shining on the black/white words sharing information. “Now hiring! Assistant producers, Writers, Editors, and Film Directors. Send your resume to [email protected]. Deadline: Sept. 20th, 2021.” Also, the film clapperboard is showing below the words.

CORRECTED ID NUMBER: 885 3370 6402

CORRECTED ID NUMBER: 885 3370 6402

Join us tomorrow May 24th, 2021 from 7-9pm for our student panel discussion "Let's Talk: One Year without George Floyd, ...

Join us tomorrow May 24th, 2021 from 7-9pm for our student panel discussion "Let's Talk: One Year without George Floyd, addressing police brutality and racism."
Moderated by Cicely Boga with Panelists JC Smith, Ashlea Hayes, Ava Avalos, and Bryan Ramos-Navarro.

Image Description:
Aqua blue background “Let’s Talk about A year without George Floyd” on dark blue triangular inset background. Monday May 24th 7-9pm Zoom ID: 855 3370 6402. Five images of black and brown faces. Top: Cicely Boga, brown complexion black female; Bryan Navarro, tan complexion Latino; Ashlea Hayes, brown complexion black female; Jerome JC Smith, brown complexion Black male; and Ana Avalos, tan complexion Latina. Hosted by the Buff n Blue Media.

Deaf Culture Needed: The Impact of ASL on TiktokBy Carolyn GirardCopy EditorSince the beginning of its release in 2016, ...

Deaf Culture Needed: The Impact of ASL on Tiktok
By Carolyn Girard
Copy Editor

Since the beginning of its release in 2016, Tiktok has become the leading video-sharing, and social media network in the virtual world has been downloaded over 2 billion times in the year 2020 alone and remains to be the most downloaded app in the Apple IOS store with over 33 million downloads in 2019.

The social media platform is used to make a variety of short-form videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, that have a duration from 15 seconds to one minute. Deaf Tik Tok alone comes out to over 6668.1 million views and searches, spreading the Deaf community's influence across multiple media platforms and reaching millions of viewers all over the globe.

Influencers like Warren "Wawa" Snipe, Sheena Lyles, Raven Sutton, Giovanni Maucere and many other deaf influencers have gained mass popularity posting ASL interpretations, educational deaf culture videos, comedic skits and music videos. Some Gallaudet students and alumni have also been featured on Snapchat's Discover page, Instagram Reels and on Buzzfeed Media pages.

Gallaudet undergrad junior Erisette Cruz has amassed 62.3k followers on her Tiktok channel featuring music videos and day-in-the-life videos. She is an advocate for the Deaf+ community and Latinx community and culture. Her ASL videos have reached thousands of hearing and deaf viewers who subscribe to her for content on being a student with cerebral palsy, her experience as a young Latina influencer and her experience in the deaf community. Cruz has mentioned facing harassment for her cerebral palsy, which she has addressed publicly, along with the experience of people criticizing her signing style - comparing it to hearing signers or other signers of different language and communication backgrounds.

"I see it all the time, about a girl who signs on Tiktok because her brother is deaf, she posts a lot of signing videos online, but it's not signing at all, just her hands waving around and people think it's funny, they think that ASL really looks like that," said Cruz.

Meanwhile, Deaf creators who are using their authentic sign language on their platforms are criticized, receive fewer views than hearing creators on signing videos and notice a lot of misinformation about ASL being spread on TikTok. Some hearing creators who regularly use ASL in their videos have been put on blast by Deaf advocates community for audist remarks in response to criticism from the Deaf community.

"When I see it, I feel upset, people are using [sign language] more on the platform, which is completely fine - but the Deaf community tends to give feedback - you should listen to us," Cruz said. "We're here to help. Not accepting our help in our own language and culture is just crossing the line."

Jacelyn Fincher is a sophomore at Gallaudet University with over 700.1k followers on her channel, featuring comedy skits, ASL music videos and day in the life videos on her channel. She has been featured on the Snapchat Discover page and Instagram Reels.

Fincher posts to Tiktok in hopes that the hearing community will see more accurate representation of Deaf culture in social media.

"It educates hearing people to learn more about the deaf community- the more hearing people that learn about us is a good thing - it motivates me to tell more stories about myself and deaf experiences. I want to see more deaf creatives get more involved on Tiktok; it is a really important world - I want them to be confident to post about themselves and strengthen our presence online," said Fincher.

Deaf presence online is only increasing. With that comes the need for more Deaf creators, educators and advocates who boldly continue to change the digital space. Platforms like Tiktok are the basis for the Deaf community to shine, to allow more opportunity for a virtual space that includes all deaf languages and cultures, backgrounds and experiences. More deaf creators are showing that not only do they thrive in this space but the impact of the Deaf community has led to TikTok adding automatic captions on the platform, something they did not have until April 2021.

"All over, I've been following deaf people from Europe, Africa, America. It's amazing to learn from deaf people in other cultures, other sign languages. It's a very diverse platform full of creative people who deserve to be seen and recognized," said Cruz. "Please add CC to videos, make your videos accessible to everyone, not just deaf people but Deaf+, and people with other disabilities also deserve that access online as well."

Image Description: A phone on a table showcases the logo for Tiktok: a music note with the blue and pink transition clip effect, underneath "Tiktok" in the top right corner features a set of AirPods.

Movie Review: Godzilla vs. KongBy: Natalie Marcello Photo: Warner Bros. PicturesOn March 31, 2021, Warner Bros. Pictures...

Movie Review: Godzilla vs. Kong
By: Natalie Marcello
Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures

On March 31, 2021, Warner Bros. Pictures released the movie called Godzilla v.s Kong, directed by Adam Wingard, on HBO Max and Movie theater. This movie has become popular, especially in the Deaf community. One of the main characters is a deaf girl who is Deaf in real life.
Kong and his protectors undertake a ferocious journey to find his true home. Along for the ride is Jia, an orphan girl who has a unique and powerful bond with the mighty Kong. However, they soon find themselves in the path of an enraged Godzilla as he cuts a swath of destruction across the globe. The initial confrontation between the two titans instigated by unseen forces is only the beginning of the mystery that lies deep within the planet's core.
A mission for Kong while others deal with Godzilla: Find Kong a new home because there can't be two apex titans living on Earth's surface. The fabled Hidden World is the answer, bringing scientists played by Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall together to es**rt Kong to the not-so-mythical realm's entrance. Tagging along is Deaf orphan Jia, played by a ridiculously adorable Kaylee Hottle, who can communicate with the giant gorilla.
The characters dealing with Godzilla: Millie Bobby Brown, who played daughter-of-scientist Maddison Russell in the previous flick; Julian Dennison, who played as Maddison's friend, Josh Valentine; and absolute comedic standout Brian Tyree Henry as the podcast-running whistleblower, Bernie Hayes. Evil Tech Company Apex Cybernetics, the villain, linked with stirring the of-late peaceful Godzilla into a blue-eyed frenzy.
I must say this movie is phenomenal. Godzilla vs. Kong is another installment to the Godzillas movie series. The cinematography is out of this world. From the beginning of the film, you could tell Wingard set it up from a unique angle. Godzilla and Kong are incredibly detailed and made it look like it is in real life. The plot is very smooth and predictable, and the visual experience is a treat. Both Godzilla and Kong rocked the show with equal screen space, but the story focuses mainly on Kong. This movie shows two different events that will be brought together later at the end of the film.
The Deaf community was thrilled to hear that the film featured a Deaf actress. In addition to doing a fantastic job in her character, she was as authentic as possible on screen. Not many Deaf actors/actresses get a chance to play an original role as a deaf character. Hollywood often cast hearing actors/actresses to play the role of a Deaf person.
After watching the movie, I was astounded by Kaylee Hottle's fantastic job playing the character Jia. Jia and Kong's bond formed by the ability to communicate through sign language became unbreakable. Watching their link develop and solidify gets viewers hooked on the story instantly.
I am thrilled to have someone who can authentically play a Deaf character finally. Kudos to the directors and the casting directors for casting a Deaf actress in the movie. That meant a lot to us in the community and showed us that we could play roles designed for us. I highly recommend this movie. You can find Godzilla v.s Kong on HBO Max. Have fun watching Godzilla v.s Kong!


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Happy National Coming Out Day!

Gallaudet University recognizes the importance of today in the LGBTQIA+ community, as we celebrate the bravery and tenacity of people around the world living life as their authentic selves.

Be sure to attend Rainbow Society’s Coming Out Day Social Mixer tonight from 7-9 p.m. ET. This event, hosted along with The Buff and Blue Media, Gallaudet University Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and Multicultural Student Programs, offers ice cream, a rocking DJ, and fun activities! Take a fun break from midterm projects and socialize with other fun people!
Go Gally
New Year's Eve ASL Party:
Buy your ticket for $60 now.
Unlimited food/drinks.
Live Band Music. 4 Deaf Bartenders.
Watch Seth Seth J Gerlis' new game show.
Near Subway.
New Year's Eve ASL Party
4 Signed Bartenders
Open Bar/Food Appetizers
ASL Live Video/Stage Presentations

For More Info:
when appli for iphone ?
I believe that ASL is part of oral!
When they use ASL and look at their lips that you see that they are oral.
Is "Deaf" mean as "Can't"?

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